Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

May 22, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 22 2018 From: Kraken
12:29 Vaultoro BlockShow releases finding on the best European countries for blockchain startups From: Vaultoro
09:38 Unocoin What Factors Are Influencing Blockchain Technology? From: Unocoin
09:26 Quoine QUOINEX UI Kaizen: continuous improvement to deliver a customer driven exchange experience From: Quoine

May 21, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:38 HitBTC STRAKS – the new currency focusing on e-commerce utility From: HitBTC
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 21 2018 From: Kraken
18:10 HitBTC Monero Classic – original Monero chain From: HitBTC
13:35 WavesDEX Vanity Address Generation From: WavesDEX
12:47 Unocoin Learning from the crypto-millionaire Alex Saunders From: Unocoin
09:48 Korbit 기타 디지털 자산 서비스 종료 / Termination of Other Digital Assets From: Korbit
05:16 Korbit 개인정보처리방침 개정 사전 공지 / Privacy Policy Update From: Korbit

May 19, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 19 2018 From: Kraken
12:56 Unocoin Delayed deposits of ERC20 tokens From: Unocoin
06:45 Quoine Mike’s weekend message to QUOINE community (May 19th, 2018) From: Quoine

May 18, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 18 2018 From: Kraken
18:38 Coinbase Update: Our Commitment to Supporting Coinbase Customers From: Coinbase
15:33 Verification Now Available for Users from Mississippi From:
15:16 WavesDEX Hashgraph and New Crypto Technologies From: WavesDEX
08:38 Luno Slow account verifications in Nigeria From: Luno

May 17, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:35 Quoine The problems with ICOs and how to fix them From: Quoine
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 17 2018 From: Kraken
12:07 Vaultoro BlockShow set to use world’s first blockchain polling application during their blockchain conference in Berlin From: Vaultoro
09:32 WavesDEX Блокчейн-платформа Waves заключила стратегическое партнерство с компанией LegalThings From: WavesDEX
04:21 Quoine Signals is now LIVE on QRYPTOS From: Quoine

May 16, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 16 2018 From: Kraken
18:34 HitBTC Ether Joy – the brand new engine for blockchain promotion From: HitBTC
16:13 WavesDEX The New Era for E-commerce: MageWorx Partners with Waves From: WavesDEX
15:44 WavesDEX Compliance Matters: Waves Signs Strategic Partnership with LegalThings One From: WavesDEX
14:53 Luno Bank withdrawals to FNB in South Africa From: Luno
12:27 WavesDEX Waves April Review From: WavesDEX
10:02 Vaultoro 6 Reasons To Own Physical Gold - Part 2 From: Vaultoro
09:09 Unocoin Peter Thiel on Bitcoin From: Unocoin
07:44 Gatecoin DAOstack (GEN) now listed on Gatecoin From: Gatecoin

May 15, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 15 2018 From: Kraken
21:10 Coinfloor Reinstatement of GBP Withdrawals, increase of minimum deposits and withdrawal amounts and change of withdrawal fees for GBP and USD From: Coinfloor
19:04 Kraken Kraken Donates $1m to Coin Center, with an additional $1m matching during May From: Kraken
14:15 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 14 2018 From: Kraken
14:14 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 13 2018 From: Kraken
13:58 WavesDEX Waves Platform: 1 Million Block Reached and Other Numbers From: WavesDEX
13:00 Coinbase Announcing the Coinbase Suite of Institutional Products From: Coinbase
11:08 WavesDEX May Airdrop From: WavesDEX
10:07 Luno Bank deposits in Nigeria From: Luno
08:55 HitBTC NAVI: a unified digital ID for any place and object in real and virtual worlds From: HitBTC
08:55 HitBTC NAVI: the universal language of addresses From: HitBTC

May 14, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
19:57 Coinbase Avoiding Phone Scams From: Coinbase
19:06 Bitfinex Bitfinex & Connamara Release Digital Asset FIX Gateway From: Bitfinex
14:30 Gemini Gemini Is Now the World’s First Licensed Zcash Exchange! From: Gemini
09:39 Unocoin Millennials find it easy to invest in Bitcoin than in stocks From: Unocoin
04:01 Gatecoin Tron (TRX) Migration Notice | Tron (TRX) 遷移公告 From: Gatecoin

May 12, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for May 12 2018 From: Kraken

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