Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

September 19, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
16:31 OROC Security Tokens have more in common with common shares than with decentralised blockchain tokens. From: OROC
16:22 CHSB Meet Dr. Otilia Gudana: SwissBorg’s Passionate Community Manager From: CHSB
15:59 SMT Influencer’s principles: the importance of finding your niche From: SMT
15:57 ETP Welcome Metaverse Russian Ambassador From: ETP
15:43 PPT Working capital management for manufacturers From: PPT
14:42 HVN GUIDE: How to Become an Invoice Buyer at Hiveterminal From: HVN
14:22 SGN Indicators: a quick-start guide for long-term profits From: SGN
13:33 BMC Blackmoon. Monthly Digest. September, 2018 From: BMC
13:25 GNT Brass Golem Marketplace, Introduction From: GNT
13:04 KNC Etheremon chấp nhận thanh toán bằng các token ERC20 thông qua Giao thức cung cấp thanh khoản trên… From: KNC
13:03 KNC 이더몬에서 카이버를 활용해 ERC20 토큰 결제가 가능해졌습니다 From: KNC
12:32 DDF That is correct. From: DDF
11:26 BET* DAO.Casino releases an SDK and launches a Telegram chat for developers From: BET*
10:01 BOS BOS Newsletter — Sept. 19th, 2018 From: BOS
09:57 LUCK Luckbox team attends ESI London From: LUCK
09:56 VLR SpicePay and Valorem Foundation will use their technology to combat the risks of today’s volatile… From: VLR
08:37 C20 The Golden Age of ICOs — In the Past or Yet to Come? From: C20
08:37 C20 The golden age of ICO From: C20
03:24 REN Mainnet Rollout Plan From: REN
03:23 REN Darknode Rollout Plan From: REN
02:17 SYC Social Restaurant Review Platform SynchroLife Launches Campaign at 21 Tokyu Plaza Ginza… From: SYC
00:55 MWAT Restart Energy 루마니아 서부에서 가장 큰 에너지 기업으로 인정받다 From: MWAT
00:30 ICX ICONLOOP-SK Holdings C&C MOU From: ICX

September 18, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:08 ABYSS |プラットフォーム開発:最新情報その10 From: ABYSS
21:50 AIR Engineering updates & more From: AIR
20:28 EMT Out Now: easyMINE beta.0.5.0 From: EMT
20:03 ABYSS |Phát triển Nền tảng: Cập nhật 10 From: ABYSS
19:45 ARN Aeron explains CryptoBonusMiles, a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet From: ARN
19:40 BBI Beluga Pay Q3 2018 Update From: BBI
19:31 GENE PARKGURU Group Participation at Thessaloniki International Fair 2018 From: GENE
17:13 LYM Lympo and The Dallas Mavericks unveil the rebranded Lympo Training Facility From: LYM
17:05 DNT district0x Dev Update - September 18th, 2018 From: DNT
16:48 KNC イーサエモンは、Kyberのオンチェーン流動性プロトコルを通し、ERC20トークンでの決済を受け付けます。 From: KNC
16:47 KNC Etheremon通过Kyber的流动性协议接受ERC20代币支付 From: KNC
16:47 KNC Etheremon与Kyber链上流动性协议融合 From: KNC
16:46 SNGLS The 7 Best Blogs for Learning about Blockchain Culture From: SNGLS
16:28 AID Interview with our tech team: check the new AIDPay features! From: AID
16:00 PPT The evolution of retailers and big data From: PPT
15:46 DNT Community Poll Update & FAQ #6 From: DNT
15:42 CHSB Blockchain Unchained: SwissBorg Gathering Minds & Lifting Spirits! From: CHSB
15:24 OST Blockchain Influencer Thomas Power to Discuss the Future of Token Economies on OST LIVE From: OST
15:16 BBT Join the Brickblock Bug Bounty Program From: BBT
14:51 HQX HOQU Giveaway! 17 сентября - 14 октября From: HQX
14:51 HQX HOQU розыгрыш! С 17го сентября по 14е октября From: HQX
14:30 NTK Neuromation Team at the Basel Life From: NTK
14:10 LYM Meet Lympo in these global business and tech events From: LYM
13:52 SNOV Messaging, Groups and Connections are ON! From: SNOV
13:44 ONL On.Live architecture enables possibility for shoppable media. From: ONL
13:39 NPX ETH.USD Strategy Upgrade From: NPX

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