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October 12, 2018

BANKEX: BANKEX Monthly Update: September 2018

October 2018 has begun, so it’s time to look back on everything BANKEX achieved in September. In the first month of autumn, we presented the first use case of BANKEX Plasma, made the BKX token available in Freewallet, updated BANKEX Pay, and, last but not least, we launched BANKEX...


October 11, 2018

Blocktix: Blocktix Dev Update Q3

Welcome to the Blocktix Quarterly Development Update for Q3 2018. We had quite an interesting 3rd Quarter with the Neverland Festival happening in the Netherlands and more recently the new Firebird Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. We ran pilots of the Blocktix ticketing system at both events,...

From: Blocktix

Augur: Augur Weekly Report — October 10th

Augur Weekly Report — October 10thMarkets: 1,231Open Interest: $1,150,020.88 USD (5,624 ETH)CASH Contract: $1,210,949.73 USD (5,922 ETH)ETH Price: $204.46Augur v2Augur v2 DetailsAbove is a look at the proposed changes for Augur v2; featuring use of DAI, implementation of use it or lose...

From: Augur

October 10, 2018

BANKEX: What Will Happen to Your Crypto Savings When You Die

Not many pieces about cryptocurrencies can be called morbid, but this article aims to break from the norm. Not only that, but it will also actually inform you about what will happen to your cryptocurrency savings postmortem and how you can ensure that your hard-mined bitcoins don’t go up in...


Digix: DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13

DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #13DigixDAO smart contracts audit progressAs mentioned in our dev update this week, ChainSecurity has been chosen to audit DigixDAO smart contracts. They are an experienced team who has audited other complex smart contract systems such as KyberNetwork...

From: Digix

October 09, 2018

Digix: Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership…

Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership with Renowned International Bullion RetailerDigixDAO smart contracts audit progressChainSecurity has been chosen as DigixDAO smart contract auditor and we have started on the auditing process...

From: Digix

October 08, 2018

DAO.Casino Team Blog: Minsk Hackathon Results

The first hackathon organized by DAO.Casino in collaboration with Imaguru Startup Hub has come to an end. We are proud to call the hackathon in Minsk a successful event: over 200 participants learnt to implement a blockchain technology in game development within our protocol.We will share more...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

Johann Sigmund: 7 Reasons to start selling invoices on the Hiveterminal —

7 Reasons to Start Selling Invoices on the Hiveterminal — hiveterminal.comGive your business the liquidity it needs!What is Invoice financing?Invoice financing is a general term used to cover two ways of financing invoices from slow-paying clients. The first way to finance these types of...

From: Johann Sigmund

Rafael Gama: Progress Report: devcon4 and the launch’s preps

Progress Report: devcon4 and launch preparationsHi everyone,We are in the final sprints to get everything ready to launch the platform.#devcon4http://devcon4.ethereum.orgYes, we are going. Some members of the team are going to the devcon4 to hear the latest developments and techniques in order...

From: Rafael Gama

Quentin Bignon: HelloGold Foundation Update #16– 6th October 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #16– 8th October 2018BusinessHari Malaysia (Malaysia Day)The 16th of September is celebrated by all Malaysians. HelloGold joined in the festivities by publishing a photo montage of its team, celebrating the diversity of its members and how epic it is to be a team...

From: Quentin Bignon

October 06, 2018

Peter Reiseman: The District Weekly — October 6th, 2018

The District Weekly — October 6th, 2018News and updates from the district0x NetworkThis past week the team has been heads down focused on the mainnet launch of Meme Factory. In our latest Dev Update, we outlined the Meme Factory survey results, Meme Factory redesign, design contest...

From: Peter Reiseman

Opus Foundation: A redesigned OPUS website!

At OPUS, our main priority has always been delivering the best possible product that is user-friendly and pleasant to the eye. As such, we have redesigned our landing page, now available at!The new websiteWhile work on the beta version of the platform continues, with many new fixes...

From: Opus Foundation

October 05, 2018

DAO.Casino Team Blog: Opening of the hackathon in Minsk

Hello everyone! Today we had a special day we’d like to share with you in our short story. The first hackathon by DAO.Casino has marked the beginning of a new stage of work for us, that will help us prepare the SDK and our Protocol for the final release.Registration: DAO.Casino team welcomes...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

Monetha: What Is Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography?

As the threat of different types of cyber crimes becomes much more severe, information security becomes much more sophisticated. Cybersecurity experts continue to tighten communication security, leaving no loopholes that criminals could exploit later. One of these security schemes is asymmetric...

From: Monetha

GeoFounders: October 5th Update

Token Conversion Bug Fix Status:The token conversion issue has been isolated and a solution is currently being implemented. The fix is expected to require a few more days of development before completion.Public Release:The public release of the new GeoFounders re-branding and MAT application is...

From: GeoFounders

CryptoForecast — Blog and News: Tokedo Renews Its Partnership With Cryptoforecast

Managing any activity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not an easy work. There are many data that make very difficut to take decisions. In order to simplify this, cryptoforecast project has surged to make traders and investors decision easier by developing an only platform that contains all...

From: CryptoForecast — Blog and News

Augur: Augur v2 Details

Twelve weeks after the initial deployment of Augur, we’re sharing some planned changes for the Augur protocol v2 deployment. While all these changes will be tentative up until all the code is written and audited, we’re confident in this feature list and are currently planning to develop all...

From: Augur

October 04, 2018

BANKEX: Essentials of Blockchain Cryptography

Cryptography is the core of blockchain technology. All transactions information is encoded in blocks, which are linked together and form structure of the blockchain. In this article, we go over the fundamentals of blockchain cryptography.The History of CryptographyThe need to encode information...


OP-ED: The Dapp Revolution: Rebuilding Society Through Decentralization

This article about the Dapp Revolution was written by Heidi Yu. Heidi is a serial entrepreneur, influencer, marketing evangelist, and AI enthusiast. Heidi founded, a decentralized app store that returns power to creators and makers.  If you can dream it, a decentralized application...

From: OP-ED

Christopher Sisti: Calling the Auctus Community!

We’re proud to announce the release of the Auctus Experts beta! This is the first wave of our beta and we’re excited to have everyone finally use the platform!We’re working on getting the word about Auctus Experts out there but in the meantime we’re asking for your help! We’ve grown a...

From: Christopher Sisti

Richard Craib: Numerai reveals Erasure: unstoppable, peer to peer data feeds

The Numeraire token is about to become the cryptocurrency of the entire hedge fund industry. Today, Numerai is announcing a new unstoppable data marketplace called Erasure. Is TrappedImagine you have done research on...

From: Richard Craib

Richard Craib: An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace — Introducing Erasure

An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace — Introducing ErasureThe Numeraire token is about to become the cryptocurrency of the entire hedge fund industry. Today, Numerai is announcing a new unstoppable data marketplace...

From: Richard Craib

C. Edward Kelso: Venezuela’s Petro Copied Dash, Claims Ethereum Developer

An Ethereum developer is claiming the state-backed petro (PTR) cryptocurrency, a plaything to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, has taken substantial amounts of its newly published whitepaper from Dash (DASH). Indeed, at least at first glance, it does appear there are close similarities...

From: C. Edward Kelso

Opus Foundation: OPUS takes on AI — Song Suggestion Algorithms

OPUS takes on AI — Song Suggestion AlgorithmsAs part of the development team at OPUS, the world’s first decentralized music streaming platform, my responsibilities include working on the player’s AI features. I conduct research, experiments, and look into various methods of how AI can...

From: Opus Foundation

Augur: Augur Weekly Report — October 3rd

Augur Weekly Report — October 3rdLast chance to post your wish list for Augur v2 on Reddit.Look out for an extended post detailing the tentative v2 changes in the very near future! Preliminary discussions have included: use of DAI, implementation of use it or lose it for REP (in a fork),...

From: Augur

Jamie Redman: Frictionless Commerce: A Story of How Easy It Is to Start Accepting Bitcoin Cash

Earlier this week received an email from an e-commerce shop owner who was having lots of issues dealing with traditional payment providers. Many of the problems stemmed from him not having a formal address and having bank accounts in different countries. However, the owner of...

From: Jamie Redman

October 03, 2018

Dave Appleton: Cross Chain Gold

Why HelloGold is developing non fungible gold tokensExciting times are ahead for the HelloGold development team. We are developing new token mechanisms for some exciting gold instruments and investigating cross chain technologies. Here is some background.Genesis of HelloGold’s GOLDX token.In...

From: Dave Appleton

The Аbyss Team: |The Abyss: MMO游戏的一站式场所

The Abyss,新的数字发行游戏平台,高兴地推出其对MMO游戏的焦点和定向,定位MMO游戏的一站式场所。满足全球游戏社区的需求提供先进以及便捷游戏生态系统的平台将于2019年第一季度上线。积极的市场The...

From: The Аbyss Team

The Аbyss Team: |MMOゲームの「ワンストップ窓口」 としてのThe Abyss


From: The Аbyss Team

RCN_news: Announcing RCN API Prize at ETH San Francisco Hackathon

At RCN we’re super excited to sponsor the ETH San Francisco this weekend! ETHSF is the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon.We are announcing a prize for the best RCN based hackathon project. RCN Loans with a combined value of 1500 USD will be awarded to the teams using the RCN Protocol to...

From: RCN_news
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