BANKEX: BANKEX Community QnA: How We Earn, Our Target Audience and Even More

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This week, in cooperation with BANKEX Community Managment we are starting a series of QnAs about our company. Today, we are going to tell you who is BANKEX target audience, how we earn and some insights about BANKEX Crypto Custody. Enjoy!

Q: How do you earn?
A: We have 5 business streams as for now:
 — token services (KYC, community management, bounty, wallet, smart contract audit, custody, market making);
 — proprietary trading (managing our capital with arbitrage trading between exchanges);
 — enterprise services (pilots with financial organizations);
 — consumer products (retail Custody, p2p crypto exchange, crop to-fiat lending);
 — asset classes (joint ventures with industry leaders: MovieCoin, coming real estate, music, art).

Our major asset classes: MovieCoin and Real estate. Major independent products: Custody and Plasma Enterprise (TBA).

! All event participation is sales driven and linked to particular product promotion.

Q: Which is your target audience?
A: Our target audience is made up of two parts:
1: Banks and financial institutions who have seen the promise of blockchain and already begun the shift onto our technology every type and class of assets, as well as crypto funds. All of these players are sources of capital.
2: For asset owners, we represent two values: increasing their assets’ liquidity and help in attracting capital.

Q: Do I have to worry about safety in crypto custody?
A: Our crypto safe has protection from all hacking attacks. Even if your device is hacked, this will not be enough to steal your funds. We have developed a geographically-distributed and internally-isolated solution that ensures a 100% protection level from hacking attacks and internal fraud. Your crypto assets are safe with us.
To keep your crypto assets safe, we have developed special cold storage technology which combines online protection tools with offline security measures. The system is designed to protect you from accidental mistakes such as losing your keys, broken devices, and unauthorized transactions by others including the government.
Don`t lose your chance, BANKEX Crypto Custody open beta is now live!

BANKEX Custody Service — Your Personal Crypto Vault

Q: Will I receive a bonus for purchasing MOV with BKX?
A: Yes! BKX holders have the opportunity to get a 5% bonus for participating in the MovieCoin presale!
Moreover, it will combine with other MovieCoin bonuses.
Explore Hollywood 2.0 at:


Stay tuned to our next QnA!

BANKEX is available at:

Website — Telegram — Twitter — Facebook — Bitcointalk — Youtube — LinkedIn — Reddit — GitHub — Steemit

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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