Julia Kosterova: How smart tickets protect concert-goers — Part 2 — Weekly Update #27


Dear crypto.tickets community,

This week we are expanding on the topic of protection from ticket fraud further to your requests and answering more of your questions on dynamic QR-code.

With smart tickets, concert and theatre-goers can be sure that they are the only holders of the tickets they buy, the tickets are valid and protected from counterfeiting, copying or any other sort of ticket fraud.


How it works
After purchase smart tickets are stored in a free wallet app that ticket buyers install on their phones. Each user’s wallet is unique and is linked to a mobile phone number and Ethereum wallet.

In order to get through gate control, all ticket buyers have to do at the door is to show their tickets on their smartphone screens — in other words, right in the app that is protected with a QR code. However, this is not a conventional QR code; it is a constantly changing, dynamic code, encrypted with a secure cryptographic algorithm.

Why blockchain-based smart tickets are impossible to forge
A unique message is signed in the app with the user’s private key that is generated based on three variables: smart contract address (a constant variable within an event), a unique ticket hash and current time with precision to minutes. The QR code is generated using the signature and ticket hash: The first 130 symbols comprise a signature hex code, the next 64 symbols the ticket hex code.

On the ticket verification side, another public message is generated, and a public part of the user key that was used to generate the signature and user’s unique identifier is obtained by means of verification. Further on, it is possible to verify whether a certain ticket belongs to a certain user based on the data obtained from blockchain.

An example of message signing and verification methods implementation is available on Runkit. These methods are based on the same algorithms that are used on the Ethereum network and are compatible with Ethereum network clients.

This QR code is valid for a limited period of time and expires after one minute. A new code signed with a unique private key of the wallet is generated every minute, making it impossible to forge smart tickets.

The system works in such a way that smart tickets can be scanned from the ticket wallet app on the phone screen without Internet connection.

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How to start selling smart tickets?

Both ticketing systems and event organisers can integrate with crypto.tickets and start selling smart tickets on blockchain.

Here is a quick step-by-step integration guide:

  • Contact crypto.tickets team via our website to get the necessary instructions and initiate the integration process.
  • If you are a ticketing system, follow our instructions to set up the integration via API.
    If you are an event organiser, you can integrate along with your ticketing partner.
    As an option, you may use Tickets Cloud open distribution platform.
  • Set up smart-contracts with the rules you desire and start selling smart tickets!
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    crypto.tickets team

    How smart tickets protect concert-goers — Part 2 — Weekly Update #27 was originally published in crypto.tickets on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

    Original article was created by: Julia Kosterova at blog.crypto.tickets

    Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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