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October 12, 2018

Monetha: Benefits of Blockchain to Any Industry

When you talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you can’t disregard about blockchain technology. That’s because blockchain is the underlying technology that has given birth to Bitcoin.Blockchain and Bitcoin have the same father, Satoshi Nakamoto, who introduced the idea in 2008 in his paper...

From: Monetha

iXledger: Update — 12/10/2018

Update — 12/10/2018Executive Team UpdateWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Sally Coryn as Executive Chairman of iX Technology Group. This is a significant appointment for our Group as we build presence in the InsurTech sector.Sally is a senior, highly experienced, insurance...

From: iXledger

October 11, 2018

Simon Yu: Q3 Storm Update

To our StormX Community:Since the end of our crowdsale, StormX has been growing rapidly with new members, partners, products on Storm Play, and over 2.3M downloads, allowing us to quickly have one of the largest blockchain user bases in the world. StormX was extremely busy during Q3 as we...

From: Simon Yu

Blocktix: Blocktix Dev Update Q3

Welcome to the Blocktix Quarterly Development Update for Q3 2018. We had quite an interesting 3rd Quarter with the Neverland Festival happening in the Netherlands and more recently the new Firebird Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. We ran pilots of the Blocktix ticketing system at both events,...

From: Blocktix

Noah: Decred Journal - September 2018

This post covers what happened in Decred in the month of September. It is the 6th issue of the Decred Journal and you can find mirrors on GitHub and Reddit. Past issues are available via this GitHub link.DevelopmentFinal version 1.3.0 of the core software was released bringing all the...

From: Noah

Caroline Edwards: The Ins and Outs of Next Week’s Demo Day

Demo Day is quickly approaching, and we’re looking forward to seeing what participants in the Kin Developer Program have been working on! You may be wondering what’s going to happen on Oct. 15, so we’ve put together this definitive guide to Demo Day that should answer any questions...

From: Caroline Edwards

BANKEX: BANKEX Wants You to Hack its Custody Service for $15K in Reward (If You Can)

BANKEX Custody Service is a world-class decentralized cryptocurrency depository for enterprises and individuals.Our advanced features include multi-layer security, ease of access, flexible asset storage, and 24-hour customer service.Every member of the BANKEX team knows that Custody Service...


DAO.Casino Team Blog: Hackathon in Minsk: How it Went Down

A three-day hackathon in Minsk became a significant milestone for our project. The Minsk hackathon in collaboration with Imaguru Startup Hub on October 5–7th was a great success for us, and helped us spread the word of our Sandbox project and recent SDK release.During this event, we told...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

RIALTO.AI: How crypto asset baskets will work on our new platform

How crypto asset baskets will work on our new platformCrypto asset baskets (formerly referred to as CTIs) are one of the two new product categories that will launch with the introduction of our new platform. They are an important innovation that will help bring more users into the crypto...


BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — Oct. 11th, 2018

BOS Newsletter — Oct. 11th, 2018As a member of Korea Blockchain Association, we are happy to share with you that we have recently established an ICO Club along with other founding members… (Full story, please visit:

From: BOScoin

Augur: Augur Weekly Report — October 10th

Augur Weekly Report — October 10thMarkets: 1,231Open Interest: $1,150,020.88 USD (5,624 ETH)CASH Contract: $1,210,949.73 USD (5,922 ETH)ETH Price: $204.46Augur v2Augur v2 DetailsAbove is a look at the proposed changes for Augur v2; featuring use of DAI, implementation of use it or lose...

From: Augur

October 09, 2018

Caroline Edwards: Kin Q&A: Takeaways from Ted’s October 2018 AMA sat down for his monthly AMA this week, where he shared updates on our accomplishments in September and answered some of our community’s most popular questions. This month, Ted focused on common criticisms of the Kin project in...

From: Caroline Edwards

DAO.Casino Team Blog: DAO.Casino Dev Update — October 9th, 2018: hackathon in Minsk, ERC-721 in Lottery and more

DAO.Casino Dev Update — October 9th, 2018: hackathon in Minsk, ERC-721 in Lottery and moreGreetings, DAO.Casino community members and followers. As usual, we’re happy to share with you our most recent development progress:Team SpeakAlexandra Fetisova, DAO.Casino Project Manager: “The...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

Waves Platform: Waves Monthly: September Review

This month has been a very active one for development. We have made many improvements to our platform and made one especially big step forward in Waves’ development!With the release of some long-awaited features, Waves matures from a custom tokens network to something more robust, versatile...

From: Waves Platform

Digix: Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership…

Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership with Renowned International Bullion RetailerDigixDAO smart contracts audit progressChainSecurity has been chosen as DigixDAO smart contract auditor and we have started on the auditing process...

From: Digix

Manca Šalehar: We’ve been waiting to announce this for months

Whichever industry you work in, you probably know that data is the strongest source of understanding your business. In order to learn and predict what the future holds, it’s crucial to analyze the data and transform it into invaluable information to boost performance.We started to collect data...

From: Manca Šalehar

Team Elix: The ELIX Web Portal Is Out

The ELIX Web Portal Is Out: A Better Way To Crowdfund Campaigns And Manage Products + Upcoming GiveawayToday is an exciting day for ELIX! We’ve just released our web portal, a streamlined way to create and manage products and campaigns.Create an account on the ELIX web portal here.In this...

From: Team Elix

October 08, 2018

Johann Sigmund: 7 Reasons to start selling invoices on the Hiveterminal —

7 Reasons to Start Selling Invoices on the Hiveterminal — hiveterminal.comGive your business the liquidity it needs!What is Invoice financing?Invoice financing is a general term used to cover two ways of financing invoices from slow-paying clients. The first way to finance these types of...

From: Johann Sigmund

October 07, 2018

Crypviser Blog: How to withdraw from Hadax exchange to Openledger DEX

Operations on HADAX exchangeLogin to your account here in CVCOIN in Search box and press Withdraw3. You have to copy your Deposit address from Openledger choosing CVN in the Search box and clicking on Deposit icon4. Paste your Deposit address on Hadax...

From: Crypviser Blog

October 06, 2018

Peter Reiseman: The District Weekly — October 6th, 2018

The District Weekly — October 6th, 2018News and updates from the district0x NetworkThis past week the team has been heads down focused on the mainnet launch of Meme Factory. In our latest Dev Update, we outlined the Meme Factory survey results, Meme Factory redesign, design contest...

From: Peter Reiseman

Crypviser Blog: Crypviser at Hacken Cup 2018 International Bug Bounty marathon at HackIT2018

Before going commercial, Crypviser Network and the Crypviser App will be taking on the best of the best EU and International Hacking teams, USA, Netherlands, India, Denmark, Germany, France, Egypt, Ukraine, Sweden etc.The accredited hackers from the Bug Bounty platform HackenProof have found...

From: Crypviser Blog

Opus Foundation: A redesigned OPUS website!

At OPUS, our main priority has always been delivering the best possible product that is user-friendly and pleasant to the eye. As such, we have redesigned our landing page, now available at!The new websiteWhile work on the beta version of the platform continues, with many new fixes...

From: Opus Foundation

October 05, 2018

SunContract: Official opening of the European Blockchain HUB

SunContract to run energy pillar in EUBCHUBBlaž Golob, CEO — EBH, Zoran Janković, mayor of the City of Ljubljana, Jože Mermal, president of the board BTC d.d., Dato Rey Gan, president Titanwave Pte Ltd, KL & Singapore, director — Member of the Management Board of the European...

From: SunContract

Populous World: Blockchain implementation for invoice finance users

Businesses of all sizes and industries have experienced the frustration of overdue invoices. Due to the nature of a business, overdue invoices can occur depending on the structure of supply chains, sales, receivables and inventory cycles, or operational practices that are customary in their...

From: Populous World

CryptoForecast — Blog and News: Tokedo Renews Its Partnership With Cryptoforecast

Managing any activity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not an easy work. There are many data that make very difficut to take decisions. In order to simplify this, cryptoforecast project has surged to make traders and investors decision easier by developing an only platform that contains all...

From: CryptoForecast — Blog and News

Playkey Team: Playkey DevLog. Issue Twenty Four

October is here, and the leaves fall even faster than the cryptocurrency exchange rate. It’s time to bring in the harvest and tally up our achievements.You likely remember (and if you don’t, read this; it’s the internet, after all) that we’ve started Desktop scaling. We’re transferring...

From: Playkey Team

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — Oct. 5th, 2018

BOS Newsletter — Oct. 5th, 2018BOScoin Listing on LAtoken exchangeBOScoin is listed on LATOKEN exchange. Deposits are open now. Trading opens on Monday, 8 Oct 2018. Follow the link to deposit: is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for...

From: BOScoin

Augur: Augur v2 Details

Twelve weeks after the initial deployment of Augur, we’re sharing some planned changes for the Augur protocol v2 deployment. While all these changes will be tentative up until all the code is written and audited, we’re confident in this feature list and are currently planning to develop all...

From: Augur

OAX: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — the Bigger Picture

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — the Bigger PictureIn the first of a three part series examining the current state and future direction of cryptocurrencies, our General Manager, Amanda Liu, takes a look at the bigger economic picture for crypto projects.By Amanda Liu, General Manager,...

From: OAX

October 04, 2018

BANKEX: Essentials of Blockchain Cryptography

Cryptography is the core of blockchain technology. All transactions information is encoded in blocks, which are linked together and form structure of the blockchain. In this article, we go over the fundamentals of blockchain cryptography.The History of CryptographyThe need to encode information...

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