Digix: DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13


DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13

DigixDAO smart contracts audit progress

As mentioned in our dev update this week, ChainSecurity has been chosen to audit DigixDAO smart contracts. They are an experienced team who has audited other complex smart contract systems such as KyberNetwork and DaoStack, among others. A safe estimate for the completion of the audit as well as potential bug fixing (if there is no major refactoring) is by the end of 2018.

Development of DigixDAO governance platform

We have started on building the User Interface as well as backend for DigixDAO governance platform. You can see some teaser shots of the UI in our dev update this week.

We are doing the whole system (UI and Backend) in terms of sprints. For the current sprint 1, we are aiming to have a very rudimentary internal version up by 23rd October, whereby:

  • Users can load their Ethereum wallet
  • Users can see the general DAO timeline
  • Users can see and browse through the compact views of the proposals
  • Note that users cannot do any DAO actions in this sprint yet.

Although rudimentary, most pieces of the system (UI and one of the two backend servers) would already be up and integrated with each other when sprint 1 is done. We would slowly build upon it in the subsequent sprints, in an agile manner.

DigixDAO parameters

As can be gleaned from the previous updates, there are a sizeable number of parameters in DigixDAO design. These parameters are there to fine-tune the various mechanisms present in DigixDAO that were designed to create a reasonable system. Assuming that our audit would pass with no major code changes needed, the next step would be for us to set these parameters before the contracts can be deployed. In the coming weeks, we will be working on setting this initial set of parameters. As the DAO progresses through its first quarters, we would then observe how the system works and fine-tune the parameters along the way (through Special Proposals).

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