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Excellent article! Great job!

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September 05, 2018

What are Market Breadth Indicators

What are Market Breadth IndicatorsWith our new platform launch quickly approaching, it’s time to start talking more about the upcoming features. One of the major changes introduced on the new platform will be the addition of trading indicators.Trading indicators are calculated from...

August 23, 2018

RIALTO.AI Asset Allocation Between Algorithms Explained

RIALTO.AI Asset Allocation Between Algorithms ExplainedThe purpose of this article is to clarify how the allocation of assets works within our RIALTO.AI platform depending on the choice of trading algorithms for each user.Users can currently choose between “Arbitrage and MM” and “AI...

August 20, 2018

Rialto.AI has acquired the Crypto Predicted platform

We are pleased to announce that RIALTO.AI, has taken over the maintenance, management and development of the Crypto Predicted platform. Crypto Predicted is an on-line platform focused on developing trading tools for cryptocurrency market analysis.The acquisition was completed last week and the...

August 14, 2018

A closer look at what VFA means for RIALO.AI’s future

On the 4th of July 2018 the Maltese Parliament passed three crypto-asset related bills into law, establishing the first regulatory framework for blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). The main focus of the legislation were virtual financial assets (VFAs) covered...

August 03, 2018

Crypto Security for Institutions

With our listing on BitGo and the recent entry of Coinbase Custody into the institutional crypto arena, we wanted to discuss the topic of institutional crypto security and how it has developed over time.Security is a major concern when it comes to cryptocurrencies and a large reason why...

July 25, 2018

How we plan to increase accessibility in crypto

How we plan to increase accessibility in cryptoAccessibility is currently a major stumbling block for crypto development and adoption. The downside of the decentralized and trustless security that crypto assets provide and which makes them so attractive, is that it also creates a number of...

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