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June 22, 2018

FirstBlood: Beta Dev Update (46)

What our devs worked on in week 46 of the BetaHello Players,We are coming even closer to launching closed beta to our new FirstBlood Royale App for PUBG.If interested to participate in Early Access of FirstBlood Royale and our closed beta, go ahead and sign up!With that, let’s...

From: FirstBlood

BABB: Invest in BABB via bank/wire transfer

Good news! You can now buy equity in BABB via wire transferWe have an update for you: if you don’t have a credit, debit or prepaid card, you can now invest in the BABB equity crowdsale via wire transfer.We received so many requests for this that we asked CrowdCube to enable the option to...

From: BABB

Monetha: Interview with Monetha’s Office Manager | Aistė

Tell us a bit more about your professional background? How did you get into managing offices?I studied English and Russian philology at Vilnius university. After four years of studying, I officially became a linguist and a translator, however, I decided not to take a path of a translator as a...

From: Monetha

Ambrož Homar: Several crypto startups are aiming to disrupt insurance. How do they stack up against each other?

9 startups compared on dimensions ranging from the high level vision to the current token market cap.The multi-trillion-dollar insurance industry is facing a blockchain disruption. But finding out what is really going on is trickier than you might think.Why? Firstly, there are blockchain...

From: Ambrož Homar

June 21, 2018

BABB: UK government takes an interest in BABB

Rushd and Leonard met with John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the TreasuryThe UK Government takes a keen interest in the UK fintech landscape. When it comes to tech startups trying to help people manage their money and get access to the banking services they need, it is very supportive of...

From: BABB

Forty Seven: FSBT tokens are listed on Hotbit Exchange

We’re happy to announce that starting from today FSBT is listed on Hotbit Exchange!Starting from today (June 21), deposits are available.Starting from tomorrow (June 22), trading in FSBT/BTC and FSBT/ETH is available.Hotbit is s a professional digital asset exchange platform that brings it’s...

From: Forty Seven

June 20, 2018

Manca Šalehar: This is how you win 20,000€

16 teams took part in the V-Hackathon this weekend, fusing together their ideas and knowledge to build the music app of the future. Ambitious designers, marketing managers, data analysts, project managers and developers came to our HQ on Saturday, June 16, with one goal only: to develop...

From: Manca Šalehar

Karma Project: Karma became an official Thomson Reuters partner

Today Karma and Thomson Reuters signed a partnership contract for the SME market development in The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.Thomson Reuters is a global media holding, started the in 1851 in London as a business transmitting stock market quotations. Now it’s worldwide famous...

From: Karma Project

AirSwap Team: AirSwap Team Update: Jun. 20th, 2018

It was an exciting month for the team after the AirSwap marketplace release and the Fluidity Summit. We’re always on the move throughout the community around the world, speaking at conferences, and hosting events at our offices here in Brooklyn.Crypto Cantina with Galaxy DigitalWe gathered at...

From: AirSwap Team

Eligma: Community update: New contracts, new contacts, and a new alliance

After the start of the testing last week, Elipay is being tested at 27 different stores or service providers — restaurants, bars, a pool complex, etc., and many more are expected to join in the future. Their list can be viewed at the official Elipay website, and on the...

From: Eligma

Dejan Roljic: A Business Tour in Silicon Valley

For a fair portion of my business life, I have been connected with Silicon Valley as a major think-tank of tech and business minds. I also founded a company there in 2016 — ABC Silicon Valley, dedicated to advanced start-ups from all over the world that would like to expand their...

From: Dejan Roljic

June 19, 2018

James McMath: Luckbox at TuxCon — spreading the word and recruiting talent

Members of the Luckbox team were at TuxCon 2018 to spread the word about our project and meet potential candidates for roles in the development team.TuxCon is an open-source software and hardware conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.Chief Technical Officer Alex Ivanov and Vice President of...

From: James McMath

June 18, 2018

Team Elix: We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger…

We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App???????? + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger Are Here… and More.Welcome to this round of ELIX updates! Over the past week, we’ve been busy improving our app and getting ready for our app launch. Keep reading to find out about...

From: Team Elix

BitDegree: We’re Extending Our Free Course Promotion Time & An Update on Token Utilization

We’ve decided to extend the promotion period of our free courses. Currently, BitDegree has partnered together with 000webhost and to cross-promote with their userbase. The promotion has been a tremendous success.Here are the stats as of today:8 Instructors have their courses...

From: BitDegree

BitRewards: BitRewards product seminar in Vietnam

The BitRewards seminar in the Vietnamese capital Hồ Chí Minh gathered almost 100 people from 6 different nations.The e-commerce business is booming in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular: last December Bain, a well-known consultancy company, estimated that the region had 200m digital...

From: BitRewards

BABB: Why buy equity shares in BABB?

Shares, equity, investing, exits…all explainedBABB is holding an equity crowdsale to give the community a chance to own equity in the company and raise money to fund the minimum capital requirement for the banking license.The private round of the equity crowdsale goes live at 12pm London time...

From: BABB

Cashaa: Learn how to build a successful Blockchain Business at the NexGeno Entrepreneurship Webinar

Dear Cashaa Family,Coming Saturday, 23 June 2018, 3–4pm IST, Kumar Gaurav will share his experience and advice on how to become a successful blockchain entrepreneur in a NexGeno online webinar.NexGeno is an AI powered professional social network platform focused on education, enabling...

From: Cashaa

Darico Ecosystem Coin: Darico appoints two new advisors

Darico is pleased to announce two new appointments to the Advisory Board. These two outstanding appointees will join an already impressive group of people who will work together to guide Darico in becoming the leading cryptocurrency investment firm.Nathan Kwabena AdisiNathan Kwabena Adisi,...

From: Darico Ecosystem Coin

June 15, 2018

Forty Seven: Hotbit exchange, website updates and business development

Dear friends, followers and contributors,We want to share with you the progress we’ve made during this week.First of all, we’d like to tell you that we’ve finally signed an agreement with Hotbit exchange and are entering it within a week or two.Hotbit is s a professional digital asset...

From: Forty Seven

GATCOIN Official: Bi-weekly update: 15 June 2018

GATCOIN will be one of the first systems to deliver true “on-demand” retail promotionsDear Gatcoiners,Welcome to our regular bi-weekly update.Dev Progress & Release Schedule: We are on schedule. Testing and dev work is progressing well. The system is functioning as expected.Dev Hiring....

From: GATCOIN Official

June 14, 2018 LYM is now live on HADAX — the first autonomous digital asset exchange

Step by step, Lympo‘s LYM token is being introduced to a growing number of crypto exchanges. We are glad to announce that this time LYM has been listed on Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) — the 9th exchange to list LYM. It is already available to trade on HADAX with...


June 13, 2018

Daniel Zakrisson: The Next Phase: is expanding

Today we are announcing our future plans for, in response to changing markets and the growth of our operations.Over the past 12 months, we have been working hard towards achieving our vision of enabling startups to build viable, impactful businesses in a borderless economy. So what...

From: Daniel Zakrisson

BABB: Progress update #5–12.06.18

Welcome to the banking license special edition.It’s time to catch up on our recent progress! June is shaping up to be a defining moment in the BABB story, with several new developments coming to fruition.Read on for a full report on the main events of the past month…BAX on KuCoinBAX is...

From: BABB

Scorum: Scorum Blog Platform Gives Fans the World’s First Decentralized Sports Media Source

The Scorum sports ecosystem has come a long way in the past yearToday marks a major milestone for fans of sport around the world as the core B2C service of Scorum is unveiled ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup — Built on the foundation of the open-source Graphene framework...

From: Scorum

BABB: Our approach to data privacy

Data privacy may be a hot topic right now, but we’re not talking about it because it’s trendy — we’re talking about it because it’s central to the BABB proposition.If you prefer to watch rather than read, you can also check out this video of Rushd talking to Annie about BABB’s...

From: BABB

June 12, 2018

Blocklancer Group: Dev Diary #18

Hello again to another Dev Diary. At the time of writing this the first users, with access to the Blocklancer Platform are already creating the first Gigs. We are using the time till the final release to show off some new images of the platform.DesktopOverview of gigsCreate a giguser...

From: Blocklancer Group

Monetha: Interview with Monetha’s Customer Support Manager | Ruta

Tell us a bit more about your professional background? How did you get into communication and support field?Since I was a kid, theatre was my passion. I was always involved in theatre community; You’d ask what theatre/acting has to do with communication?Well, a lot, actually!Because I was...

From: Monetha

Primalbase Team: Primalbase Berlin Is More Than Just A Workspace — Uniting The Tech Community Offline

After the success of the first Primalbase office in Amsterdam, we were faced with an important decision — where to next?Primalbase is focused on providing a space for those driving progress in new technologies such as blockchain, IoT, Big Data, AI, VR, etc. We look at the needs of that...

From: Primalbase Team

June 11, 2018

Team Elix: Activity Page, Forbes Feature and Beta Progress

Welcome to this week’s ELIX update! We’ve been hard at work updating and improving our app. Keep reading to check out all the latest ELIX updates.BetaIf you haven’t already, get the Beta of the ELIX app by signing up here. We now have over 1,250 Beta testers signed up. In the next build,...

From: Team Elix

AirToken by Airfox: Airfox Engineering Update: June 2018

Android app updates, usability testing in Brazil, growing the teamFriends,May was a rather busy month, as many team members were traveling to various events and countries. However, the engineering team has been working tirelessly on development behind the scenes. Last week, I answered questions...

From: AirToken by Airfox
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