AidCoin: Call for AidCoin community: let’s support Japan together!

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In the past few days we’ve been surrounded by the news on the record rainfall that caused severe flooding in Japan, taking away over 100 lives and destroying hundreds of houses.

However, while the world out there has been reading about the catastrophe, in the crypto world another news was spreading out: Binance has decided to step in to help Japan, announcing a $1M donation as well as calling on “crypto friends and partners” to participate in fundraising.

Since donating crypto is the most effective way to instantly help those in need cross-border, we decided to join Binance by creating a dedicated fundraising page on AIDChain. The money raised will then be devolved to Binance and further redistributed to local charities.

Join us in supporting Japan now:

  • Donate to the fundraising campaign on AIDChain and we will match the amount raised with an equal donation, doubling the effect.
  • Retweet our Tweet and we will donate $5 worth of AID.
  • One randomly picked donor will win a trip with AidCoin team to a conference in Las Vegas, August 20–21 (the donor can also choose to join another trip of ours).
  • We sincerely hope that our massive community of token holders will not stay on the sidelines and will both donate through AIDChain in any of the 23 cryptocurrencies we accept and retweet our Twitter post to reach the maximum effect!

    So please, let’s join our forces and leverage the power of crypto donations to help people in Japan now!

    Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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