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July 16, 2018

Unocoin: $8 million home can be bought by Bitcoin!

$8 million home can be bought by Bitcoin!Becoming crypto rich is becoming a fad. Ever since its introduction, cryptoasset has transformed our current perception of currency. Real estate is the newest industry embarking on this. Alan Ezier, an entrepreneur has put up his $8 million mansion for...

From: Unocoin

July 13, 2018

Unocoin: Verifying art pieces just got easier with blockchain tech

Verifying art pieces got easier with blockchain techVerifying art pieces just got easier with blockchain techBlockchain technology was originally invented for financial purposes and interests only; however with development, ledger technology has found its use in other domains, apart from...

From: Unocoin

Kai Sedgwick: The Billion-Dollar Quest to Eliminate Smart Contract Bugs

You can’t have software without bugs. Every major piece of code is subject to extensive debugging, which is an inevitable part of the development process. But when that code controls digital assets worth millions of dollars, ensuring it’s free of critical errors isn’t just desirable –...

From: Kai Sedgwick

REMME: REMME Q2 results

Q2 of 2018 has come and gone and thus it behoves us to provide an update on everything that’s been achieved this past quarter at REMME. During the course of this summary, we’ll detail the work we’ve put in over the last three months including the progress that’s been made on private...


Team Elix: The ELIX App Has Been Approved & The Countdown Has Begun ⏱️

Today’s update marks a key milestone for our community, team and for ELIX. Our app has been approved for both App Stores! Keep reading to find out all the exciting details.The CountdownOur website now has an official countdown until the App Release! You can check out the countdown and sign up...

From: Team Elix

July 12, 2018

Eric Elliott: July 2018 Engineering Progress Report is the internet of content value: the decentralized protocol suite for content ownership, discovery, and monetization of content.Everything on the web is centered around content. If content is king, is the kingdom, and it exists to support and sustain the people living and working...

From: Eric Elliott

Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin: Emercoin Deploys First Blockchain-Based VoIP Application

We are delighted to announce that ENUMER, our free blockchain-based VoIP (voice over IP) system, now is a consistent stand-alone service that is being adopted by multiple companies.ENUMER eliminates the need for network providers and enables people to make secure, fast online phone calls.ENUMER...

From: Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

BitCar: Let’s Get Listed on KuCoin!

Lets get BITCAR listed on KuCoin together!KuCoin will be running a telegram campaign starting today, 12 July at 10PM Singapore time, and have asked for our BitCar community to participate. They want to hear from you why BitCar should be listed!To VoteStep 1: Register for a KuCoin AccountSimply...

From: BitCar

July 11, 2018

BANKEX: Exchange News: BKX is Listed on Bittrex

After the successful launch of several new products and services, including the beta version of BANKEX Plasma, BKX utility token becomes more available to potential token holders, including American citizens.The success of Plasma, the first realization of a Plasma blockchain originally...


Jamie Redman: OP_Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin Debate

This week Andrew Stone, the lead developer of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), published a 42-page paper that details the evolution of the original OP_Group proposal. OP_Group is a single OP_Code that could be added to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network’s scripting language in order to effectively create...

From: Jamie Redman

Jamie Redman: Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin Debate

This week Andrew Stone, the lead developer of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), published a 42-page paper that details the evolution of the original OP_Group proposal. Now simply called ‘Group,’ the proposal involves a single OP_Code that could be added to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network’s...

From: Jamie Redman

SingularDTV: Inside SingularX’s Plan to Grow into a Leading Decentralized Exchange

Find out how why Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin thinks DEX’s are the future, and what SingularDTV is doing to make that happen with SingularX.Last week, when Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin remarked to a TechCrunch journalist on stage that he hoped “centralized exchanges go burn in...

From: SingularDTV

Golem Project: Brass Golem Beta 0.16.2

Igor worrying about user transactionsIn this instance, we would like to introduce a hotfix-like update for our users. Having detected that payments were incoming in a reliable manner, but transactions were not marked as confirmed in our UI, we decided to fix this pain point to improve the Golem...

From: Golem Project

BitCar: BitCar Welcomes New Team

L to R: Andrew Barclay, Alejandro Aguilera, Zoe Panagopoulos and Olivier de Smedt.At BitCar we are very happy to welcome our new members to the team! Read on to find out more.Andrew BarclayAndrew Barclay joins the team as an Advisor, he is a former partner of Mallesons Stephen Jacques (now...

From: BitCar

BitCar: How to Make a Fortune Buying the Car You Love

Peter Briggs, BItCar Advisor’s 1963 Jaguar E-Type (source: The Australian).John Connolly columnist from The Australian, shared with his audience how to make a fortune buying cars. He demonstrates, with the many similarities shared with BitCar’s view, the appreciation of cars and the factors...

From: BitCar

July 10, 2018

Salt Lending Medium: Recap: Australian Leadership Retreat 2018

SALT Lending attended the 2018 Australian Leadership Retreat, organized by the ADC Forum, in the Gold Coast of Australia. The four-day event hosted leaders from various fields including politics, academia, and financial services to discuss the current challenges facing the country. An ongoing...

From: Salt Lending Medium

Brian Armstrong: Bar Raisers At Coinbase: If You’re Not A Hell Yes, You’re A No

Coinbase has come as far as it has because of the talented, passionate people we attract. I’ve written before about the importance of hiring the right people. In this post, I want to share how we’ve introduced a bar raiser program at Coinbase, to help us raise the bar with every hire.Hiring...

From: Brian Armstrong

On.Live: Most influential factors in live streaming ROI

There are real benefits of entities using live video streaming in their marketing strategies and operational activities. Platform such as On.Live can provide financially measurable effects in any business that will decide to employ it to better engage their customers.Brandlive and IBM 2018 live...

From: On.Live

Team Elix: The ELIX App Is In Review

Using The AppYou can sign up to get access to the ELIX app at We’ll inform the remaining Beta signups once the app is out.Creator PortalWe’re working on adding new creators to Boost, our crowdfunding platform. You can become an early creator by signing up here. If you need...

From: Team Elix

July 09, 2018

Project Shivom: Shivom was featured in the title story of major German computer magazine Com!

This month Shivom was featured on the cover of the well know German IT-Magazine Com! The story goes beyond the current hype around artificial intelligence and blockchain, introducing resourceful start-ups that are currently developing solutions that use both techniques. The main message: AI...

From: Project Shivom

July 08, 2018

Kai Sedgwick: Five of the Best Blockchain Explorers

Blockchain explorers have come a long way since bitcoin’s early days. In the beginning there were none. Then there were basic ones that allowed users to search for specific wallet addresses or transactions. Fast forward to today and we’re blessed with a plethora of blockchain explorers that...

From: Kai Sedgwick

July 07, 2018

Jamie Redman: A Look at the Long and Annoying Process of Claiming Bitcoin Forks

Over the past year, there has been a lot of forked coins based on the Bitcoin Core (BTC) codebase in various forms and with all types of interesting names. There are anywhere between 40-70 forked coins in the ecosystem that are worth a few bucks, while some of them are worthless and not worth...

From: Jamie Redman

Samuel Haig: Regulatory Round-Up: U.K. Chief Blockchain Officer, DLT Cohort in FCA Sandbox, Central Bank Calls Crypto ”Fallacy”

In recent regulatory news, U.K. minister, Eddie Hughes has published a report that advocates for the creation of a “Chief Blockchain Officer,” the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority has announced that a number of distributed ledger (DLT) companies have been accepted into cohort 4 of its...

From: Samuel Haig

July 06, 2018

EnergiToken: After the hype dies down…

When the hype fades, what’s left to do? It’s time to get to work!After the past few months of a depressingly bearish market across all blockchain assets that has caused many a cryptocurrency enthusiast to crawl into a corner and roll into the fetal position, many involved in following the...

From: EnergiToken

David Turner: Why Protecting Intellectual Property Is So Hard and How Can Help

How hard is it to protect intellectual property on the web today? To understand, put yourself in the shoes of someone who owns and manages a blog. That person likely creates original digital content and also republishes content created by others. Preventing misuse of the blog owner’s original...

From: David Turner

Jay Lee: WePower 엔지니어링 팀 블로그 #4: 알파 버전 1이 런칭 되었습니다. 다음 행보는 무엇일까요?

우리는 최근 WePower 플랫폼의 알파 버전 1을 런칭했습니다.여러분 모두가 등록하고 테스트 해보는 것을 추천합니다. 릴리즈 된 버전은 자본 문제에 직면한 친환경 에너지 구매자와 신재생 에너지 생산자들이 시작하는 데...

From: Jay Lee

July 05, 2018

Jay Lee: GO WePower: 친환경 에너지 금융 및 거래 플랫폼 알파 V1이 런칭 되었습니다!

커뮤니티 여러분,오늘 우리 모두가 기대했던 — WePower 블록체인 기반의 친환경 에너지 금융 및 거래 플랫폼의 알파 버전 1이 가동되고 있음을 알려 드리게 되어 기쁩니다! 이제 계정을 생성하고, 플랫폼에서 현재 이용...

From: Jay Lee

Kaspar Kaarlep: WePower engineering team’s blog #4: Alpha version 1 is LIVE. What to expect next?

We’ve just launched the WePower platform’s Alpha version 1.I welcome you all to sign up and test it out. The released version will be used to start the acquisition of green energy buyers, and renewable energy producers that face capital issues, as well as to advertise the first confirmed...

From: Kaspar Kaarlep

Nikolaj Martyniuk: GO WePower: renewable energy financing and trading platform Alpha V1 is launched!

Dear Community,I am thrilled to announce that today is the day that all of us were looking forward to — WePower blockchain-based green energy financing and trading platform’s Alpha version 1 is up and running! You can now create your account, browse through the first renewable energy...

From: Nikolaj Martyniuk

BitCar: We Are Hiring!

Interested in what we are all about and working with the pioneers in the blockchain industry? Well we are hiring for the following roles for our Perth HQ and would love to hear from you!Front End DeveloperWe are seeking a talented individual to join our Dev Team who will be responsible for the...

From: BitCar
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