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September 24, 2018

Cindicator: A Year Since Cindicator’s Token Sale: Results, Progress, Plans

IntroductionExactly a year ago we welcomed 4,075 people to our new, decentralised team. In the crypto world, twelve months feels more like a decade and it was certainly a completely different era.While 2017 was a time of innovation and new experiments in the market, we had very clear goals for...

From: Cindicator

September 17, 2018

LATOKEN: New Listings: 7 Tokens + 4 ICOs

Our latest token listings: Mindexcoin, Cyber-FM, Populous, Asura, Dentacoin, LockTrip, Krios. We’ve also included 4 new ICO projects: JSEcoin, Fanfare, Hash Rush & TIM Blockchain.Mindexcoin (MIC)Mindexcoin (MIC) emerged with the goal of developing a financial system and easier, practical...


September 10, 2018

LATOKEN: New Listings on LATOKEN: 8 Utility Tokens + First Alternative Token

We’ve listed 8 new utility tokens (METM, CHT, OAX, BTT, COUP, DOV, PAT, PARETO & INCO) and added our first alternative token.MetaMorphMetaMorph Pro is first of it’s kind; enabling anyone to easily exchange and store coins in a secure wallet, check portfolio with easy-to-understand charts...


September 03, 2018

LATOKEN: New Listings: 9 Tokens + 3 ICOs

New tokens on LATOKEN: AGLT, RLX, UBC, MRPH, IMT, MFTU, LOCI, WELL, METM+ New ICOs: Buglab, Opet Foundation, WhenHubAgrolotThe Agrolot Project is a decentralized B2B platform for agricultural crops and food products trading and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign built on Blockchain...


August 29, 2018

Caviar Media: New Project Review — Hadron (HADRON COIN)

Download the Hadron report here (PDF)U.S. based Hadron is building a decentralized, open marketplace for distributed machine learning. Through the marketplace, the unutilized computing power of any devices can be put to work in exchange for tokenized rewards. Enterprises or other customers that...

From: Caviar Media

August 27, 2018

TokenStars: TokenStars World Cup 2018 Contest Successfully Completed!

Dear TokenStars community!While new competitions in the Predictions module are in full swing, we are happy to announce the results of the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Contest. It attracted a lot of attention from the sports and blockchain communities, and we are happy with the goals achieved.Let us...

From: TokenStars

August 24, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Blockchain Class Diagram

Blockchain class diagram on which valorem works.Signups are now open to all companies, users, and vendors for our user registration

From: Valorem Foundation

August 23, 2018

Lee Baker: Nearly four in ten token holders didn’t read the white paper…

A vivid and surprising picture is painted of the Humaniq community in a new survey we organised of our supportersThe community behind a crypto project is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. It can provide support to a blockchain startup in challenging times, and spread good news when...

From: Lee Baker

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Loan

VLR is a loan made by the reserve before it becomes a real loan. These loans produce pure profit for valorem at the full interest rate as it is the depositors’ money. Register with us at

From: Valorem Foundation

August 21, 2018

Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: Things to Consider When Setting a Funding Goal for Your Token Distribution Event

With careful planning, your TDE can become a success storyIt’s one of the first questions you need to answer when creating a token distribution event (TDE) — what is your funding goal? Simply picking a random number or basing your estimate purely on guesswork can set you up...

From: Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.

August 17, 2018

LATOKEN: Q2'18 Major Achievements: Top 50 by volume, BTC available, BEF San Francisco, and increasing…

Q2'18 Major Achievements: Top 50 by volume, BTC available, BEF San Francisco, and increasing LATOKEN presenceIn the last three months: Top 50 by trading volume; 100+ trading pairs; 20+ projects conducted token sale; improved reliability and UX of LATOKEN platform; BEF in San Francisco; new...


LATOKEN: UPDATE: Tier 3 Investors + LATOKEN Receptions in Asia + 30% Off on New ICOs

Apply to become a Tier 3 investor and access alternative tokens; Get up to 30% OFF in our new Token Sales: AENCO, PHONEUM, OPIRIA, and Dylyver.We’ve just released a new product update to improve your overall trading experience. But that’s not all we’ve been working on these last couple of...


LATOKEN: Hunting Asia’s most promising ICOs and VCs

LATOKEN Receptions: Shanghai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Jakarta + BlockchainHub-LATOKEN Forum + LATOKEN Block Summit + Pakistan Blockchain WeekLATOKEN is preparing a series of business development events in Asia for the upcoming weeks, and we wanted to explain to you a little bit more...


August 16, 2018

Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a TDE with Rocket

Lift off with this in-depth sneak peek into how our all-in-one platform worksRocket, Etherparty’s all-in-one platform designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives to launch a token distribution event (TDE) without a development team (Etherparty, 2018).Launching a...

From: Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.

August 14, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Foundations offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD via E-Check, Altcoins, Token Exchanges.

Valorem Foundations offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD via E-Check, Altcoins, Token Exchanges. Register today with Valorem Foundation today at

From: Valorem Foundation

August 13, 2018

LATOKEN: Pakistan Blockchain Week 2018

Join us at the Marriott Hotel Karachi on Sep 27 to discuss the most trendy topics concerning blockchain technology. Meet potential local partners, investors, gov officials, and influencers.The Pakistan Blockchain Week 2018 is a two-day event co-organized by the LATOKEN’s Blockchain Economic...


Valorem Foundation: Valorem For Company, Vendors And User

Success comes with sacrifice, Risk more than the usual in the end it will all be worth it.Signups are now open to all companies, users, and vendors for our user registration

From: Valorem Foundation

August 11, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Contractors

Contractors help us partner with people and organizations outside of our immediate reach. Get more knowledge about it at

From: Valorem Foundation

August 10, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Foundation User Signup

Want to make successful improvements to both your trades and your income? You can now register as a user in our foundation with this Signup link.Visit today >>

From: Valorem Foundation

Kai Sedgwick: The ICO Market Has Hit the Brakes

The ICO economy succumbed to a dramatic decline in Q2 of this year. Such was the extent of the slump that its pushed the average ROI for ICOs into the red for the first time since records began. New figures released this week show the severity of the great ICO slowdown. Also read: Decentralized...

From: Kai Sedgwick

August 09, 2018

Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: Essential Elements to a Marketing Campaign for Token Crowdsales

Start with the basics — no one is going to support your project if they don’t know about itHow to Create a Marketing Campaign for a Token Crowdsale (Etherparty, 2018).It’s the dirty little secret of the blockchain world — marketing is crucial to the success of any token...

From: Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Signup

Better opportunities begin with better credits, Sign up for VLR it is open now

From: Valorem Foundation

August 08, 2018

Opporty BP: Opporty ICO Rescheduled

Hello everyone!Opporty is here with an important announcement: We are moving our Opporty official token sale to September 2018.The new ICO date will be announced shortly.We have made this difficult decision for a number of reasons:Establishing new business partnershipsRight now our top managers...

From: Opporty BP

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Foundation Trading

When it comes to trading Valorem Foundation will help you in this. SignUp link

From: Valorem Foundation

August 06, 2018

LATOKEN: Why $160 tn daily trading volume could move onto blockchain?

Each day, billions of trades made up $160 tn daily volume. These operations are processed by intermediaries and thus it takes 2 days on average to settle a single trade. Blockchain automates settlement and custody operations, allowing exchanges to settle trades immediately, run 24/7, and being...


Darico Ecosystem Coin: Darico Token Sale End Announcement

The Darico token sale has come to a close. The token sale sold over 23M tokens, equivalent to approximately 11.5 million USD. The remaining, unsold DEC tokens will be burned and removed from circulation. The DEC token holders will be entitled to use their tokens to access the products and...

From: Darico Ecosystem Coin

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Foundation’s 1st Transaction Court — Valorem Foundation’s 1st Transaction

From: Valorem Foundation

August 05, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: Blockchain States Lure Citizens with Political Nostalgia and Voting Rights

If you’ve ever thought of acquiring a digital, virtual citizenship, there are a couple of new options on the table – a ‘Satoshi Nakamoto Republic’ and a ‘Soviet Land’ on blockchain, among others. True, ‘crypto passports’ often come with coin offerings that you might not...

From: Lubomir Tassev

August 03, 2018


THEKEY, Medical Token Currency, SGPay, Mysterium and Qurito tokens are now available for trading. Also, we’ve added AENCO, PHONEUM, OPIRIA and Dylyver Token Sales.TheKey (TKY)TKY/ETH + TKY/LA now available.THEKEY (TKY) Project Team is now developing an identification verification (IDV) tool...


Valorem Foundation: Valorem New Feature

We are ready to implement New features, new protocols and projects come out every day forcryptocurrencies that secure as many of them asmake sense for the VLR token.

From: Valorem Foundation
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