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July 18, 2018

Jamie Redman: Powerful Cryptocurrency Firms on the Road Towards Becoming Banks

When bitcoin came out, supporters believed that the decentralized cryptocurrency would decimate the banking industry. Years later, as digital currencies became more mainstream, these networks were suddenly commanding billion dollar valuations. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerage...

From: Jamie Redman

Kevin Helms: Robin Hood Movie and Robinhood App Hold $50k Crypto Scavenger Hunt at Comic-Con

Lionsgate studio and Robinhood app have teamed up to give away $50,000 in a crypto scavenger hunt at the San Diego Comic-Con this week. This is to promote the studio’s upcoming Robin Hood movie. Attendees will search for coins, redeemable for $50, $500, $1,000, and $5,000, which can then...

From: Kevin Helms

Creativechain: NEW WEEKLYS CHALLENGE: Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name given to the creator of blockchain. The identity behind this technology is unknown to the date and has been subject of many investigations. It is still unclear whether this is work of a single man or a group of people or even if the name Satoshi is real or...

From: Creativechain

Viacoin: Viacoin Development Update — 07/2018

Our last development update was published at the end of April 2018 so it is time for a brand new development update! As you may have seen on Twitter, we’ve released a lot of exciting stuff in the past few months. We’re keeping the development pace high and will continue to release more...

From: Viacoin

Alphacat: Alphacat Report (July 1–15)

Dear Alphacats!As part of our efforts to be transparent and communicate regularly with our community, we are pleased to share this mid-month report, which includes our progress during these last two weeks and our outlook for the future.Community1. As of the middle of July, the effectiveness of...

From: Alphacat

CEDEX: Weekly Crypto Report 18.07.18

After a week off due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re back with some interesting news stories that may impact the Crypto world in the days to come.Interesting News Highlights On Cryptocurrency Last Week:•US DoJ Charges 12 Russian Officials With Cryptocurrency-Funded Elections...


Kevin Helms: Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses

The Kodak-branded bitcoin mining rigs unveiled at the CES technology trade show this year will no longer be available to mine for customers. Amid scam accusations, the company behind the Kodak Kashminer crypto mining scheme has reportedly confirmed the plan has collapsed, citing intervention by...

From: Kevin Helms

July 17, 2018

Samuel Haig: Post-Flood Reflections Reveal Insights Into Lives of Sichuan Miners

With Chinese media estimating that Sichuan’s mining sector comprises 70% of the computing power of both the bitcoin network and the total processing power situated within China’s borders, reflections following the devastating Sichuan floods’ have many insights into the realities of life of...

From: Samuel Haig

Rahul Singireddy: Relayer Report #6 — Decentralized Exchanges, Meet NFTs

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: July 17th, 2018Written by Rahul Singireddy. Sign up for Relayer Report hereQuick updates from the 0x team:We started a developer specific email list that you can sign up for here. The next couple of months in particular will bring a lot of important...

From: Rahul Singireddy

Mosaic: Is plutocratic on-chain governance really a bad thing?

Twice a week, the Mosaic research team will delve into important topics in one of the four areas: Regulation, Products, Cryptoeconomics, & Technology.Lanre Ige (@lanrayige)Aims and why this mattersThere have been a number of important articles written against on-chain governance over the...

From: Mosaic

Brian Watson: Invictus Hyperion Summer Tour 2018 Part I

Tulip 2018 Emerging Technologies Conference — San FranciscoOver the month of June I travelled to cities in the USA, UK and Europe representing Invictus Capital and the Invictus Hyperion Fund at conferences focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The objective of this trip...

From: Brian Watson

Julien Béranger: iExec Workerdrop #1 — Turn your computer into a worker and earn RLC

On July 20th, 8am UTC, iExec will run its first Workerdrop. The goal is to guide workers through the process of sharing their computing resources and to test, validate and scale the iExec network on Mainnet.Get ready to turn your computer into a worker for the chance to earn RLC tokens!What is...

From: Julien Béranger

Status: Announcing the Status Hackathon — #CryptoLife!

Join us in Prague, Oct 26–28 as we look to #buidl the future of a better webWe’re hosting a hackathon in Prague right before DevCon4 — find out more here!At Status, we often get asked what all this web3 stuff is all about anyway. Generally, we’ll dive into technical explanations...

From: Status

QUOINE: Crypto security roundup: June 2018

We talk about security a lot at QUOINE because we know how important it is. Understanding how to safely be a part of cryptocurrency is vital. One of the best ways to develop your knowledge of security is to look at issues that have arisen in the past. Here are the main security issues that...


Paycent: Get 15% off Your Paycent Card with Dash!

Paycent and Dash are now partners! Paycent is a game changer in the financial technology industry while Dash is a digital cash you can spend anytime or anywhere with instant transactions and micro-fees. In order to celebrate this partnership, we are happy to announce that we’ll give a 15%...

From: Paycent

Kevin Helms: Largest Association of Investment Professionals Adds Crypto to Curriculum

CFA Institute, with over 150,000 members, is adding cryptocurrency topics to its curriculum for the first time. The course material will be released in August. A record 227,031 people in 91 countries and territories reportedly registered to take CFA exams this year. Also read: Yahoo! Japan...

From: Kevin Helms

Huobi Pro: #HuobiTalk with STACK — Digital Wallet for Instant Transactions in Any Fiat/Crypto Currency

Instant Crypto Payment by STACKSTACK is a digital banking platform that aims to build a banking option for millennials. STACK’s mandate is to let users access to their money anywhere with any currency. Right now, it is a full banking platform with a debit card attached to it that applies even...

From: Huobi Pro

Eligma: Community update: ETH integration, Silicon Valley developments, and media interest

Our growing Elipay family increased by 8 members in the last two weeks! Our latest additions include an optician facility, a hunting gear shop, a fitness club, a jewelry shop, a piercing and tattoo studio, a scuba diving center, a professional cosmetics store, and a coffee shop. The most...

From: Eligma

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — July 17, 2018

Community DiscussionOpening English TelegramWe have officially opened an English telegram for general discussion and an Announcements channel. Please click on the below links to go to our official channels. We will continue to support our community slack in the short term.Official...

From: BOScoin

Lubomir Tassev: Iran Considers Using Cryptocurrencies to Evade US Sanctions

Iran may employ cryptocurrencies as part of its efforts to circumvent the upcoming US sanctions, according to a high-ranking Iranian lawmaker who said the matter will be discussed in parliament soon. The Iranian MP also believes that digital money can help with overcoming the hegemony of the US...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Jason Goldberg: Dr. Chris Dark Joins OST as Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

I’m thrilled to announce that my friend and advisor Dr. Chris Dark has joined OST as co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer. Chris will lead all of OST’s go-to-market operations — critical to our strategy of building OST hand-in-hand with high growth companies around the world.OST...

From: Jason Goldberg

Samuel Haig: P2P Markets Report: Latin American and Hungarian Volume Surges

Latin American peer-to-peer (P2P) markets have seen an influx of volume in recent weeks, with the Localbitcoins markets of Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela posting significant spikes in volume. In other news pertaining to international P2P markets, the Hungarian Localbitcoins markets produced...

From: Samuel Haig

Kevin Helms: G20 Watchdog Unveils Framework to Monitor Crypto

A framework has been developed for the G20 countries to “monitor the financial stability implications of crypto-assets markets.” The Financial Stability Board says cryptocurrencies “do not pose a material risk to global financial stability” but supports their “vigilant...

From: Kevin Helms

July 16, 2018

Nano: Developer Update: 7/16/18

Hey Everyone!It’s been an exciting week around Nano, there was seemingly a new development everyday! I’ve focused heavily this week on covering upcoming protocol upgrades and what they mean for the network.Epoch Blocks Merged to MasterThe epochs block change is the result of nearly 2...

From: Nano

Augur: Viewing REP Balances on Etherscan

With the REP token migration last week, some REP holders have been sharing that they don’t see their new REP balances accurately reflected on Etherscan. This is an Etherscan caching issue, and there is a quick solution to see your REP tokens on the new contract address. Every account that held...

From: Augur

Caviar Media: Crypto Weekly Outlook, Week of July 16

July 15–22 Weekly Report: 2018 lows in trading volume heighten expectation of a large directional moveMarket SentimentThe short-term outlook for the segment remains positive. The broad suggestions from the weekend showed a continuation of declining trading volume, however, without the same...

From: Caviar Media

Crypto Guard: Partaker Hub Monthly Report

Hey everybody!It has now been a full month since we launched the Partaker Hub, a platform aiming at facilitating word-of-mouth and rewarding Particl contributors. A lot of has happened during that time and there’s even more coming out soon!ContestsFor the first month, we opted not to hold any...

From: Crypto Guard


Hello AllWe happy to confirm that CVCOIN(CVN) has been launched on HitBTC exchange.The ticker: CVCOIN Trading pairs: CVCOIN/BTC, CVCOIN/USDT, CVCOIN/ETH are availableYou can deposit and withdraw CVCOIN (BITSHARES) token. CVCOIN Bitshares wallets are available at,...

From: Crypviser Blog

Kevin Helms: Crypto Exchange Coinrail Reopens with Offers to Recover 11 Cryptocurrencies

South Korean exchange Coinrail has resumed service after it was hacked last month. The exchange has offered users some options to recover their cryptocurrencies. Eleven cryptos were stolen, some of which have been fully recovered and are now available for trading and withdrawals. However, some...

From: Kevin Helms

Nathalie Stucky: Japan Tax Agency Says Individuals Earning $1,800+ in Crypto a Year Will Declare Tax

The Japanese NTA (Tax Agency) has announced a new strategic policy put in place by July 15th to promote and improve the environment for people and companies to spontaneously declare their virtual currency income tax returns. Also read: Japan Contemplates Scrapping Its Progressive Crypto Tax...

From: Nathalie Stucky
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