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July 18, 2018

NaPoleonX: Thank you Vitalik Buterin and Mercatus Center for this excellent interview.

Thank you Vitalik Buterin and Mercatus Center for this excellent interview. Impressive variety of topics from quantum computing to financial fees through scalability, cryptoeconomics, and many others, all of which are of major interest. Ethereum especially is a remarkable experiment and...

From: NaPoleonX

Samuel Haig: China Round-Up: Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang Receive ‘Unicorn’ Valuations, Number of DLT Companies Explodes

In recent cryptocurrency news from China, three cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers have been valued at more than $1 billion USD, Bitmain has supported the launch of a research center for digital financial assets at Tsinghua University, and more than 3,000 companies were found to have...

From: Samuel Haig

iOlite: iOlite announces winners of Israel’s first ever “Blockchain for Social Impact” hackathon

A group of teenage hackers, all women, took first place in the July 12–13 “Blockchain for Social Impact” hackathon, sponsored by iOlite, developers of a platform empowering mainstream users with blockchain technology.TEL AVIV, July 17, 2018 — iOlite has announced the winners of its...

From: iOlite

Perry Pak: It’s Here: The Storm Play Referral Bonus Blitz

For a limited time, Storm is increasing the Storm Referral Bonus for new users from 6,000 Bolts to 125,000 Bolts.Hi, Storm Community:It’s Storm Referral Bonus BLITZ time!!! As Head of Growth for Storm, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to help Storm’s network effect grow. I also...

From: Perry Pak

BoldNinja: Software Development Kits (SDKs) : Reborn

With ARK getting a totally new Core code, we felt it was necessary to streamline the same methodology and structure to our SDKs. As most of you know ARK has 15 SDK’s with more in the works. As such, the majority of our alternative programming language tools (most popular ones) have been...

From: BoldNinja

SingularDTV: The State of Music and Blockchain, 2018

Find out the apps, platforms, projects and teams that are bringing decentralization to the music industry right now.The music industry in 2018: YouTubers are stars, stars are brands, brands produce content, content is everything, everything is content, and nobody pays for music. Things have...

From: SingularDTV

Doc Coin: Q&A: MindMaze is utilizing virtual realty to treat neurological disorders, announces $100M…

Q&A: MindMaze is utilizing virtual realty to treat neurological disorders, announces $100M fund-raiseMindMaze has developed a platform designed to help those who are disabled neurologically, mostly stroke victims, recover by re-training their brain with the help of virtual reality, computer...

From: Doc Coin

BANKEX: Blockchain in Supply Chains

In our last article about the use of blockchain in the commercial sector BANKEX Managing Director Constantine Kurbatoff mentioned how blockchain could be utilized in supply chain and logistics applications. In this article, he takes a more detailed look specifically at how blockchain technology...


Aventus Protocol Foundation: Concert sales hit a record global high in the first half of 2018

Concert sales hit a record global high in the first half of 2018 — but average ticket prices are soaring, according to new report from PollstarAccording to Pollstar’s mid-year report, the top 50 best-selling tours of the first half of 2018 saw a 12% year-on-year increase in total gross,...

From: Aventus Protocol Foundation

David Sønstebø: IOTA Summer Summit 2018

The team, well part of it, the rest was working on pressing tasks.In the serene surroundings of Norway’s Oslofjord the IOTA Foundation had its first official summit.IOTA SumSum Summary 2018IOTA is well known for both doing things differently and pushing the boundaries from a technological...

From: David Sønstebø


NOBAR is a full-fledged solution for the “Purchasing with Crypto” problem. By bringing B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, Ads, Jobs and POS (Point of Sale) activities onto a single platform, where crypto is the sole means of payment, NOBAR is creating the first ever “Unified Crypto Commerce” system....

From: DeHedge

Crypto Guard: Particl Desktop Showcase

Particl Desktop 1.2.2 (mainnet)Particl Desktop, Particl’s main wallet on which the entire platform is mostly hosted, is a user-friendly and powerful client filled with potential. While it currently only supports the wallet feature on mainnet, its potential will be realized when we start...

From: Crypto Guard

World Wi-Fi: World Wi-Fi: How to add your root token

Guide for root invite ownersIn order to unlock your personal account, you must send your root token to a temporary wallet.First of all, log in with your email and the password that we sent you.2. Read and accept our privacy policy3. In this window you will see a unique wallet that is linked...

From: World Wi-Fi

Creativechain: NEW WEEKLYS CHALLENGE: Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name given to the creator of blockchain. The identity behind this technology is unknown to the date and has been subject of many investigations. It is still unclear whether this is work of a single man or a group of people or even if the name Satoshi is real or...

From: Creativechain

World Wi-Fi: World Wi-Fi moving forward: Partnership with Keenetic

Over 5 million users will have “World Wi-Fi inside” their devices at home.We are delighted to announce our parnership with Keenetic, the second largest Wi-Fi router manufacturer in Russia with a market share of 30%. Over 5 million users will have “World Wi-Fi inside” their devices...

From: World Wi-Fi

Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Report Sees UK as Crypto Leader, Jersey Adopts ICO Rules

The United Kingdom has what it takes to become a true leader in the crypto space, according to a new report covered in today’s Bitcoin in Brief. Also in The Daily, the British Crown dependency of Jersey has adopted new requirements for ICO projects to better protect participating investors,...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Foundation Registration

Botany Registration are being closed now. You can now register as a user in our foundation with this Signup link. Visit today >>

From: Valorem Foundation

adbank: Introducing The ADB Token Adoption Fund

After we sold out the ICO early in January there was a handful of people who failed KYC and as a result we refunded their ETH and were left with some unsold tokens.The plan in the whitepaper was to add these tokens to the reserve but the decision was made to give them back to the...

From: adbank

Cyborg @SwissBorg: The Blockchain/Unchained Asia Roadshow: Growing Community, Sharing wisdom.

The Blockchain/Unchained Asia Roadshow: Growing Community, Sharing wisdom.SwissBorg’s Asia Tour covered most of the big Asian HubsAfter two months of an action-packed schedule traveling to over six Asian countries, meeting hundreds of awesome people and building great connections with...

From: Cyborg @SwissBorg

EnergiToken: Tapping into massive markets: it’s only a matter of time

Blockchain technology offers many great advantages over traditional trading mechanics. One of its most important advantages? Global interaction.The inherent nature of blockchain’s limitless capacity to be applied and traded anywhere is of key importance in its global advancement. Unlike...

From: EnergiToken

Opporty ICO: Opporty Technical Paper. Part 1

1. AbstractBusiness information is sensitive. Businesses have incentives to protect certain company data, like transactions and order details to third parties, and they often prefer to make it inaccessible to banks and government agencies.When a company makes a transaction through a bank, they...

From: Opporty ICO

AppCoins Official: ANU #14 — Updates on Ritchie Release and ChinaJoy

AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual, we are going to cover dev updates, market reports, team members and upcoming events. This week’s focus is on the ongoing preparations regarding our September release — which will include...

From: AppCoins Official

Alphacat: Alphacat Report (July 1–15)

Dear Alphacats!As part of our efforts to be transparent and communicate regularly with our community, we are pleased to share this mid-month report, which includes our progress during these last two weeks and our outlook for the future.Community1. As of the middle of July, the effectiveness of...

From: Alphacat

Snovian.Space: 20% cashback deal from Snovian.Space x Flogmall collab

Hello, dear SNOV enthusiasts!As you know, recently we’ve become official partners with an international marketplace FLOGmall, where you can now buy top products directly with SNOV tokens.BUT there’s more:Flogmall’s tokensale is almost over, so register on Snovian.Space now to get 20% of...

From: Snovian.Space

Huobi Pro: Huobi Carnival!

The biggest interactive blockchain theme carnival including roadshows & listing vote in Korea, Huobi Carnival has started the registration! Blockchain giants, Jihan Wu, Dawei Yuan, Dong Zhao, and more will join the carnival to give in-depth discussions. Additionally, this is the first...

From: Huobi Pro

CEDEX: Weekly Crypto Report 18.07.18

After a week off due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re back with some interesting news stories that may impact the Crypto world in the days to come.Interesting News Highlights On Cryptocurrency Last Week:•US DoJ Charges 12 Russian Officials With Cryptocurrency-Funded Elections...


Unocoin: Buying your dream home with Ethereum

Buying your dream home with EthereumYou might have thought about buying that coveted beach house one day. Or, save up enough money to buy that apartment with the awesome view of the city’s skyline from a skyscraper. In today’s world of cryptoasset transactions based on blockchain...

From: Unocoin

July 17, 2018

SyncFab: SyncFab Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO, JULY 17, 2018– SyncFab, the first hardware manufacturing supply chain blockchain focused on connecting hardware buyers with manufacturers, today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative.As a...

From: SyncFab

Jon Nolz: Blockchain Is Reshaping Ad Tech — Here’s The Conversations We’ll Be Having At The Postback…

Blockchain Is Reshaping Ad Tech — Here’s The Conversations We’ll Be Having At The Postback ConferenceHi, Storm Community,I find myself continuously excited with the opportunity that we have with the Storm team. The journey has moved very quickly since I started working with...

From: Jon Nolz

SyncFab: TechCrunch Ethereum Meetup Recap: SyncFab Keeping Manufacturers Connected

Ethereum leader Vitalik Buterin discusses transaction fee economicsBlockchain is the most disruptive new technology today. The blockchain is a new kind of international institution. Transaction challenges, decentralized exchanges, sharding, blockmining, and plasma. There’s a lot going on with...

From: SyncFab
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