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May 22, 2018

Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: Restoring trust in blockchain with great customer service

Blockchain is advancing and changing at breakneck speed. It can feel like every day there is a new coin, a new technological announcement, and a new regulatory hurdle to overcome. Companies within this space have at times grown so fast that they struggle to scale their infrastructure and teams...

From: Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.

STORM Token: GDPR Data Privacy Update

An update from the Storm team.Hi, Storm Soldiers,Like many organizations who work with customers, consumers and users, we are making privacy policy updates related to “GDPR.” To the Storm organization, GDPR has impacts across the board, from business operations to product features. Here’s...

From: STORM Token

Ben Gerstein: How Blockchain is Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Industry

With all the media frenzy about blockchain revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, SyncFab took the opportunity to put together a simple infographic illustrating the impact cryptocurrency, and it’s underlying technology, blockchain has on the manufacturing status quo. Learn how...

From: Ben Gerstein

blockhive: How Does ILP Work?

Here is an infographic that explains how HIVE tokens work and how they enable the holder to be rewarded for supporting our ecosystem.Dear blockhive community,With the second round of our Initial Loan Procurement underway, we’ve created an infographic to explain how our HIVE tokens work and how...

From: blockhive

Datarius Сryptobank: Analytics of #DTRC

Analytics of #DTRC???? the world together ❤️#cryptocurrency #cryptobank #datarius

From: Datarius Сryptobank

düber: Blockchain news from Spain

Biggest Hits Series by düberSpain’s Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) is the first bank to issue a loan using blockchain. The sum of €75 million, about US$91 million, was processed, from negotiation to sign off to transfer, to the corporate client in mere hours, unlike the standard...

From: düber

Creativechain: NEW ROADMAP 2018–19 A new era for Creativechain begins

In Creativechain we are not going to stop to improve all the spheres that make up our decentralized universe.The team, with great enthusiasm and dedication, is pleased to present the following planned developments for 2018–19:CREA CORENew consensus algorithmThe main objective of the CREA Core...

From: Creativechain

LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets: LATOKEN Adds Zebi(ZCO), Pundi X (NPXS), Holo (HOT), Libra Credit (LBA), Cryptaur (CPT), Pecunio…

LATOKEN Adds Zebi(ZCO), Pundi X (NPXS), Holo (HOT), Libra Credit (LBA), Cryptaur (CPT), Pecunio (PCO) Token Trading Pairs and Elysian (ELY) ICOWe’re happy to announce that new ICOs and token trading pairs are available on the LATOKEN platform.LATOKEN users can safely and easily participate in...

From: LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets

John Chiarella: Moeda to Appear in Cannes Documentary

Moeda will appear in a series of Reuters-produced documentaries titled Next: Blockchain, about blockchain technology and its wide array of applications. The first episode appeared earlier this month in Cannes, France, and is set for wider release in June. Numerous micro-financed cooperatives and...

From: John Chiarella

Datarius Сryptobank: #Datarius cryptobank on #Blockfolio!

#Datarius cryptobank on #Blockfolio!#Cryptorize the world together ❤️#cryptocurrency #cryptobank #dtrc

From: Datarius Сryptobank

Cindicator: Best Insights from Cindicator Traders and Analysts

The community of 100,000+ decentralised analysts and thousands of token holders is what sets Cindicator apart. The community is an inexhaustible source of insights, ideas, and inspiration for our team.We believe in sharing knowledge. That’s why we’ve recently asked our analysts and traders...

From: Cindicator

NAVIADDRESS: Find an existing naviaddress using our app!

Naviaddress is a blockchain-based addressing system of the 21st century city. The system provides users with naviaddresses as unified digital IDs for any place or object in the physical and virtual worlds. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the traditional way we identify, locate...

From: NAVIADDRESS Three roles on the LaborX platform

The users on our decentralised labour hire marketplace are split into three categories: Recruiters, Workers and Clients. Here’s how they differ.LaborX is ChronoBank’s peer-to-peer jobs marketplace. It will allow workers to connect with employers, completing tasks and getting paid in Labour...


SingularDTV: SingularDTV and Centrality Announce Details for 10,000,000 SNGX AirDrop

Find out all the essential info and read our best practices in participating securely and effectively in the SNGX-SNGLS-CENNZ Airdrop.Launched in November 2017 as a joint venture between SingularDTV and Centrality, SingularX is a decentralized exchange for tokens generated in the...

From: SingularDTV

World Wi-Fi: Reflecting on a highly successful World Wi-Fi Tokensale.

Hello, everyone, this is World Wi-Fi team announcing the Success of the Token Sale! Thanks to your support, we raised $25 million and closed the HardCap!Now, let’s sum up what we’ve done so far. But first, let us remind you what World Wi-Fi is all about.The work on the World Wi-Fi system...

From: World Wi-Fi

Adshares: Adshares tokens conversion process and fees information

ESC Masternodes explainedESC blockchain has the unique two-tier architecture that allows achieving very high performance and much better security with multi-factor authentication (2FA).Each user account is assigned to a single masternode. The task of a masternode is to provide the user with the...

From: Adshares

The Аbyss Team: |SOT (Save Our Tokens): The Abyssロイヤリティプログラム

The Abyssトークンセール(DAICO)期間中にABYSSトークンを入手できなかったという方には、何らかの理由があってのことでしょう。残念ながら、私どもの講じた対策にもかかわらず、多くのThe...

From: The Аbyss Team

ALAX: NiceGame & Quick Game Are Hopping on ALAX’s Train

Last week, we informed you about our future collaboration with Torque, one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the Philippines, who have announced that our ALAX App Store will come as preinstalled on their mobile devices. And just like we promised, there are more of such...

From: ALAX

BANKEX: BANKEX Smart Justice: When Irrefutable Judgment Gets Real

BANKEX announces the launch of Smart Justice, a blockchain based arbitration service for dispute resolution and reputation management in the crypto sphere. Decentralized transactions rely on math, and immutable ledgers and Smart Justice arbitration are fully aligned with this concept and...


Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin: Protect Your Ownership Data with EmerDPO!

In the 21st century new technological solutions appear almost every day, adding something new to our everyday life. Of course, currently, the general quality of people’s life is higher than ever all around the world. However, the role of innovations in our lives lies not only in bringing...

From: Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

Snovio: Snovio Updates: Week #24

Hello Snovians!Welcome to our weekly news update.MARKETPLACE UPDATESFrom now on all users, whether they are customers or contributors, can see the full list of all active orders in the Snovio Marketplace. As mentioned earlier, there’s now an option to change your role: customers сan look...

From: Snovio

Jarrod Dicker: The Creator Economy: Development Labs, Inkrypt & the Builder Community

The value of is an ecosystem for the media world of tomorrow where ownership, reputation and discovery are at its core. This is catalyzed through the use of blockchain as we are giving creators around the world a platform to control their assets so that they can receive market value for...

From: Jarrod Dicker

Miha Vidmar: ICONOMI App Updates

iOS, Android, New Supported CountriesWe are constantly working on adding features and enhancements to improve our users’ experience with our products. Today, mobile users are on an upsurge, and so is the demand for iOS and Android apps.iOSThe latest release of the official ICONOMI iOS app has...

From: Miha Vidmar

The Аbyss Team: |SOT (Save Our Tokens): Chương trình thân thiết của The Abyss

Có nhiều lý do khiến một số bạn không nhận được token ABYSS của mình trong thời gian Token Sale của The Abyss (DAICO). Tiếc rằng, bất chấp mọi nỗ lực của chúng tôi, một số người ủng hộ The Abyss đã chở thành nạn nhân của những...

From: The Аbyss Team

Playkey Team: Playkey plans to buy back 2,000,000 PKT for up to 2.5 million dollars

From May 29 to June 29, Playkey plans to buy back PKT on the HitBTC exchange. Although the buyback price will be determined by the exchange rate, it shouldn’t exceed $1.24 per PKT.“We do that in accordance with our roadmap to keep the PKT price under the review and to increase the quality...

From: Playkey Team

Mosaic: Mosaic’s Weekly Cryptoasset Roundup — May 22, 2018

Mosaic constantly monitors a wide range of sources for cryptoasset news and summarizes the most interesting items in a daily newsletter. In addition, we are now providing this weekly roundup which draws together and analyzes our favourite news and features of the week. Subscribe to our daily...

From: Mosaic

AidCoin: Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, joins AidCoin as an Advisor

The past few days have been so intense for our team, we can’t help sharing more great news!This time, we’re excited to announce that Galia Benartzi, Co-founder of the Bancor Protocol, has joined AidCoin in an advisory role.The Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart...

From: AidCoin

Creativechain: Creativechain, the platform that distributes cryptocurrency to artists and creatives

Imagine a social network like Instagram, Behance or Vimeo, without intermediaries, without registration, totally p2p and where users can interact directly with their followers by sharing content with various copyright licenses, also applying all the benefits that Blockchain technology brings....

From: Creativechain


DeHedge ambassador Đinh Quang Lộc took part in the WBCSummit and paid a visit to our Moscow office: Asian markets are under control!#money #moneymaker #capital #ico #blockchain #cryptocurrency#cryptocurrencies #icos #hedging #blockchains #risk #risks #hedge#technology #science #bigdata...

From: DeHedge

Papyrus: Papyrus — The Future of Advertising

The advertising industry much like the financial markets has been through two key inflection points in the last 20 years — firstly that of digitisation in the early 2000’s and automation around 2010. The financial markets moved from floor-based trading to screen based algorithmic trading...

From: Papyrus
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