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When examining the topic of blockchain technology, it’s easy to get caught up in all the complex tech talk and miss out on the bigger picture. A highly important aspect of blockchain technology that is now emerging with the rise of hundreds of ICO projects is the concept of tokenisation. It sounds pretty futuristic, but in reality, tokens as a means of trade are not a new idea at all. In fact, they have been around for ages.

Tokens are nothing more than a means of exchanging value that can then be redeemed for a product or service. Let’s ponder a few everyday examples of non-blockchain tokens: You go to the movies with friends. Of course, in order to see the movie, you have to purchase tickets. These tickets are tokens; they entitle the purchaser to admission to the movie.

Consider another everyday example. You buy a gift card from a friend’s favorite store as a present. Your friend later uses the gift card to buy merchandise at the store. The gift card is a token representing the value that was purchased and “loaded” on the card. Even something as simple as a coupon is essentially a token, representing value that can be redeemed by the user in exchange for a particular product, or at least to contribute to payment toward the purchase of said product.

One of the key advantages of tokens is that they encourage changes in consumer behaviour. For example, when given a gift card to a particular store, a consumer is much more likely to shop for goods or services from that particular business, often spending more than the token value. The business gains loyal customers and alters the shopping behaviour of customers to their financial advantage through the token system. The token reward acts as a motivator for altering behaviour in a manner that is desired and reinforced by the token-issuer.

So what’s the big deal with digital blockchain tokens? Is it really necessary to use the complex technology of the blockchain to do this or is it just a redundant fad that is already better served with gift cards, tickets, and coupons?

The big deal is this: blockchain tokens are globally transferable, can be continuously circulated, are highly portable, and cannot be altered or counterfeited.

Blockchain tokens can be sent and received to any user in the world in a matter of moments without the possibility of being lost in the mail, falling out of your pocket, or being accidentally tossed in the waste bin. They can be passed from digital wallet to digital wallet anonymously and very cheaply anywhere — far more cheaply and easily than sending any kind of tokenized object like a gift card in the mail, for example. The ease of which tokens can be passed from one user to another is obvious for anyone who has ever sent or received any kind of blockchain currency. A simple copy and paste of a given address, and tokens can be sent effortlessly at an extremely low cost.

Blockchain tokens can be continuously circulated in a trustless system from user to user without the need to convert into any other form of money. As they pass through the system from user to user, the value is passed along through the system with far less friction than local currencies going from one nation to another. And importantly, users can trust the value and veracity of tokens as they are impossible to counterfeit due to the immutable ledger that is open for the public to view, proving their legitimacy.

Energi Mine’s EnergiToken project takes advantage of all of these elements of blockchain token technology. Firstly, user activity can be steered in a particular direction through the motivation provided via token rewards as a form of positive reinforcement for desired behaviour. In the case of a small business, an owner can motivate staff to conserve energy by awarding EnergiTokens when certain energy conservation goals are achieved. For example, the business owner may wish to save money on energy costs by investing in EnergiTokens. If he purchases $10,000 worth of EnergiTokens to reward his staff, but saves $15,000 in energy consumption over the course of time due to the staff being more motivated to conserve energy, the EnergiToken has achieved its desired effect and has saved the business owner some money. The staff can then use their earned tokens to purchase energy or clean energy products from Energi Mine partners, motivating them in turn to alter their energy-consumption behaviour beyond the confines of the small business.

Through the implementation of blockchain technology as a means to issue token rewards, consumer behaviour can be changed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our goal at Energi Mine is to take advantage of this revolutionary technology in the global energy industry. We’re taking the age-old tried-and-true token system into a new era, harnessing the newfound power of blockchain technology to encourage positive change.

For more information about EnergiToken and its energy-saving reward scheme, please visit www.energitoken.com, follow on Twitter at @EnergiMine or join the EnergiToken Telegram group.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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