DAO.Casino Team Blog: Hackathon in Minsk: How it Went Down


A three-day hackathon in Minsk became a significant milestone for our project. The Minsk hackathon in collaboration with Imaguru Startup Hub on October 5–7th was a great success for us, and helped us spread the word of our Sandbox project and recent SDK release.

During this event, we told developers about the advantages of DAO.Casino protocol and taught them the basics of creating decentralized games with the use of our SDK. To achieve these goals we also held a Blockchain School session with a workshop, followed by a meetup the following day, that was attended not only by the hackathon participants but all blockchain game development enthusiasts. Our developers shared their expertise on blockchain development and answered the questions from the audience.

After the opening ceremony and a brief introduction of our SDK, we cut straight to the chase. Lead Solidity Developer Alexander Davydov started by talking about DAO.Casino protocol in general, then Ilya Shviryalkin, Full Stack Developer, went on and talked about testing processes implemented in the protocol. Senior Full Stack Developer Alexander Stepanchenko gave a lecture on creating own SDK from scratch at the end of the evening.
The next day Ilya Shviryalkin talked about the protocol’s structure, its dependencies, and the dc-cli library, followed by our Lead Game Developer, Sergey Pomorin, giving his report on the development of decentralized games.

Aleksander Davydov, Lead Solidity Developer, Talking about Ethereum DApps
Ilya Shviryalkin on the stage
Alexander answering participant’s questions after his speech
Sergey during his keynote

On the third day of the event, the hackathon finally kicked off. In the beginning, the participants pitched their ideas and formed teams. That went smoothly in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

The opening ceremony

The two remaining days of the hackathon were split into checkpoints during which teams demonstrated their progress, requested help and shared their solutions. Our mentors assisted the participants along the way. The hackathoneers were excited by a workshop by our Full Stack Developer, Gaidar Sinyakov, about the development of a game using React.JS library.

On Sunday, with the last checkpoint left behind, the teams showed their projects, and our jury started evaluating the results to determine the winners in each nomination.

The “Best Game on DAO.Casino Protocol” award went to the team that coincidentally named itself “The Winners.” They described themselves as relatively inexperienced developers who had recently taken up Imaguru Blockchain School. After Sergey Pomorin had shown them how easy it is to create a blockchain game with the use of our SDK, they were unstoppable and went ahead to develop what appeared to be the best game of the competition!

The idea conceived by a team called Panda was deemed to be the best blockchain-project, which involved DAO.Casino protocol integration experiments with decentralized messaging (with the use of DC-messaging repository). The result was a decentralized database for interpreters with a built-in ranking system.

Panda receives its award

The “Best DAO.Casino protocol smart-contract” award went to a Split Cash team. They managed to develop a smart-contract for a lottery on their own, using Dice and Lootbox logic as a template.

Split Cash developed a custom smart-contract for their game

DAO.Cases team won the «Best Visuals» award. They worked on a roulette game but didn’t quite finalize the backend on time. The team is determined to finish their project and applied to Sandbox alongside with two other teams participating in the hackathon.

DAO.Cases — Best Visuals Award

We are proud of this hackathon — we got a lot of valuable feedback on our SDK, shared our experience in developing decentralized games with the participants, invited talented teams to participate in our Sandbox and finish their games on DAO.Casino protocol.

Our team learned a lot as well, we got better at supporting fellow developers, consulting hackathon participants on various aspects of development and, last but not least, working as a team (we were easy to spot because we wore stylish branded shirts and hoodies). We extend our sincere gratitude to our colleagues in Minsk, and Nazar, who is one of our first supporters, gets special credit for sticking with us from the start!

Originally published at dao.casino on October 11, 2018.

Original article was created by: DAO.Casino Team Blog at medium.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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