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Here at BitDegree, we’re always looking to improve. That is why earlier this week we’ve contacted a significant portion of our community and wanted to have a chat with them personally. This article goes over some of the critical pointers we’ve heard from you. If you haven’t been contacted, but would like to express your opinions, please do so on any of our social media :)

Overall, we’re delighted with the positive response we’ve received. The team is putting in a lot of effort into achieving our vision for BitDegree. Some of the major milestones that were hit already.

  • Beta version of the platform is already available.
  • Over 120 courses already launched.
  • 78 BitDegree Tutorials published.
  • 238,287 Page Views, 150,217 of these were unique visitors during March.
  • 369,315 Page Views, 274,962 of these were unique visitors during April.
That’s roughly an 83% increase in unique visitors in just 1 month

In the upcoming months, we’ll continue our work towards making BitDegree a widely recognized brand in education. And increasing our user count drastically.

We’re delighted to see that most of the people we’ve contacted had an easy time using our courses. Since we’re customer obsessed, we’ll focus our effort on further UI/course optimization, new courses, and token utilization. Thank you for all of the suggestions, feedback in support. We’ll continue to improve and adjust based on what works best.

We’ve been working on releasing an instructors area. The goal of instructors area is to allow everyone to upload their courses to the BitDegree platform. We would like for the instructors area to be a small step towards our final vision, if you would like to upload your courses and become an instructor you can do so by filling out our Become an Instructor form.

For more news follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook) or subscribe to our Telegram Announcements channel here! Alternatively, you can chat with us LIVE on our main Telegram Channel.

Come and ask questions on the BitDegree subreddit! or leave suggestions on the BitDegree Learning Platform Suggestion Thread

Why does education and BitDegree need blockchain?

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