ICON Foundation: ICONLOOP selected to demonstrate Seoul blockchain platform

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‘loopchain’ demonstrated to Seoul standard blockchain platform, used in car trading system and mobile-voting system

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The ICON Foundation is proud to announce that ICONLOOP has been selected as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform for ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’(directed by Uracle), which is commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

This project is a follow-up project of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ‘Information Strategy Planning for Building Blockchain Based Municipal Innovation(ISP)’ conducted last year. It includes introduction of the Seoul standard blockchain platform, two blockchain leading businesses, and three verification businesses for the provision of blockchain-based administration services. It is of great significance as a starting point to verify and construct a Seoul-based blockchain technology which will be extended to all aspects of administration services of Seoul in the future.

ICONLOOP will apply loopchain, ICONLOOP’s self-developed blockchain engine, to Seoul Blockchain Standard Platform, used car trading system, and mobile-voting system over the next six months. Also, verification business is planned for services closely related to citizens’ living such as citizen card, mileage integration, subcontract payment, and others.

ICONLOOP participated in the kick-off report session of ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’ held at the Smart Information Center of Seoul Metropolitan Government on September 12th. The event was attended by representatives from related departments of Seoul Metropolitan Government, as well as Demonstration Project related system companies in Election Commission, mobile-voting and used car trading system.

“Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project is expected to serve as a bridge for Seoul’s blockchain platform in the future.” said J.H. Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP.

By applying ICONLOOP’s blockchain technology to Seoul’s blockchain platform, we expect a transparent and efficient administration services as well as an invigoration of Seoul economy.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the World

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