Domen Ursic: From Hive Project to Hiveterminal: The New Brand Unveiled!

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Just days before the official launch of the Hiveterminal platform, which is set to change the invoice financing industry for the better, we are taking important steps towards better recognition and faster entry into the global invoice financing and blockchain industries. Naming our platform Hiveterminal was the first important step, but now, we are ready to make our next move to unify our brand and product.

As of right now, Hive Project will be known only as Hiveterminal. At the same time, the Hive Project Token (HVN) will now be written only as Hiveterminal Token (HVN). A new visual identity is being launched to go with the improved global brand. We are rounding up the rebranding of the company with a fresh website design and content.

The road we travelled under the flagship Hive Project brand has been incredible and will always remind us of what a team of highly motivated international experts can achieve if they believe in a common goal. We can be proud of our achievements so far and, just days away from the unveiling of our platform, the future is bright. To make sure our light shines even brighter, we decided to create a whole new brand. Its new visible identity will boost our recognition and make it easier to advertise to potential users in all our go-to markets at the same time.

Rebranding: From Hive Project to Hiveterminal

From a branding and advertising perspective, there has always been a problem regarding the Hive Project. There are a number of projects with the name Hive out there right now, which created confusion amongst our users and made it nearly impossible to brand. Naming our revolutionary solution Hiveterminal was the first step towards a unique and memorable solution, a “Bloomberg-like marketplace of invoices,” as our CFO Ugur Yildirim described our platform on the stage of the prestigious Benzinga awards in New York.

An in-depth analysis was performed with potential users in different go-to markets and we were happy with the possibility for brand awareness. There is also huge potential for better positioning in search engines, so, the decision was made to make Hiveterminal the official brand for our company and our product at the same time.

A new logo has been designed as well, showing fresh and unique brand features.

“The new branding of our company — the Hiveterminal — is a move towards better recognition of the Hiveterminal as a fintech company, outlining the potential for the future of invoice financing industry. I believe the timing for such a move could not be better, as we are on the brink of making one of the first use cases of blockchain adoption in the real economy!” (Jure Soklic, Hiveterminal CEO)

Effective immediately, Hive Project will be rebranded as Hiveterminal and the Hive Project Token (HVN) will be written only as Hiveterminal Token (HVN). HVN is a utility token that allows you to use the Hiveterminal as an invoice buyer or investor.

The Redesigned A User-Oriented Website

With the launch date closing in fast, all our efforts are focused on on-boarding and the scaling of the product on our first markets. With that in mind, we renewed the website, emphasizing benefits — showing how easy it is to use the Hiveterminal for invoice sellers and invoice buyers. We also made the dashboard easier to use and quickly accessible. The community-corner ( will become a subpage with all relevant information for our amazing community members, and we will add different functionalities as we go along.

With the new brand, and with the product coming soon, we are doing all we can to onboard our customers as quickly as possible and present the solution to all our target audiences. That is why our team is currently in Laško, Slovenija, on stage at the Congress of Accounting Services of Slovenia, presenting the product and functionalities to more than 300 active accounting services that are serving thousands of SMEs. We crafted an interesting partnership program to help us boost our visibility with SMEs and present them with the advantages of factoring on the Hiveterminal.

The feedback we received in the last few days has been amazing. With more than 70 accounting services entering the partnership program and presenting Hiveterminal to their clients, we are thrilled with the scaling possibilities in our first go-to market.

This is it! We are ready to take the invoice financing industry by storm with Hiveterminal, first in our native Slovenia and then in all our go-to markets.

Find out more at and register to use the Hiveterminal!

From Hive Project to Hiveterminal: The New Brand Unveiled! was originally published in Hive Project on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Domen Ursic at

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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