Eligma: Eligma’s ELI to enter the trading map

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As soon as one week after the end of Eligma’s crowdsale, the ELI token is entering the world of token exchanges. On May 16, it will be listed on the Livecoin exchange. We will keep you posted on new developments, so stay tuned!

At the Eligma crowdsale, there were 127,902,033 ELI tokens sold in total. At Eligma, we keep our eyes on the roadmap prize. We are aware that business achievements are the foundation of successful token economy, and remain committed to our vision and community, which keeps us going with its feedback and support.

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August 10, 2018

Eligma CEO Update

Dear Eligma supporters,A few days ago, a close friend gave me something good to think about. He asked me a very simple question: “You have seen so many start-ups in your life and met so many teams. So many of them failed and few succeeded. You know many amazing people and their stories. You...

From: Dejan Roljic
July 31, 2018

Bounty: Vote for ELI on LBank! Reward: 100 ELI for each vote

Dear Eligma friends, we are proud to announce that ELI is competing in a major voting! LBank, one of world’s largest exchanges by trading volume, has listed ELI as one of the candidates for become part of their trade offer — with your votes! If we succeed, ELI can enhance its presence on...

From: Eligma
July 28, 2018

Eligma special announcement!

Vote for ELIGMA on Lbank! Eligma is part of the voting competition by the Lbank exchange. Yes, you got it right — YOUR vote brings an opportunity to get ELI listed on one of top global crypto exchanges! LBank is a cryptocurrency exchange that is among top 10 exchanges by...

From: Eligma
July 25, 2018

The shopping of the future: The customer-centric approach

Commerce is one of the most important ways of interaction. The world has seen amazing technological development, but buying, selling and exchanging things remain essential ways of bringing people together. Through commerce, we collaborate, negotiate and invent things that are useful. At some...

From: Eligma
July 17, 2018

Community update: ETH integration, Silicon Valley developments, and media interest

Our growing Elipay family increased by 8 members in the last two weeks! Our latest additions include an optician facility, a hunting gear shop, a fitness club, a jewelry shop, a piercing and tattoo studio, a scuba diving center, a professional cosmetics store, and a coffee shop. The most...

From: Eligma
July 05, 2018

Ether payments now supported for Elipay shoppers

The Eligma company is celebrating another milestone today. Ether, one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the world, is now supported by the Elipay system. This means that the users of our cryptocurrency payment solution, which is now in a three-month test phase, will not only be able to...

From: Eligma
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