Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

January 19, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
23:00 OKEx Our Favorite Insights From Blockchain Connect From: OKEx
19:01 OKEx Crypto News Roundup — Jan. 18, 2019 From: OKEx

January 16, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
22:05 Coinbase The keys to keeping your crypto safe From: Coinbase
19:06 OKEx OKCoin Celebrates TRX Listing With Two New Contests From: OKEx

January 15, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
16:01 OKEx TRON (TRX) Now Listed on OKCoin From: OKEx
12:04 WavesDEX Solving Challenges with Smart Assets From: WavesDEX
10:13 Bitfinex Bitfinex introduces trading for RSK Infrastructure Framework From: Bitfinex

January 14, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
13:42 WavesDEX Waves to Take Part in Blockchain Gamer Connects From: WavesDEX

January 12, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
19:01 OKEx Crypto News Roundup — Jan. 11, 2019 From: OKEx

January 11, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
15:19 Luno Why Are There So Many Cryptocurrency Scams? From: Luno
14:10 WavesDEX Waves Christmas Game Proves a Success! From: WavesDEX

January 10, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
17:41 Mercado Bitcoin Ethereum Hard Fork — Constantinopla From: Mercado Bitcoin
17:09 Bitfinex Bitfinex Reporting Tools — 2.2 From: Bitfinex
15:19 Bitfinex Tutorial: Creating and managing trades with the new Python client From: Bitfinex
11:11 WavesDEX Waves Pushes Into UK With Wirex Integration From: WavesDEX
02:46 OKEx The Best 10 Tweets Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block From: OKEx
00:35 Bitso Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork — January 2019 From: Bitso

January 09, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
17:03 Bitfinex Internet Node Token (INT) Token Swap From: Bitfinex
15:42 Mercado Bitcoin Volatilidade: E como usá- From: Mercado Bitcoin
08:01 Luno Where do ‘Lost’ Bitcoins Go? From: Luno
05:13 Korbit 51% 공격? 체인 재구성 공격? 이중 지불 공격? From: Korbit

January 08, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
14:41 Mercado Bitcoin Mais de 2.000 criptomoedas para analisar? Não tem problema! From: Mercado Bitcoin

January 07, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
19:44 Coinbase Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently being 51% attacked From: Coinbase
17:11 Bitfinex Bitfinex and Ethfinex Successfully Migrated to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers From: Bitfinex
10:00 Bitfinex Bitfinex Down for Scheduled Upgrade to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers From: Bitfinex

January 05, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
19:01 OKEx Crypto News Roundup — Jan. 4, 2019 From: OKEx

January 04, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
10:13 Unocoin Stable Coins: Are they the future of money? From: Unocoin

January 03, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
18:25 WavesDEX Web3 Apps and Products: Trustless, Synergistic and Monetizable. From: WavesDEX

January 02, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
23:28 Coinbase What we accomplished at Coinbase in Q4 2018 From: Coinbase
17:56 Mercado Bitcoin Resoluções de ano novo? Veja cinco dicas para ter sucesso em seus investimentos em 2019. From: Mercado Bitcoin
14:45 Luno Are Cryptocurrencies Solving Today’s Problems? From: Luno

January 01, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
03:31 OKEx There’s No Winter in OK Group From: OKEx

December 30, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
10:22 Quoine Liquid Q4 Progress Report From: Quoine

December 29, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
09:58 Bitfinex Bitfinex and Ethfinex to Complete Data Migration to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers on January 7th… From: Bitfinex

December 26, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
12:51 WavesDEX Waves Launches Explorer 2.0 From: WavesDEX
09:09 Korbit [코빗 상장 보고서] 룸네트워크(LOOM) From: Korbit
09:09 Korbit [코빗 상장 보고서] 지캐시(ZEC) From: Korbit

December 25, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
14:58 WavesDEX Decentralised Token Verification: Our Vision for the Future and a Fix for the Present From: WavesDEX

December 24, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
14:57 WavesDEX Waves Christmas Game, Powered by Smart Contracts From: WavesDEX

December 22, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:07 Mercado Bitcoin Depósitos e saques de BCH ABC já estão liberados From: Mercado Bitcoin
18:56 OKEx Crypto News Roundup — Dec. 21, 2018 From: OKEx

December 21, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
20:01 Coinbase Giving back now and building for the future From: Coinbase
18:57 Coinbase Introducing Dexter From: Coinbase
12:10 WavesDEX Tokenomica’s Security Tokens Issuance Platform Launches From: WavesDEX

December 20, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
20:01 Coinbase Coinbase welcomes customers from six new European markets From: Coinbase
09:02 Unocoin ELTOO: For OFF-CHAIN CONTRACTS From: Unocoin
08:23 WavesDEX Waves Moscow Blockchain Hackathon — Report From: WavesDEX

December 19, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
20:15 Coinbase Earn cryptocurrency while learning about new digital assets From: Coinbase
18:01 Coinbase A behind the scenes look at the biggest (and quietest) crypto transfer on record From: Coinbase
11:18 WavesDEX New Addition to Waves Ecosystem From: WavesDEX

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