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February 24, 2018

MoxyOne: MoxyAI — Advanced Intelligence for the MoxyOne system

MoxyAI helps you get the best value out of your tokens.The MoxyOne Team has been hard at work discussing how we can maximise the user experience for the users of the platform. One of the most important things for spenders is the price of their cryptos at the time that they decide to purchase....

From: MoxyOne

February 23, 2018

Signals: Announcement: Signals Token Sale date change due to KYC process

The start date of our Token Sale has been changed to March 12, 2018.Although we’ve done everything in our power to begin the Token Sale next week, we have needed to make further preparations in our Know Your Customer (KYC) registration process. We also have a significant, ever-increasing...

From: Signals

Amelia Tomasicchio: PHI Token Partners with Eidoo to Launch its ICO

PHI Token, the first wealth management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world, has announced an exclusive partnership with us to launch a utility token sale.PHI Token PRE-ICOHeld exclusively by Eidoo, the PHI token pre-ICO will start on March 3th at 8 a.m. CET 2018,...

From: Amelia Tomasicchio

NAVIADDRESS: Update on EARLY BIRDS whitelisting

Dear community,Today we wish to share great news with you and announce the number of ‘Early Bird’ Whitelists to this date. Early birds are those participants that subscribe to the whitelist before the 25th of February 3PM CET. So those who have not yet subscribed: it is still possible to...


Serenity Financial: Co-founder of CryptoCurrency World Expo Łukasz Paszkiewicz supports Serenity

Lukas Pashkevich, co-founder of CryptoCurrency World Expo, shared his opinion about Serenity and told how the project guarantees fairness of trade and protects investors’ funds from fraud. Using blocking technologies, the Serenity project will unite financial companies and traders around the...

From: Serenity Financial

Magomet Tsanajev: DataBroker DAO: Weekly video 2 — Meet Cassandre aka. Cash

Cassandre was invited to present DataBroker DAO at VOKA in Hasselt. Voka is a the most representative employers’ organisation supporting SME’s in Belgium with 18.000 members. They asked us to share the DataBroker DAO story with their members to demonstrate how blockchain technologies are...

From: Magomet Tsanajev

HashGains: How to Avoid Scammers?

In case you are considering an investment in HashGains ICO, you are on the right page! We are here to help you avoid fraudsters and scammers who claim to be a member of the HashGains team. If you are a member of our telegram community, and frequently chat with your fellow investors, you would...

From: HashGains

HashGains: HashGains ICO Update: Pre Sale Registration Closing Soon

Here’s a final call to all HashGains investors. Our ICO presale is soon coming to a closure. The registrations will be closed on 28th February 2018. Once you have created your unique id and logged in to your account at, you will be able to see your unique participation...

From: HashGains

Sandblock Team: Sandblock solution to Groupe Casino’s Challenge

The Sandblock team was at a Hackathon hold by Groupe Casino ($50B revenues worldwide). Discover the solution we proposed to revolutionise their customer loyalty programs!Groupe Casino was holding a hackathon last weekend, at one of the biggest coding school in France, Ecole 42. The challenge was...

From: Sandblock Team

Gron Digital: Licensed Operator announces integration with Gron Smart Wallet

Licensed Operator announces integration with Gron Smart WalletThe time is now! We haven’t re-invented the wheel, we’ve simply brought you what you’ve been asking for. As we get closer to going live with our ICO next week, we have some exciting news for you.Ye$Play say Yes to Gron...

From: Gron Digital

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Token’ partnership with Green.

Green Money is committed to providing our investors and contributors with seamless checking account service to be able to process fiat based purchases of the VLR Token.500 VLR Starter Token Block + 50% Bonus (Cost: $250)5,000 VLR Premium Token Block + 50% Bonus (Cost: $2,500)10,000 VLR...

From: Valorem Foundation

SocialMedia.Market: We are in Seoul at Korea Blockchain Symposium

Today our team presented SocialMedia.Market on Korea Blockchain Symposium in Seoul! It was great opportunity to tell about our platform, to declare yourself as an international project and to attract more people attention to our service!“Thousands of people all over the world realize the...

From: SocialMedia.Market

Doc Coin: сBad Breath

The ketogenic diet has been ridiculously trendy as of late (bacon can help you lose weight? Sign us up.) But even though you might be getting your fill of crispy ham and eggs on the keto diet, you may also be getting some nasty breath.“Basically, when someone goes on a ketogenic diet, they...

From: Doc Coin

Kai Sedgwick: 46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already

It has always been assumed that a large number of ICOs will fail, be it at the fundraising stage or when it comes to delivering the actual project. It’s hard to settle on a precise figure, however, as most dubious ICOs don’t exit scam: they slowly tiptoe away, like a sneak thief rather than...

From: Kai Sedgwick

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc.: TBIS Begins distribution of forked ICO token (TBAR)

TBIS Begins distribution of forked ICO token (TBAR) just 24 hours after announcing theft of 16 million BAR tokens.In three separate updates today, the Titanium team has alerted their community of ICO participants & BAR token holders that, not only will their forked ICO token (TBAR) begin...

From: Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc.

February 22, 2018

Kosta Popov: Phase 2 Token Sale is Live!

We bet you have been waiting for this day quite a while but time has come — the token sale is finally open! Now you can buy CAPP and get bonuses. For that, please sign in to your account on our website and go ahead! And remember, the more you hold, the more you...

From: Kosta Popov

Origami Network: Origami Network | New customer!

Hello community,We are very exited and proud to announce a new customer for the Origami Network.Mendity!This will be a beautiful online marketplace selling Men products.Stay tuned for updates!Learn MoreFor more information about the Origami Network:Check out our white paperFollow us...

From: Origami Network

On.Live: On.Live, Providing a Currency, a Marketplace and Being a Force for Good (The Merkle)

Something huge is coming over to US.On.Live — a broadcasting platform, a marketplace, an entire ecosystem for sharing live online content with paying clients.On.Live provides technology that allows for a live online broadcast to limited or mass audience. It allows to share knowledge with...

From: On.Live

Origami Network: Interview of the founding team — Part 1

Origami NetworkWhy is it so important to have a product like Origami Marketplace?Building a marketplace is a long and hard way, companies that need to build an online marketplaces often do not have the resources. They prefer to use already existing platform. This is cheaper and faster...

From: Origami Network

Kosta Popov: Invite Friends to Our Telegram and Earn 10 CAPP for Every Friend Who Joins!

We are pumped to announce a referral program for our Telegram Channel. It’s a win win:You will get 10 CAPP tokens for every friend who accepts your invite to our Telegram Channel!Your friend will get 5 CAPP tokens just for accepting their invite!Here is how you can invite someone:1. Login...

From: Kosta Popov

Serenity Financial: Don’t miss 24h Flash Sale on Serenity tokens!

Dear friends!We are getting close to the final token sale stage and lately we have been receiving a lot of requests for additional discounts, especially from those who have just recently joined our community.In an aim to serve the growing demand, on the 26th of February, we are providing a 40%...

From: Serenity Financial

Serenity Financial: Watch the interview with Serenity co-founder Anton Vasin at Blockchain Conference

Last week Serenity co-founder Anton Vasin presented the project at the Blockchain Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia.In his interview he talks about the most important aspects of Serenity project: what the project advantages are, how we will use the blockchain technology, about Serenity...

From: Serenity Financial

TGE GraphGrail Ai: GraphGrail Ai Interviewed by Simon Cocking

The GraphGrail Ai project has given an interview to Simon Coking, Editor in Chief of IrishTechNews, a leading blockchain technology news resource.Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern...

From: TGE GraphGrail Ai

Galaxy eSolutions: Quick Recap of our Strategic Partners & Advisors

Toasting after the MOU CeremonyOn the 12th of February 2018, Galaxy eSolutions signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) agreement with Landray, a listed company in China, on strategic investment and development.Landray provides Business Process Management (BPM), WorkFlow and O.A IT solutions...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

Serenity Financial: The Economic Times: Will Serenity become a regulatory body for Forex market?

The Economic Times has published an article about Serenity project. Learn about the conflict of interests between brokers and traders, how the project will protect traders’ interests and help brokers from Serenity founder Stanislav Vaneev.Read the article at Economic Times websiteAbout...

From: Serenity Financial

Cassio Pennachin: SingularityNET Tech Update 5.0

Launching the SingularityNET Research Program + accessing the Kovan Network + bringing the power of SingularityNET to marketIn our last developer update, we highlighted how 2018 will be a pivotal year for SingularityNET. In January, we closed several exciting partnerships targeting high-growth...

From: Cassio Pennachin

Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO: FLOGmall at KICKICO

We all realize cypro has many advantages over fiat money. FIrst, is has more value since its purchasing power is constantly increasing. Second, it is more functional, convenient and secure. Unfortunately, the problem faced nowadays is that buying everyday stuff, gadgets or food with crypto is...

From: Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

Safinus: Terms of crypto funds for working with small investor

Today, there exist around 200 crypto funds, which are either operational or are in their development stages. Each one of them offers their own individual investment strategies and their terms for both, small and large investors. In the following article, we will attempt to study and analyze the...

From: Safinus

Amelia Tomasicchio: Eidoo Announces Appointment of Four New Top Executives From “The Big Four” to the Team

We at Eidoo are today announcing the appointment of four top level executives to our team, including a partner of one of the “Big Four” global accounting and consultancy firms.Hires include Lars Schlichting, who previously served as partner at one of the Big Four, and brings significant...

From: Amelia Tomasicchio

HashGains: HashGains ICO Token Presale: How to Buy HGS Tokens

In case you are wondering how to participate HashGains ICO token presale, here’s a complete guide for you.The presale is live now and before you choose to make an investment, do ensure that you register on the official HashGains site. Most importantly, be aware of frauds and scams. We will...

From: HashGains
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