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September 19, 2018

Cyborg @SwissBorg: Meet Dr. Otilia Gudana: SwissBorg’s Passionate Community Manager

Otilia Gudana was born in the forests of Transylvania. An only child, she was eager to move and explore the world on her own. She attended boarding school and university in Bucharest, spending her fifth year of college in Ingolstadt Germany where she learned German. After her bachelor’s...

From: Cyborg @SwissBorg

Metaverse Team: Welcome Metaverse Russian Ambassador

We’re excited to announce that Metaverse has a new ambassador in Russia!— Nesterov KonstantinNesterov Konstantin has been supporting Metaverse in Russian community for long time. To know Nesterov better, we had an interview with him. Let’s step into this interview together.Q: Could you...

From: Metaverse Team

Gal Jakič: GUIDE: How to Become an Invoice Buyer at Hiveterminal

We are truly living in exciting times! A little more then a year after our initial HVN token crowdsale, the time has come to unveil Hiveterminal, our blockchain-based liquidity platform. By utilizing automation and blockchain technology, we are breaking barriers by opening invoice financing to...

From: Gal Jakič

Blackmoon: Blackmoon. Monthly Digest. September, 2018

After a successful rollout of the crypto strategies Blackmoon is at an exciting precipice. The development team have gained further confidence and experience, and now its full steam ahead when it comes to new product launch execution. Nevertheless, even at a stage where our pace is ever...

From: Blackmoon

Łukasz Gleń: Brass Golem Marketplace, Introduction

Authors: Marcin Benke, Łukasz GleńThanks to María Paula FernándezWith Golem you can exchange computational power, as a commodity or a service for GNT. These are market transactions. The different parties (users) and transactions are part of a small economy.Within the Golem economy, we are...

From: Łukasz Gleń

DAO.Casino Team Blog: DAO.Casino releases an SDK and launches a Telegram chat for developers

Dear supporters,We are approaching a crucial phase of our product’s development cycle, when we are starting to introduce our protocol to game developers, allowing them to gain first-hand experience with our development kit, provide feedback and receive help.Today our development team is proud...

From: DAO.Casino Team Blog

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — Sept. 19th, 2018

‘Blockchain sector needs to become practical’[THE INVESTOR] The worldwide craze for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which started late last year, seems to have lost its luster as the prices of crypto coins have plummeted to their lowest levels in recent months.Some prominent CEOs of...

From: BOScoin

Hugo May: The golden age of ICO

In 2017, the only crypto investors who were not profitable were the ones who lost their private keys or invested in ETH bots. Acquiring a bitcoin position within the first quarter delivered returns that are very seldom found in global investing, but even these returns were eclipsed by many ICOs....

From: Hugo May

Hugo May: The Golden Age of ICOs — In the Past or Yet to Come?

In 2017, the only crypto investors who were not profitable were the ones who lost their private keys or invested in ETH bots. Acquiring a bitcoin position within the first quarter delivered returns that are very seldom found in global investing, but even these returns were eclipsed by many ICOs....

From: Hugo May

Bonnie Chan: New Gatecoin platform is now live!

HONG KONG — 19 September 2018 — Gatecoin is proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website.The Gatecoin team has been working for the past months to improve our infrastructure and upgrade our website to create a platform which features seamless and intuitive trading...

From: Bonnie Chan

Loong: Mainnet Rollout Plan

We are very excited to announce that our Mainnet Beta will be the first official release of Republic Protocol, launching in the last week of September 2018. It marks a significant step towards our long term goal to bring traditional financial tools to the decentralized ecosystem.On Mainnet,...

From: Loong


Developing a customized blockchain service model for banks, insurance companies, and broker dealers.Greetings from the ICONLOOP Team, August 1st — ICONLOOP signed an MOU with SK C&C to cooperate and co-develop blockchain business models in financial industries. This MOU aims to build...

From: ICON Foundation

ICON Foundation: ICONLOOP-SK Holdings C&C MOU

Developing a customized blockchain service model for banks, insurance companies, and broker dealersGreetings from the ICONLOOP Team, September 19thㅡICONLOOP signed an MOU with SK Holdings C&C to cooperate and co-develop blockchain business models in financial industries. This MOU aims to...

From: ICON Foundation

September 18, 2018

The Аbyss Team: |プラットフォーム開発:最新情報その10


From: The Аbyss Team

AirToken by Airfox: Engineering updates & more

August update from the Airfox and AirToken engineering teamGreetings! It’s been a busy end of the summer for us at Airfox as we continue in our mission to provide financial services to the unbanked and underbanked in emerging markets. Here are some of the highlights of what we accomplished as...

From: AirToken by Airfox

Team Elix: 4 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask Before Crowdfunding

There are many reasons why crowdfunding can be beneficial for small businesses. Crowdfunding can be a great alternative to a loan. Small businesses usually get higher interest rates compared to getting a loan for a house or a car. This is because small business has more inherent risk. Most small...

From: Team Elix

The Аbyss Team: |Phát triển Nền tảng: Cập nhật 10

Chào mọi người! Vui lòng xem báo cáo trạng thái phát triển dưới đây, báo cáo này bao gồm khoảng thời gian từ mùng 3 tháng 9 đến ngày 16 tháng 9. Trong khung thời gian này, chúng tôi đã tập trung giới thiệu các cải tiến giao diện khác...

From: The Аbyss Team

PARKGENE: PARKGURU Group Participation at Thessaloniki International Fair 2018

PARKGURU the innovative smart parking company, featuring complete parking solutions, was a featured exhibitor at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair “Digital Greece” Pavilion, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information. The PARKGURU...


Coinbase: The marriage between crypto and community journalism

A conversation with Manoush Zomorodi, host of the podcast ZigZag, a crypto and blockchain explainerAs a podcaster, journalist, and generally curious person, Manoush Zomorodi has made a career out of examining the intersection of technology and human behavior. The former host and creator of...

From: Coinbase

Alexander Khoriaty: district0x Dev Update - September 18th, 2018

Development progress and product changes from district0xGiven the traveling schedule of the team in the past two weeks in attending the ETHBerlin hackathon, as well as a talk given at ClojureTre (recorded here, with a public repository here), we have a bit less development progress to show for...

From: Alexander Khoriaty

SingularDTV: The 7 Best Blogs for Learning about Blockchain Culture

Find out the best sources to get info about decentralization, blockchain technology, and the communities they are affecting.As blockchain technology seeps further into almost every industry in the world — from government to supply chain to energy and entertainment — there’s more to...

From: SingularDTV

AidCoin: Interview with our tech team: check the new AIDPay features!

Great news for our current and future partners! From today on, integrating AIDPay to your website or application has become even easier: AIDPay can be customized to perfectly fit your product design and not only that.But first, let us refresh your memories:AIDPay is an embeddable widget for...

From: AidCoin

P.J. Leimgruber: Community Poll Update & FAQ #6

Results From Poll #5, Completion of Design Contest & MoreIn today’s update, we announce the winner of Poll #5, and formally kick off Poll #6 — the last and final of the Meme Factory Community Polls. During this past weeks vote for the Back-of-Meme design, a total of 60,701,315.39...

From: P.J. Leimgruber

Cyborg @SwissBorg: Blockchain Unchained: SwissBorg Gathering Minds & Lifting Spirits!

SwissBorg’s Head of Marketing, Vince Howard, opened the eventThe Blockchain Unchained conference, powered by SwissBorg held in Geneva on September 12th, was one of those action-packed events that engage the mind and lift the spirit. One that was especially needed in these bearish days of the...

From: Cyborg @SwissBorg

Jose Mota: Blockchain Influencer Thomas Power to Discuss the Future of Token Economies on OST LIVE

Thomas Power, business advisor, board director, and blockchain influencer will join us on this week’s OST LIVE to discuss tokenization and what it will take for mainstream adoption of blockchain. Join us on YouTube Live this Wednesday 19 September 2018!Thomas is an advisor to the OST project...

From: Jose Mota Join the Brickblock Bug Bounty Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Brickblock Bug Bounty Program!After ConsenSys Diligence’s successful audit of our smart contract ecosystem (official release coming soon), it is now time to give our community the opportunity to review our codebase ahead of the upcoming...


HOQU: HOQU Giveaway! 17 сентября - 14 октября

Примите участие и получите шанс выиграть ETH и HQX токеныУ нас хорошие новости! HOQU проводит розыгрыш!Недавно мы объявили о запуске бета-версии платформы HOQU(affiliate),...

From: HOQU

TenX: [DE] Q&A mit Julian Hosp zum TenX Q2 Transparenz Report

[Video Link]Was ist der Grund für den Q2 Transparenz Report?Es ist jetzt genau 1 Jahr nach unserer ICO. Als TenX sehen wir es als absolut sinnvoll euch zu beschreiben was innerhalb des letzten Jahres passiert ist. Damals waren wir gerade mal 8 Leute. Heute haben wir um die 80 Mitarbeiter und...

From: TenX

TenX: [EN] Summary of Q&A — TenX Q2 Transparency Report

Hey community, please see below for a summary of Julians Q&A last week regarding the Transparency Report:What is the reason for the Q2 Transparency Report?It’s now been exactly 1 year since our ICO. At TenX we wanted to show you what has happened within the last year from when we were just...

From: TenX Meet Lympo in these global business and tech events

Participating in the global conversation about the future of tech and blockchain has always been very important to us here at Lympo. And now, with a goal to continue sharing our knowledge and passion for technology, we invite you to come and join us at these upcoming business and tech events,...

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