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October 10, 2018

Team Elix: 5 Benefits of Crowdfunding for Nonprofits in 2018

Non-profit organizations are a key component in our society as they pick up the slack that the private and public sector do not. They often bring the community together in a unique niche. These niches are not often very profitable, so finding investors is generally very difficult. Luckily,...

From: Team Elix

October 09, 2018

Team Elix: The ELIX Web Portal Is Out

The ELIX Web Portal Is Out: A Better Way To Crowdfund Campaigns And Manage Products + Upcoming GiveawayToday is an exciting day for ELIX! We’ve just released our web portal, a streamlined way to create and manage products and campaigns.Create an account on the ELIX web portal here.In this...

From: Team Elix

October 07, 2018

Gaurang Torvekar: Dev Update — 3 October 2018

Dev Update — 6 October 2018Vegas, San Francisco, and Validations…Over more than a year, Indorse has been focusing heavily on product development without getting distracted by hype marketing. We have been in the #BUIDL mode even before it was a thing! Slowly, but surely, our team has...

From: Gaurang Torvekar

October 04, 2018

Team Elix: Why ELIX Is Focusing On E-commerce And Crowdfunding

Why ELIX Is Focusing On Crowdfunding And E-commerceThere have been numerous questions among the community about prioritizing crowdfunding, e-commerce and lending, so this post is meant to clear up any confusion.Points To ConsiderWhen deciding whether to focus on certain features early on, in an...

From: Team Elix

AirToken by Airfox: Airfox abroad, part 1: Germany

Meet the Airfox team in Europe this October!We are excited to leave for Europe this week to present at a conference and do a meet-and-greet with our wonderful AirToken community. There are many of you who have been an active part of our community who live in Europe, and we’re going to use...

From: AirToken by Airfox

Christopher Sisti: Calling the Auctus Community!

We’re proud to announce the release of the Auctus Experts beta! This is the first wave of our beta and we’re excited to have everyone finally use the platform!We’re working on getting the word about Auctus Experts out there but in the meantime we’re asking for your help! We’ve grown a...

From: Christopher Sisti

October 03, 2018

Brian Armstrong: What we accomplished at Coinbase in Q3 2018

This week, I sent a note to the Coinbase team about what we accomplished in Q3. I’m sharing it here with our customers and the crypto community more broadly to help provide transparency into our operations.***Dear Team,At the end of the last quarter, I sent out an email reflecting on all...

From: Brian Armstrong

Team Elix: The ELIX Web Portal Is In Closed Beta: An Easier Way To Manage Products And Campaigns

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! This week, our new web portal is going into closed Beta. This means we’ll be working in-house to test the new portal.As the portal expands, we’ll be adding new features like allowing backers to support projects. Earlier members of ELIX could...

From: Team Elix

October 02, 2018

AirToken by Airfox: Airfox announces internal promotions and new additions to the Boston-based team

After a year of hard-work, platform growth, and learning, Airfox is proud to announce internal growth within the team. Four employees have been promoted within the organization to now join the executive team at Airfox, in addition to Victor Santos (CEO), Gustavo Riberio (President, Brazil),...

From: AirToken by Airfox

Brian Armstrong: Chris Dodds, Charles Schwab Board Member, Is Joining Coinbase’s Board

Left to right, Brian Armstrong and Chris Dodds.I’m pleased to announce that Chris Dodds, who serves on the Board of Directors of The Charles Schwab Corporation and as a senior private equity advisor, is joining the Coinbase Board of Directors.Chris brings world-class leadership skills, deep...

From: Brian Armstrong

Primalbase Team: Primalbase September Report

Hard Hats & High RisesThe last throes of summer are upon us, but while the sun may be readying itself for hibernation, we certainly aren’t. We have been busy burning the midnight oil in the run up to the London office launch, adding the final touches to the space to ensure it is in...

From: Primalbase Team

BABB: Progress report #9 — September roundup

Progress report #9 — September roundupCatch up with the latest from BABB HQ.September has been a cracking month in the BABB office; everyone is incredibly focused and there’s a “back to school” feel in the air.Here’s our video roundup from September, plus — read on to get...

From: BABB

Cyborg @SwissBorg: Key Tech Update: Engineering Collaboration Partnership

SwissBorg announces key engineering partnershipWe are pleased to announce our most significant partnership regarding our tech development to date. The very high demand for qualified engineers makes it essential for our team to attract the best possible talent by sharing a clear vision for the...

From: Cyborg @SwissBorg

September 29, 2018

FirstBlood: Beta Dev Update (60)

What our devs worked on in week 60 of the BetaHello Players,Welcome to Week 60! It is time for our Developer Update.Want to see the new App we made? Get Royale App HereAnyways! Let’s dive into what we have released and updated.Bug FixesFixed — Royale App: Players were...

From: FirstBlood

September 27, 2018

BABB: Deep dive product update: September edition

Checking in with Ricardo following the handover of designs to the development teamLast time we caught up with our Chief Product Officer, Ricardo, it was mid-August and his team was preparing to hand over the documentation of the BABB app to the technical team to build.This week, we’ve got...

From: BABB

Lisk: Future in Focus: BrikBit

This week, Future in Focus is featuring Italy-based BrikBit. BrikBit will be built on the Lisk-based blockchain ecosystem and develop, as well as manage entire operations for the real estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem, all shareholders involved in real estate projects will be able to...

From: Lisk

TE-FOOD: TE-FOOD is selected to join TERRA Food & AgTech Accelerator’s program

TERRA, the leading Food and Agriculture Accelerator’s program brings together large corporations and startups to build cooperation opportunities. Food and AgTech tartups can apply, and after more rounds of selection, the partner corporations decide with which startups they want to start pilot...


September 26, 2018

Team Elix: 5 Good Crowdfunding Ideas to Try in 2018

Are you in a rut trying to conjure up some good crowdfunding ideas and strategies for a current or future crowdfunding campaign?We know how difficult it can be to keep up with the latest trends.We also know how anxious it can be to begin a crowdfunding campaign if you’ve never done...

From: Team Elix

September 25, 2018

Gladius Network: Introducing Gladius’s Exclusive Community Group: The Praetorian Guard

Gladius has a come a long way in the past year thanks to our team, our supporters and our community. However there is one group that stands out above the rest and this is our closed beta testers. From helping us squash bugs to stress testing our network they have been there to help us every step...

From: Gladius Network

SingularDTV: Despite Crypto Volatility, Blockchain Projects Accelerate Development

Get in the know about what’s actually happening in the world of decentralizationBitcoin rockets up. XRP shoots down. ETH does both within an hour. And then it all flips around and starts again the next day. Repeat this process at pace ad nauseum for a few years, and you’ll have the first...

From: SingularDTV

Team Elix: Creating A Product With ELIX: 3 Simple Steps + Design & Marketing Progress

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! Keep reading to check out everything we’ve been up to over the past week.Get The ELIX AppBe sure to try out our crowdfunding app. Click on the image below to download for iOS.Click on the image below to download for Android.Creator...

From: Team Elix

September 24, 2018

BitDegree: September Update: Over 100 Thousand Students, New Courses, New Features

September has been one of the most intense months for the BitDegree team. As 3 months ago we’ve set out a goal to reach 150 thousand students learning together with BitDegree by mid-October 2018.We’ve been heavily focusing on scaling the platform and introducing new features. And we would...

From: BitDegree

September 21, 2018 ConsenSys Diligence delivers final audit report on Brickblock smart contract ecosystem

Today is a big day for us.It’s been a remarkable journey in just a short amount of time. What started as a few people nerding out on blockchain, Ethereum, and decentralization, with the first proof-of-concept in early 2017, has evolved into partnerships with leaders in the blockchain space...


Incent: Bank integration — how does it work and how secure is it? rewards with Incent is pretty simple. You register on our platform, and then every time you spend money with one of our partners, you’ll receive cryptocurrency straight to your account.In order to know where you have...

From: Incent

September 20, 2018

Papyrus: The Papyrus Team on DMEXCO 2018

September remains and has always been the biggest, the most definitive month for the digital advertising in the world. This is the time when everyone and everything come into one place to share, inspire, breathe the innovation as well as to see and fully grasp it. We have been anticipating this...

From: Papyrus

September 19, 2018

Brian Armstrong: Welcome Brian Brooks, Coinbase’s new Chief Legal Officer

From the time it was founded seven years ago, Coinbase has been a leading advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency. We’ve engaged proactively with regulators as we built products and services that allow people to buy, sell and use cryptocurrency all over the world. In recent years, the...

From: Brian Armstrong

September 18, 2018

AirToken by Airfox: Engineering updates & more

August update from the Airfox and AirToken engineering teamGreetings! It’s been a busy end of the summer for us at Airfox as we continue in our mission to provide financial services to the unbanked and underbanked in emerging markets. Here are some of the highlights of what we accomplished as...

From: AirToken by Airfox

Team Elix: 4 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask Before Crowdfunding

There are many reasons why crowdfunding can be beneficial for small businesses. Crowdfunding can be a great alternative to a loan. Small businesses usually get higher interest rates compared to getting a loan for a house or a car. This is because small business has more inherent risk. Most small...

From: Team Elix

SingularDTV: The 7 Best Blogs for Learning about Blockchain Culture

Find out the best sources to get info about decentralization, blockchain technology, and the communities they are affecting.As blockchain technology seeps further into almost every industry in the world — from government to supply chain to energy and entertainment — there’s more to...

From: SingularDTV Meet Lympo in these global business and tech events

Participating in the global conversation about the future of tech and blockchain has always been very important to us here at Lympo. And now, with a goal to continue sharing our knowledge and passion for technology, we invite you to come and join us at these upcoming business and tech events,...

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