BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — Oct. 11th, 2018

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BOS Newsletter — Oct. 11th, 2018

As a member of Korea Blockchain Association, we are happy to share with you that we have recently established an ICO Club along with other founding members… (Full story, please visit:

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November 20, 2018

Welcome, Wallet!

Explore & experience, don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out the BOScoin Testnet Wallet before the launch!Download(Android):, BOScoin Testnet Wallet!Over the past few months, BOS...

From: BOS
November 19, 2018

ATTN: Mainnet Migration Re-scheduled!

Photo by Thomas Jensen onUnsplash(ENG)Hello Everyone,The Nov. 20th BOScoin Mainnet migration date has been adjusted due to the issues listed below.1. Final Quality ControlCurrently, the development team is conducting extensive “acceptance testing” to ensure the quality of the SEBAK based...

From: BOS
November 16, 2018

BOSCON 2018: Be Part of BOSCON

Source: Unsplash.comBOSCON 2018 conference will be hold on December 7 in Seoul, Korea where the headquarter is located in.BOScoin has grown based on the Korean and global community.Therefore, we decided to invite all of you to be part of our conference by submitting 10~20 seconds film of you...

From: BOS
November 15, 2018

BOScoin Public Testnet Is Open!

SEBAK-based Public Testnet of Boscoin Mainnet has opened.All the functions of the BOScoin Mainnet are now viewable to everyone, including the BOScoin Web Wallet, the node address, and etc.Public TestnetWeb Wallet —

From: BOS
November 13, 2018

Hello BOS community,

Hello BOS community,As the very first BOScoin Voting is approaching, we created some new pages for you to learn more about…1) Membership Reward PF: Membership Reward PF (PF_R_00–000-A): (aka the first BOScoin Voting)Moreover, we...

From: BOS
November 12, 2018

An Exclusive Preview of the New Wallet & Desktop Application (Voting+KYC) Service / 월렛, 데스크탑…

Greetings from the BOScoin Team,With the upcoming launching of our MainNet, we are exclusively introducing the new Wallet & Desktop Application (Voting+KYC) service to our community members today.안녕하세요, 보스코인팀입니다.오늘은 메인넷 출시를 앞두고 보스코인...

From: BOS
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