Waves Platform: Compliance Matters: Waves Signs Strategic Partnership with LegalThings One

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Legaltech startup LegalThings will be launching the public sale of LegalThings One — LegalThings’ blockchain project — on the Waves Platform in the second quarter of 2018, as a part of a long-term strategic partnership between the two companies.

Waves Platform has always paid great attention to every aspect of blockchain’s development, whether technological or legal. The ‘reverse ICO’ of LegalThings One token is planned for September and will become yet another major milestone for the Waves Platform.

LegalThings One enables people to participate in the legal system without the need to rely on lawyers or trust organizations and governments blindly. Moreover, the project is believed to be able to significantly cut down on bureaucracy, mitigate fraud and corruption, whilst allowing automation of agreements and laws, without giving full control to the machines. The LegalThings One distributed system is also compliant with upcoming GDPR and data privacy regulation.

“LegalThings has been on the market for over four years, having worked with big clients, like the Dutch government and large corporations. Their unique experience and expertise paired with our cutting-edge technology will positively disrupt legal and blockchain industries, bringing them to a quality-new level. LegalThings One is a great start of our partnership aimed at bringing compliance component into blockchain”, — says Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov.

“We are extremely excited to work together with the Waves Platform in order to bring blockchain to the real world. We strongly believe our partnership will be fruitful and help to bring about the mainstream adoption of blockchain on a wider scale. It’s a unique collaboration where the existing legaltech solution meets the cutting-edge distributed ledger technology. In the coming months, we are going to be working together on numerous projects for major corporations and governments around the world, details of which will be disclosed soon”, — says LegalThings CEO Rick Schmitz.

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