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August 17, 2018

Nathalie McGrath: When it comes to context, more is more

And other lessons I learned on the front lines of hypergrowthWhen I joined Coinbase in 2014, we were 10 people in a tiny loft in SoMa. The master bedroom served as our conference room, and when we needed privacy, we took calls in the laundry room. Every so often, one of us would have to restart...

From: Nathalie McGrath

BABB: Equity crowdsale: last chance to invest

The equity crowdsale will close 11:59PM UK time Saturday 18 AugustIt’s your last chance to invest in the BABB equity crowdsale.The campaign will close at 11:59PM on Saturday 18 August. If you want to invest and buy shares in BABB — it’s now or never!What happens next?After the sale...

From: BABB

BitClave: #BASEHackathon at CMU Silicon Valley Campus — August 25–26

Over 24 hours of hacking, free food, and fun!BitClave is pleased to announce the first ever BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) developer hackathons. In two locations — one in Silicon Valley and one in Kyiv — you will have the chance team up with other blockchain and full stack...

From: BitClave

August 16, 2018

BABB: Product team deep dive: August edition

Welcome to the first update in a new series of deep dives.This week, the BABB product team is taking the spotlight. Annie sat down to catch up with Ricardo, Chief Product Officer, about the progress his team has made in recent weeks and what they’re currently working on.A: Hey Ricardo....

From: BABB

August 15, 2018

Neblio: Introducing NeblioVentures, by EarlyMarket (August 15 2018)

Introducing NeblioVenturesWe are excited to announce the launch of NeblioVentures from EarlyMarket.NeblioVentures is a blockchain incubator & accelerator powered by EarlyMarket, a successful London based venture...

From: Neblio

August 14, 2018

BABB: Progress report #7–14.08.18

Goings-on from BABB HQ (and details of the changes we’re about to make)Welcome to the latest official BABB progress report — and the last ever mid-month progress report.We’re shaking up the way we communicate at BABB HQ. Activity and progress are accelerating faster and faster and we...

From: BABB

August 13, 2018

Gladius Network: Bringing Out the New Gladius Node UI!

Hello Gladiators! We are excited to be sharing that all major components of the Gladius Node UI have been near finalized for our launch later this August. Major upgrades have been made to the user experience. The transition from a command line interface to a clickable desktop marks an important...

From: Gladius Network

Team Elix: App Launch, Development Work and New FAQ

This week, we launched the ELIX App on the Apple and Google Play Stores.Click on either of the images below to download the App on each store.After downloading the app, please be sure to leave the app a review! The ELIX app currently has 61 reviews on the Google Play Store, and 10 reviews on...

From: Team Elix

Team Elix: Frequently Asked Questions About ELIX

This week, in addition to an update, we’re releasing a list of frequently asked questions about ELIX. Here’s the complete list:What can I do with the ELIX app?Crowdfund or support a project using Elix or EtherSupport continuous products using Elix or EtherRequest, pay back, and cancel...

From: Team Elix

Vlado Milosevic: 7 key challenges that all blockchain startups should know about

If you’re considering integrating blockchain into your startup, read this first.A series of articles for startups on how to navigate the blockchain landscape. First up are 7 key challenges that all startups should know about before using blockchain technology.I was involved with 15...

From: Vlado Milosevic

AirToken by Airfox: Airfox welcomes recent hires

As the company and services expand, Airfox grows the team in BostonOver the past few months, the Airfox team has grown. We recently announced our hire of Gustavo as president for Brazil. We’ve also been growing our team in Boston to ramp up operations, provide robust business development...

From: AirToken by Airfox

Origami Network: 2018–08–13 : The ORI Ecosystem, seen by a marketplace

Origami Network Eco-systemAs you are all aware, August is a pretty quiet month in the Business to Business industry. But we have anticipated this calm and September will be full of surprises!But for now, let’s enjoy this quietness to talk a bit more about the ORI token. 3 kinds of people will...

From: Origami Network

August 11, 2018

Quoine: Mike’s weekend message to QUOINE community (August 11th, 2018)

Dear QUOINERSGood morning.As you are all aware, the crypto price is unstable again.The price correction since last December continues to dampen the sentiment of everyone in the crypto space.However, I am a strong believer that the market will recover towards the end of the year. It is always...

From: Quoine

August 10, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Ledger Adds Coins, Okex Launches Coinall, Exmo Partners with Mistertango

Covered in The Daily on Friday are several announcements crypto users may find interesting. Ledger has added support for 8 new coins and crypto exchange Okex is launching a white label platform. Also, Exmo will offer its European users faster payments and transfers in partnership with...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Primalbase Team: Top Tech Hubs Around the World

Gone are the days when Silicon Valley was the be all and end all of tech hubs. Today, such hotbeds of progress can be found across the globe, and it’s our aim at Primalbase to become a permanent fixture in them all so we can serve as a base to work from and collaborate with like-minded...

From: Primalbase Team

August 09, 2018

Team Elix: The ELIX App Is Available On The Apple And Google Play Stores

It’s official! The ELIX app is live on both the Apple And Google Play Stores! Click on either of the images below to download the App on each store.The App Store version is here and the Google Play version here. Be sure to write a review of the app!All of the projects on the app are real...

From: Team Elix

AirToken by Airfox: Monthly recap — July 2018

Programs, progress, and potentialJuly just flew by! It seems like we just wrote June’s update and we’re already back with July’s update. Read on to see what happened what happened in July and what the AirToken by Airfox team as in store for the future.July timeline of activitiesBeware...

From: AirToken by Airfox

August 08, 2018

Rafael Gama: Progress Report: UX

As I mentioned in the last post, we are developing a brand new feature that involves the act of Staking on the platform. We have now completed the mock-ups and started to develop the infrastructure that will support these functionalities. We had several meetings aiming to enhance the user...

From: Rafael Gama

August 07, 2018

David Farmer: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is now launching on Coinbase Pro

Transfer ETC immediately to your exchange account, and start trading within the next few days.We announced final testing for Ethereum Classic (ETC) last Friday, with a goal of accepting ETC transfers for exchange users by Tuesday August 7th. Our testing has gone according to plan and we will be...

From: David Farmer

David Farmer: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is launching on Coinbase Pro

Transfer ETC immediately to your exchange account, and start trading within the next few daysWe announced final testing for Ethereum Classic (ETC) last Friday, with a goal of accepting ETC transfers for exchange users by Tuesday August 7th. Our testing has gone according to plan and we will be...

From: David Farmer

AirToken by Airfox: Send Airfox to SXSW

Vote for our ‘How Blockchain Empowers Emerging Markets’ panel!We need your support! Our co-founder and CEO Victor Santos is in the running to speak at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Blockchain & Cryptocurrency event, where industry leaders will explore ideas, policies, and tokens that...

From: AirToken by Airfox

August 06, 2018

Vlado Milosevic: Why Malta is an Island for Blockchain Startups

This month Malta became the first country in the world to provide an official set of regulations for operators in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and DLT space. MITA, the country’s accelerator, and our partner, has also launched YouStartIt a programme for startups. Read on for our view of why...

From: Vlado Milosevic

Team Elix: We’re Launching The Elix App In Three Days, Giving Away 10,000 ELIX & More

Our giveaway has received over 26,000 entries! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up here. We’re giving away 10,000 ELIX in total to over 100 winners!App LaunchOur app is launching on August 9th! Sign up to get notified of the upcoming launch here. You can view the countdown timer...

From: Team Elix

Andrew Knight: Investment Report: Wemark

The mandate of the Invictus Hyperion Fund is to invest in the best pre-sales and ICOs, identifying them through the dedicated efforts of highly skilled analysts, and leverage of our machine learning solutions and the extensive connections of our network.We are pleased to announce our investment...

From: Andrew Knight

BitCar: We Are Hiring! BitCar is seeking Car, Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts

Are you interested in what the team is all about? Would you like to work with the pioneers in the blockchain industry? We are hiring for the following roles for our Perth HQ and would love to hear from you!Multimedia and Marketing JuniorIf you are passionate and a creative individual,...

From: BitCar

Incent: What next for the Incent Toolbar?

The toolbar was Incent Loyalty’s major product. Launched at the beginning of this year on Australia Day, it was designed to be a proof-of-concept app that rewarded users just for browsing the internet. The idea was that we would test the market to see whether our approach resonated with users...

From: Incent

August 03, 2018

FirstBlood: Beta Dev Update (52)

What our devs worked on in week 52 of the BetaHello Players!Closed beta to FirstBlood Royale App wait list is now open. We have started sending out invites to Early Access players!Sign up now to be one of the first to gain access. A new way to compete and experience PUBG...

From: FirstBlood

BABB: Equity crowdsale: 100% funded!

We are happy to announce we have hit our £1.5 million fundraising targetExciting news: the BABB equity crowdsale is now 100% funded, meaning we have secured £1.5 million of funding to meet the minimum capital requirement for BABB’s banking license applications in the UK and...

From: BABB

August 02, 2018

SingularDTV: How Video Games Helped Pave the Way for Cryptocurrency

How did we get from GP to Ethereum? It’s a story that spans decades, the globe, and leads us right into the future.Coins, tokens, currency, GP, whatever you want to call them, have occupied the back pockets of protagonists in the pixelated worlds of video games going back since before the...

From: SingularDTV

Nika Bergant: Etherisc’s vision for Insurance 2.0

Etherisc’s vision for Insurance 2.0 has been funded. We had a chat with the founders to talk about the future of insurance.DIP Tokens have been distributed. Etherisc are now knee ‘dip’ in product development.Our partners at Etherisc concluded a successful DIP token sale last week. In case...

From: Nika Bergant
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