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September 23, 2018

On.Live: Strengthen influence of your marketing with contests On.Live.

Marketing is a crucial part of any commercial endeavour. For starters it plays informative role. It lets the people know about your product or service. Then there are promotion actions, aimed to keep interest among public and to increase sales or just keep good relationship with the clients....

From: On.Live

September 22, 2018

Jamie Redman: Bitcoin Glyphs Added to Apple’s Shortcuts Application

Apple recently introduced a new lineup of iPhones and its new operating system iOS 12. Moreover, four days ago the company also updated its Siri extension called the ‘Shortcuts’ application with two new Bitcoin glyphs available. Also read: Critical Bug Found in Bitcoin Core Invokes the...

From: Jamie Redman

September 21, 2018

WaBi / Walimai: Blockchain Loyalty Programs: The Key to Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Dissecting the importance of real usage and non-crypto audience participation.At the time of writing, bitcoin (the ur-decentralized cryptocurrency) is hovering around a 55% dominance in the cryptocurrency market. In a 186 billion dollar market, that percentage is nothing to scoff at.Bitcoin has...

From: WaBi / Walimai

September 20, 2018

Karma Project: Karma Sneak-Peak. What's Under The Hood?

Hello dear friends,Previously, we’ve discussed Graphene TPS measurement test.100,000 transactions per second (TPS) in reality could not be achieved: the real performance of the Karma Core 1.0 blockchain reaches only 2 000 tps.This completely was covering our current needs at that stage....

From: Karma Project

NAVIADDRESS: Progress Update #8 – September 20th

Progress Update #8 – September 20thDear Naviaddress Community,We have been working on some exciting new developments over the past few weeks, and we are glad to share the results! Here is the summary of our accomplishments for the last weeks:· Premium Naviaddress Sale Soft Launch was...


Eric Elliott: Building the Verifiable Web

The media business has a serious problem with trust. In 2017, only 24% of survey respondents showed a strong degree of trust in top ranking news media companies. (Source: Statista)But the issue of trust goes much deeper than your confidence in the news you’re exposed to. The need for...

From: Eric Elliott

September 18, 2018

Team Elix: 4 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask Before Crowdfunding

There are many reasons why crowdfunding can be beneficial for small businesses. Crowdfunding can be a great alternative to a loan. Small businesses usually get higher interest rates compared to getting a loan for a house or a car. This is because small business has more inherent risk. Most small...

From: Team Elix

SingularDTV: The 7 Best Blogs for Learning about Blockchain Culture

Find out the best sources to get info about decentralization, blockchain technology, and the communities they are affecting.As blockchain technology seeps further into almost every industry in the world — from government to supply chain to energy and entertainment — there’s more to...

From: SingularDTV Join the Brickblock Bug Bounty Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Brickblock Bug Bounty Program!After ConsenSys Diligence’s successful audit of our smart contract ecosystem (official release coming soon), it is now time to give our community the opportunity to review our codebase ahead of the upcoming...

From: Meet Lympo in these global business and tech events

Participating in the global conversation about the future of tech and blockchain has always been very important to us here at Lympo. And now, with a goal to continue sharing our knowledge and passion for technology, we invite you to come and join us at these upcoming business and tech events,...


Team Elix: ELIX Weekly Update: Creator Signup Video Demo & New Blog Article

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! Keep reading to find out all the latest improvements we’ve made.Get The ELIX AppBe sure to try out our crowdfunding app. Click on the image below to download for iOS.Click on the image below to download for Android.Creator PortalClick here to...

From: Team Elix

September 17, 2018

Eric Elliott: September 2018 Engineering Progress Report is building the verifiable web: the decentralized protocol suite for content attribution, discovery, monetization and reputation.This is an exciting time at Now that we’ve implemented our new claim batching system to enable fast enough claim transactions to handle millions of...

From: Eric Elliott

Team Elix: How Many Of The Top 10 Crowdfunding Projects Use Blockchain?

Recently, blockchain crowdfunding has enabled contributors from all across the world to support new technologies and ideas.Here are the top 10 crowdfunding projects of all time. How many of them do you think use or plan to use blockchain?#10: Elio MotorsElio motors is building a 3 wheeled...

From: Team Elix

September 16, 2018

Avi Mizrahi: Peter Thiel: Crypto vs AI Dichotomy Will Determine the Future of Humanity

From time to time we all need a reminder that Bitcoin is much more than just an asset that can be checked on a daily price chart. Peter Thiel reveals that he believes the “crypto vs AI dichotomy” will shape the future of humanity, presenting us with a choice between a Big Brother...

From: Avi Mizrahi

September 14, 2018

Mohit Anand: Decoding Token Economics: Insights from our Token Engineering & Token Economy Design Workshop at…

Decoding Token Economics: Insights from our Token Engineering & Token Economy Design Workshop at Berlin Blockchain WeekOn 6 September 2018, Token Engineering Berlin, Ocean Protocol and OST co-organized a workshop to discuss why businesses tokenize, the optimal use cases for tokenization and...

From: Mohit Anand

AirToken by Airfox: Help Airfox win best tech startup award!

Cast your vote daily to support us winning Boston’s 2018 Timmy AwardsWe are thrilled to announce that Airfox has been selected as a Best Tech Startup finalist for Boston’s Fourth Annual Timmy Awards!We need your support — 50% of the final decision comes from community voting! Voting...

From: AirToken by Airfox

LATOKEN: Germany, UAE & India: Our Upcoming Biz Dev Meetups

Networking meeting at the Blockchain Economic Forum in San FranciscoGermany, UAE & India: Our Upcoming Business Development MeetupsLATOKEN is holding a series of meetups in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and India to attract more interesting projects to our platform, as well as...


September 12, 2018

Annika Ljaš: We’re hiring! Join WePower as HR Manager

As our team is growing fast, we are looking for an experienced and passionate team member to start leading our HR activities. Headquartered in Vilnius we have offices in Tallinn, Melbourne, and Madrid.As our HR manager, you will be in charge of the overall administration of our team, including...

From: Annika Ljaš

On.Live: Opportunities and options for monetizing services with On.Live platform.

On.Live from the beginning was conceived as an open marketplace for various live services and broadcasting. This attitude is different in its core from almost all other video platforms in general and live streaming platforms in particular. We do think about our customer financial benefits. Great...

From: On.Live

September 11, 2018

Justin Szilard: Dash Leverages Innovative Capabilities to Revolutionize Quorum Technology

Dash has announced the introduction of Long Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQs), which is currently under development and will influence both Evolution and non-Evolution features of Dash. Alexander Block, a Dash Core Group developer, started off by recalling his last blog post about quorums and...

From: Justin Szilard


Dear Navi Community!We‘ve successfully launched Pemium Naviaddress auction!Premium Naviaddress is the first smart digital address on blockchain, which could be purchased through our auction. The Naviaddress Auction will provide for a quick and cost-effective purchase and ownership of smart...


Team Elix: Product Portal Video Demo, Marketing Bounties, & More

Welcome to this week’s round of updates! We’ve been hard at work improving ELIX. This week, we’re excited to show a video demo of our product portal, and announce new bounties for creating videos and articles.Download ELIXMarketingClick on the image to join the latest giveawayWe’re...

From: Team Elix

September 10, 2018


Dear NAVI community,we are glad to announce that Premium Naviaddress Sale Soft Launch starts today, on September 10th. This is an important milestone that will rank up NAVI project and the Team in the blockchain community and beyond.We provide our early-adopters and supporters of the project...


Primalbase Team: Primalbase August Report

Moving on up!August was all about building over at Primalbase. We really buckled down and focused on growing the community, the team and — most importantly — our network of shared office spaces!First off, our London office is finally approaching completion after its long journey....

From: Primalbase Team

Primalbase Team: Primalbase London Grand Opening: A New Workspace For A New London

The world of work has evolved dramatically in recent years. The rise of shared workspaces has reflected a more general shift in the economy, with the technology companies that now dominate the landscape requiring a more flexible, agile model capable of adapting to the rapid growth and...

From: Primalbase Team

Jason Goldberg: Video & slides from #ETHBerlin: Introducing OpenST Mosaic Protocol: Running meta blockchains on…

Video & slides from #ETHBerlin: Introducing OpenST Mosaic Protocol: Running meta blockchains on Ethereum to scale DApps to billions of usersMosaic is token sharding at layer 2 that will work right now on Ethereum v1.0 to scale DApps — with an open, staked validator set, and...

From: Jason Goldberg


UNSOLD NAVI TOKENS BURN ANNOUNCEMENTDear Naviaddress Community!Our Team is excited to announce that we have burnt all the tokens unsold during our ICO.This step is a message to the crypto community that our Team has not been remunerated from the unsold tokens. We believe that this measure will...


September 07, 2018

Team Elix: 10 Advantages Of Raising Funds Through Crowdfunding In 2018

There are many advantages of raising funds through crowdfunding. You’ve probably heard about crowdfunding from a friend, social media, or you’re looking at ways to raise funds yourself. There are many different ways you can go from an idea to an actual product.Depending on your business...

From: Team Elix

Anjalee B: RISE Newsletter — August 2018

Hello RISE Community,In this newsletter, we will give a roundup of what RISE has been up to in the month of August. To start off, we have a great new video explaining RISE technology and the future we are aiming to build. Please feel free to comment, like and share to help us expand the...

From: Anjalee B

Rafael Gama: Progress Report: XII

Hi everyone,Let me update you about some topics we’ve been spending our time on to get the platform launched:We are preparing our terms of use, conditions and policy documents;We are getting the platform ready to pass a security audit;and last but not least, we have invested quite some time...

From: Rafael Gama
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