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May 22, 2018

STORM Token: GDPR Data Privacy Update

An update from the Storm team.Hi, Storm Soldiers,Like many organizations who work with customers, consumers and users, we are making privacy policy updates related to “GDPR.” To the Storm organization, GDPR has impacts across the board, from business operations to product features. Here’s...

From: STORM Token

Datarius Сryptobank: Analytics of #DTRC

Analytics of #DTRC???? the world together ❤️#cryptocurrency #cryptobank #datarius

From: Datarius Сryptobank

Datarius Сryptobank: #Datarius cryptobank on #Blockfolio!

#Datarius cryptobank on #Blockfolio!#Cryptorize the world together ❤️#cryptocurrency #cryptobank #dtrc

From: Datarius Сryptobank

SingularDTV: SingularDTV and Centrality Announce Details for 10,000,000 SNGX AirDrop

Find out all the essential info and read our best practices in participating securely and effectively in the SNGX-SNGLS-CENNZ Airdrop.Launched in November 2017 as a joint venture between SingularDTV and Centrality, SingularX is a decentralized exchange for tokens generated in the...

From: SingularDTV

The Аbyss Team: |SOT (Save Our Tokens): The Abyssロイヤリティプログラム

The Abyssトークンセール(DAICO)期間中にABYSSトークンを入手できなかったという方には、何らかの理由があってのことでしょう。残念ながら、私どもの講じた対策にもかかわらず、多くのThe...

From: The Аbyss Team

The Аbyss Team: |SOT (Save Our Tokens): Chương trình thân thiết của The Abyss

Có nhiều lý do khiến một số bạn không nhận được token ABYSS của mình trong thời gian Token Sale của The Abyss (DAICO). Tiếc rằng, bất chấp mọi nỗ lực của chúng tôi, một số người ủng hộ The Abyss đã chở thành nạn nhân của những...

From: The Аbyss Team

AidCoin: Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, joins AidCoin as an Advisor

The past few days have been so intense for our team, we can’t help sharing more great news!This time, we’re excited to announce that Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, has joined AidCoin in an advisory role.The Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart...

From: AidCoin

Lubomir Tassev: Johannesburg Gets a New Crypto ATM, Ban Threatened Harare May Lose One

A new crypto teller machine is now operational in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. The ATM, which supports several digital coins, has been installed at a supermarket in the north-western part of the city’s metro area. It is the latest addition to a growing number of terminals...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Papyrus: Papyrus — The Future of Advertising

The advertising industry much like the financial markets has been through two key inflection points in the last 20 years — firstly that of digitisation in the early 2000’s and automation around 2010. The financial markets moved from floor-based trading to screen based algorithmic trading...

From: Papyrus

Digix: DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #3

DGX Rewards SystemDigixDAO receives one third of demurrage fees and all of the transaction fees of the DGX token to be given as a reward to dgd holders for work done in the DAO. These fees will then be distributed amongst DAO participants at the end of every quarter. In order to calculate the...

From: Digix PR: PR: eToro Announces Expansion Plans

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press...

From: PR

Karma Project: More Details On Karma Hackathon Projects

Hello, dear friends!Many people asked us about what tasks we've had on the hakaton and what projects have been developed during the contest. Let's take a closer look:#1. Inheritance in crypto economyDevelopers: Nikolay...

From: Karma Project

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — May 22nd, 2018

BOS Platform Development updatesTestNet is on schedule for release by early June. An official launch date will be published by the CTO once it is determined. As has already been announced, mainNet will follow several months after testNet launch, and is expected to be launched in 4th quarter...

From: BOScoin

Digix: Digix Dev Update — 22 May 2018

Getting DGX onto Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, EtherscanThe team is pleased to announce that DGX is now listed on Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap and Etherscan.BlockfolioBesides having DGX listed on Blockfolio, we have collaborated with Blockfolio in being one of the first few teams to be invited to use...

From: Digix

The Аbyss Team: SOT (Save Our Tokens): The Abyss Loyalty Program

There were various reasons that prevented some of you from getting your ABYSS tokens during The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO). Unfortunately, despite all our efforts a number of The Abyss supporters fell the victims of scammers that followed hard behind the project, setting up phishing sites,...

From: The Аbyss Team

Bancor: Bancor Progress Update (May 2018): LiquidEOS, New Features & DEX Dominance

As we head into Summer, it seems the world is awakening to the power of decentralized value exchange — and Bancor is currently leading the pack. A widely circulated Etherscan graphic of top DEXs by transaction volume reaffirmed the fact that Bancor has caught fire with users, as new...

From: Bancor

May 21, 2018

Keita Funakawa: Nanome 2018 Roadmap and Releases

TL;DR: VR 2.0 wave is coming, we’re dropping a state of the art R&D tool onto VR app stores for free and we’re giving EDU and non-profit orgs a killer deal of a hardware bundle. This release will be a major step towards our goal of democratizing science. (Not to mention it’ll be fully...

From: Keita Funakawa

Opus Foundation: OPUS at InfoShare 2018!

In an effort to increase our exposure in the tech and blockchain world, OPUS will be sponsoring the largest tech conference in the CEE. Join us on 22–23 May 2018 in Gdansk!Source:’ve sponsored conferences in the past, and are even...

From: Opus Foundation

Samuel Haig: Onchain Capital Founder Bullish on BCH and ETH

The founder of Onchain Capital, and host of CNBC Africa’s ‘Crypto Trader’ show, Ran Neu-Ner, recently discussed his outlook for cryptocurrency regulation, initial coin offering (ICOs), and shared his outlook for several top cryptocurrencies markets. Mr. Neu-Ner described Bitcoin Cash and...

From: Samuel Haig

Tatu Kärki: Releasing the Aragon Developer Portal

A new command line tool for building Aragon apps, a straightforward tutorial, and reference documentation for all the building blocksAragon is a complete stack to run decentralized organizations. It makes experimenting with governance at the speed of software possible.You can create Aragon apps...

From: Tatu Kärki

Jason Goldberg: OST Partners With GMEX, Block Commodities and FinComEco to launch FACES (Feed Africa Commodities…

OST Partners With GMEX, Block Commodities and FinComEco to launch FACES (Feed Africa Commodities Eco-System) tokens powered by OST tech & the $OST tokenOST blockchain technology enables any company or project to deploy branded cryptocurrency tokens backed by the market value of OST, on...

From: Jason Goldberg

Unocoin: Learning from the crypto-millionaire Alex Saunders

Learning from the crypto-millionaire Alex SaundersBitcoin had hit a peak value of $20,000 sometime towards the end of 2017, following the prediction of 30-year-old multimillionaire Alex Saunders. When bitcoin hit a low of $ 8000, he added that even though the currency hit a low point, it will...

From: Unocoin

Power Ledger: It’s Power Ledger’s 2nd Birthday!

To celebrate, we take a look back at some of our key milestones from the time the company was founded in May 2016 through to now.Photo by Ian Schneider / Unsplash.As well as the achievements outlined below, our team has been growing at a rapid pace. We now have 27 full-time employees (plus one...

From: Power Ledger

Project Shivom: Shivom Token Distribution

Greetings,The wait is finally over, to get your wallets loaded with OMX Tokens you’ll have to follow these simple stepsLogin to your account and click on the shown button to update your ETHER wallet addressUpdate your ETHER Wallet address, which must be compatible with ERC-20Then add the...

From: Project Shivom

Origami Network: Origami Network — 21/05/2018 update

Hello community,First of all we want to thank you all for your support. It helps us a lot working hard on our products.As a reminder, Origami Network is a protocol for building marketplaces. It solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow...

From: Origami Network

World Wi-Fi: World Wi-Fi weekly digest: The Hard cap and a new Co-Founder

Welcome to World Wi-Fi weekly digest! This week has been one of the toughest and the most thrilling one in our team’s life as we reached a new milestone on our way – $25 million Hardcap. Now let’s go to the details.The HardcapOn Friday we were excited to announce that the Token Sale was...

From: World Wi-Fi

Neblio: Neblio Marketing Strategy Update 1 (May 20 2018)

An update on our Marketing StrategyNow that Neblio has gotten to the point that we have a basic product to “sell”, Marketing has become the main focus of attention. In this update I will give a short overview of our current status and more importantly the strategy moving forward.Stage...

From: Neblio

May 20, 2018

GATCOIN Official: Bi-weekly update: 20th May

The GATCOIN App will be unlike anything you have seen beforeDear Gatcoiners,Welcome to our regular bi-weekly update.App Development: We are very excited to unveil some app previews…Rewards Wallet, GiftBox, and RedemptionAs you can see, the current design for the GATCOIN App is light-years...

From: GATCOIN Official Sunday TIMEs Issue #31

14 May — 20 May 2018Welcome to the Issue #31 of Sunday TIMEs: Only 4 more days until LaborX beta launch, New Telegram sticker pack online, The Labour-Hour Tokens Economy, Ask us anything about LaborX and TimeX, personal data on LaborX and Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high:...


Kai Sedgwick: Shrimp, Frogs, and Drugs Are Clogging the Ethereum Blockchain

Move over Cryptokitties. The ethereum network has a new batch of games to blame for rising gas fees. Over the past week, the viral success of dapps such as Ether Shrimp Farm, Ether Cartel, and Pepe Farm has congested the ethereum blockchain, questioning its readiness for enterprise...

From: Kai Sedgwick
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