Marina Baslina: CrowdCoinage Monthly Update: May, 2018

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Last month was a new send off for CrowdCoinage. We have been working on standalone version of the ICO platform. Also, signed the new client Black.Insure. Finally, been working on partnerships with exchanges.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Platform Development Changelog:

Our standalone version of the platform is very close to the final version described in the whitepaper.

  • Crypto payments (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) function is completed. Works by generating a unique address for user for each blockchain. Now the payments can be linked to a single user from the different addresses.
  • Token distribution helper aka “token gun” is in early development.
  • Smart contracts have been built. Functionality on the application will available soon.

Currently we are working on implementing profiles.

Exchanges Progress

Here the list of exchanges we have contacted in April and May.

Replies we got have varied just like the prices. Some have not replied us and in some case the price was too high. For instance, getting listed on well-known HitBTC cost around 30BTC, unfortunately this is out of our league at this very moment. That’s why we have decided to concentrate on exchanges similar to

In order to get listed on major exchanges our team is working on the separate service — ICO platform “SaaS”. We are now offering platform services to other ICOs such as KYC, wallet, token distributions, ICO tech side setup and support, etc.

In addition, we have been contacted with several decentralized exchanges. Therefore, we keep working and targeting towards different medium-size exchanges, spending more resources and time on finding one than ever before. Until then we remain tradable on AcceleratorEX, EtherDelta and Token.Store.

Marketing Plans for the Tokensale Platform

As mentioned above we are now offering our tokensale platform services for other ICOs.

Major marketing activities we are planning to do starting in May:

  • Direct marketing to potential clients.
  • eMail marketing.
  • Content distribution.
  • Pitching potential “large” investors.
  • Focusing on personal branding: attending conferences, spreading useful information, sharing experience.
  • All the activities are connected to the new service promotion. This way we are planning to get more funding in order to complete the tokensale platform development and to get to the major exchanges.

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    Upcoming ICO's
    This week overview
    Token Name Starts
    Acorn Collective (OAK) logo Acorn Collective (OAK) 1 days
    Tradelize (TDZ) logo Tradelize (TDZ) 4 days
    Scanetchain Token (SWC) logo Scanetchain Token (SWC) 4 days
    Kepler (KEP) logo Kepler (KEP) 4 days
    Bettium (BETT) logo Bettium (BETT) 7 days
    DNN Token (DNN) logo DNN Token (DNN) 7 days
    Gimmer (GMR) logo Gimmer (GMR) 7 days
    Mint (MNTS) logo Mint (MNTS) 7 days
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    Bitcoin Cash logo BCH $1068.87 0.93%
    EOS logo EOS $12.6766 1.77%
    Litecoin logo LTC $123.129 0.65%
    Stellar logo XLM $0.297391 1.8%
    Cardano logo ADA $0.210158 1.51%
    Tronix logo TRX $0.0729561 0.45%
    IOTA logo IOT $1.53341 0.93%
    NEO logo NEO $55.9326 2.84%
    DigitalCash logo DASH $346.324 0.87%