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AidCoin team at the ICO Race in Lugano

Last week our team was scattered across the continents to attend two amazing conferences held on the same days: the ICO Race in Lugano, Switzerland, and the Blockchain Soviet in Moscow, Russia.

1) ICO Race, Lugano

The ICO Race, where we participated as sponsors, was held in Lugano on June 6–7 and hosted the entire Italian-Swiss crypto community, making it a great place to connect with like-minded projects and meet face-to-face with ones we’re already working with.

The pre-finals took place on the first day, with 6 ICOs proceeding to the next day, joining another group of 15 who had previously been selected.

The day was crowned with a private dinner for partners, investors, and sponsors of the event, such as ourselves, Bitfinex, Eidoo, ICOengine, and others. The dinner was not reserved only to the crypto crowd but also some prominent players in the traditional venture capital industry, such as Dario Giudici, CEO & Chairman of Mamacrowd, one of the biggest equity crowd funding platforms in Europe.

The Crypto Dinner on June 6th

The second day of the event was built around the ICO contest where a number of freshly minted ICOs were competing to win a total of $1 million in prize money in addition to being listed on Bitfinex.

It was a very busy for the AidCoin team as we welcomed many attendees at our stand and spoke to them all about the project.

Ludovica Gorla, AidCoin’s Charity Dev Manager, sharing the AidCoin vision with “IlSole24Ore” newspaper

We had the opportunity to discuss several partnerships with Bitfinex that finally agreed to take a big step forward! We are preparing a massive fundraising campaign that will be launched on AIDChain this summer and it will encourage its users to participate, too. We are unable to share any more details about the deal at the moment but there will be more news coming soon as we finalize and formalize this partnership.

Luca Cotta, Project and Community Manager at ETHlend, with AidCoin team members

At the event we also managed to establish a second partnership, this time with ETHlend, a decentralized platform that enables users to borrow ETH on a P2P basis. Following the meeting at the ICO Race, they took the decision to add AID to their platform as an additional cryptocurrency. As with Bitfinex, we can’t reveal many details yet, but we’ll keep our community in the loop and provide precise instructions on how to use your AID on ETHlend once we’ve completed all the formalities needed to secure the partnership.

What we can say is that both of these partnerships are going to create a more diverse experience for AID holders and increase the utility of the token, so we’re extremely happy with the ICO Race event results!

2) Blockchain Soviet, Moscow

Turning our attention to the Moscow event, Blockchain Soviet, held on June 7, it was a special summit to introduce government officials and traditional businesses to the blockchain technology. It also aimed to demonstrate possible blockchain applications in a variety of economic areas, including the non-profit sector. AidCoin was especially honored to be invited as a model for how blockchain can be used for charity purposes and hold a 20-minute tutorial on it (see the recording here starting from 1:03).

AidCoin Partnership Manager, Alexandra Serebrennikova, presenting the use of blockchain in charity at the Blockchain Soviet in Moscow

The networking opportunity here was more focused on participants with non-crypto backgrounds, giving us a chance to receive some fresh and unbiased feedback. Interestingly, after our presentation we were approached by a number of local companies interested in switching their CSR programmes to AIDChain in order to donate portions of their profits transparently in crypto on a monthly basis. Of course, this won’t happen overnight as there are still a few points that need to be explained to our future partners, but our team is actively working on it and soon we could have some major donors joining AIDChain.

Another positive outcome of the event was that we had several inquiries from participating ICOs who, like CanYa, are interested in donating a portion of their tokens to charity, seeing it as a great PR opportunity for drawing attention to their projects while fundraising at the same time. And last but not least, we had a chance to network with Juwan Lee, CEO of NexChange, who was very enthusiastic about the AidCoin concept and seems keen to work together on some of our upcoming fundraising campaigns.

Juwan Lee, CEO of NexChange, with AidCoin Partnership Manager, Alexandra Serebrennikova

To sum up, it was another great week for AidCoin and we’re working hard on bringing the connections we made during the two events to fruition, so stay tuned!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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