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July 18, 2018

NaPoleonX: Thank you Vitalik Buterin and Mercatus Center for this excellent interview.

Thank you Vitalik Buterin and Mercatus Center for this excellent interview. Impressive variety of topics from quantum computing to financial fees through scalability, cryptoeconomics, and many others, all of which are of major interest. Ethereum especially is a remarkable experiment and...

From: NaPoleonX

Perry Pak: It’s Here: The Storm Play Referral Bonus Blitz

For a limited time, Storm is increasing the Storm Referral Bonus for new users from 6,000 Bolts to 125,000 Bolts.Hi, Storm Community:It’s Storm Referral Bonus BLITZ time!!! As Head of Growth for Storm, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to help Storm’s network effect grow. I also...

From: Perry Pak

SingularDTV: The State of Music and Blockchain, 2018

Find out the apps, platforms, projects and teams that are bringing decentralization to the music industry right now.The music industry in 2018: YouTubers are stars, stars are brands, brands produce content, content is everything, everything is content, and nobody pays for music. Things have...

From: SingularDTV

Kevin Helms: Robin Hood Movie and Robinhood App Hold $50k Crypto Scavenger Hunt at Comic-Con

Lionsgate studio and Robinhood app have teamed up to give away $50,000 in a crypto scavenger hunt at the San Diego Comic-Con this week. This is to promote the studio’s upcoming Robin Hood movie. Attendees will search for coins, redeemable for $50, $500, $1,000, and $5,000, which can then...

From: Kevin Helms

Opporty ICO: Opporty Technical Paper. Part 1

1. AbstractBusiness information is sensitive. Businesses have incentives to protect certain company data, like transactions and order details to third parties, and they often prefer to make it inaccessible to banks and government agencies.When a company makes a transaction through a bank, they...

From: Opporty ICO

SocialMedia.Market: Beta 2.0 release

Great news everyone! In-house testing of the smart contract and token on the SocialMedia.Market platform is finished and a 2.0 beta version has finally been released! The new version allows you to:Create ad campaigns on YouTube filtering channels by criteria;Create pre-set lists of channels for...

From: SocialMedia.Market

Sandblock Team: DomRaider x Sandblock — Campaign distribution

DRT have been distributed directly on your Sandblock mobile application! are glad to announce that the DomRaider Holder Club campaign rewards have been distributed ????The final ratio is 1 BDRT ± 0.39 DRT.You...

From: Sandblock Team

Unocoin: Buying your dream home with Ethereum

Buying your dream home with EthereumYou might have thought about buying that coveted beach house one day. Or, save up enough money to buy that apartment with the awesome view of the city’s skyline from a skyscraper. In today’s world of cryptoasset transactions based on blockchain...

From: Unocoin

Kai Sedgwick: Hedge Fund Issues Bearish Call on Ethereum and Sides with BTC

Hedge fund Tetras Capital has issued a bearish call on ethereum and opined that bitcoin has more upside potential. The New York-based fund has been blessed with perfect timing, with ETH falling in BTC terms following the publication of its report 24 hours ago, while bitcoin has rallied...

From: Kai Sedgwick

July 17, 2018

SyncFab: SyncFab Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO, JULY 17, 2018– SyncFab, the first hardware manufacturing supply chain blockchain focused on connecting hardware buyers with manufacturers, today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative.As a...

From: SyncFab

Jon Nolz: Blockchain Is Reshaping Ad Tech — Here’s The Conversations We’ll Be Having At The Postback…

Blockchain Is Reshaping Ad Tech — Here’s The Conversations We’ll Be Having At The Postback ConferenceHi, Storm Community,I find myself continuously excited with the opportunity that we have with the Storm team. The journey has moved very quickly since I started working with...

From: Jon Nolz

SyncFab: TechCrunch Ethereum Meetup Recap: SyncFab Keeping Manufacturers Connected

Ethereum leader Vitalik Buterin discusses transaction fee economicsBlockchain is the most disruptive new technology today. The blockchain is a new kind of international institution. Transaction challenges, decentralized exchanges, sharding, blockmining, and plasma. There’s a lot going on with...

From: SyncFab

Decentraland: Decentraland Project Update — July 17th

News and updates from DecentralandWe have a few bits of news to share with you since our last Project Update.There’s a new endpoint in the LAND API that we want to share, we’re still making progress with the Estates feature, we’ve made some changes to the CLI and how it handles...

From: Decentraland

Monetha: Interview with Monetha’s Customer Support Specialist | Aivaras

Tell us a bit more about your professional background? How did you get into customer support?My career in customer support started in-between studies. I had just received my degree and needed to support myself. I was also planning on enrolling to a graduate school, so the job had to be outside...

From: Monetha

Brandon Millman: Introducing the new 0x Portal

Our surface for 0x user on-boarding and relayer discovery.At 0x, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We’ve made some initial progress towards our mission by helping a number of talented teams launch relayers that have collectively facilitated more than...

From: Brandon Millman

Rahul Singireddy: Relayer Report #6 — Decentralized Exchanges, Meet NFTs

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: July 17th, 2018Written by Rahul Singireddy. Sign up for Relayer Report hereQuick updates from the 0x team:We started a developer specific email list that you can sign up for here. The next couple of months in particular will bring a lot of important...

From: Rahul Singireddy

Mosaic: Is plutocratic on-chain governance really a bad thing?

Twice a week, the Mosaic research team will delve into important topics in one of the four areas: Regulation, Products, Cryptoeconomics, & Technology.Lanre Ige (@lanrayige)Aims and why this mattersThere have been a number of important articles written against on-chain governance over the...

From: Mosaic

Brian Watson: Invictus Hyperion Summer Tour 2018 Part I

Tulip 2018 Emerging Technologies Conference — San FranciscoOver the month of June I travelled to cities in the USA, UK and Europe representing Invictus Capital and the Invictus Hyperion Fund at conferences focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The objective of this trip...

From: Brian Watson

Julien Béranger: iExec Workerdrop #1 — Turn your computer into a worker and earn RLC

On July 20th, 8am UTC, iExec will run its first Workerdrop. The goal is to guide workers through the process of sharing their computing resources and to test, validate and scale the iExec network on Mainnet.Get ready to turn your computer into a worker for the chance to earn RLC tokens!What is...

From: Julien Béranger

DAO.Casino Team Blog: DAO.Casino Dev Update — July 17th, 2018: Lottery beta-test, Dice UI improvements and DCLib bugfixes

Hey, DAO.Casino supporters,We update the project code base regularly so we can make it better. Explore all the changes made by our development team. We want to unveil all the hard work we have been doing and keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.Executive summaryWe are...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

Status: Announcing the Status Hackathon — #CryptoLife!

Join us in Prague, Oct 26–28 as we look to #buidl the future of a better webWe’re hosting a hackathon in Prague right before DevCon4 — find out more here!At Status, we often get asked what all this web3 stuff is all about anyway. Generally, we’ll dive into technical explanations...

From: Status

Jan Isakovic: Why Cofab and what value do we bring to the ecosystem? has been launched to build a distributed VC ecosystem that will help global startups grow and get funding. Over the last year, our development team has provided the technical infrastructure for 10 token crowdsales that have funded innovative, industry-disrupting startups.Funding is...

From: Jan Isakovic

Justin Szilard: Vitalik Buterin Asks Cryptocurrency Community Seven Difficult and Reflective Questions

The Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, came up with seven difficult and reflective questions for the cryptocurrency community to examine its progress and path forward. The questions were posited in a WeChat group, Mars Finance, and are listed below “Bitmain and affiliated pools now...

From: Justin Szilard

Digix: DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #7

This governance update is dedicated to discussing the bribery attacks on on-chain voting, and how we plan to deal with them in DigixDAO governance.Reference article that started our discussion on bribery attacks:

From: Digix

Eligma: Community update: ETH integration, Silicon Valley developments, and media interest

Our growing Elipay family increased by 8 members in the last two weeks! Our latest additions include an optician facility, a hunting gear shop, a fitness club, a jewelry shop, a piercing and tattoo studio, a scuba diving center, a professional cosmetics store, and a coffee shop. The most...

From: Eligma PR: PR: Monfils Sponsorship with eToro

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press...

From: PR

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — July 17, 2018

Community DiscussionOpening English TelegramWe have officially opened an English telegram for general discussion and an Announcements channel. Please click on the below links to go to our official channels. We will continue to support our community slack in the short term.Official...

From: BOScoin

Jeff Heizmann: Step-by-step instructions: how to buy Zenome Tokens?

Dear buyers of ZNA tokens, here we present you step-by-step instruction for participating in the Zenome token-sale.Purchase of tokens is carried out in the buyer’s personal account at Zenome Wallet. Our wallet is integrated with a smart contract and designed to maximize the protection of the...

From: Jeff Heizmann

SyncFab: BitForex Integrates the MFG Token

On July 17th, it was announced that BitForex, a cryptocurrency platform headquartered in Singapore with over 1.8 million users across 86 countries, had officially integrated SyncFab’s MFG Token. BitForex is a rapidly growing platform with over 15,000 new users per day. BitForex is ranked in...

From: SyncFab

Digix: Digix Dev Update — 17th July 2018: Kryptono.Exchange, Swipecrypto Partnership, Quarterly Audit done

The new Digix Mailing ListWe have rolled out our updated newsletter subscription service that delivers Digix updates straight to your inboxes. Those who are on the list would have received 2 mailers from us in the past 2 weeks. From here on, we will be doing monthly roundups of developments in...

From: Digix
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