Cryptocurrency Exchange News and Updates

January 19, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
19:31 district0x The District Weekly — January 19th, 2019 From: district0x
19:31 DreamTeam Token How to Get On an LCS Team From: DreamTeam Token
16:20 GAT Coin iherb coupon code iherb coupon code free shipping iherb coupon code 20 off iherb coupon code $10… From: GAT Coin
13:20 Cointrends Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 19 January 2019 From: Cointrends
00:20 0x Relayer Report #17 — Making Money in DeFi Now, Veil and Mobidex Launch, 0x Tracker Redesign From: 0x

January 18, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
20:57 Gladius Development Update #25 (1/18) From: Gladius
18:45 IOTA Trinity Update: Jan 18th From: IOTA
18:05 Papyrus Technical Roundup #17: Papyrus Network Performance Tests From: Papyrus
17:17 Gimli Gimbl Monthly Tech Update: GTMU #6 From: Gimli
17:01 TrustCoin Types of Cryptocurrency Donors From: TrustCoin
16:59 ARK Security Vulnerabilities: Further Steps Towards A Standardized Protocol From: ARK
16:01 Salt Lending 2018 Year in Review From: Salt Lending
14:16 Hive Hiveterminal Q&A: 10 Burning Questions From: Hive
14:16 DreamTeam Token Transfer Roundup: Europe From: DreamTeam Token
14:00 Gnosis The DutchX — Take part in the arbitrage opportunity From: Gnosis
13:21 Dentacoin Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 11–18 From: Dentacoin
13:20 Cointrends Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 18 January 2019 From: Cointrends
11:02 OpenANX OAX at IFX EXPO From: OpenANX
10:27 BOScoin BOS Newsletter-Celebrate Every Victory From: BOScoin
09:05 WandX Updates: WandX DEX and the Upcoming Mainnet Release From: WandX
08:01 DreamTeam Token A Colossal Force in Mid From: DreamTeam Token
02:27 0x 0x Roadmap (part 1): ZEIPs From: 0x
01:09 ICON Project ICON Accelerates its Expansion of its Public Blockchain Ecosystem From: ICON Project
00:30 Quantum Resistant Ledger Ledger App Update! From: Quantum Resistant Ledger

January 17, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
22:01 ARK ARK Desktop Wallet v2.2.0 Released From: ARK
20:01 0x New Ethereum Dev Tools from 0x From: 0x
19:44 Storj We need great storage node operators for the V3 network! Have you got what it takes to succeed? From: Storj
18:44 Storm Did somebody say Apple? From: Storm
18:02 IOTA Who’s In Who’s Out: a Rate Control Algorithm for the Tangle From: IOTA
16:57 Lisk Development Update — January 17, 2018 From: Lisk
16:49 AdEx AdEx Community Chat Migrating to Discord From: AdEx
16:18 Opporty Meet KMSChain, Opporty’s New Partner From: Opporty
14:42 DreamTeam Token FOTM: Early Spike Vayne From: DreamTeam Token
14:27 Napoleon X NapoleonX Newsletter — January 17, 2019 From: Napoleon X
13:53 Time What is a decentralised application and how it works From: Time
13:20 Cointrends Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 17 January 2019 From: Cointrends
13:13 Cashaa Meet Kumar in London discussing scalability of blockchain based platforms! From: Cashaa
12:59 ACT Five ways Moloch’s DAO could fix giving. From: ACT
08:47 ICON Project “ICONSENSUS, the Journey Toward Mass Adoption” From: ICON Project
08:01 DreamTeam Token Transfer Roundup: NA LCS From: DreamTeam Token
08:01 DreamTeam Token Around the world in 365 days: Players From: DreamTeam Token
07:34 Augur Augur Weekly Report — January 16th From: Augur
01:08 Starbase Progress Report: Tons of news From: Starbase

January 16, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
23:14 Graft Network GRAFT Development Status Update January 16th, 2019 From: Graft Network
22:54 0x The 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program’s History & Future From: 0x
21:09 Matryx Take Aways from CES 2019: AI/Voice maybe the best interface for IOT and the importance of eye… From: Matryx
19:41 Rise RISE Wallet 1.0 released From: Rise
18:40 Matryx Here’s The Biotech and VR Companies We Saw at CES 2019 From: Matryx
17:47 Adshares Adshares launches ADS Wallet. From: Adshares
17:46 BitDice BitDice Casino Quarterly Report: Q4 2018 Part 1 From: BitDice

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