ICONOMI: 2018 Monthly Update IV

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Welcome to the ICONOMI Monthly Update for April. In April, we completed a proof of solvency, allowing us to prove that our assets are greater than our liabilities; hosted more events in our Meet the Managers series, this time in Madrid and Amsterdam; released the Hive Index DAA; and more.

Proof of Solvency

In an ICONOMI landmark, April saw the completion of our first proof of solvency by a Big Four professional services firm. An independent overview verified that all the digital assets on our platform have been reported accurately and that ICONOMI is solvent. On April 5, 2018, ICONOMI had $133.6M of liabilities and $210.2M of reserves distributed across 80 digital assets, fully covering all liabilities.

The data is available directly on our website, and a technical overview of the process is available here. A statement by ICONOMI CEO Tim Zagar is available on Medium.

We also implemented a verification tool to allow users and DAA managers to verify their inclusion in the proof of solvency for themselves.

DAA Performance Overview

On April 5, we published a DAA performance overview for Q1. The three top-performing DAAs were Aljoscha Frick’s Future Chain Index (FCI), Coinbest Group’s COINBEST 1 (CBST), and Reinhard Berger’s Pecun.io Cryptocurrency(PCC).

Events & Media

Meet the Managers Events


  • ICONOMI attended Prestel and Partner’s Family Office Forum in Wiesbaden, Germany from April 17–18.
  • From May 2–3, Jure Sutar, our Head of Digital Asset Arrays, attended East Chain Open Hub in Kuwait, where he presented ICONOMI to a broader audience and discussed the future of digital asset management.
ICONOMI Head of DAAs Jure Sutar speaking at East Chain Open Hub in Kuwait

ICONOMI in the Media

“ICONOMI is a blockchain platform that allows anyone from beginners to experts to invest in and manage digital assets.”“We realized that there were many people who wanted to invest in digital assets but didn’t know how.”“‘The industry is still in its infancy, so if regulation is too strict it could inhibit growth and innovation. However, somewhere with no regulation could put us in the territory of the Wild West,’” he said. ‘We always strive towards regulation because it creates a level playing field and ensures safety for investors.’”“Hive Digital Assets — a pair of digital asset managers based in Berlin and Mumbai — are launching the first ever swarm-intelligence-led DAA onto the Iconomi.net investment platform, just as the market seems to be turning for the better.”“…in Slovenia, even your taxi driver can tell you the price of bitcoin. All this is being recognized by the government, which is trying to put Slovenia on the map as a blockchain-friendly country.”“Regardless of the communication channels we were using, our communication was always clear, thoughtful and sincere, and we were constantly observing the market. We never over-promised — we just did it.”

DAA Insights

Steve Nabil Lauritsen of Blockchain Nordic described the Scandinavian crypto scene, explained his approach to explaining difficult subjects in an easily understandable way, and more in his DAA Insights interview.

New DAA Metrics

Our development team added metrics for volatility, max drawdown, and return (including all-time) for every DAA available on the ICONOMI platform. Scroll down to the “DAA Details” section on the BLX DAA page to see them in action, or check out the screenshot below.

New DAA: Hive Index

The new Hive Index DAA uses a unique method to establish its structure, basing its design on an analysis of the other DAA structures on the ICONOMI platform to allow buyers to “tap right into the wisdom of the crowd.”

Columbus Capital Reddit AMA

For our April Reddit Q&A session, we had our first guest Reddit AMA with Columbus Capital, which manages the Blockchain Index (BLX) and Pinta(CCP) DAAs on the ICONOMI platform. Read the summary here.

Q1 Financial Report

Our Q1 Financial Report was released in late April and features not only financial statistics such as revenues and expenditures, but also updates from each department on their current progress and future goals.

Rocket.Chat Q&A

In the last Weekly Update of April, we answered five questions about ICONOMI from the Rocket.Chat community. In future, we will be addressing questions on Rocket.Chat on a more frequent basis, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already.

What’s Next?

Upcoming Events

Changing Email Providers

We have decided on a new crypto-friendly email provider and are currently in the testing phase. As always, this extended version of the Monthly Update has been made available here on Medium. When we have thoroughly tested our new provider, we will send out the email version to our subscriber base.

2018 Monthly Update IV was originally published in ICONOMI on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: ICONOMI at medium.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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