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August 20, 2018

Kevin Helms: Japan Roundup: Public Companies Unveil New Mining Plan, Exchange, Token Fund

Three Japanese public companies have individually made announcements regarding their cryptocurrency operations. Forside has grown its mining operation with a plan to sell 7nm bitcoin mining rigs. Farsteps is planning a Singapore exchange launch. Meanwhile, Line Corp, the operator of...

From: Kevin Helms

August 17, 2018

Jamie Redman: UK Exchange Launches First FCA-Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts

The UK-based cryptocurrency futures exchange, Crypto Facilities, has announced the launch of the first Bitcoin Cash – Dollar (BCH/USD) futures. Crypto Facilities is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the new BCH futures products will join the firm’s other...

From: Jamie Redman

Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Binance Launches in Liechtenstein, Opens Office in Malta

Crypto exchange Binance is launching a fiat-to-crypto trading platform in Liechtenstein and you can find the details about the joint venture with LCX in The Daily. We’ve also got reports about opening a new office in Malta, Coinsilium investing in crypto trading platform Bundle, and the...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Lubomir Tassev: Chinese Courts Face Hundreds of Crypto Cases, Struggle with Rulings

Falling crypto prices have been blamed for a growing number of crypto-related legal disputes in China. Unclear regulations and unofficial restrictions are making it harder for courts to resolve these cases. Many of them involve cryptocurrency trading which is supposed to be banned in the...

From: Lubomir Tassev

August 15, 2018

Justin Szilard: Paycent Allows Seamless Dash-to-Fiat Exchange, Increases Merchant and Consumer Availability

Paycent, the financial payment platform based out of Singapore, has released a development news update, which includes their ongoing partnership with Dash to allow seamless Dash-to-fiat exchange to allow purchases at countless merchant locations. Paycent first integrated Dash a few months ago,...

From: Justin Szilard

August 14, 2018

Samuel Haig: ICO Regulations Round-Up: Fundraising Law, Jeju Island, Self-Directed IRAs

In recent news pertaining to initial coin offerings (ICO) regulations, an EU report has advocated the regulation of ICOs according to crowdfunding legislation, the governor of Korea’s Jeju Island wants his jurisdiction to become a special economic zone regarding cryptocurrencies and...

From: Samuel Haig

August 13, 2018

Qtum: Qtum Community & Development Updates — August 13th

Qtum’s Wenbin Zhong at Huobi Korean CarnivalInvestment institutions, blockchain projects, opinion leaders and thousands of crypto-currency lovers from all over the world gathered together to discuss the development status of the blockchain industry at the Huobi Carnival.“Blockchain is an...

From: Qtum Plutus Weekly Report — August 13th 2018

Welcome back to the last weekly report before the launch of our Crypto-to-SEPA functionality, which is planned for the 21st of August.As mentioned in our earlier post, this new feature will let you convert your crypto to a bank account balance almost instantly (depending on your bank). In most...


August 12, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: Malta Tops Exchange-Based Crypto Trade, Russia Leads in OTC Volume

Jurisdictions with crypto-friendly legislation or comprehensive regulations in place are leading in terms of exchange-based cryptocurrency trading. According to a new study, however, over the counter and P2P exchange is much more popular in developing nations and countries where non-cash...

From: Lubomir Tassev

August 10, 2018

C. Edward Kelso: Cryptowhispers: Binance Token Listing Quote – 400 BTC, $2.5 Million

Tantalizing, unconfirmed rumors are bouncing from crypto Twitter, and this time it’s Expanse co-founder Christopher Franko leading the charge. Mr. Franko insists he was quoted 400 bitcoin core (BTC), roughly $2.5 million as of this writing, for a token listing on the exchange Binance. On the...

From: C. Edward Kelso

Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Ledger Adds Coins, Okex Launches Coinall, Exmo Partners with Mistertango

Covered in The Daily on Friday are several announcements crypto users may find interesting. Ledger has added support for 8 new coins and crypto exchange Okex is launching a white label platform. Also, Exmo will offer its European users faster payments and transfers in partnership with...

From: Lubomir Tassev PR: PR: ExCraft Launches DAO, User-Governed Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press...

From: PR

August 09, 2018

Samuel Haig: Exchanges Round-Up: Goldman Considers Crypto Custody, SA Exchange Launches USDT

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, it has been reported that Goldman Sachs is considering exploring custody and other services pertaining to cryptocurrencies; a South African exchange has introduced Tether pairings in the hopes of driving down the local premium on crypto...

From: Samuel Haig

August 08, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former Regulators

On Wednesday, The Daily features a couple of announcements from Coinbase: the US crypto exchange enables instant purchasing with increased daily trading limits and is now accepting ETC deposits on its Coinbase Pro platform. We’ve also covered the opening of ABCC’s European headquarters in...

From: Lubomir Tassev

August 07, 2018

Unocoin: South Africa Tokenizes Cryptoassets

South Africa Tokenizes CryptoassetsThe South African Reserve Bank (SARB) recently took a step towards recognition of cryptoassets.From cyber “asset” to “cyber-tokens”Francois Groepe, a high-ranked official of the South African Central Bank in Pretoria, recently said that digital assets...

From: Unocoin

Andrey Shevchenko: Listing with No Fees: How Did Bittrex seize the early opportunity to List HMQ?

With the news a seventh exchange is listing the HMQ token (and it’s Hotbit!), Humaniq can today reveal what is involved in the relationship between cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. Humaniq is sharing the behind-the-scenes work in getting listed with the listing case study of...

From: Andrey Shevchenko

August 06, 2018


Pay-in, pay-out and interchange brokers (aka exchange brokers) are a critical part of the system, and will likely be quite lucrative!True to decentralization principles we’re also working on making it super-easy to launch an exchange broker — straight from the wallet!** Exchange brokers...

From: GRAFT Blockchain

August 05, 2018

FundYourselfNow: Popular Security Token Exchanges around the World

Security Tokens Series (5 part series — Part 5)If you have been trading securities for a while, perhaps you may have already had your share of challenges associated with the conventional approach to trading securities. Among many other downsides, the traditional electronic trading that...

From: FundYourselfNow

August 04, 2018

C. Edward Kelso: Gox Creditors Agree to $1.3Bil Repayment in BCH, BTC, No Altcoins, by Summer 2019

Mt. Gox, the defunct and disgraced bitcoin exchange (at one time the biggest in the world) is preparing a final chapter in a long, sorted ordeal. Creditors have coalesced around a repayment scheme to make victims whole. It includes what might amount to $1.3 billion in returned bitcoin cash...

From: C. Edward Kelso

C. Edward Kelso: Mt. Gox Creditors Agree to $1.3Bil Repayment in BCH, BTC, No Altcoins, by Summer 2019

Mt. Gox, the defunct and disgraced bitcoin exchange (at one time the biggest in the world) is preparing a final chapter in a long, sorted ordeal. Creditors have coalesced around a repayment scheme to make victims whole. It includes what might amount to $1.3 billion in returned bitcoin cash...

From: C. Edward Kelso

August 03, 2018

Serenity Financial: Update on the development progress

In this post, we wanted to give you an update on our development efforts in July 2018.Serenity EscrowWithdrawal experienceFirst of all, we’ve been working on the final touches to the base Escrow platform, including more streamlined withdrawal experience. It’s really important for us to make...

From: Serenity Financial


As mentioned in the original white paper, the network relies on pay-in and payout brokers to facilitate near instant payments with any fiat or cryptocurrency, and near-instant merchant payouts into any fiat or cryptocurrency. What follows is a more detailed description of how the system operates...

From: GRAFT Blockchain

EnergiToken: Enter the Dragon: EnergiToken trades on Komodo’s BarterDEX

Centralisation. It’s a word that comes up frequently in discussions regarding cryptocurrency. The idea that a few key figures control the flow of information or value — it’s antithetical to the blockchain movement.Achieving decentralisation is a bit of a moving target of course, and...

From: EnergiToken

ASCH: The global commercial blockchain application incubator ASCH get listed on

ASCH Platform token XAS has been listed on, the exchange of BIT.GAME on 31st July. The deposit of XAS starts at 12:00 HKT on the same day and the trading pair of XAS/ETH opens at 16:00 HKT. The withdrawal of XAS is open at 16:00 HKT on August 1st.BIT.GAME is a digital asset trading...

From: ASCH

Edward Greve: Introducing: IOTA Hub!

As our readers may be aware, IOTA is built on a unique architecture that was designed with the IoT environment of the future in mind. This unique architecture has made it more challenging for service providers like exchanges to integrate IOTA compared to traditional blockchains.In particular,...

From: Edward Greve

Lubomir Tassev: Boerse Stuttgart to Host Crypto Trading and Coin Offerings

Boerse Stuttgart is going deeper into crypto. The German stock exchange is planning to set up a new trading venue that would allow the exchange of tokens from the ICOs it wants to host, as well as established cryptocurrencies. Custody services will also be offered to crypto investors.  Also...

From: Lubomir Tassev

August 02, 2018

Nathalie Stucky: Japanese Firms Jointly Launch Corporate Crypto Accounting Tool

Cryptolinc Co. Ltd, which develops and provides cryptocurrency management and calculation systems, and Miroku Information Service Co. Ltd, a financial and accounting system management and information service, have jointly created a crypto corporate accounting tool for corporate cryptocurrency...

From: Nathalie Stucky

Frank Van Geertruyden: $DTX now also listed on

We are happy to announce that the DTX token is now also listed on TokenJar, a decentralized exchange features in zero service fees and direct transaction from wallet to wallet, without the need for deposit, registration and KYC. Our underlying technology is 0x Protocol, an open and...

From: Frank Van Geertruyden

July 31, 2018

Eligma: Bounty: Vote for ELI on LBank! Reward: 100 ELI for each vote

Dear Eligma friends, we are proud to announce that ELI is competing in a major voting! LBank, one of world’s largest exchanges by trading volume, has listed ELI as one of the candidates for become part of their trade offer — with your votes! If we succeed, ELI can enhance its presence on...

From: Eligma

Alex Fork: How to Get Listed in 2018: Humaniq Hints

“When will you list your token?” This is the main question any ICO community manager receives before, during, and after the token generation campaign — from one in two participants on average. “Why so long?” And this one will be the next for sure. Token holders are absolutely right...

From: Alex Fork
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