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Coinbase offer USD to BTC trading and have publicly stated their plans to add other pairs as and when banking arrangements in other jurisdictions are secured. With the seamless integration of wallet and exchange features coinbase has rapidly increased its trading volume and provides decent liquidity on low spreads.
Coinbase Latest Updates
October 03, 2018

What we accomplished at Coinbase in Q3 2018

This week, I sent a note to the Coinbase team about what we accomplished in Q3. I’m sharing it here with our customers and the crypto community more broadly to help provide transparency into our operations.***Dear Team,At the end of the last quarter, I sent out an email reflecting on all...

From: Brian Armstrong
October 02, 2018

Improving Bitcoin Reliability through Child Pays for Parent

By Brock Miller & Eli HaimsAt Coinbase we strive to be the most trusted and easiest to use cryptocurrency company in the world. As part of being the easiest to use, one of our goals is to provide a great user experience for customers who are sending and receiving cryptocurrency such as...

From: Brock Miller

Chris Dodds, Charles Schwab Board Member, Is Joining Coinbase’s Board

Left to right, Brian Armstrong and Chris Dodds.I’m pleased to announce that Chris Dodds, who serves on the Board of Directors of The Charles Schwab Corporation and as a senior private equity advisor, is joining the Coinbase Board of Directors.Chris brings world-class leadership skills, deep...

From: Brian Armstrong

Welcome Jonathan Kellner, Managing Director of Coinbase’s Institutional Coverage Group

As crypto continues to mature and evolve into a fully fledged, tradable asset class, institutional investors of all types will play a critical role in the market. These participants will range from crypto-first institutions such as token issuers and crypto hedge funds, to more traditional...

From: Asiff Hirji
October 01, 2018

Welcoming more women designers to crypto

I came to Coinbase six months ago as a design manager, and there were many reasons I knew Coinbase was the right place for me. But a long-time love of crypto was not one of them. Rather, I’ve always been drawn to simplifying the complex. And blockchain is complex.“Almost every time I speak,...

From: nina samarguliani
September 28, 2018

This Month in Crypto: Stanford, Warhol, the LA Dodgers, and Tour de Crypto

A curated selection of meaningful moments in September that are bringing us all closer to realizing an open financial system for the world.Scrabble adds bitcoin to its official dictionaryThe Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, published by Merriam-Webster, released its latest edition, adding...

From: Coinbase

GBP rollout complete for all UK customers

All UK customers now have access to GBP payments and new GBP trading pairs on Coinbase Pro/Prime.Last year was a big year for Coinbase in Europe; 2018 is proving to be even bigger.I’m pleased to announce that all UK customers now have the ability to buy and sell using using GBP on Coinbase,...

From: Zeeshan Feroz
September 27, 2018

Helping People Understand, Explore and Buy Cryptocurrency

The vision of an open financial system depends on people’s ability to understand, explore, and choose cryptocurrencies. We expect that millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency purchase in the coming years. But all too often, getting started can be overwhelming for people...

From: Dan Romero
September 25, 2018

Coinbase’s New Asset Listing Process

Our goal is to rapidly list all assets that meet our standards and are compliant with local law, while providing our customers with the tools to discover, evaluate, trade, and use digital assets.Coinbase was founded to give anyone — no matter where they live — trustworthy and secure...

From: Coinbase
September 20, 2018

Correcting the record: Coinbase does not engage in proprietary trading

Coinbase welcomes the New York Virtual Markets Integrity Report, which shines a helpful spotlight on important compliance issues in digital asset exchange practices. Unfortunately, some media coverage inaccurately characterized the report’s findings, which are based on information we...

From: Mike Lempres
September 19, 2018

Welcome Brian Brooks, Coinbase’s new Chief Legal Officer

From the time it was founded seven years ago, Coinbase has been a leading advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency. We’ve engaged proactively with regulators as we built products and services that allow people to buy, sell and use cryptocurrency all over the world. In recent years, the...

From: Brian Armstrong
September 18, 2018

The marriage between crypto and community journalism

A conversation with Manoush Zomorodi, host of the podcast ZigZag, a crypto and blockchain explainerAs a podcaster, journalist, and generally curious person, Manoush Zomorodi has made a career out of examining the intersection of technology and human behavior. The former host and creator of...

From: Coinbase
September 14, 2018

WATCH: What is bitcoin?

Coinbase CEO answers the number 1 question in cryptoThere’s a big gap between people curious about crypto and and the hodlers out there. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has launched a new video series, Crypto Curious, intended to newcomers by answering common questions — starting with...

From: Coinbase
September 06, 2018

Why hackathons are an important part of Coinbase culture

Ask any engineer who works in tech — hackathons are an important part of company culture. That’s certainly true for us here at Coinbase. While it’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks and to-dos, we strongly believe in giving ourselves the space to experiment with creative ideas...

From: Namrata Ganatra
September 05, 2018

Coinbase Pro announces support for trading bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using…

Coinbase Pro announces support for trading bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using British Pounds (GBP)Following our announcement earlier this month that we would be introducing support for British pounds (GBP) to our UK-based customers, today we’re launching a number of new GBP...

From: David Farmer
August 31, 2018

Bookmark your favorite dapps on Coinbase Wallet

Everyone has a few favorite decentralized apps (dapps) — whether it’s a collectibles game, a token trading platform, or a decentralized social network. Bookmarks have been one of our most requested features since we launched dapps on Coinbase Wallet. Now, you can bookmark your favorite...

From: Coinbase Wallet

This Month in Crypto: Experimental art, presidential campaign donations, and Yale economic research

A curated selection of meaningful moments in August that are bringing us all closer to realizing an open financial system for the world.Artists Ai Weiwei and Kevin Abosch create conceptual art called Priceless on the Ethereum blockchainArtists Kevin Abosch and Ai Weiwei. Source:...

From: Coinbase
August 29, 2018

Understanding Web 3 — A User Controlled Internet

Coinbase breaks down the motivation and technology behind the development of Web 3This 3-part post focuses on the why, what and how of the latest chapter in the world wide web’s history, called Web 3. Part 1 explains shortcomings of today’s web and how Web 3 represents an improvement; Part...

From: Emre Tekisalp
August 28, 2018

The rise of crypto in higher education

Coinbase regularly engages with students and universities across the country as part of recruiting efforts. We partnered with Qriously to ask students directly about their thoughts on crypto and blockchain — and in this report, we outline findings on the growing roster of crypto and...

From: Coinbase
August 24, 2018

Is Coinbase a finance or a tech company?

I sent the below email to employees earlier this week. I’m sharing it publicly in case others find it helpful.A throwable microphone at our San Francisco office.Team,At our last all hands meeting, an employee raised a great question: are we a tech company or a finance company? This question...

From: Brian Armstrong