Alexander Khoriaty: Building Meme Factory Together

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Updates to the Community Poll and Design Contest

Back in March, we gave an update on our plans for the launch of Meme Factory. In it we explained our intention to take all steps necessary to leverage the power of Aragon Core in the creation and management of Meme Factory from the outset (rather than saving this port-over for later). This would allow us to leverage the wisdom of district0x Network Token (DNT) holders to decide which forms, features, and even memes to include in the launch spec of Meme Factory through several rounds of polls.

We followed this up with another announcement of the Meme Factory Design Contest, which would give designers and creators the ability to participate directly in populating the site with logos launch-day memes for sale. These too would be decided by the Community Polls.

Today, we’re excited to share that the survey dApp for the Meme Factory Community Polls is now live. You can find quick instructions and tutorial videos on the landing page linked above.

Many small changes have been made from our original plans outlined in the posts above. We’ll recap the details of the Community Polls and subsequent DANK issuance below.

How to Vote

Originally we had planned on utilizing a true “staking” mechanism, whereby voters would need to move their DNT into a staking contract in order to receive the right to vote. Given several UX constraints around this, as well as the increased overhead deploying contracts that hold user funds, we are deploying this as part of the District Registry dApp rather than the initial survey dApp. Instead, for these surveys, users will only be required to sign a transaction from an address holding a balance of DNT.


  • MetaMask OR compatible wallet
  • A small amount of ETH (to cover transaction fees)
  • Available DNT (this does NOT get spent)

NOTE: The DNT balance available for each vote is fixed based on the balance available at the beginning of each survey. You MUST have DNT in your wallet prior to start times listed below in order to participate.




Upcoming Polls

Meme Format

Starts 08/13/2018
The purpose of this vote is to pick a “format” standard for each Meme. Given the technical and visual design constraints we’re working with, we have a few possible choices for aspect ratio for Memes themselves, based on popular resolutions:

  • 5:7 (Standard physical playing card size)
  • 2:3 (Vertical phone screen)
  • 4:3 (Standard TV/motion picture)
  • 16:9 (Standard HD/Widescreen)
  • 1:1 (Square)

Website Theme

Starts 08/20/2018
In the early stages of planning the website design, we had several different color pallete swaps drawn up, each of which is meant to fit the entire theme of Meme Factory:

Grape Ape || Smooth Sailing
Seaside Resort || Purple People Eater
Bubblegum Pearl || Orange Creamsicle

Homepage Lists

Starts 08/27/2018
We’ve implemented several different sorting functions that will give us ways to make gallery style shortlists of memes or registry submissions (similar to Hot/New/Trending on Reddit) and put them on the homepage. Several of the top voted lists below will be featured on the homepage, ranked in order of their total vote-count:

  • New on Marketplace — Memes most recently listed for sale
  • Rare Finds — Memes for sale with the least number minted in total
  • Random Picks — A random selection of Memes currently for sale
  • Fresh Submissions — The most recent submissions to the Dank Registry
  • Active Challenges — Dank Registry challenges ending soonest
  • Trending Votes — Challenges with the largest total vote participation in the past 24hrs

Logo of Token

Starts 09/03/2018
The DANK token is a newly issued, standard ERC20 token used to power the deposit, vote, and challenge functions of the Dank Registry. Like any token, DANK needs a logo to be easily recognizable in wallets and clients. We accepted community designs for this logo, and included a few of our own as well.

Back-of-meme Design

Starts 09/10/2018
Each meme on Meme Factory will have its own completely unique artwork covering the “front” of the collectable. When users on the dApp click the meme it will flip over, revealing a back-of-the-card design which will be shared across all collectibles on the site. The back will also feature an overlay of all the metadata related to that meme. In addition to our own design, we’ve got a list of submissions from the Meme Factory Design Contest.

First Memes

Starts 09/17/2018
The Meme Factory dApp serves the entire marketplace process for rare collectibles — from creation of the content to its inclusion to its final sale. In order to present a fully working product on launch day, it’s necessary for the system to already have memes available for sale and submissions available for challenge.

However, the first few collectibles issued are likely to carry significant value for the novelty of being “first”. So we hosted an open competition to allow our community to submit Memes ahead of time. The winning submissions will be given an opportunity to mint their respective memes in order of ranking. These memes will be available for sale on the day of Meme Factory’s launch.

Design Contest

Submissions for the Meme Factory Design Contest are still open! WE NEED YOUR MEMES! Graphic designers and artists are wanted as well. Check the Meme Factory Design Contest announcement post for specific details on submitting to one of the three open categories. This contest will remain open until the voting rounds on these categories begin. Read on for more details about rewards.

DANK Rewards

In previous posts we outlined the amount of DANK reserved for the Meme Factory Design Contest winners. Below we’ve updated the planned reward structure:

Meme Factory Design Contest Winners - 2.5%

  • .5% of DANK to the winner of the Token Logo design contest
  • .5% of DANK to the winner of the Back-of-meme design contest
  • .5% of DANK to the contestant with the highest rated Meme
  • .2% of DANK to the 2nd through 4th place Memes submissions
  • .05% of DANK to the 5th through 12th place Meme submissions

Winners will be decided at the conclusion of respective voting rounds.

Reserved for airdrops, faucets, and growth campaigns - 17.5%
Airdrops to various communities, as well as some day 1 incentives for meme creators, will all need to be funded from a communal pool of tokens. This will help create a solid selection of meme submissions in the early days.

Meme Factory Community Survey Participants - 80%
The remaining pool of tokens will be distributed to survey participants, based on their participation in the Meme Factory Community surveys. Each DNT signaled towards each week’s survey will be returned in kind with a proportional issuance of DANK.

Learn More

For more information about the district0x Network:

Building Meme Factory Together was originally published in district0x on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Alexander Khoriaty at

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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