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Dear Cosmonauts,

We’d like to thank you for embarking on this journey with us as we build the spaceship that will propel us into the Cosmos. As we lay the foundations for the Internet of Blockchains from the ground up, we appreciate your patience. Many of you have helped us bootstrap this initiative by participating in the public fundraiser last April. Back then, we committed to building a world-class blockchain software stack and the associated network infrastructure for a better, freer internet of tomorrow. We weren’t motivated by quickly materializing a token for speculators to trade on.

We’re building a secure network, and being thorough with each iteration of the software is critical to the long-term success of the Cosmos Network. All major technical works have been completed but there are still refinements and high level features left to polish and we unfortunately won’t be launching by February 28th. We apologize for that. We’ve designed a roadmap for you to follow so you can know exactly where we are, at a glance, and up-to-the-minute.

We invite you to monitor the progress we’re making towards mainnet launch by frequently checking on the Cosmos Launch Schedule.

Navigating the Roadmap

Combined Progress Bar & Individual Progress Bars for each major software component.
  • Combined Progress Bar to launch: 100% indicates that the Cosmos Hub is ready for launch. You will be notified two weeks before launch by email if you are subscribed to the Cosmos mailing list.
  • Each software component has its own distinct progress bar: These bars are task completion-based and gives you a more granular look at each project.
  • You can click on each project’s icon to get redirected to their relevant GitHub repos
Dependency-based milestones in order from bottom to top, oldest to newest releases.
  • Nodes are ordered bottom up: Releases start from the bottom, oldest first, moving up to current/unreleased ones. This saves you from scrolling all the way down if you’re only looking for the most recent progress.
  • Highlighted nodes indicate completed releases
  • The development of a release can depend on the completion of another: e.g., cosmos-ui v0.4.0depended on gaia-2 to be released first before it could be released.
v1.0.0 will be the final release of each software component, at which time a feature freeze will be enforced for auditing.
  • Release 1.0: Indicates that the software component is in its final phase. When we reach phase 1.0 of each component, we will undergo a feature freeze across the board and outsource final security audits before we launch the Cosmos Hub.
Click on each (highlighted or unhighlighted) node modal for more info.
  • You can click each node to get more information
  • Click the Details button in each node modal to be redirected to its respective release on GitHub

A few things of note:

Cosmos-SDK v0.9.0: We’ve been building a new Cosmos-SDK which has been in active development since late last year. The Cosmos-SDK is the core component that the first application-specific blockchain in Cosmos—the Cosmos Hub—is built with. As such, everything depends on the Cosmos-SDK. We had built a working light client daemon (LCD) already, but because we’ll need to refactor and migrate it to the new SDK, v0.9.0, a new LCD will be integrated in cosmos-sdk v0.10.0.

In v0.9.0, genesis state will be initialized, which means that the fundraiser genesis distribution will be reflected in the genesis state. You won’t have access to your ATOMs yet but the mechanism we build will be used to distribute everyone their ATOMs when the Cosmos Hub launches.

IBC, Staking, and Governance Modules: We designed the Cosmos-SDK to be modular, whereby the intent for developers is to allow them to simply plug a desired functionality into their blockchain application without breaking a sweat. These modules will be released in the cosmos-sdk v0.11.0 (release version subject to change).

Gaia Testnets: The existing gaia testnets from gaia-1 all the way to the soon to be released gaia-3 depend on the old Cosmos-SDK. Future iterations of the testnets will be upgraded to the new SDK (v0.9.0 and beyond).

Ethermint Testnet: The development of Ethermint is highly anticipated. We are rolling out a new testnet very soon where projects that rely on Ethermint can start testing their smart contracts in the test Ethermint VM environment.

Hardware Security Module: The HSM is an independent mini-project on its own, but it’s critical infrastructure which dictates the health of the entire ecosystem. Because of this, we cannot launch until this is ready. We’re working towards HSM implementations of both validator and user signing.

Cosmos Hub: The core components of the software stack—the Gaia testnets, Cosmos-SDK, Tendermint Core, and Cosmos-UI—are all pieced together to form the fleshed out Cosmos Hub.

  • Cosmos Hub Specs: (WIP)

Most of the pieces of code have already been written. However, since we are making major architectural improvements, each of the dependencies need to be refactored and updated accordingly to be compatible with the newly laid foundation.

Follow the milestones to completion by checking in with the (roadmap).

You’ll be updated in upcoming announcements about each new release. We will be sending out an email to our mailing list subscribers exactly two weeks prior to mainnet launch.

Subscribe to the mailing list to get up-to-the-minute telemetry straight from the Cosmos:

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We understand that Cosmonauts are eager to go to space, but again, we must ensure that the rocket is solid. It’s safety first. Then the space party ensues. Please bear with us, the Cosmos is in sight!

Cosmos Launch Schedule was originally published in Cosmos Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Tendermint at blog.cosmos.network

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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