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May 23, 2018

Jamie Redman: Bitcoin Owning Contractors With U.S. Security Clearance May be Flagged ‘Risky’

According to multiple reports, the Pentagon and the Defense Department are debating on whether or not cryptocurrency ownership is a problem for those who have U.S. security clearances and those applying for these privileges. The U.S. agencies may define digital currency owners as a ‘security...

From: Jamie Redman

May 22, 2018

STORM Token: GDPR Data Privacy Update

An update from the Storm team.Hi, Storm Soldiers,Like many organizations who work with customers, consumers and users, we are making privacy policy updates related to “GDPR.” To the Storm organization, GDPR has impacts across the board, from business operations to product features. Here’s...

From: STORM Token

Kevin Helms: 70+ Investigations: 40 Regulators Crack Down on Suspicious Crypto Schemes

Forty regulators in the US and Canada are reportedly collaborating in the largest coordinated crackdown on cryptocurrency scams to date by state and provincial officials. The operation has triggered over 70 investigations so far, with 35 cases completed or pending. Also read: Yahoo! Japan...

From: Kevin Helms

Lubomir Tassev: Johannesburg Gets a New Crypto ATM, Ban Threatened Harare May Lose One

A new crypto teller machine is now operational in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. The ATM, which supports several digital coins, has been installed at a supermarket in the north-western part of the city’s metro area. It is the latest addition to a growing number of terminals...

From: Lubomir Tassev

Helbiz - Mobility System: Helbiz/IDAX — New Exchange Listing

IDAX has opened for the deposit and withdrawal of HBZ, and the open trading time will be notified separately later.Helbiz had previously announced 4 listings for the month of May but can now proudly announce that we have added a 8th listing!IDAX Exchange LaunchHelbiz, is now listed and can be...

From: Helbiz - Mobility System PR: PR: eToro Announces Expansion Plans

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press...

From: PR

Alphacat: Alphacat and Rootscap enter into a strategic partnership

Alphacat and RootscapAlphacat has recently reached a strategic partnership with Rootscap Capital. Alphacat will use its own ACAT financial engine to provide digital currency custody services for Rootscap Capital, achieving value-added results for digital assets.Alphacat’s ACAT financial...

From: Alphacat

BOScoin: BOS Newsletter — May 22nd, 2018

BOS Platform Development updatesTestNet is on schedule for release by early June. An official launch date will be published by the CTO once it is determined. As has already been announced, mainNet will follow several months after testNet launch, and is expected to be launched in 4th quarter...

From: BOScoin

Alphacat: Alphacat can now be Traded on the Popular Exchange HitBTC exchange.

We are pleased to announce that Alphacat tokens (ACAT) are now listed on the popular crypto exchange, HitBTC.Our ACAT token is the third NEP5 token (a token that runs on the NEO blockchain) to be listed on HitBTC. More NEP5 tokens are due to follow but for our team to be selected is a good sign...

From: Alphacat

Kevin Helms: Spanish Regulator Open to Approving Funds Investing Directly in Cryptocurrencies

Spain’s financial regulator has clarified its position on regulated investment funds investing directly in cryptocurrencies. These type of funds are legal under Law 22/2014, and investments can be made through three types of legal entities. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into...

From: Kevin Helms

May 21, 2018

Samuel Haig: Onchain Capital Founder Bullish on BCH and ETH

The founder of Onchain Capital, and host of CNBC Africa’s ‘Crypto Trader’ show, Ran Neu-Ner, recently discussed his outlook for cryptocurrency regulation, initial coin offering (ICOs), and shared his outlook for several top cryptocurrencies markets. Mr. Neu-Ner described Bitcoin Cash and...

From: Samuel Haig

Tatu Kärki: Releasing the Aragon Developer Portal

A new command line tool for building Aragon apps, a straightforward tutorial, and reference documentation for all the building blocksAragon is a complete stack to run decentralized organizations. It makes experimenting with governance at the speed of software possible.You can create Aragon apps...

From: Tatu Kärki

TrueFlip: Flip’s Star — new video is here!

Hey! Check out the brand-new tutorial on Flip’s Star, our flagship game with 400 BTC in the Jackpot!How do you like the visuals? Any ideas on the next clip we should make? :)Don’t forget to like and share: Flip social accounts:Telegram channelTelegram...

From: TrueFlip

AidCoin: Last week — Bittrex, now — UPbit and IDEX

We know how much you’ve been waiting for new exchanges. And it’s funny how after a couple of months of silence we set wheels in motion and broke through with multiple exchanges at a time.Today we have 2 amazing announcements: AID is now listed on Upbit and IDEX with trading commenced on May...

From: AidCoin

Waves Platform: Vanity Address Generation

Crypto addresses are effectively long strings of random characters that aren’t always easy to recognise or distinguish. That’s why personalising them with a vanity address can be fun and handy!Generating your own vanity address for bitcoin and other cryptos is relatively straightforward,...

From: Waves Platform

Unocoin: Learning from the crypto-millionaire Alex Saunders

Learning from the crypto-millionaire Alex SaundersBitcoin had hit a peak value of $20,000 sometime towards the end of 2017, following the prediction of 30-year-old multimillionaire Alex Saunders. When bitcoin hit a low of $ 8000, he added that even though the currency hit a low point, it will...

From: Unocoin

C. Edward Kelso: Marvel, The Simpsons Go Crypto

Crypto is set for yet another banner year, especially if mainstream portrayals of it are any indication. Marvel Comics’ Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1 and The Simpsons: Tapped Out video game are both working-in references to cryptocurrency into their respective storylines and...

From: C. Edward Kelso

Kevin Helms: Canadian Regulator Warns Investors of Five Cryptocurrency Firms

The Ontario Securities Commission has issued a warning against five unlicensed crypto companies involved in schemes to encourage investors to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies. The regulator started gathering information about these platforms after receiving complaints about them. Also...

From: Kevin Helms

Neblio: Neblio Marketing Strategy Update 1 (May 20 2018)

An update on our Marketing StrategyNow that Neblio has gotten to the point that we have a basic product to “sell”, Marketing has become the main focus of attention. In this update I will give a short overview of our current status and more importantly the strategy moving forward.Stage...

From: Neblio

May 20, 2018

Lubomir Tassev: This Week in Bitcoin: Smooth Bitcoin Cash Upgrade, BCH and BTC Tax Payments in Florida

A notable week for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – the network successfully upgraded the blockchain protocol by extending the block size to 32MB. The change will allow a greater number of transactions to be processed with inexpensive and consistent transaction fees. Also, Seminole County in Florida will...

From: Lubomir Tassev Sunday TIMEs Issue #31

14 May — 20 May 2018Welcome to the Issue #31 of Sunday TIMEs: Only 4 more days until LaborX beta launch, New Telegram sticker pack online, The Labour-Hour Tokens Economy, Ask us anything about LaborX and TimeX, personal data on LaborX and Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high:...


May 19, 2018

Kevin Helms: Japanese Crypto Exchange Continues Global Expansion – Now in Five Countries

A Japanese government-approved cryptocurrency exchange has resumed expanding overseas. Already operating in five countries with a plan to launch in more in the near future, the exchange aims to construct a global network of crypto transactions. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the...

From: Kevin Helms

Kevin Helms: China Has Found 421 Fake Cryptocurrencies

A Chinese government-backed industry organization has published a report on fake cryptocurrencies. As of April, its monitoring platform has found 421 fake cryptocurrencies, 60% of which are deployed overseas. The Committee has also outlined major red flags of these cryptocurrencies. Also...

From: Kevin Helms

Coinvest: Token Sale Offering Announcement with Republic Crypto

Republic and Coinvest join forces to provide access and bring power back to the people.We started Coinvest with a goal of decentralization and to bring power back to the people. This premise is demonstrated in our decentralized investment trading platform and overall mission. Since the...

From: Coinvest

Peter Reiseman: The District Weekly — May 19th, 2018

News and updates from the district0x NetworkHeading into the second half of the month, the team is proud to finally release the Meme Factory Design Contest! We have outlined the 3 phases that will lead to the launch of Meme Factory. Following the conclusion of the contest, DNT holders will be...

From: Peter Reiseman

Kevin Helms: Coincheck Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP – Prompted by Japanese Regulator

Japanese exchange Coincheck has confirmed that it is delisting three privacy coins: monero, dash, and zcash. Augur’s reputation token will also be delisted next month. The exchange made this decision after receiving a business improvement order from the country’s financial regulator...

From: Kevin Helms

Lubomir Tassev: Bitcoin in Brief Saturday: Warren Warned By Billboards, Coinbase Tempted by Banking

In Bitcoin in Brief today, billionaire Warren Buffett has been reminded that he was wrong about Google and Amazon, and told he might be wrong about bitcoin, too. Billboards have appeared outside his office to convey the message of the crypto community. Also, a report suggests that the US...

From: Lubomir Tassev

May 18, 2018

C. Edward Kelso: Japan Banking Giant Mitsubishi Goes Crypto With Own Coin

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc, one of the top five banks in the world, announced its intention of testing a proprietary cryptocurrency by 2019. The idea is to roll out its coin initially to a relative handful of customers, hoping they’ll participate in finding inevitable bugs as they...

From: C. Edward Kelso

ModulTrade: MT Market is near!

Dear community ,Friday is a good day to share lots of good news. Mostly we will talk about MT Market — how will it look like, it’s awesome features, traded goods & future updates. But let’s move one after another.We plan to release beta of new improved MT Market till May, 30, and...

From: ModulTrade

Tina Bhatnagar: Update: Our Commitment to Supporting Coinbase Customers

In 2017, the cryptocurrency space experienced a profound uptick in mainstream awareness and growth. As part of that consumer demand for our services increased by 40x and we experienced transaction volumes in November and December of that year that grew by 295%. We viewed last year’s...

From: Tina Bhatnagar
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