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February 23, 2018

Coinvest: Coinvest Strengthens Platform With Product and Strategic Partnerships

We’re proud to team up with several product and strategic partners, who offer leading services in their respective fields. Together, we’re developing a strong partner ecosystem to support the infrastructure of our vision to democratize access to and ease of investing in...

From: Coinvest

Arnold Pham: Lunyr Dev Update— Plagiarism Detection, Random Peer Review Selection, Gas Reimbursement Status, and…

Lunyr Dev Update— Plagiarism Detection, Random Peer Review Selection, Gas Reimbursement Status, and more!Hello all Lunyrians! The platform is growing rapidly and now has over 2000 articles! In the meanwhile, we‘ve been working hard to address all of your concerns, and continuing to develop...

From: Arnold Pham

Joël Valenzuela: How Does the Lightning Network Stack Up Against Its Biggest Competitors?

Bitcoin has longtime and well-known scaling problems, with fees last year spiking to over $30 on average for a transaction and confirmations taking hours, sometimes days. The transaction load of the network topped out at around 400,000 per day, capped by the one megabyte block size. In order to...

From: Joël Valenzuela

C. Edward Kelso: Montana Scores $250 Million Bitcoin Mining Campus

The Big Sky Country state of Montana keeps raking them in. For the second time this month, a mining operation is announcing its moving to the Butte area. Power Block Coin LLC is reportedly plunking down a quarter of a billion dollars to upgrade existing facilities to mine the world’s most...

From: C. Edward Kelso

Darico Coin: Hot Coins Weekly Roundup #60

23 February 2018Darico’s weekly look at the hottest coins on the market.You can almost feel the confidence trickling back into the markets. Last week may well have been a strong one but that only meant we were all waiting for the fall, wondering just how low it could go.Well, it’s been...

From: Darico Coin

Dan Romero: Announcing SegWit support on Coinbase

We’re excited to announce support for Bitcoin Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions on Coinbase. Over the next week, we will be gradually enabling SegWit compatible Bitcoin sends and receives for all customers. To learn more, visit our SegWit FAQ page.What is SegWit?A SegWit compatible...

From: Dan Romero

Bitfinex: Security Update

Calling attention to the rise in fraudulent Twitter activityIn recent weeks we have seen an increasing number of fraudulent schemes circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms. Our users should exercise extreme caution when interacting with any parties soliciting donations,...

From: Bitfinex

Matej Tomazin: DAA Manager Insights: Arnold A. Sternberg

Jose Andres said, “The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow.” This idea can be applied to Switzerland’s open attitude toward the crypto scene, confirmed by our DAA Manager Arnold A. Sternberg, who explains this relationship...

From: Matej Tomazin

JoinWell: Redefining the future of the Olympics

The first Olympic Games were held in the 8th century BC, but it took until 1898, at the competitions in Athens, for them to get the modern shape we see today. As time passed, the Games evolved even more. Later the IOC (International Olympic Committee) adapted major innovations, like the Winter...

From: JoinWell

Kevin Helms: Sneak Peek: Mexico’s Regulations for Crypto Exchanges Expected in ‘Weeks’

Mexico’s bill to regulate fintech institutions including cryptocurrency exchanges is expected to become law within “weeks,” according to local crypto exchange ISBIT. Daniel Luévano, the exchange’s director of operations, shared with what to expect from...

From: Kevin Helms

Serenity Financial: Co-founder of CryptoCurrency World Expo Łukasz Paszkiewicz supports Serenity

Lukas Pashkevich, co-founder of CryptoCurrency World Expo, shared his opinion about Serenity and told how the project guarantees fairness of trade and protects investors’ funds from fraud. Using blocking technologies, the Serenity project will unite financial companies and traders around the...

From: Serenity Financial

Kevin Helms: Maduro Asks Venezuela’s Banks to Mine and Use Cryptocurrency – Unions Outraged

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has authorized all savings banks in the country to mine and use the recently launched national cryptocurrency, the petro. Union leaders are outraged by the suggestion, calling the petro a scam, accusing Maduro of abusing his power, and declaring the...

From: Kevin Helms

Jason Goldberg: Join the OST KIT⍺ Early Adopter Program & Earn $OST!

$200,000 worth of $OST rewards availableWe are designing OST KIT to be the complete blockchain toolkit for business.OST KIT gives companies all the tools they need to run a blockchain-powered economy on scalable OpenST side chains, without requiring in-house blockchain developers.OST KIT⍺...

From: Jason Goldberg

Snovio Token Sale: Understanding Volatility in Blockchain Tokens

Regardless of whether you’re someone that’s only heard of cryptocurrency on the news, or an expert blockchain enthusiast, you most likely are aware that cryptocurrency (as well as blockchain tokens in general) are highly volatile assets. When one compares cryptocurrency or blockchain assets...

From: Snovio Token Sale

Valorem Foundation: Valorem Token’ partnership with Green.

Green Money is committed to providing our investors and contributors with seamless checking account service to be able to process fiat based purchases of the VLR Token.500 VLR Starter Token Block + 50% Bonus (Cost: $250)5,000 VLR Premium Token Block + 50% Bonus (Cost: $2,500)10,000 VLR...

From: Valorem Foundation

Doc Coin: сBad Breath

The ketogenic diet has been ridiculously trendy as of late (bacon can help you lose weight? Sign us up.) But even though you might be getting your fill of crispy ham and eggs on the keto diet, you may also be getting some nasty breath.“Basically, when someone goes on a ketogenic diet, they...

From: Doc Coin

Darren Capdax: New Exchanges On The Rise [Video]

Are there alternative exchanges to Binance & Bittrex? @CryptoCoinConsultants via YouTube give an in-depth video analysis of two exchanges that are peeking over the horizon. Hint: we’re one of them. will let the...

From: Darren Capdax

C. Edward Kelso: Crypto-Backed SALT Claims $1.3 Billion Backlog, Suspends New Memberships

Secured Automated Lending Technology (SALT) has an enviable problem if its recent Medium post is to be believed. The membership-based crypto-as-collateral loan platform has declared “a demand of over $1.3b in loan requests” is forcing it to suspend “new membership registrations, loan...

From: C. Edward Kelso

C. Edward Kelso: France Cracks Down on Bitcoin Derivatives

Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the independent regulatory body governing France’s stock market, issued two statements today, one on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and another on the prospect of bitcoin derivatives. Both point to more oversight to come for crypto in France, including...

From: C. Edward Kelso

Jamie Redman: California Bill Aims to Recognize Blockchain Records

The state of California has introduced a new bill that aims to recognize blockchain transactions, digital signatures, and smart contracts as a legal form of record. Assemblyman Ian Calderon introduced Assembly Bill 2658 on February 20 in order to re-define laws that apply to electronic records...

From: Jamie Redman

February 22, 2018

Samuel Haig: Four Arrested Following Taiwanese Crypto Robbery

Taiwanese police have arrested four men after a bitcoin robbery worth five million Taiwanese dollars (approximately $170,000 USD). The case has been described as the first of its kind in Taiwan by authorities. Also Read: Bungling Bitcoin Thieves Foiled by Quick-Witted Trader  Taiwanese Trader...

From: Samuel Haig

Kevin Helms: Venezuela Orders Government Services to Accept Any Cryptocurrency

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has ordered the country’s consular services, as well as several other services and gas stations, to accept any cryptocurrency including the nation’s own petro. In addition, he has announced the launch of another cryptocurrency, this time backed with...

From: Kevin Helms

Monetha: Interview with Monetha’s Software Engineer | Dmitrij

Tell us a bit more about your professional background? How did you get into software development?I started programming when I was in school. I wrote my first programs for a programmable calculator Elektronika MK-61 (non-BASIC, RPN programmable calculator which was manufactured in the Soviet...

From: Monetha

Covesting: First Ever Public Presentation of the Covesting Platform

Voila!Only back in December 2017 Covesting successfully held an ICO after its MVP earned praise from the community. The company has demonstrated non-stop efforts in building its trading platform and related initiatives since then, with its unique educational and informational Crypto Intelligence...

From: Covesting

Jamie Redman: Markets Update: BTC Prices Dip Below $10K

BTC prices and a vast majority of other cryptocurrencies have taken a significant dive over the past 24-hours as the entire crypto-economy shaved $75Bn from its recent highs this week. BTC/USD markets dropped to a low of $9,730. Also Read: China Censors Cryptocurrency Ads on Search Engines and...

From: Jamie Redman

Serenity Financial: Don’t miss 24h Flash Sale on Serenity tokens!

Dear friends!We are getting close to the final token sale stage and lately we have been receiving a lot of requests for additional discounts, especially from those who have just recently joined our community.In an aim to serve the growing demand, on the 26th of February, we are providing a 40%...

From: Serenity Financial

Galaxy eSolutions: Quick Recap of our Strategic Partners & Advisors

Toasting after the MOU CeremonyOn the 12th of February 2018, Galaxy eSolutions signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) agreement with Landray, a listed company in China, on strategic investment and development.Landray provides Business Process Management (BPM), WorkFlow and O.A IT solutions...

From: Galaxy eSolutions

Tatu Kärki: Team Interviews: Jouni, Aragon’s Design Lead

Jouni is an experienced designer who’s looking to change the future of society and workThis time on Team Interviews Jouni, Aragon’s new Design Lead! We get into his previous work designing open source software, what kind of impact technology can have on our global living environment and how...

From: Tatu Kärki

Kevin Helms: 20+ South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Voluntarily Undergo Evaluations

Over twenty cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have agreed to undergo evaluations, including the country’s top four exchanges: Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit. This is part of their self-regulatory efforts, in conjunction with the Korean Blockchain Association. Also read: Indians...

From: Kevin Helms

Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO: FLOGmall at KICKICO

We all realize cypro has many advantages over fiat money. FIrst, is has more value since its purchasing power is constantly increasing. Second, it is more functional, convenient and secure. Unfortunately, the problem faced nowadays is that buying everyday stuff, gadgets or food with crypto is...

From: Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO
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