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June 22, 2018

Jamie Redman: Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Powered Github Tipping App

On Friday, June 22 a new bitcoin cash tipping application has been announced called The new platform allows registered Github users to tip each other with BCH using the web-based hosting service tethered to the service. Also Read: Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World...

From: Jamie Redman

NaPoleonX: Looking for trading signals generated by high-performing, long-standing strategies with proven…

Looking for trading signals generated by high-performing, long-standing strategies with proven track record and performance? Try our platform!

From: NaPoleonX

Laura Girod: Request Network Project Update (June 22nd, 2018) — ERC20 support, Beta test the Crowdfunding app…

Request Network Project Update (June 22nd, 2018) — ERC20 support, Beta test the Crowdfunding app, Update on the protocol developmentThe Request Network Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing a protocol which allows everyone to develop their own financial solutions...

From: Laura Girod

Invox Finance: Invox Finance welcomes Jim Wowchuk as Chief Technology Officer

Jim WowchukWe are excited to announce that Jim Wowchuk will be joining the Invox Finance team as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jim brings strategic insight to the Invox team that he has gained during more than 30 years of engineering high quality, commercial software, for major companies...

From: Invox Finance

June 21, 2018

Ermos Kyriakides: Paving The Future With Smart Contracts

Digging a bit deeper into the applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, is something that has been on my radar for quite some time.The time has finally come; in this post I will give a brief overview of smart contracts — one of the most radical and (now) mainstream applications of...

From: Ermos Kyriakides

Lubomir Tassev: Bitcoin Businesses Denied Banking Services in Ireland

Leading companies from the crypto sector in Ireland have complained they are being denied services by some of the country’s major financial institutions. Among the affected businesses are bitcoin exchange Bitcove, winner of the bank-sponsored “Best Business Startup” award, and Ireland’s...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Ugur Yildirim: Gosocket Deal Signed and Sealed: Half a Billion eInvoices Ready to Be Funded!

After ramping up global visibility yet another notch at last month’s Benzinga Global Fintech Award Ceremony in New York, announcing the Hive Terminal landing page, we are all hyped about the very latest news we have to share. Let there be no doubt about it. This is far and away our most...

From: Ugur Yildirim

LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets: Tim Draper: ‘80% of what a government does can be done in the Blockchain’

Tim Draper participating at LATOKEN’s Blockchain Economic Forum 2018.Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) Founder Tim Draper said Blockchain would change the world order as it could potentially affect many trillion-dollar industries.Draper said Blockchain technology would make governments compete...

From: LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets

June 20, 2018

Incent: Build up your cryptocurrency savings as you shop online.

The Incent Marketplace platform allows you to accumulate digital rewards with real value as you go about your online business.Australia has some of the highest personal debt in the world. Average debt is more than 200% of net income, meaning people owe twice as much as they earn per year. That...

From: Incent

June 19, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: Swiss Crypto Company Acquires License to Distribute Funds to Investors

Crypto Fund AG has been granted a license to distribute funds on behalf of “qualified investors” in Switzerland. The permission has been issued by the country’s financial market regulator, FINMA. The firm also seeks approval for another crypto-related service. Also read: Zug Tests...

From: Lubomir Tassev

June 18, 2018

Avi Mizrahi: Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Were Down 12% to 19% in May 2018

No need to beat yourself up if your cryptocurrency portfolio exhibited less than stellar performance in May. Even the professional traders employed by the big hedge funds active in the space have suffered double digit declines during the previous month.  Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief Monday: From...

From: Avi Mizrahi

Team Elix: We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger…

We’re Using Touch ID To Increase Security In The ELIX App???????? + Our New Activity Feed And Ledger Are Here… and More.Welcome to this round of ELIX updates! Over the past week, we’ve been busy improving our app and getting ready for our app launch. Keep reading to find out about...

From: Team Elix

Nathalie Stucky: With No One Price Law for Bitcoin, Japan’s FSA Debates Restrictions on Leverage

The different prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies between countries and exchanges have led investors to seek arbitrage opportunities, a trend noticed by financial regulators around the world. Discussions are underway at the Japanese Financial Services Agency on restricting...

From: Nathalie Stucky

Avi Mizrahi: Etoro Is Launching an OTC Crypto Trading Desk for Institutions

While the major banks are taking their time with offering OTC crypto trading, new entrants to the space are stepping up to fill the void. Social investing platform Etoro, which focuses mainly on retail traders, is now expanding into the institutional segment with a new cryptocurrency...

From: Avi Mizrahi

June 13, 2018

Kevin Helms: Coinbase Cryptocurrency Index Fund Now Open For Investment

Coinbase has opened up its index fund for accredited US investors, giving them exposure to all cryptocurrencies listed on its exchange GDAX. The company is now working on “launching more funds which are accessible to all investors and cover a broader range of digital assets.” Also...

From: Kevin Helms

NaPoleonX: Newsletter 13th June 2018

Dear Napoleonians,It’s been a month since we last gave some informations on where we are. Since that time, the crypto currencies have suffered with respectively -20% on BTC.USD and -29% on ETH.USD, the 2 largest of this universe. The good news if you have been using our BTC.USD and ETH.USD...

From: NaPoleonX

Samuel Haig: CBDC Could Have “Severely Negative Consequences” for “Bank-Dominated Payments System” – Former FDIC Chair

The former chair of the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Sheila Bair, recently published an article imploring the U.S. Federal Reserve to explore central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDCs). In the article, Mrs. Bair argues that the development of a state-issued...

From: Samuel Haig

June 11, 2018

Team Elix: Activity Page, Forbes Feature and Beta Progress

Welcome to this week’s ELIX update! We’ve been hard at work updating and improving our app. Keep reading to check out all the latest ELIX updates.BetaIf you haven’t already, get the Beta of the ELIX app by signing up here. We now have over 1,250 Beta testers signed up. In the next build,...

From: Team Elix

June 10, 2018 Plutus Weekly Report — June 10th 2018

We’re back from the scenic and historic city of Amsterdam, Money20/20 Europe “The Greatest Show on Earth” has come to a close.Every year Money 20/20 Europe, brings together some of the most promising FinTech start-ups in the industry under one roof. This years Carnival themed venue hosted...


June 09, 2018

Kevin Helms: South Korea Mulls Over How to Cash Out State-Owned Cryptocurrency

The South Korean government is mulling over how to cash out the cryptocurrency it recently confiscated. While the most likely option is to auction the coins off using the government-owned auction platform, various concerns have been raised. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the...

From: Kevin Helms

June 08, 2018

Forty Seven: Where we are right now and what we are doing #2

Dear friends, followers and contributors,It’s time for our second “Where we are right now and what we are doing” announcement! It’s been two weeks since our last post, so, without further further ado, let’s’ proceed!Right now we’re continuing our preparation work for EMI...

From: Forty Seven

Robbin Mazurel: Request Network Project Update (June 8th, 2018) — AMA Special, Request Network now available for…

Request Network Project Update (June 8th, 2018) — AMA Special, Request Network now available for Shopify, Donaid Beta program to receive crypto donations & hiringThe Request Network Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing a protocol which allows everyone to develop...

From: Robbin Mazurel

Kevin Helms: Six Major Banks in Chile Sued by Another Cryptocurrency Exchange

A local cryptocurrency exchange in Chile has reportedly filed a lawsuit against six major banks in the country for abusing their power and quashing its crypto payment business. This lawsuit follows another one filed in Chile against ten banks by a different crypto exchange. Also read: Yahoo!...

From: Kevin Helms

C. Edward Kelso: Switzerland Shows the Way: Bank First to Offer Crypto Business Accounts

Switzerland’s legacy bank, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, announced this week it was accepting cryptocurrency related businesses as account holders, something many legacy financial institutions outright refuse. Long viewed as a progressive society way ahead of its time, the Swiss are once again...

From: C. Edward Kelso

June 07, 2018

Kevin Helms: Coinbase Acquires Investment Firms to Offer Regulated Crypto Securities

Coinbase is seeking to become a fully licensed broker-dealer through its acquisition of three federally regulated firms. The company is confident that it will get the approvals necessary to start offering fully-regulated crypto securities. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the...

From: Kevin Helms

Cashaa: Global Financial Portal partnered with Top Ranked Blockchain Platform

Dear Cashaa Family,We are partnered with global financial portal ! is one of the most powerful brands in the online trading industry: In the world of financial websites, ranks among the top five sites globally and it is the number 1 in a range of local...

From: Cashaa

Samuel Haig: Circle to Seek Federal Banking Licensing with U.S. OCC

Circle Internet Financial Ltd has revealed that it is currently seeking to obtain a federal banking license with the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in order to expand the services available to the company’s customers. It also hopes to pursue registration with the U.S....

From: Samuel Haig

June 06, 2018

Datarius Сryptobank: ❗️Attention❗️ #Datarius Team announces a competition among the community.

❗️Attention❗️#Datarius Team announces a competition among the community. The main prize is 10000 DTRC!Don`t miss your chance to get extra #DTRC!The theme of the competition is "Why do you think the future is for p2p banks❓"There are two options for participation:1️⃣For...

From: Datarius Сryptobank

June 05, 2018

Avi Mizrahi: VC Funding Round-Up: Money Keeps Flowing to Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

A collection of recent funding news from the cryptocurrency ecosystem shows that despite record amounts of money raised by ICOs, the traditional route of raising funds from venture capital firms is still going strong. And cryptocurrency exchanges are involved both as investment targets and...

From: Avi Mizrahi

June 04, 2018

Team Elix: A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Crypto Project Using ELIX + All The Latest ELIX Updates

The blockchain space is growing exponentially, and many entrepreneurs are eager to test the limits of where this new technology can take us. If you’re one of these pioneers, and are looking to get started with your own crypto project, you’ll probably need an easy way to get others interested...

From: Team Elix
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