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Our friends at will be giving away 200,000 ADB tokens between August 9 and August 16.

The contest will be taking place between August 9 and August 16 and the prize pool will be distributed between 5 winners, with each winner receiving 40,000 ADB. The winners will be determined by a random draw.

How to Participate

  • Visit here.
  • Join the CoinCodex Telegram channel.
  • Join the AdBank Telegram channel.
  • Leave some basic information.
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    January 17, 2019

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    December 11, 2018

    Kelsey Cole at the 3% Conference in Chicago, 2018

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    From: ADB
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    Bitcoin logo BTC $3730.0220372 0.05%
    Ripple logo XRP $0.3311433332 0.04%
    Ethereum logo ETH $124.75915664 0.15%
    Bitcoin Cash logo BCH $130.313402159 0.13%
    EOS logo EOS $2.4904450811 0.23%
    Stellar logo XLM $0.1082789881 0.06%
    Tether logo USDT $1.016960113 0.02%
    Litecoin logo LTC $32.6508546221 0.35%
    Tronix logo TRX $0.0244950759 -0.24%
    Cardano logo ADA $0.0456399123 -0.08%
    IOTA logo IOT $0.3170160868 -0.05%
    Binance Coin logo BNB $6.6834565617 0.8%