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October 12, 2018

Monetha: Benefits of Blockchain to Any Industry

When you talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you can’t disregard about blockchain technology. That’s because blockchain is the underlying technology that has given birth to Bitcoin.Blockchain and Bitcoin have the same father, Satoshi Nakamoto, who introduced the idea in 2008 in his paper...

From: Monetha

October 10, 2018

Team Elix: 5 Benefits of Crowdfunding for Nonprofits in 2018

Non-profit organizations are a key component in our society as they pick up the slack that the private and public sector do not. They often bring the community together in a unique niche. These niches are not often very profitable, so finding investors is generally very difficult. Luckily,...

From: Team Elix

October 04, 2018

Aventus Protocol Foundation: Ticketing as if consumers mattered: is blockchain the answer?

New report from Prof. Waterson: ticketing as if consumers matteredNew report from Professor Michael Waterson, author of government’s 2016 independent secondary ticketing reviewIn May 2016, the government published an independent report into the consumer protection measures concerning online...

From: Aventus Protocol Foundation

October 03, 2018

David Sønstebø: Welcome Cara Harbor to the IOTA Foundation

Cara Harbor joins The IOTA Foundation as the new Head of Communication. In this role, she will be instrumental in developing The IOTA Foundation’s external and internal communication strategy. She will also lead the charge in ensuring IOTA Foundation news and relevant information is...

From: David Sønstebø

WaBi / Walimai: In-house designer, rebranded labels, and more: Monthly Update — October

In-house designer, rebranded labels, and more: Monthly Update — OctoberWaBi / Walimai developments and events, every monthSeptember was a month dedicated to building upon the established road of Walimai in preparation of the imminent rebranding. To come out of the gate running...

From: WaBi / Walimai

Samuel Haig: Lamassu Launches New Line of Cryptocurrency ATMs

Lamassu, a Portuguese Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, has unveiled three new machines comprising its “next generation” of cryptocurrency ATMs. Also Read: Japan Roundup: Bitflyer Restructures, Zaif Suspends New Member Registrations Lamassu Launches New Cryptocurrency ATMs Lamassu has launched its...

From: Samuel Haig

Brian Armstrong: What we accomplished at Coinbase in Q3 2018

This week, I sent a note to the Coinbase team about what we accomplished in Q3. I’m sharing it here with our customers and the crypto community more broadly to help provide transparency into our operations.***Dear Team,At the end of the last quarter, I sent out an email reflecting on all...

From: Brian Armstrong

October 02, 2018

Brian Armstrong: Chris Dodds, Charles Schwab Board Member, Is Joining Coinbase’s Board

Left to right, Brian Armstrong and Chris Dodds.I’m pleased to announce that Chris Dodds, who serves on the Board of Directors of The Charles Schwab Corporation and as a senior private equity advisor, is joining the Coinbase Board of Directors.Chris brings world-class leadership skills, deep...

From: Brian Armstrong

Valdas Petrulis: How will Mysterium Identity (Mysterium ID) work within Mysterium Network?

Let’s start with — what is a Mysterium ID?We have recently introduced Mysterium ID within the Mysterium Network.This is a technical proof of concept. From a business perspective, we are beginning to test the utility of our token. You are now able to use test MYST to purchase your...

From: Valdas Petrulis

Primalbase Team: Primalbase September Report

Hard Hats & High RisesThe last throes of summer are upon us, but while the sun may be readying itself for hibernation, we certainly aren’t. We have been busy burning the midnight oil in the run up to the London office launch, adding the final touches to the space to ensure it is in...

From: Primalbase Team

BLOCKv: The BLOCKv Platform has arrived. Experience. Create. Amaze.

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of the BLOCKv Platform. This is the first available release for developers to access the self-serve platform to create new experiences, using vAtoms, the new standard for digital objects run on or off blockchain.Over the past six months, we...

From: BLOCKv

October 01, 2018

Jamie Redman: Portal Network Developers Announce Bitcoin Cash Name Service

A development team called the Portal Network has announced the creation of a new platform called the Bitcoin Cash Name Service (BCNS). Essentially BCNS turns a long alphanumeric bitcoin cash address into a human-readable name like ‘yourname.bch.’ Also read: Colombia Crypto Exchange Asks New...

From: Jamie Redman

Viacoin: Viacoin Development Update — 09/2018

As most of you may have experienced, the bear market is real! The past months have been really hard on the biggest part of the cryptocurrency community, seeing a decline in the marketcap of most coins. We would never let a declining marketcap affect our development so we’ve been really busy...

From: Viacoin

Jason Goldberg: Video & Slides from #HASHED: OpenST Mosaic: Scaling Blockchain Economies to Billions of Users

On 14 September, 2018 OST Chief Blockchain Strategist Benjamin Bollen and I presented the OpenST Mosaic protocol for scaling blockchain economies to billions of users at #HASHED in Seoul, South Korea. Our talk at #HASHED followed the worldwide introduction of Mosaic the day prior at the Upbit...

From: Jason Goldberg

September 30, 2018

Jamie Redman: China’s Oldest Science and Tech Publication Accepts BTC for Subscriptions

On Sunday China’s oldest tech media publication, Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) also known as ‘Technology life,’ has announced the business is accepting bitcoin core (BTC) for the magazine’s 2019 subscriptions. Also read: Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a...

From: Jamie Redman

September 28, 2018

BitCar: BitCar update on Platform and Developers seeking Community Feedback #BitCarTEC #3

Hello BitCar enthusiasts!This article follows on from our last #BitCarTEC 2 article, which focused upon the backend architecture and progress to date. Since that article was released, the team has grown to include a dedicated front-end developer (Rowan) and a Chief Product Officer (Will). Part...

From: BitCar

Unocoin: Bitcoin Price Trends; Potential To Replace Fiat Currencies

Bitcoin Price Trends; Potential To Replace Fiat CurrenciesBitcoin is the world’s most popular digital assets, that it is exclusively created and held electronically. But, do we actually know about digital assets and the potential of these assets to replace conventional money?The major function...

From: Unocoin

September 27, 2018

Lucile Tranchant: Varanida’s Hybrid DAICO

We are happy to announce that LGO Launch will be providing DAICO support services for our clients. Starting today, we will be assisting and supporting the Varanida team with their unique DAICO-based Initial Coin Offering (ICO).The DAICO model was first proposed by Ethereum founder Vitalik...

From: Lucile Tranchant

RNDR Team: SIGGRAPH 2018 — RNDR Highlights

A recap of OTOY and RNDR roadmap updates at this year’s edition of SIGGRAPH, along with highlights of the most exciting announcements in the graphics industry.At the 2018 edition of SIGGRAPH, the most important computer graphics event in the world, OTOY released previews of its 2018 and 2019...

From: RNDR Team

REMME: Everything You Need to Know About Joining the REMME Masternode Program

The time is fast approaching for the mainnet launch of REMChain. When our custom Blockchain goes live, it will be controlled by a custom Proof-of-Service algorithm and distributed by a series of masternodes. Those nodes, which will be instrumental in securing the REMME network, will be operated...


Lisk: Future in Focus: BrikBit

This week, Future in Focus is featuring Italy-based BrikBit. BrikBit will be built on the Lisk-based blockchain ecosystem and develop, as well as manage entire operations for the real estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem, all shareholders involved in real estate projects will be able to...

From: Lisk

NAVIADDRESS: Geography of the first Premium Naviaddresses

Since the launch of our Naviaddress Auctions on September 10th, we have sold 98 Premium Naviaddresses. The most popular ones are the four-digit addresses with the combinations of lucky numbers, such as “8888” or “7777”. 34% of Premium Naviaddresses are bought in the Netherlands, 31% in...


September 26, 2018

Team Elix: 5 Good Crowdfunding Ideas to Try in 2018

Are you in a rut trying to conjure up some good crowdfunding ideas and strategies for a current or future crowdfunding campaign?We know how difficult it can be to keep up with the latest trends.We also know how anxious it can be to begin a crowdfunding campaign if you’ve never done...

From: Team Elix

Jose Mota: People of OST: Sunil Khedar, Chief Technology Officer

Sunil Khedar is the Chief Technology Officer at OST. Sunil joined forces with Nishith and Jason right out of college. Co-founder of the companies they built together including,, Fabulis, Social Median, True Sparrow and Montred. In 2016 Sunil founded Pepo with Jason and leads a...

From: Jose Mota

Angel Versetti: The 4th Industrial Revolution: What the Future Holds

“The changes are so profound that, from the perspective of human history, there has never been a time of greater promise or potential peril.” — Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic ForumEvery company in the world develops from within a particular context....

From: Angel Versetti

September 25, 2018

Patrick Long: Spring Donation Platform Teaser

We are only a couple weeks away from releasing our flagship platform, Spring to the world!Our hero image, featuring cute and cuddly Shiba NFTs.We could not be more excited to finally share our creation: the world’s first charitable crypto donation app. We are featuring some of the best...

From: Patrick Long

Team Elix: Creating A Product With ELIX: 3 Simple Steps + Design & Marketing Progress

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! Keep reading to check out everything we’ve been up to over the past week.Get The ELIX AppBe sure to try out our crowdfunding app. Click on the image below to download for iOS.Click on the image below to download for Android.Creator...

From: Team Elix

September 24, 2018

REMME: REMChain Masternodes: Building a Network of Trust

With the REMChain mainnet launch looming, it’s time to take a deep dive into masternodes and their role within the REMME ecosystem.Masternodes are an integral part of our blockchain-powered PKI and IAM solution, and we’re eager to convey their importance and role to our community and to...


Sharie Ingente: Introducing “PUBLISH” – Next generation blockchain-powered news publishing software protocol

The teams behind the creation of TokenPost and Kchain have just recently launched a software that intends to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology and token economy to the news media industry. It is well-known that TokenPost is one of the top and largest blockchain-powered news media...

From: Sharie Ingente

Populous World: The pros and cons of real time big data analytics…

Understanding the real time big data analyticsBy definition, this term refers to the procedure of analysing the huge volume of data in the instance it is produced or used. It is the procedure of acquiring important information at the very instance it is created in a data warehouse from the raw...

From: Populous World
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