Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

October 09, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
13:58 WavesDEX Waves Monthly: September Review From: WavesDEX

October 04, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
15:28 Mercado Bitcoin O que é mineração de bitcoin? From: Mercado Bitcoin
14:22 HitBTC CDCC Platform From: HitBTC

October 03, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for October 03 2018 From: Kraken
16:49 WavesDEX Stateful Smart Accounts, part 2: Implementing ERC-20 and NFT(ERC-721) step by step From: WavesDEX
14:39 Mercado Bitcoin O que é um smart contract? From: Mercado Bitcoin
13:11 HitBTC VeChain Mainnet Launch: Integration completed From: HitBTC
09:55 Huobi Pro Giao dịch ký quỹ — Tiền về túi, xe về nhà — Danh sách TOP 20 cuối cùng From: Huobi Pro
09:44 Huobi Pro Mời bạn bè & Mừng lễ Quốc khánh với giải thưởng 5000 HT — Danh sách TOP 100 cuối cùng From: Huobi Pro
04:04 Coinbase What we accomplished at Coinbase in Q3 2018 From: Coinbase

October 02, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for October 02 2018 From: Kraken
21:09 Coinbase Improving Bitcoin Reliability through Child Pays for Parent From: Coinbase
17:31 Coinbase Welcome Jonathan Kellner, Managing Director of Coinbase’s Institutional Coverage Group From: Coinbase
17:31 Coinbase Chris Dodds, Charles Schwab Board Member, Is Joining Coinbase’s Board From: Coinbase
15:25 WavesDEX Become a Waves Tech Ambassador! From: WavesDEX
08:37 Luno Bank withdrawal delays in Nigeria From: Luno
04:31 Huobi Pro Announcement regarding the recent EOS voting argument From: Huobi Pro

October 01, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:44 Coinbase Welcoming more women designers to crypto From: Coinbase
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for October 01 2018 From: Kraken
19:19 Mercado Bitcoin O que é uma wallet de bitcoins e como escolher a sua? From: Mercado Bitcoin
14:30 CEX.IO to Introduce Litecoin Trading Pairs From:
14:07 Wire Transfers: Commissions on USD Withdrawals Lowered From:
10:28 Luno Unable to submit support tickets From: Luno

September 30, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:54 Quoine Learn about crypto margin trading on Liquid From: Quoine
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 30 2018 From: Kraken

September 29, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:04 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 29 2018 From: Kraken
05:56 Huobi Pro Huobi Group announces Huobi Chain Superhero Championship Program Winners From: Huobi Pro

September 28, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:22 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 28 2018 From: Kraken
21:58 Coinbase This Month in Crypto: Stanford, Warhol, the LA Dodgers, and Tour de Crypto From: Coinbase
15:30 Luno Slow bank withdrawals to FNB customers in South Africa From: Luno
13:01 Huobi Pro ZCash Arrives on HBUS! From: Huobi Pro
10:21 Vaultoro Weekly Price Analysis #22 - Week 39 From: Vaultoro
08:39 Unocoin Bitcoin Price Trends; Potential To Replace Fiat Currencies From: Unocoin
08:01 Coinbase GBP rollout complete for all UK customers From: Coinbase

September 27, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 27 2018 From: Kraken
16:58 Coinbase Helping People Understand, Explore and Buy Cryptocurrency From: Coinbase
16:42 Mercado Bitcoin Mercado Bitcoin lança área de OTC para criptomoedas From: Mercado Bitcoin
14:00 Kraken Kraken to list two new assets – Cardano (ADA) and Quantum (QTUM) From: Kraken
10:24 Gatecoin Resumption of HKD & USD bank transfers (27 September 2018) From: Gatecoin
07:00 Huobi Pro Làm thế nào để cập nhật tin tức từ Huobi nhanh nhất và chính xác nhất? From: Huobi Pro

September 26, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 26 2018 From: Kraken
16:55 WavesDEX Smart Accounts Finally Activated On Waves MainNet! From: WavesDEX
11:27 Huobi Pro Huobi Pool breaks into the top 10 worldwide mining pools by hashrate distribution From: Huobi Pro
11:17 Huobi Pro Huobi Reopens Eligibility For Its Global Elites Program From: Huobi Pro

September 25, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:38 Coinbase Coinbase’s New Asset Listing Process From: Coinbase
22:03 Kraken Daily Market Report for September 25 2018 From: Kraken
19:59 Mercado Bitcoin Como comprar e vender bitcoin em uma exchange? From: Mercado Bitcoin
12:02 Huobi Pro AI CŨNG CÓ THỂ THAM GIA 30,000 XRP Airdrop!!! From: Huobi Pro
07:47 Huobi Pro EVERYONE CAN JOIN 30,000 XRP Airdrop! From: Huobi Pro
03:47 Quoine Mike’s Weekly Message (September 24, 2018) From: Quoine

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