Tatu Kärki: Aragon Monthly Issue 06 is out!

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The latest issue of the community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, governance and the Aragon ecosystem

Aragon Monthly is a community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, governance and the Aragon ecosystem. Created by the community, for the community.

Aragon Monthly was introduced a while back in my post Bringing DAOs back — Aragon Monthly and has since been a monthly aggregated source of News and Articles for hundreds of people interested in decentralized organizations and governance.

In order to bring these Issues to an even more broad audience than the monthly newsletter, we will be keeping you up to date through blog posts of new Aragon Monthly Issues.

As the whole goal of Aragon Monthly is to be a newspaper that is community curated, we wish to invite everyone also to submit interesting news items, articles and classified ads through the aragon-monthly repository!

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.Anyone can contribute by creating or requesting new content regarding Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, governance or about anything related to the Aragon ecosystem.


Contributors for Issue 06


Editors are people who regularly provide content to the publication and make sure that the content is always high quality. They write articles, review Pull Requests, and are generally active in the creation of this publication.Huge thanks to @tao for filling the Editor: Compile Issue 06 of Aragon Monthly bounty and doing a major contribution to get Issue 06 out!The Editor-in-chief is the publication’s editorial leader who has final responsibility for its operations and policies.


Contributors are people who have contributed to the creation of the current Issue.


Reviewers are people who contribute by helping review new content submitted via Pull Requests.

Some of the recent news:

Crypto Commons — from tragedy to wealth of the commons

The tragedy of the commons describes how individuals, acting independently according to their self-interest, can accidentally destroy a shared resource. The article proposes how cryptocurrency can be used as a scalable governance model for shared resources.


What is on-chain cryptocurrency governance? Is it plutocratic?

A rebuttal to On-Chain Blockchain Governance. A detailed response to a number of posts from prominent blockchain personalities about how on-chain governance based on coin-holder votes is inherently plutocratic and bad.


Exploring Ethereum Storage Costs with the FOAM Developer Tools

A good craftsman never has to blame their tools. A showcase on how we used our stack to help drive the design and engineering process behind the FOAM TCR.


You can find all the latest News regarding DAOs, Aragon & Governance right here: https://monthly.aragon.one/news/


Ethereum’s response to EIP0 Results: Governance & Community

It has been three years since the launch of Ethereum and it has taken the center stage of the global tech community. Decisions over the future of Ethereum now reverberate louder than ever and it was a matter of time before we all had to address how we govern ourselves…


Governance Through Code

The biggest evolution in governance since the invention of the company. With the rise of the internet and advances in cryptography, online communities and new forms of governance are increasingly emerging. In fact, governance through code is the single largest innovation in the field of governance since the company. Yet, new advances made in this area barely get the attention they deserve.


The importance of Governance

Why it matters and why you should care. Governance is an important topic that touches everyone’s lives in some way or another. With our current system: a government is established, ground rules are set in the form of a constitution, and everyone in that same jurisdiction agrees to follow those ground rules. So, to build unstoppable organizations, you need to start by laying some ground rules that everyone participating agrees with…


You can find all the latest Articles right here: https://monthly.aragon.one/articles/


Some of the recent classifieds:

Blockchain For Peace — Law & Governance Hackathon

We’re excited to announce the dopest hackathon of the year, Blockchain for Peace’s “Law & Governance” hack at Bushwick Generator on July 27–29th. It will be co-hosted by Peace Accelerators, Stanford University, and Bushwick Blockchain Alliance, taking place two blocks from ConsenSys headquarters in the heart of NYC’s blockchain community.


Web Developer opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems.We’re looking for a Web Developer to work with us creating and maintaining stunning websites and landing pages for all of Aragon. Our Web Developer must not only be a frontend wizard but also care about detail and have a taste for good design. Our ideal candidate is not only a respected engineer but also a decentralization advocate.


You can find all the latest Classifieds right here: https://monthly.aragon.one/classifieds/

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Aragon Monthly Issue 06 is out! was originally published in Aragon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Tatu Kärki at blog.aragon.one

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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August 08, 2018

Aragon against censorship - Goodbye Medium, hello Ghost

Aragon against censorship — Goodbye Medium, hello GhostAragon is taking action against censorship by moving away from MediumOn the journey that we are on, making Web3.0, the decentralized web, a reality, there will be obstacles we need to overcome. Hurdles set by those clinging on to...

From: Tatu Kärki
August 01, 2018

Join Aragon One

What is Aragon One working on, the positions we are currently hiring for and our community referral programAragon One, the first development team building AragonAragon One is one of the development teams working on Aragon. It is part of the plan to decentralize Aragon’s development and...

From: Jorge Izquierdo
July 26, 2018

Deploying and distributing Aragon Core

How to deploy and distribute a censorship-resistant upgradeable dAppFrom the inception of the first versions of Aragon Core we took building a truly decentralized app very seriously. We decided that just using Ethereum as the settlement layer was not enough, because if a significant part of the...

From: Jorge Izquierdo
July 25, 2018

Manifesto-based organizations

How to fix soulless corporations from making everyone miserableA lot of the world’s problems don’t come from malice. They come from sustained ineptitude over the course of decades.Ineptitude then manifests in many forms, and thus allowing incoherencies to flourish. Incoherencies can take...

From: Luis Cuende
July 11, 2018
July 10, 2018

On Signaling and Social Pressure

How the Ethereum community could begin making meaningful signaling based decisionsPeople often either over- or underestimate the power of signaling and social pressures influencing group decisions. A good example of overestimating the power of signaling is the notion that Vitalik is a benevolent...

From: Luke Duncan
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