WeTrust Editorial Team: 12 Nonprofits that Accept Cryptocurrency

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Due to the immutability, transparency, and security of transactions, cryptocurrency has become an effective way to donate locally and internationally. Yet, only a small number of nonprofit organizations have begun accepting cryptocurrencies.

To help encourage people to donate their crypto to organizations that are making a difference in the world, we put together this list of some great crypto-accepting nonprofits. Each organization accepts crypto to varying degrees. Those that accept multiple coins are listed towards the top, and those that only accept Bitcoin are included lower in the list.

Know of a nonprofit we need to add? Leave it in the comments, and we’ll take a look. Happy donating!

1. The Water Project (thewaterproject.org)

The Water Project doesn’t mess around when it comes to accepting donations. As one of the nonprofits on the chosen list of nonprofits by the Pineapple Fund, The Water Project makes it obvious on their website that they accept cryptocurrency donations and even state that they were one of the first nonprofits to accept Bitcoin, starting four years ago.

If you aren’t yet familiar with this nonprofit, they work to provide clean access to safe, potable water in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their website makes it easy to understand just what your donation can provide to communities in need of clean water with these statistics:

  • Water and Sanitation for a School/Large Community: 3.2034 BTC
  • Small Community Water Project: 1.6017 BTC
  • Clean, Safe water for a Family: 0.0224 BTC
  • Clean, Safe water for 1 Person(s): 0.0045 BTC

If you’re interested in a cryptocurrency donation, you can donate in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin. The Water Project also recognizes one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies: transparency. They provide an app that allows donors to see how funds are being used. You can even see how much crypto has been donated and what those funds have been used for, specifically.

2. Internet Archive (archive.org)

The tagline of the Internet Archive just about says it all: “Universal Access to All Knowledge.” Just as libraries used to be the repository of all knowledge in the past, the Internet Archive strives to archive and store millions of books, movies, software, music, websites, and just about anything else you can find on the internet.

The Internet Archive accepts cryptocurrency donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Zcash. What we love about their donation page is that the cryptocurrency donation option is listed right next to the credit card and PayPal options, giving them equal value in the eyes of the donor.

Furthermore, The Internet Archive stays true to their message by providing visitors to their website with some information about the history of Bitcoin. And, believe it or not, they’re even experimenting with paying some of their employees in Bitcoin.

Your donation will go straight to their wallet, as their donations aren’t set up to go through BitPay or any other middleman website.

3. Humanity Road (humanityroad.org)

Humanity Road is a nonprofit that provides resources and communication strategies for when disaster strikes. Oftentimes, when a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood strikes, landlines and cell lines go down, leaving those most affected with no way to communicate with the outside world.

“Using innovative technology and social listening platforms, Humanity Road helps locate, organize and connect people and communities with valuable information and critical resources.”

Humanity Road accepts cryptocurrency donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Their donation page for cryptocurrencies even provides an FAQ for donors who are interested in cryptocurrency donation, but maybe aren’t sure if it’s possible. (It is!)

4. Free Software Foundation (fsf.org)

If you’re interested in supporting digital freedom, look no further than the Free Software Foundation. This nonprofit works to support a worldwide mission of computer user freedom. Don’t be confused by the term “free software,” because this nonprofit is supporting more than just handing out software for no cost. Instead, the goal is to support “free software” as in “free speech.” They believe that software users should have the right to run, copy, study, change, improve, and distribute software.

Also supported by the Pineapple Fund, the Free Software Foundation accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin donations. On their main donation page, you’ll see options to donate in cryptocurrency, which, if you hover over, will provide a QR code and a wallet address. Scan and you’re well on your way to supporting software freedom.

5. Tor Project (torproject.org)

If you’ve ever worried about your privacy online, you’ll be very interested to know about the Tor Project. This nonprofit offers people software and an open network that protects users from traffic analysis. The Tor Project has created a browser for desktop, a mobile browser for Android devices, a terminal, a library of scripts, and much more. Each product focuses on protecting anonymity online and preventing tracking.

The Tor Project offers only PayPal and credit card donations on their main donation page, but if you click the link right below those offerings to other ways to donate, you’ll see the cryptocurrency donations page. Interested donors can donate in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through the Tor Projects BitPay page.

6. TunaPanda (tunapanda.org)

TunaPanda has one goal: business education. TunaPanda works with young people to train them in how to run a business that will work to solve local and global problems. TunaPanda offers free, open-source education resources offline.

This small education-focused nonprofit has a simple, scroll-through website. Scroll down or click on the contribute link and you’ll immediately see the options to donate by credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. Use the QR code or the provided wallet address and send some coin to support this nonprofit that provides education and training for problem-solving businesses.

7. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff.org)

There’s no nonprofit that’s better than the Electronic Frontier Foundation when it comes to defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation. This nonprofit is the leader within its space. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a lot of educational material to help people understand and learn about online privacy. Whether you want to read blog posts, whitepapers, or explainers on digital rights legal cases, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has the information.

Navigate to their donate page and you’ll see at the bottom the option to donate in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. If you’re into it, be sure to choose some EFF swag to rep your donation and share just how awesome this nonprofit is.

8. Code to Inspire (codetoinspire.org)

Located in Herat, Afghanistan, Code to Inspire trains women aged 15–25 to code. This nonprofit wants to improve women’s economic and social standing in the community through practical education. With an ability to work remotely and to compete with the global tech economy, Code to Inspire tries to enable women to “add unique value to their households and their communities, and to challenge the traditional gender roles in Afghanistan with the best argument out there, results.”

If you’re interested in donating to Code to Inspire in cryptocurrency, you can do so easily from their BitPay page. From their donation page (which is somewhat hidden in the homepage’s footer), you can donate with a credit card, PayPal, Amazon Smile or Bitcoin. Scan the QR code, type in the wallet code, or click the donate button to go to their BitPay page.

9. United Way (unitedway.org)

As the largest nonprofit in the United States in 2017, it’s no surprise that the United Way has jumped on board and started accepting cryptocurrency donations. United Way is about as general as a nonprofit can be with the stated purpose of improving lives by “mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.”

With a massive website and many projects to look through, the cryptocurrency donation page isn’t immediately evident. The general donation page only lists donation options of credit card and PayPal, but type in “cryptocurrency donation” and “United Way” into Google and you’ll find it. (Or, click the link here.)

Though they’re not promoting it, we’re still happy that a nonprofit as large as the United Way is pushing adoption of cryptocurrency by accepting donations in Bitcoin. You can donate to them directly or pay with your Coinbase account. And, they were an early adopter, accepting Bitcoin starting in 2014.

10. Red Cross (redcross.org)

Another large and powerful nonprofit that’s known across the world: the Red Cross. The goal of the Red Cross is to relieve suffering, which they accomplish through multiple projects such as donating blood, being on location when disaster strikes, and training first responders in how to be prepared for emergencies.

You might not find it on their sprawling website, but the Red Cross does accept cryptocurrency donations. A simple Google search will lead you to their BitPay page where you can donate Bitcoin to support the Red Cross. The Red Cross is a well-known and respected nonprofit that works internationally to make the world a better place and they got everyone talking when they began accepting cryptocurrency donations.

11. Save the Children (savethechildren.org)

With a focus on health and education, Save the Children is a go-to nonprofit if you’re passionate about giving children around the world the opportunity to survive and thrive. Save the Children has programs in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Greater Middle East and Eurasia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Your dollars are truly going to support children around the world.

If you click the big donate button on their website header, you’ll be directed to a page that offers donations by credit card or PayPal. As with many websites, donors who want to donate cryptocurrency have to look a little bit harder. Instead of the donate button, navigate to more ways to help > ways to give and then you’ll see the option to donate with Bitcoin. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to their BitPay page.

12. Watsi (watsi.org)

One of the most financially devastating tragedies that can happen to a family is a medical emergency or child deformity. Watsi works to build “technology to finance universal healthcare by crowdfunding surgeries and providing community-based health coverage.” Donors can virtually meet the people that need their help and choose specific patients to donate to their cause.

Unfortunately, if you’re interested in donating to Watsi with cryptocurrency, you don’t get that much control over how your donation is used. Watsi does accept cryptocurrency donations, but they state on their website that they will use the donations in they way they think will have the most impact. You’ll find information about how you can donate in Bitcoin on their FAQ page where they also list their wallet address.

No matter if a nonprofit has fully jumped onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon by accepting multiple coins, advertising it on their website, and generally making it easy for donors — any nonprofit that accepts donations in cryptocurrency is raising awareness of digital currency and encouraging adoption of this new technology, all while making a real difference in the world.

We’re so excited to be sharing the information that so many great nonprofits are already accepting cryptocurrency donations. If there’s a nonprofit that you’re passionate about supporting that also accepts donations in crypto, let us know in the comments.

We think more nonprofits should accept cryptocurrency donations. Join our newsletter to learn more about how we’re trying to make a social impact through financial inclusion.

WeTrust is on a mission to build and enable decentralized financial technologies that have a positive financial and social impact on the world.

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