ModulTrade: Check the latest ModulTrade development report!


Hi everyone and please welcome to our development report! Since the last update we’ve made several major changes and hopefully you’ve already met them.

We will describe briefly the main features that were updated lately:

  • The MT Accounts — the users database for every MT product and even more.
  • New dashboard in MT Market — now you can easily manage your goods and orders without any hassles.
  • New layout of contract page — fully redesigned page for with nice summary of the order and its current status.
  • 100+ logistic companies support — almost all the globe is covered now. :)
  • Fiat as a basic currency — forget about currency fluctuations, put the desired value of the goods to sell.
  • Discounts for your products — want to make your goods more lucrative? Give discounts!
  • Out of stock features — no products left on the market? Don’t worry we will tell you about that.
  • Payment confirmation page — now the payment process will be more convenient.
  • Now let’s go through details:

  • So let’s start with the MT Accounts — the system that connects the MT Market, MT Wallet, and new products of ModulTrade. Now you or any user gain access to any of our products with only one logging!
  • The login page, sign up and account settings are now located at dedicated domain name —

    Login page
    Account setting page

    2. The new dashboard is nice and cool now! Try it now!:)

    At this new dashboard you can see all the actions that are needed to be done as well as all of your goods and orders and notifications.

    3. New contract page

    All the required information with order statuses is available on one page. You will find the contacts of your counterparty, easely reach payment/tracking button (changes on different statuses).

    4. We connected our MT Market to the Easypost service so it allows our Market to track any 100+ logistic companies supported by Easypost. Find the courier company you like here:

    5. When you will be adding your product to sell on the MT Market next time, forget about calculators and exchange rates. Just type the desired value in fiat — EUR (as for now), choose the desired token to receive — MTRc or ETH. And that’s it! MT Market is recalculating the values in other currencies automatically!

    6. Want to raise interest in your product? Sell it with a discount! Upon adding a new product to sell, just type the discount you are willing to give and that’s it! You are in a game!

    By the way, do you know that we are doing the MTRc sale now? Up to 50% discounts on cool stuff available on MT Market:

    7. Out of stock feature

    There are no products left to sell and you forgot about it? No problem! The system will notify you automatically when the last one will be sold.

    8. Transaction confirmation page

    Did you make a transaction? Now you can see the special dedicated page assuring you that everything was done right:

    That’s all for today. Thank you for reading the report and staying with us. Hope you will enjoy these new features! Do not hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts via our telegram channel.


    MT Team

    Original article was created by: ModulTrade at

    Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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