Alexander Khoriaty: district0x Dev Update - May 15th, 2018

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

The past two weeks have been dedicated to several initiatives across the development team here at district0x. In addition to the many in progress elements included in the previous dev update, we have been tackling a new implementation of GraphQL resolvers to our server. We’ve also been bug squashing across several repos.

Furthermore, the team has been making a point to review the most recent news developments from recent Web3 expos and Edcon, looking for any changes on the horizon that we may be able to capitalize on. We are planning to have the entire team in Argentina for EthBuenosAires, and we’re excited to have an opportunity to leverage everyone to build something from scratch. The team has begun brainstorming ideas in anticipation of the hackathon, we intend to bring home something to share!

Finally, the district0x team is continuing to search for Clojurescript developers. The search has begun for a security auditor for Meme Factory’s smart contracts!

d0xINFRA Updates


In our previous edition we mentioned the various pieces of devops work we were doing to prepare our deployment pipeline to scale towards parallel district development. This included completion of a Lein to allow us to add our smart contract code as part of our main build task in all of our environments. Additionally, we’ve laid out the entire implementation of the upcoming staking smart contract necessary for Meme Factory, which will be refactored back into d0xINFRA for the District Staking Interface.

Meme Factory Updates

In Progress

The CSS frame for Meme Factory has been proceeding smoothly. The bulk of the layout is complete, and work has moved on to adding various component examples before plugging in all of the artwork and making minor adjustments.

The majority of the work in the past two weeks has been dedicated to the Meme Factory GraphQL server components. Our current implementation is a bit more loosely coupled than originally planned. Work will proceed on fine tuning this in the coming weeks.


A substantial portion of the design work and static art assets for Meme Factory have been drawn up and polished. There are still several finer sticking points we are designing away.

In the past two weeks or so, prior to our upcoming audits, we implemented tests across all Meme Factory smart contracts. This includes the Meme Factory TCR as well as the rest of Meme Factory’s core code. After several passes to debug failing tests and failing code, and several more passes of internal code reviews, we now feel confidently at a point where a third party can step in and offer an expert eye.

What’s Next?

Building directly off this momentum and as mentioned at the top of the post, we’re aggressively seeking a security auditor for Meme Factory’s smart contracts. If and when we have clearance of these contracts in our purview, we can begin bringing our many, many weeks of fractured work together into one whole dApp.

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