Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

July 19, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
00:30 Bitcoin How Coinmarketcap Incentivizes Exchanges to Report Fake Volume From: Bitcoin

July 18, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:21 Napoleon X Thank you Vitalik Buterin and Mercatus Center for this excellent interview. From: Napoleon X
22:30 Bitcoin China Round-Up: Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang Receive ‘Unicorn’ Valuations, Number of DLT Companies Explodes From: Bitcoin
21:37 Storm It’s Here: The Storm Play Referral Bonus Blitz From: Storm
20:30 Bitcoin Mastercard Patents a Method to Manage Cryptocurrency “Fractional Reserves” From: Bitcoin
19:22 ARK Software Development Kits (SDKs) : Reborn From: ARK
18:30 Bitcoin Powerful Cryptocurrency Firms on the Road Towards Becoming Banks From: Bitcoin
18:01 DigitalCash Dash Continues to Provide Low Transaction Costs to Enable Everyday Dash Usage From: DigitalCash
17:40 Bitcoin Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Valuations Gain Billions in One Day From: Bitcoin
16:53 Napoleon X Would you mine to develop a more coherent discourse? From: Napoleon X
16:46 SingularDTV The State of Music and Blockchain, 2018 From: SingularDTV
16:30 Bankex Blockchain in Supply Chains From: Bankex
16:23 AventCoin Concert sales hit a record global high in the first half of 2018 From: AventCoin
16:11 IOTA IOTA Summer Summit 2018 From: IOTA
15:55 Napoleon X Hello. We are not sure to understand your comment. From: Napoleon X
15:42 Particl Particl Desktop Showcase From: Particl
14:45 Bitcoin Robin Hood Movie and Robinhood App Hold $50k Crypto Scavenger Hunt at Comic-Con From: Bitcoin
13:56 DigitalCash Dash Trading Added to Evolve Markets, Furthers Dash Robustness From: DigitalCash
13:20 Cointrends Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 18 July 2018 From: Cointrends
13:11 Viberate I hereby dub thee… Scientist! From: Viberate
12:50 CreativeChain NEW WEEKLYS CHALLENGE: Satoshi Nakamoto From: CreativeChain
12:25 Bitcoin The Daily: Report Sees UK as Crypto Leader, Jersey Adopts ICO Rules From: Bitcoin
11:34 ViaCoin Viacoin Development Update — 07/2018 From: ViaCoin
10:21 Bitcoin IBM Backs the Development of Latest New Stablecoin, Stronghold USD From: Bitcoin
10:16 Opporty Opporty Technical Paper. Part 1 From: Opporty
10:05 AppCoins ANU #14 — Updates on Ritchie Release and ChinaJoy From: AppCoins
09:10 Social Media Market Beta 2.0 release From: Social Media Market
08:15 Bitcoin Coinsmart Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange for Canadian Tax Payers From: Bitcoin
08:08 Snovio 20% cashback deal from Snovian.Space x Flogmall collab From: Snovio
04:53 Bitcoin Hedge Fund Issues Bearish Call on Ethereum and Sides with BTC From: Bitcoin
01:51 Bitcoin Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses From: Bitcoin

July 17, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:30 Bitcoin Post-Flood Reflections Reveal Insights Into Lives of Sichuan Miners From: Bitcoin
22:49 Storm Blockchain Is Reshaping Ad Tech — Here’s The Conversations We’ll Be Having At The Postback… From: Storm
21:26 Decentraland Decentraland Project Update — July 17th From: Decentraland
21:15 Bitcoin Launches Screensaver That Mines Crypto for Charity From: Bitcoin
20:36 Particl Particl Genesis Anniversary From: Particl
20:10 ZCoin How To Receive Zcoin With a Mobile Wallet From: ZCoin
20:06 ARK ARK Team Is Expanding — Looking For Core Developers From: ARK
19:34 Worldcore Mastercard may launch a payment system for fast cryptocurrency transactions From: Worldcore
19:32 Monetha Interview with Monetha’s Customer Support Specialist | Aivaras From: Monetha
19:12 0x Introducing the new 0x Portal From: 0x
18:50 Bitcoin RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure Service From: Bitcoin
18:43 Cindicator Here is what our community gains from the Symbiotic Network From: Cindicator
18:34 0x Relayer Report #6 — Decentralized Exchanges, Meet NFTs From: 0x
17:55 DigitalCash Dash DAPI to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Development Space and Benefit Consumers From: DigitalCash
17:39 Crypto20 Invictus Hyperion Summer Tour 2018 Part I From: Crypto20
17:34 CreativeChain Satoshi Nakamoto Challenge (#satoshinakamotoweeklys) From: CreativeChain
17:11 iExec Workerdrop #1 — Turn your computer into a worker and earn RLC From:
17:06 DAO.Casino Dev Update — July 17th, 2018: Lottery beta-test, Dice UI improvements and DCLib bugfixes From:
17:01 Etherparty I’ve Launched a Token Crowdsale. Now What? From: Etherparty

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