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As key feature of blockchain, decentralization is affected by blockchain product, user, business value, etc. Asch (XAS), as a public chain, adheres to self-governing value, aims to achieve decentralization by community self-governing. The latest v1.4 mainnet update adds proposal function to further enhance democracy of the system.

Currently, proposal function in Asch (XAS) v1.4 mainnet can be used to gateway, including new gateway adding, gateway initialization, membership alteration. In the future, proposal function may have more use case, e.g. modifying mainnet parameter, adjusting handling charge, managing council fund.

The characteristic of proposal function is as follow:

1. Low-cost

All Asch (XAS) holders have the right to make a proposal ,which costs only 10 XAS.

2. Customized

The proposal maker can decide the type of proposal, number of people involved, the time of public voting, update frequency, etc.

3. Transparent and democratic

Once submitted, the proposal can be seen by all Asch (XAS) holders, 101 holders can vote on it, and the proposal can be approved when more than 68 holders support it.

4. Anti-manipulation

Throughout the voting process, all voting related information is recorded on the blockchain, traceable and can’t be manipulated , thus ensuring the authenticity of the result.

Apart from the proposal function, the v1.4 mainnet update adds more functions such as decentralized gateway, group account, exchange between XAS and vote, voting agency, account alias. The v1.4 update has enabled crosschain transaction between bitcoin and bitcoin cash , and the following upgrades will allow crosschain transaction between bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as crosschain transaction among ERC20 tokens. The above new features will improve the mainnet performance and democracy.

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