Alex Kakunov: Ethplorer: ETHer'n'tokens with historical prices, charts, any address portfolio view and more…

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Ethplorer: ether’n’tokens with historical prices, charts, any address portfolio view and more…

Since our last update, Ethplorer has become one of the leading platforms in the crypto space. Even with the recent market decline, the platform continues to gain traction, as the team behind Ethplorer is working tirelessly to build in new features and refinements.

During this time, we released a large number of significant updates and new features of the service. We have completely rebuilt the infrastructure, and we are now processing a thousand times more requests than we did before, while significantly speeding up the response time.

In the following sections, we will discuss about updtated features more in detail to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Candlestick charts and automatic address portfolio

The candlestick chart is one of the widely used features of Ethplorer, which initially represented the important piece of price information for that token at a given day, such as the open, the close, the low and the high.

We have now also included on the same chart, the daily number of operations for that given token, and its daily trading volume.

This way, this historical candlestick chart allows users to seamlessly analyze trading patterns and track activities for a specific token on a given day.

Portfolio features

But that’s not it yet. The really cool part of the update is that we are now also offering Portfolio features for any addresses — even if the user doesn’t request the information initially.

Previously, the user would need to search for the token details, keep in mind the transaction date and look for its price with respect to this specific date. So many manual inputs were required to be done separately.

With this update, the user can seamlessly enter on Ethplorer a specific address one is looking for, and look at the chart for further Portfolio details such as the daily volume (in USD), the balance, and the number of transfers of this specific token address, on a daily basis, over a period of time.

This is now possible only with Ethplorer!

Top tokens and Ethereum Token Index

The second widely used feature of Ethplorer is the Top Ethereum tokens and the collective index of historical activity.

Those features are a convenient analysis of the current market snapshot of what actually happens within the Ethereum token ecosystem. It is actually not always easy to understand whether something specific is happening during a certain time frame within the Ethereum blockchain, what exactly that is, and which tokens show the maximum activity and, eventually, which specific tokens can affect the price of gas.

Those newly added features are a convenient analysis of the current market situation — of what actually has happened within the Ethereum token ecosystem.

Ethplorer introduces here the Top activities of the tokens in terms of trading volumes and number of transactions that gives the users a global picture of the situation and allows analyzing the token activities, including the tokens that are currently non-tradable (e.g. tokens that are currently undergoing an ICO, airdrops or other mass activities that could hinder the Ethereum blockchain performance).

Ethereum Token Index

The historical index of Ethereum tokens created by Ethplorer hereby shows that, despite a recent decline in the overall market sentiment and market capitalization, the number of token operations continues to grow, which could eventually reflect positive prospects for growth in this industry.

Transactional prices and profit/loss data

For all tokens that are currently listed and traded on any existing exchanges — with a certain minimum turnover, Ethplorer exhibits the averageprice over a given time frame for a given token.

Also, for each token address, we offer a convenient data set, related to the price changes for the last 24h, 7d, or 30d.

This latter feature allows the users to easily capture the market sentiment and to run a short-term analysis of the current situation related to the specific token.

All transactions are quoted in USD. The user is able to view the current price in USD, as well as the price change from the last 24h quote, 7d and 30d with profit/loss if any.

Along with the portfolio tracker for a specific address, the users gets access to an indispensable and complete analysis tool for any of the addresses.

ETH and Tokens in one place

Ethplorer is now also displaying ETH transactions and other tokens, on a single and unique page.

Previously, the users needed to switch through various tabs or to open different web pages to assemble data for ETH and tokens separately.

The users can now either choose to display all the details related to ETH and tokens altogether, combined in one page (Ether and tokens selected altogether at the same time), or to display individually each of their information (ether only or tokens only).

Some other new features here:

  • ETH In/ETH Out : displays the total number of deposits and withdrawals to/from your ETH address.
  • Tokens In/Tokens Out in convenient for users and developers display.
  • Pending pages now show more information about transfers, and are automatically updated when the transaction is confirmed.
  • Scrolling for a large number of tokens and the ability to expand / collapse the entire list. Behavior is remembered and it is not necessary to open new pages every time.
  • There are many other small features that we let you discover by your own :)

API for developers, extensions

Recently, the number of developers using Ethplorer API has significantly grown.

Most of the great projects out there are already using Ethplorer's API. MEW, MyCrypto, Bancor, Storj, Metamask, Ambisafe, Cointracking, Coinigy and more are among our most popular users.

We have highly redesigned both, blockchain scanners and the overall project infrastructure, achieving new levels of scalability and speed of operations.

Multiple optimization, coupled with faster loading pages and displays were also reworked.

Now, even pages with millions of transactions are flipped quickly. We have also added a number of new methods and new parameters to the platform.

We have standardized and described the limits that are available on the API keys and we are currently working to improve them.

And as usual, all the details can be found on Ethplorer’s github.

Create your plug-in for Ethplorer

We added a basic possibility to write extensions for Ethplorer. If you consider it is necessary to add something — you can view, for example, the plugin for cryptokitties and do pull-requests.

Please keep in mind that the project is highly loaded and the plugins should not create an additional load. It is the best if they work with the already existing data on the client side.

What’s next

We have received from various users considerable appreciation for the large amount of work we have done on Ethplorer. We have indeed read all your messages, and we would like to thank you all for the kind words as we did not yet have the chance to answer to all of those messages.

In general, we do not announce our dev plans. But since we are constantly being asked with those questions, we will cautiously say the following.

We are currently working on an API that will allow to monitor a large number of addresses. At present, this creates a big problem for developers when it generates a huge streams of empty requests that poll addresses with no purpose. After running this feature on our own projects, we will be thinking about rolling it out to the wide audience.

And finally, we won’t stop working hard to ensure that our users and visitors have access to more and more features, while preserving the unrivaled convenience of using Ethplorer.

Do not forget. Ethplorer API is free.

Stay with us, and be the first to learn more about new features!

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Ethplorer - Ethereum tokens explorer and data viewer. Top tokens, Charts, Pulse, Analytics

Ethplorer: ETHer'n'tokens with historical prices, charts, any address portfolio view and more… was originally published in Everex on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Alex Kakunov at

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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