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May 22, 2018


DeHedge ambassador Đinh Quang Lộc took part in the WBCSummit and paid a visit to our Moscow office: Asian markets are under control!#money #moneymaker #capital #ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency#cryptocurrencies #icos #hedging #blockchains #risk #risks #hedge#technology #science #bigdata...

From: DeHedge

Frank Van Geertruyden: Leuvenaars halen virtuele miljoenen op voor handel in sensordata

(De Tijd, 22 mei 2018)Sensordata zijn goed voor een snelgroeiende miljardenhandel. ©IMECEen in Dubai gevestigd dochterbedrijf van het Vlaamse blockchainbedrijf SettleMint heeft met de verkoop van digitale tokens al 4 miljoen dollar opgehaald, een bedrag dat nog kan oplopen. De tokens moeten...

From: Frank Van Geertruyden

May 19, 2018

Valorem Foundation: P2P Network Hosts & Payment Processing Valorem ICO token

P2P Network Hosts & Payment Processing with Valorem ICO token.Valorem believes that the peer-to-peer network hosts will be a powerful addition to the Valorem platform. With the advent of easier payments transfers, users will be able to reach into all corners of the world and onboard...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 18, 2018

Eligma: Eligma’s ELI on the token map

At the Eligma crowdsale, there were 127,902,033 ELI tokens sold in total. At Eligma, we keep our eyes on the roadmap prize. We are aware that business achievements are the foundation of successful token economy, and remain committed to our vision and community, which keeps us going with its...

From: Eligma

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Token

What is the Abstract of the Valorem Token?Valorem token allows users to transact with each other on a decentralized, blockchain-powered platform. Users transact with each other via smart contracts paid for with an ERC20-compliant token called VLR. All transactions will be verified and stored on...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 17, 2018

Eligma: What to watch out for as a crowdsale supporter

Due to the numerous interesting projects they are based on and the ample hype that surrounds them, crowdsales are highly visible in the social media world, which means that e potential supporters can be found on the global level. Eligma COO Ziga Toni has ample entrepreneurial experience, and...

From: Eligma

Valorem Foundation: Valorem foundation

Successfully Insuring Valorem Users Requires proper evaluation of the following:1. Policy, Coverages, and Exemptions2. Max Liability for Payouts, Premiums, and Payments3. Fluctuations Algorithm4. Valuation Multiple — VLR Underwriting Requirement to Keep in ValoremInvest in Valorem...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 16, 2018


The Datecoin project has successfully passed the DeHedge scoring procedure!DateCoin and DeHedge have signed an agreement to hedge DTC tokens via the DeHedge risk-hedging platform.Mikhail Chernov, founder and CEO of DeHedge, was quite optimistic about the ongoing DateCoin ICO and noted that...

From: DeHedge

Valorem Foundation: Phase 4 of Valorem Token

Phase 4 of Valorem Token: Maintenance and Future Development.1. Additional Currency Adaptation.2. Permanent Stability & Growth.3. Sales Team Initiation.4. Feature Adding.Join Valorem ICO today at token is live with 10% Bonus.

From: Valorem Foundation

May 15, 2018

Eligma: Eligma’s ELI to enter the trading map

As soon as one week after the end of Eligma’s crowdsale, the ELI token is entering the world of token exchanges. On May 16, it will be listed on the Livecoin exchange. We will keep you posted on new developments, so stay tuned!At the Eligma crowdsale, there were 127,902,033 ELI tokens sold in...

From: Eligma

Marina Baslina: CrowdCoinage Monthly Update: May, 2018

Last month was a new send off for CrowdCoinage. We have been working on standalone version of the ICO platform. Also, signed the new client Black.Insure. Finally, been working on partnerships with exchanges.Photo by Joanna Kosinska on UnsplashPlatform Development Changelog:Our standalone...

From: Marina Baslina

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Whitepaper

For everyone, Interested in participating in our #ICO, here is Valorem Whitepaper: in Valorem foundation with 10% Bonus.Visit our website at

From: Valorem Foundation

Cashaa: ICO Meetup London

Dear Cashaa Family,Exciting News! Kumar will speak at the ICO Meetup London!Those of you in London are invited to join our Cashaa CEO, Kumar Gaurav, at the ICO Meetup London, which is taking place on 21st of May 2018, 19:30:00 GMT at DLA Piper (3 Noble Street, London, EC2V 7EE, London).Kumar...

From: Cashaa

May 14, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem(VLR) Wealth and Value Creation

Wealth and Value Creation with Valorem(VLR) token:Valorem Platform is a Financial Environment with an Airbnb like Trust system. Allowing the exchange between various businesses and individuals from crypto to fiat and back.Know more at >>

From: Valorem Foundation

Eligma: Eligma crowdsale statistics

On 9 May 2018, Eligma’s crowdsale finished with the end block, but our hard work continues. It is your enthusiasm that keeps us going and fills us with a big sense of responsibility. The crowdsale results are a picture of success. Some amazing facts and figures are below. They are an indicator...

From: Eligma

May 12, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem ICO

Valorem ICO with 10% bonus!!!! With extraordinary advances in the crypto space, developed a system for everyone to share ideas, products, services and be a part of an ecosystem that can truly help develop and preserve their wealth. Valorem platform is the next frontier of currency exchange. ...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 11, 2018

Sandblock Team: White Paper Update — Revision 7

We have just updated our White Paper to better reflect the progress of the project and its latest developments. Here is an overview of the various updates we have made.We’ve highlighted the most important updates in this post for you!If you want more detailed information you can access the...

From: Sandblock Team


Why does the crypto market need a project like DeHedge? DeHedge Legal Advisor Darin H. Mangum explains what he likes about the project. And don’t forget you can buy tokens of the best ICO projects with a free hedge at our site...

From: DeHedge

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Phase 2

Phase 2 of Valorem: The Strong Foundation of Rising Age of Cryptocurrency & having the ability to setup internal users and organization for charities.Join Valorem ICO with 10% Bonus at

From: Valorem Foundation

Dejan Roljic: Eligma’s crowdsale is finished. What comes next?

Dear Eligma friends, supporters and ambassadors!Commerce is people, and people should always come first. There is no success without inspiring others, and the best part of our journey has been the realization that so many people see our efforts as worthwhile. Our community, which is becoming...

From: Dejan Roljic


DeHedge CEO Mikhail Chernov gave a guest presentation at the Altcoin Club on ICO investment protection. We are turning theory into practice and now you can buy the tokens of carefully selected projects with a FREE hedge at...

From: DeHedge

May 10, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem platform

Valorem platform will be able to remove the middlemen and build a decentralized smart token market on the blockchain. Using the VLR token, Valorem will build the competitive platform that will vitally disrupt those significant players.Join Valorem ICO at

From: Valorem Foundation

May 09, 2018

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Phase 2 Token 2 of Valorem Token has already started. Phase 2 of the Valorem Marketplace will address major markets. Phase 2 covers >> 1. Sales & Distribution of Goods. 2. Global Small Business Investing. 3. Global Commercial...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 08, 2018

Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: Five Things You Should Know Before Owning Crypto

Whether FUEL tokens, Bitcoin or Ether, it’s easier than you think!Etherparty is powered by FUEL tokens. FUEL is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network.You wouldn’t buy a house without researching the market and doing an inspection. You wouldn’t buy...

From: Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Users Requirement evaluation

Successfully Insuring Valorem Users Requires proper evaluation of the following:1. Policy, Coverages, and Exemptions2. Max Liability for Payouts, Premiums, and Payments3. Fluctuations Algorithm4. Valuation Multiple — VLR Underwriting Requirement to Keep in ValoremFor more visit us at...

From: Valorem Foundation

May 07, 2018

World Wi-Fi: World Wi-Fi: We want to share our success with you!

11 days left until the end of the token sale and we have collected over $17 mln. We are now ready to deploy the World Wi-Fi network across Europe and most countries in the Asian region. We’re very close to reaching the HARD CAP and it can already be said right now that our project is...

From: World Wi-Fi

David Siegel: The Crypto-Tax Chapter

This is a chapter in The Token Handbook.Table of ContentsTax codes are very complex and differ from country to country. In this chapter, I’ll highlight a number of cryptocurrency, ICO, trading, payment, and token-related tax issues and point to some resources for further study. This is not...

From: David Siegel

Sandblock Team: Alain Parize joins Sandblock’s Advisory Board

He created one of the first multi-brand loyalty programs in Europe and now joins the Sandblock project to revolutionize the use of loyalty points once again!Alain ParizeWe are delighted to announce that Alain Parize has joined the Sandblock project as a strategy advisor!Alain Parize, former...

From: Sandblock Team

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Infinite Transactions

Valorem system will be with the infinite transactions on the network; simplicity is key. It utilizes simple to use a desktop, mobile and hardware wallets.More at

From: Valorem Foundation

Galaxy eSolutions: Quick Updates Before listing On Bancor today.

Galaxy eSolutions at a Charity Golf EventSRACP Chief Executive Mr. Andy NG Wang-tsang (left), and GES CEO Mr. Yuen Wong (right).Galaxy eSolution (GES) was recently invited and sponsored the lunch buffet of Charity Golf 2018, a charity event hosted by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime...

From: Galaxy eSolutions
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