CMCT: Cadets from 58 countries sign-up with Crowd Machine to learn code-free app development

Crowd Machine has today welcomed hundreds of people from 58 countries to the Crowd Academy public beta. They joined to learn how to build and run apps without needing to write code, free of charge, within Crowd Machine’s app development environment, the Crowd App Studio.The Crowd App Studio automates the different layers of technology that make apps work to let developers focus on creative design and function. Crowd Machine is helping power a number of Fortune 500 companies and others, including Caywon Pharmaceutical Group, mobile social gaming platform Game Loot Network and the PayMachine payroll platform.Two Crowd Cadets from the earlier Crowd Academy private beta were interviewed on their learning experience and the projects they are bringing to life with Crowd Machine.Crowd Cadet and Ripple VC Managing Partner OsayiIgharoBased in Nigeria, Osayi Igharo is the Managing Partner of Ripple VC, through which he drives the adoption of AI in the African startup ecosystem. He has some coding experience — he began a computer science major before switching to business. “I’ve tried my hand at a few non-code solutions but they felt like child’s play,” said Osayi, “they didn’t feel sophisticated enough to create the things I wanted to do.”“I’m not the kind of developer that can sit down for 10 hours a day and bang out code,” he continued. “I really like that Crowd Academy’s been broken down into nice, delicious chunks that I can jump into for two or three hours, bang out a section, hit it another day, and be done with the base.”Crowd Cadet Kathrin Hauck with Project Crowd co-founder DennisHauckOn the cusp of graduating Crowd Academy as a certified Crowd Machine Developer, Kathrin Hauck is a German blockchain entrepreneur and the co-founder of Project Crowd. “We had the idea of building a freelancer recruitment community through Crowd Machine, and we have some really nice features we want to put on blockchain, for example a verified career record.”“I’m a business person and I was sure I’d never develop software by myself,” said Kathrin. “I’m not just watching the guys developing, I’m really into it as well. We have a full stack developer on the team and you can see how easy for him it is to get into Crowd Machine, it just comes naturally to him as well.”But it’s not just individuals looking for 21st Century skills who are joining Crowd Academy: Corporations are increasingly realizing opportunities to cut costs by training non-technical staff in app development.Salesforce research from April 2017 showed that 74 percent of the IT leaders surveyed planned to shift some application development to business units, which requires staff training.Crowd Machine technology easily integrates with external databases and software, and is faster to learn than a coding language. The Crowd Academy, opening today, makes learning immediately accessible — it’s online, self-paced, with no fees and no fuss.Meg Jones, VP of Community at Crowd Machine, and a UN veteran in economic empowerment, concurs with the research. “There is no better way to empower citizen developers to take a bigger slice of the digital pie than our no-code solution to app development and execution.”“We welcome women, men, developers and non-developers from all over the world,” said Meg. “We’re all about community, quality and career. Want to be in blockchain or AI like these Crowd Cadets? Empower yourself to power-up apps with Crowd Academy.”To find out more about the Crowd Academy or start learning today, visit the Crowd Academy webpage.

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November 08, 2018
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Cadets from 58 countries flock to Crowd Machine to learn code-free app development

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