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February 24, 2018

MoxyOne: MoxyAI — Advanced Intelligence for the MoxyOne system

MoxyAI helps you get the best value out of your tokens.The MoxyOne Team has been hard at work discussing how we can maximise the user experience for the users of the platform. One of the most important things for spenders is the price of their cryptos at the time that they decide to purchase....

From: MoxyOne

Vezt Inc: Vezt Update: Token Supply Updates and SXSW Sponsorship

Vezt Update: Token Supply Updates and SXSW SponsorshipHi Vezt Community!A few key updates and shoutouts will be found here. As always, we appreciate the input and support of our community- Today we will shoutout Michael D, who asked us to give a clearer look into our circulating supply. We did...

From: Vezt Inc

February 23, 2018

Coinvest: Coinvest Strengthens Platform With Product and Strategic Partnerships

We’re proud to team up with several product and strategic partners, who offer leading services in their respective fields. Together, we’re developing a strong partner ecosystem to support the infrastructure of our vision to democratize access to and ease of investing in...

From: Coinvest

Helbiz — Mobility System: Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access joins Helbiz as an advisor.

Helbiz is pleased to announce that Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER & Income Access, some of the leading online payment processing solutions, is joining Helbiz as an advisor.Lorenzo Pellegrino brings over two decades of experience in the payment sector as CEO of Skrill, NETELLER...

From: Helbiz — Mobility System

NaPoleonX: Exchange Anouncement: NaPoleonX will be listed on two exchanges!

It’s a big day at NPX HQ, we cannot wait to announce our first official Exchange listings.With the amazing support of the community, we successfully raised funds which allow us to initiate working towards achieving long-term road-map of the NaPoleonX project.Today, we are proud to announce our...

From: NaPoleonX

Arnold Pham: Lunyr Dev Update— Plagiarism Detection, Random Peer Review Selection, Gas Reimbursement Status, and…

Lunyr Dev Update— Plagiarism Detection, Random Peer Review Selection, Gas Reimbursement Status, and more!Hello all Lunyrians! The platform is growing rapidly and now has over 2000 articles! In the meanwhile, we‘ve been working hard to address all of your concerns, and continuing to develop...

From: Arnold Pham

iXledger: 23rd Feb — iXledger Weekly Update!

Women’s Blockchain Event / Enhanced System Security / Dev ProgressEventsThis week, our fabulous Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder, and President US, iXledger, attended and lead talks at the ‘WOMEN LEADERS IN BLOCKCHAIN’ event at Thirty Two Orchard Street. Thirty-Two Orchard Street is New...

From: iXledger

C. Edward Kelso: Montana Scores $250 Million Bitcoin Mining Campus

The Big Sky Country state of Montana keeps raking them in. For the second time this month, a mining operation is announcing its moving to the Butte area. Power Block Coin LLC is reportedly plunking down a quarter of a billion dollars to upgrade existing facilities to mine the world’s most...

From: C. Edward Kelso

John Light: Aragon @ ETHDenver Recap

An incredible weekend of building and bonding with the Denver communityThis past weekend several members of the Aragon team, including Jorge, Luke, Oliver, and myself (John), attended ETHDenver in Colorado, USA. ETHDenver is an Ethereum community event featuring a hackathon and workshops.As we...

From: John Light

Signals: Announcement: Signals Token Sale date change due to KYC process

The start date of our Token Sale has been changed to March 12, 2018.Although we’ve done everything in our power to begin the Token Sale next week, we have needed to make further preparations in our Know Your Customer (KYC) registration process. We also have a significant, ever-increasing...

From: Signals

TGE GraphGrail Ai: GraphGrail Ai and its Vast Experience in Advanced Software Development

GraphGrail Ai, the world’s first AI-based natural language processing platform with a DApps marketplace is passing through its TGE stage and has already garnered the acclaim of several prominent rating agencies with high rankings. Such results were made possible thanks to the extensive...

From: TGE GraphGrail Ai

TokenCard: February 2018 update

David and I catching a breath at the end of another long week. Things are well.Hello everybody, welcome to our monthly newsletter and happy February! We are one or two days later than normal but we have our reasons… from here on out we’re expanding our newsletter by also giving our take on...

From: TokenCard

Amelia Tomasicchio: PHI Token Partners with Eidoo to Launch its ICO

PHI Token, the first wealth management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world, has announced an exclusive partnership with us to launch a utility token sale.PHI Token PRE-ICOHeld exclusively by Eidoo, the PHI token pre-ICO will start on March 3th at 8 a.m. CET 2018,...

From: Amelia Tomasicchio

Aigents with Anton Kolonin: SingularityNET Integrates OpenCog‘s Atomspace Hypergraph to Accelerate Intelligence Development

We’ve made massive development progress since the year began.OpenCog’s Atoms & MindAgent-actionsEarlier, we discussed how SingularityNET is integrating Aigents Social Intelligence Services. This will make it possible for anyone — even non-professionals — to create, educate,...

From: Aigents with Anton Kolonin

Datarius Сryptobank: #Datarius takes care of crypto security

Datarius focuses on the cybersecurity of the project and with interest concerns the latest technologies for its provision. For this reason, today the marketing director of Datarius attended the Cyber-Safe.Net conference in Kiev. The event was attended by interesting speakers with non-standard...

From: Datarius Сryptobank

Samuel Haig: Turkish Minister Proposes National Cryptocurrency

The deputy chair of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, has written a 22-page report seeking to highlight the regulatory vacuum that presently exists in Turkey pertaining to cryptocurrencies. The report also makes a number of policy recommendations for the...

From: Samuel Haig

Gal Jakič: Hive Project Token (HVN) added to Coinomi — one of the largest multicoin mobile wallets in the…

Hive Project Token (HVN) added to Coinomi — one of the largest multicoin mobile wallets in the world!As is now becoming increasingly clear, the evidence of our progress is indisputable, and this all bodes very well for Hive Project and the future of HVN token holders. It is of course also...

From: Gal Jakič

NAVIADDRESS: Update on EARLY BIRDS whitelisting

Dear community,Today we wish to share great news with you and announce the number of ‘Early Bird’ Whitelists to this date. Early birds are those participants that subscribe to the whitelist before the 25th of February 3PM CET. So those who have not yet subscribed: it is still possible to...


PumaPay: Hook Them on Early: Crypto Payments for Children?

Worried about the way your children spend their money? Wish you could prevent them from buying fast food and unhealthy snacks after school? You're not alone. And guess what... Crypto payments can help you. *Wait... what? * Yes, we know: having the words 'crypto' and 'children' in the same...

From: PumaPay

JoinWell: Redefining the future of the Olympics

The first Olympic Games were held in the 8th century BC, but it took until 1898, at the competitions in Athens, for them to get the modern shape we see today. As time passed, the Games evolved even more. Later the IOC (International Olympic Committee) adapted major innovations, like the Winter...

From: JoinWell

Nadja Beneš: Are you up for the challenge? Introducing Gnosis X

Build customized prediction market applications on top of GnosisThinking about the endless use cases, their inherent ability of inducing people to acquire and reveal information, and their successful track record when used by both public and private institutions, we find the idea of prediction...

From: Nadja Beneš

Travis W: Few Words From Our Advisor Jeremy Epstein To The ARK Community

Our lead marketing advisor Jeremy Epstein wanted to address you, our dearest ARK community with a few words from his perspective, how he wants to better ARK and bring it to the next level.Dear ARK Community,I was overwhelmed by the passion and energy of the responses to the announcement that I...

From: Travis W

MyBit: “Without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value”.

“Without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value”.Although it’s a corny quote from the internet, it surely is true. In the past period a lot has happened with MyBit and we want to become more open to our community about our steady progress.We welcome Joost...

From: MyBit

Datarius Сryptobank: Datarius: Aim for the Stars

Datarius: Aim for the Stars ???? our #ITO ???? the world together ❤️#cryptobank #blockchain #dtrc

From: Datarius Сryptobank

Marta Kuz: February News

Straight to the point: it’s been all about Product, or to be more precise — about the pre-alpha.We focused on these three goals:Setup and launch our Testnet with Service provider nodes that would be verified by Mysterium.Build CLI for Mysterium Client API testing.Build user friendly...

From: Marta Kuz


#FuelFriday is open between 8:00am EST and 8:00pm ESTFor the contest announcement and details, please visit:→ Answers must be submitted via direct message to EP’s Twitter account. (Please make sure to follow our account to be able to direct...

From: Etherparty

Jason Goldberg: Join the OST KIT⍺ Early Adopter Program & Earn $OST!

$200,000 worth of $OST rewards availableWe are designing OST KIT to be the complete blockchain toolkit for business.OST KIT gives companies all the tools they need to run a blockchain-powered economy on scalable OpenST side chains, without requiring in-house blockchain developers.OST KIT⍺...

From: Jason Goldberg

REMME: REMME Core 0.1.0 alpha release

Less than 10 days after completing a successful token sale, REMME is to release the alpha 0.1.0 version of its Core protocol.In parallel with the preparation of REMME token sale, our R&D division focused on research and development of the architecture as part of the planned release of the...


Magomet Tsanajev: DataBroker DAO: Weekly video 2 — Meet Cassandre aka. Cash

Cassandre was invited to present DataBroker DAO at VOKA in Hasselt. Voka is a the most representative employers’ organisation supporting SME’s in Belgium with 18.000 members. They asked us to share the DataBroker DAO story with their members to demonstrate how blockchain technologies are...

From: Magomet Tsanajev

Snovio Token Sale: Understanding Volatility in Blockchain Tokens

Regardless of whether you’re someone that’s only heard of cryptocurrency on the news, or an expert blockchain enthusiast, you most likely are aware that cryptocurrency (as well as blockchain tokens in general) are highly volatile assets. When one compares cryptocurrency or blockchain assets...

From: Snovio Token Sale
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