BitDegree: BitDegree — The Winner of EdTechX Global Startup Super League!

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The BitDegree team is standing at the back of a huge conference hall. Up ahead, over rows and rows of sitting attendees. The announcer walks up to the podium and says into the microphone.

“The company most likely to change the future is BitDegree.”

Danielius, the co-founder of BitDegree had the honor to accept the reward on behalf of BitDegree. So, he used that time to inform all of the attendees that we have launched our platform just three months ago. We already have spectacular traction with over 50 thousand students.

The project is constantly moving forward and we’re not here to disappoint. It was a wonderful moment for BitDegree!

EdTech stands for Education + Technology. The focus of the event is on how technology can enable, improve and take education to another level.

With over 150 speakers from more than 60 countries, more than 350 CEOs and startup founders in attendance and 20 exhibitions on innovation, EdTech was a great stepping stone for BitDegree.

We’ve made a lot of useful contacts. We grabbed the attention of the CEO of Coursera, who was very interested in what is BitDegree doing. But even educators from more traditional fields were intrigued and a couple of universities approached us about the possibility to cooperate and bring more value to students.

We also had to explain what is blockchain more than once. The rest of the world is catching up and we are glad to do our part as, among other things, crypto evangelists in this conference.

Here are some of the main points that BitDegree employees noticed during the conference & various presentations.

1. Contacts for 80 potential partners.

EdTechX was a great place to network and collaborate. We’ve collected contact information of 80+ potential partners.

2. Blockchain is still an unpopular topic.

Blockchain lacks exposure & mass adoption. A very small percentage knew what blockchain is and how it can be used to make education better.

3. The BitDegree model is the future.

The CEO of “Coursera” was interested in our approach to reward students for learning.

4. Possible collaboration with Universities.

Some Universities would be interested in uploading their courses to BitDegree & use it as a hub for their students to gain access to additional material.

5. BitDegree is positioning among educational giants.

BitDegree attracted a lot of attention. With our rapid progress, innovation & set goals we were a breath of fresh air. Most educators were fascinated by how fast it’s possible to change the landscape of education in the digital era.

6. BitDegree got recognition.

We’ve gathered much more attention after winning an award. The BitDegree stand was incredibly busy with us sharing ideas & explaining the project.

7. Education is stuck in the past.

No big shock here, a lot of the major players in the education space agree & are willing to help us moving forward.

BitDegree Shares Our Insights From Conference In Vilnius!

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