Gron Digital: Drew Pawlak continues to disrupt the industry

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We met with Drew Pawlak, AGS’s Vice President and General Manager for Latin America at ICE Totally Gaming in London last week, where he shared the vision for 2018 and some exciting innovations at AGS in technology in the market place.

Gron Digital CEO, Tebogo Makamo with Drew Pawlak, AGS at ICE Totally Gaming, London

Drew comes from a strong business development background where he was Senior Vice President for BMM, focusing on customer service and client engagement with gaming manufacturers and Business Development for Ultrazone Franchising.

The opportunity the industry has to target the right market sectors utilizing location based entertainment (LBE) centers, is still on the rise since his work back in 1992. He has also produced produced live shows for theme parks, cruise lines and hotel and casino operations in the US and abroad. Dmitry Oberzhitsky (Gron Digital COO) commented that it was truly inspiring to meet with an industry veteran executive, someone who continues to disrupt the industry.

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