ChronoBank DevUpdate: August


In August, our developers’ main focus was on TimeX, ChronoBank’s decentralized 0x protocol exchange, of which the beta release is set to start within the next few weeks.


Markup improvements and performance optimization

Since the last dev update, TimeX got some facelifting with many significant markup improvements to make your user experience even easier and more intuitive. TimeX has lost some weight too: performance optimization allowed to reduce the memory footprint of the website in your browser to less than 1MB — see it fly!

2FA to confirm transactions

Security is one of our top priorities and we are constantly working on new functions to help our users sleep better. This time we added 2FA to confirm transactions. If the account has 2FA, the user needs to confirm any transaction with a code:

Social authentication

If you are a fan of using your social account to log in, we have added Google+ and Facebook authorization options for you. See these two buttons in the top right corner? Try them!

Paper wallets

For paper wallet lovers and those who don’t want to rely on memory powers, now when creating a new wallet there is an option to print the private key with a QR code. Look for the printer icon next to the seed phrase:

And this is how your new paper wallet will look like:

Print it and never forget the private key again. Just don’t forget to thoroughly hide the paper away from prying eyes.

Server accounts

Another new function called Server Accounts allows you to store your keys on the server side and drive them using the API.


In ChronoWallet on the Wallets screen, you can now see an indication for all incoming, pending, and processing BTC transactions for every wallet at the bottom-right corner of the wallet area. No more need to check with a third-party blockchain explorer and wait for confirmations, see all transactions right on the dashboard.

TimeX docs

Despite that we try to make the TimeX workflow intuitive, there are some routines when the user will be better off if he or she has a better understanding of how things work. So we created guides and descriptions for the most popular routines and working scenarios. The guides are packed with screenshots and take you through the process step by step. Let’s start with the account creation routine explained.

We will publish new guides as soon as they are ready. We look forward to hearing your feedback while we work on the next one!

Click “????” on the left side of the screen if you like this post. Put those hands together as many times as you like.

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