Matthew DC: ARK Says Goodbye to Marketing Adviser Jeremy Epstein

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Six months ago, ARK signed Author, Marketing Expert, and CEO of Never Stop Marketing, Jeremy Epstein, to a contract to serve as a Marketing Adviser to our Chief Marketing Officer, Travis Walker. Jeremy’s goal was to help inform our team and develop a marketing strategy that would fill the gaps in awareness we were seeing within the industry.

Having years of experience in marketing and a strong understanding of the blockchain space, Jeremy helped to analyze and understand the areas in which ARK needed to expand our outreach and highlighted a need to improve our collaboration with influencers in the space. Working with the team, Jeremy helped to put together a list of influencers to target for both the interoperability space, as well as blockchain at large.

We have already started to implement some of these strategies and over the course of the next several months, as we launch Core v2 and other major developments for the ARK Ecosystem, the entire community will see a massive increase in outreach, interviews, podcasts, and articles as we push to make ARK a leader in the worlds fastest growing industry.

As our contract comes to a close, we wanted to thank Mr. Epstein for the insight he has brought into our blossoming project and to let him know that we appreciate the time and energy he has put forth towards ARK and the ARK community. We will continue to welcome him around our Slack and ecosystem as an important ARK community member and supportive hodler, forever. As he transitions his focus to his upcoming book release and a renewed passion for his marketing agency and writing projects, everyone in the ARK Crew wishes Mr. Epstein much success in his future endeavors.

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