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0x is an open protocol that facilitates trustless, low friction exchange of Ethereum-based assets.

Project Description

0x is an open protocol that facilitates the decentralized exchange of Ethereum-based tokens and assets. Developers can use 0x to build their own custom exchange apps with a wide variety of user-facing applications i.e. 0x OTC, a decentralized application that facilitates trustless over-the-counter trading of Ethereum-based tokens. The 0x token (ZRX) is used by Makers and Takers to pay transaction fees to Relayers (entities that host and maintain public order books). ZRX tokens are also used for decentralized governance over 0x protocol’s update mechanism which allows its underlying smart contracts to be replaced and improved over time.Team:Will Warren: Co-founder & CEO. Amir Bandeali: Co-founder & CTO. Fabio Berger: Senior Engineer. Leonid Logvinov: Engineer. Alex Xu: Director of Operations. Ben Burns: Designer. The 0x Initial Coin Offering campaign will start on the 15th of August and its ending date is yet to be announced. During the campaign, 50% of the 1 Billion ZRX supply will be sold for ETH. The remaining supply will be distributed as so:Retained by 0x (15%)Developer Fund (15%)Founding Team (10%)Early Investors & Advisors (10%)

Founders and Associates

Will Warren -Co-founder & CEO

Amir Bandeali -Co-founder & CTO

Fabio Berger -Senior Engineer

Alex Xu -Director of Operations

Leonid Logvinov -Engineer

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ZRX Latest Updates
January 07, 2019

Introducing the 0x Market Maker Program

Apply to the 0x Market Maker Program via ourwebsiteWe are excited to announce the launch of the 0x Market Maker Program! Market Makers (MMs) are important stakeholders in both the 0x network and the DeFi stack, as they provide the necessary liquidity to create efficient markets. The goal of the...

From: ZRX

December 19, 2018

Join the Tokenized Economy with Coinbase Earn

We are thrilled that 0x is the first protocol to be featured through Coinbase Earn, a new initiative that gives cryptocurrency enthusiasts the knowledge and confidence needed to use exciting technologies like 0x.While the number of people that believe in the promise of crypto grows each day,...

From: ZRX

0x + CoinList Hackathon

Get started building by signing up for the hackathon here. We are excited to announce an upcoming hackathon we are hosting with CoinList! The online hackathon will run from January 10th through February 7th, 2019 and focus on improving the user experience in areas relating to non-fungible tokens...

From: ZRX

Relayer Report #16–0x Instant, Ecosystem Acceleration Program, and MyCrypto Interview

Sign up for Relayer Report hereRelayer Report will be on break for the new year. The next issue will be released mid-January.I’d like to introduce a new relayer, Bit2Me that is based in Madrid. Bit2Me got its start in 2014 by connecting Bitcoin with thousands of ATMs in Spain, letting anyone...

From: ZRX

December 14, 2018

Ecosystem Update: DDEX and the 0x Roadmap

Today DDEX announced that they will be moving to Hydro protocol. We are disappointed to see them leave the 0x ecosystem. It can be challenging for crypto businesses to find an edge in the highly competitive DEX space and current crypto climate. The DDEX team have communicated that rolling their...

From: ZRX

Announcing the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program

Apply to the Ecosystem Acceleration Program to jumpstart your business, open-source project, or research initiative on 0x.We are thrilled to publicly announce the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program (EAP). The 0x ecosystem has grown organically to serve a wide array of markets ranging from in-game...

From: ZRX

Walkthrough: 0x Instant and 0x Launch Kit

We are excited about the newly released 0x Instant, enabling a free and flexible way to offer simple crypto purchasing to any app or website. Instant can be configured to fetch orders from any Open Orderbook Relayer, including 0x Launch Kit.Launch Kit is a relayer in a box which allows orders to...

From: ZRX

December 10, 2018

Dev Update #13— November 2018

Hello again from everyone at 0x! We’ve been heads down shipping recently and have a lot to cover in Development Update #13!Developer ExperienceCheck out the new 0x Launch Kit! This toolkit will let anyone launch a relayer, in under a minute. The Kit includes a simple, extensible 0x relayer...

From: ZRX

December 05, 2018

Relayer Report #15 — Harbor Launch, Building an NFT Marketplace on 0x

Sign up for Relayer Report hereHappy December folks. My birthday is at the end of the month, so please feel free to give the gift of relayer updates to any unsuspecting family members on my behalf.Last week 0x Tracker, a project that analyzes trades in the 0x ecosystem, was open sourced by its...

From: ZRX

November 20, 2018

Relayer Report #14 — EtherDelta Ruling, Permissioned Liquidity Pools, and ERC dEX Interview

Sign up for Relayer Report hereWe have a few new relayers to announce — first we have Emoon, a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles that also enables users to track and analyze the assets they’ve bought.Hut34 is next, which is in the early stages of becoming a data...

From: ZRX

November 16, 2018

Introducing the 0x Launch Kit

Launch a relayer in under a minute. Get started here.We are excited to release the 0x Launch Kit! The Kit includes a simple, extensible 0x relayer codebase that can be forked or used as reference material as you create your own marketplace. If you’re new to working with Ethereum, developing on...

From: ZRX

November 06, 2018

Development Update #12— October 2018

Hi again from the friendly developers at 0x! We’ve got a lot of updates to share, so let’s get started.Developer ExperienceTired of typing @0xproject every time you install a 0x library from NPM? Well, we’ve moved all our libraries to the @0x package namespace! Give it a try by installing...

From: ZRX

November 05, 2018

0x Community Member Spotlight: Adam Finch (aka Polezo)

We are excited to announce the first edition of our Community Member Spotlight blog series! The growth of 0x over the past year would have not been possible without our passionate and talented global community who has supported us at every step of this amazing journey. So, we wanted to recognize...

From: ZRX

November 02, 2018

Relayer Report #13 — Interview with Augur’s Joey Krug and Governance Experiments

Sign up for Relayer Report hereA few members from the 0x team are in Prague — say hello! The rest of us are enjoying the singing from San Francisco. If you’re at DevCon, you may have also seen DDEX’s poster in the Prague airport.I’m also excited to introduce two new relayers building...

From: ZRX

October 18, 2018

Relayer Report #12 — ETHSF Recap, Interview with Veil

Sign up for Relayer Report here0x Is HiringWe are excited to welcome our newest engineer Steve Klebanoff to the team (0x core is now at 25 people). The past few months has included a lot of hiring, and we still have some open positions — in particular we’re looking for a Head of...

From: ZRX

October 02, 2018

Relayer Report #11 — Gods Unchained

Relayer Report #11 — Gods UnchainedThe latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: October 2nd, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereIt’s been a busy couple weeks at the 0x office, with updates on all fronts. We’ll be hosting some events at ETHSF, and really want to encourage as much hacking...

From: Rahul Singireddy

October 01, 2018

0x at SF Blockchain Week

A list of ETH SF hackathon project ideas, 0x resources, and events we will be speaking at during SF Blockchain Week. The 0x team is gearing up for ETH San Francisco and SF Blockchain Week! We are sponsoring ETH SF and look forward to working with developers building on 0x v2.0 during the...

From: Matt Taylor

September 27, 2018

Blockchain Governance

Hi, this is Peter Zeitz, research fellow on the 0x core team. Formerly, I was an assistant professor of economics at the National University of Singapore Business School and prior to that a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford, where I arrived after earning an Economics PhD from UCLA. I have been...

From: Peter Zeitz

September 25, 2018

Development Update #11 — August — September 2018

Hello from the 0x team! We have lots of exciting progress to share in this update. Most importantly the release of the V2 0x smart contracts to mainnet ????. You can read more about it in the blog post below. https://blog.0xproject.com/0x-protocol-v2-0-is-live-183aac180149Developer experienceTo...

From: Leonid Logvinov

September 24, 2018

Announcing the launch of 0x protocol v2.0!

Start developing on 0x v2.0 at 0xproject.com + trade through 0x relayers at 0xproject.com/portal We are incredibly excited to announce that we have completed mainnet testing for 0x protocol v2.0! After over a year of development, and numerous rounds of internal and external security audits, we...

From: Will Warren

September 19, 2018

Relayer Report #10 — V2 Bug Bounty and Advisory Board Update

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: September 19th, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereThanks to everyone who chatted with us at ETHBerlin! We had an amazing time and look forward to SF Blockchain Week and ETHSanFrancisco that are coming up. In 0x news, we have officially gone live with...

From: Rahul Singireddy

September 09, 2018

Advisory Board Update — Welcome David Sacks

We’re thrilled to announce that David Sacks has joined the 0x core team’s advisory board. David was the early COO of PayPal, the founder and CEO of Yammer, and is now the General Partner and co-founder at Craft Ventures, which has invested in complementary projects in the crypto-token space...

From: Will Warren

September 07, 2018

ETHBerlin Hackathon Project Ideas

We are excited to be at the ETHBerlin hackathon as both sponsors and participants! As sponsors, we will be awarding prizes to teams that use the 0x protocol version 2, which we just deployed earlier this week. Version 2 includes a ton of powerful new features that unlock new uses cases and cool...

From: Jacob Evans

September 05, 2018

The 0x V2 Bug Bounty

Up to $100,000 in rewards for critical exploitsWe are excited to announce that 0x Protocol Version 2 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet! We have updated packages like contract-wrappers, order-watcher, and 0x.js with the deployed contract addresses. We also migrated our tutorials and wiki...

From: Amir Bandeali

0x at ETHBerlin

The 0x team are excited to be attending ETHBerlin. You will see many of our faces around the venue, as hackers and as mentors. If you see one of us be sure to say hello, we’re more than happy to chat with you!What will we be up to?Sponsoring a ZRX prize for hackersTalking about all things...

From: Jacob Evans

Relayer Report #9 — It’s Conference Season

Relayer Report #9 — It’s Conference SeasonThe latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: September 5th, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereETHBerlin is happening from September 7th to 9th, and the entire 0x team will be there. We would love to meet anyone interested in building on top of...

From: Rahul Singireddy

August 17, 2018

Relayer Report #8 — Markets Are Red, Updates For You

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: August 17th, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereI was gone on vacation for a month in Namibia and Botswana with limited WiFi, and I’m back to a whole lot of news: ETH is below $300, Clay Robbins and Chris Kalani have joined the 0x core team, Radar...

From: Rahul Singireddy

August 14, 2018

Development Update #11 — July 2018

Hello from everyone here at 0x! July has been a very busy month for the team, with a focus on development tools and the community.For those who are unfamiliar with 0x and our mission, you can find more information here:Welcome to the 0x CommunityDeveloper Tools0x.js has been published as a...

From: Jacob Evans

August 08, 2018

Welcome to the 0x Community

New to 0x? You’re in the right place.Getting up to speed on all things 0x can seem challenging if you’re new to the space. This blog post provides introductory information to get you acquainted. Below, we will cover:Why is 0x being built?What is 0x?Why does 0x matter?How do I begin...

From: Blake Henderson

August 02, 2018

Relayer Report #7: Nifty, V2 Dev Tools, & Augur Order Books

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: August 2nd, 2018Relayer Reports are published every two weeks. You can sign up hereThe update today is shorter than usual because its writer is out of town. He will be back for Relayer Report #8.Updates from the 0x team0x’s V2 tools have been...

From: Blake Henderson

July 19, 2018

0x at NIFTY

The 0x team is excited to sponsor NIFTY, a conference that combines Ethereum + Blockchain Gaming and Collectibles.ZRX tokens will be awarded to the teams that use 0x protocol (1) in the most innovative way and (2) to build the most compelling prototype product. This is themed towards NFT’s and...

From: Jacob Evans

July 17, 2018

Introducing the new 0x Portal

Our surface for 0x user on-boarding and relayer discovery.At 0x, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We’ve made some initial progress towards our mission by helping a number of talented teams launch relayers that have collectively facilitated more than...

From: Brandon Millman

Relayer Report #6 — Decentralized Exchanges, Meet NFTs

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: July 17th, 2018Written by Rahul Singireddy. Sign up for Relayer Report hereQuick updates from the 0x team:We started a developer specific email list that you can sign up for here. The next couple of months in particular will bring a lot of important...

From: Rahul Singireddy

July 16, 2018

I’m joining 0x to work on design!

Some thoughts on why I’m joining 0x as Director of DesignI’m excited to share that I’m joining 0x as Director of Design. I’ve been jamming with the team for the past couple months and feel incredibly lucky to be part of such a talented and driven group of people.0x is on mission to...

From: Chris Kalani

July 03, 2018

Development Update #10 — June 2018

Hello from everyone here at 0x! Before getting into the development updates we wanted to highlight a post from Will this month: The 0x Mission and Values.The 0x Mission and ValuesWe live these values everyday here at 0x, and you’ll definitely see one of them at play in this post: Consistently...

From: Francesco Agosti

July 02, 2018

Relayer Report #5 — Governance With A Cherry On Top

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: July 2nd, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereTom recently announced the launch of 0x V2 on the Kovan test net. V2 is coming along nicely, with a first round of audits coming from SoHo Token Labs. As a review, 0x V2 will include ERC-721 support, more...

From: Rahul Singireddy

June 28, 2018

0x V2 Deployed on Kovan, First Audit Begins

We’re thrilled to announce that 0x V2 is now deployed on the Kovan test network and is available to all developers. Below are the deployed contract addresses:ERC20Proxy: 0xeb89396a921a931fbb5157109b1c8b696a36d7dbERC721Proxy: 0x83989bb5bda10bf67b0529117fab5f26487d0ef2Exchange:...

From: Tom Schmidt

June 15, 2018

Relayer Report #4 — Mission and Values

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: June 15th, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report hereThe 0x team in June 2017, pre-product, pre-officeThis past week Will published The 0x Mission and Values. 0x is growing up, and the team along with it. If 0x was a pirate ship, I think I’d be the cabin...

From: Rahul Singireddy

June 07, 2018

The 0x Mission and Values

Since launching 0x version 1 in August 2017, the 0x core team has grown from six to fifteen team members (we’re still hiring). As our organization has grown, we’ve found that our mission and values have become increasingly important in keeping the team aligned not only in our efforts but...

From: Will Warren

June 05, 2018

Development Update #9 — May 2018

Hello again from everyone at 0x! This month our team gathered in San Francisco to collaborate on the upcoming release of our v2 protocol. We’ve got a wealth of new features on the horizon that we’re excited to share.To kick-off, adoption of 0x continues to climb as we surpassed 9,000...

From: Greg Hysen

June 01, 2018

Relayer Report #3 — Paradex Acquired

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: June 1st, 2018Sign up for Relayer Report here.I’m changing up the format a bit this week, having job opportunities as their own section. Also included in this Relayer Report is the Relayer Spotlight, which I’ll try and do every week, a deep dive...

From: Rahul Singireddy

May 16, 2018

Relayer Report #2 — May 16, 2018

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystemhttp://erc721.org/0x protocol 2.0 is here, meaning we are ready to trade everything. Check out Tom’s in-depth post here, but the general idea is that when 0x launched, ERC-20 tokens were just emerging. A year later, ERC-20 tokens have exploded in number...

From: Rahul Singireddy

Relayer Report #2 — NFTs and 0x Protocol 2.0

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: May 16, 2018http://erc721.org/0x protocol 2.0 is here, meaning we are ready to trade everything. Check out Tom’s in-depth post here, but the general idea is that when 0x launched, ERC-20 tokens were just emerging. A year later, ERC-20 tokens have...

From: Rahul Singireddy

May 15, 2018

Introducing 0x Protocol V2

The protocol for trading everythingV2 Key PointsNew smart contract architecture; seamlessly support new token standards. Support for ERC-721 at launchMore efficient order matching and cross-relayer arbitrageSupport for new signature types and custom verification logicOpen source framework for...

From: Tom Schmidt

May 08, 2018

Development Update #8 — April 2018

The latest development updates from the 0x teamHello again from the 0x team! We’ve been pretty heads-down working on v2 of the protocol, but here are some updates from the past month from us and our developer community.First, we hit 100k lifetime trades! As we say around here, cheers to the...

From: Tom Schmidt

May 01, 2018

Relayer Report #1

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystemWelcome to Relayer Report, a bi-weekly newsletter focusing on the 0x ecosystem. We hope this newsletter keeps you up to date and encourages you to get involved. We’re featuring 10 projects already and are actively growing. If you’d like to be featured,...

From: Rahul Singireddy

18 Ideas for 0x Relayers in 2018

Disclaimer: This post does not provide or substitute for legal advice. When operating a relayer, there are a host of legal requirements to consider. Please consult your own legal counsel.The appeal of building a platform for building marketplaces is that instead of a single entity trying to...

From: Tom Schmidt

April 27, 2018

Announcing Relayer Report

A bi-weekly update on the 0x ecosystemHello 0x community!Over the past 8 months, the team has been hard at work shipping code and building out our platform. These efforts have been paying off, and there are a growing number of projects building on top of 0x.In order to highlight these new...

From: Rahul Singireddy

April 19, 2018

Compliant peer-to-peer trading

Towards the next wave of DEX adoptionDisclaimer: This post does not provide or substitute for legal advice. When operating a relayer there are a host of legal requirements to consider. Please consult your own legal counsel.Key points:Institutional traders must ensure any potential counterparty...

From: Will Warren

April 05, 2018

Development Update #7 — March 2018

The latest development updates from the 0x teamGovernance in 0x ProtocolWill recently published a blog post about Governance in the 0x Protocol, detailing the history of the project and the roadmap for governance.Governance in 0x Protocol0x Protocol v2Version 2 of the 0x protocol is under...

From: Jacob Evans

March 27, 2018

Governance in 0x Protocol

Roadmap, timeline and the role of the ZRX tokenTL;DR0x protocol’s pipeline of smart contracts can accommodate upgrades without downtime or disruption to markets.The ZRX token will drive a governance process that allows stakeholders to securely execute these protocol upgrades.ZRX as a fee...

From: Will Warren

March 23, 2018

Sneak Peek: 0x Trade Widget

Instantly buy Ethereum tokens with 0x protocolRecently, we have seen an abundance of 0x relayers popping up. These relayers usually have cryptocurrency traders as their target audience and create trading interfaces that feature plenty of red and green graphs and candlesticks. Serious traders...

From: Jacob Evans

March 07, 2018

Development Update #6 — February 2018

0x Protocol v2Our team has been steadily making progress on the next version of 0x protocol. Some of the major changes we tackled in February include:Signature generalization. This allows us to support various signature schemes within the protocol. Supported types will include standard ECDSA,...

From: Brandon Millman

February 15, 2018

0x.js Developer Sandbox

codesandbox.io + 0x.jsToday we’re introducing 0x.js Developer Sandbox.At 0x, nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than hearing about new projects being built on top of the 0x Protocol. We know that the early days of blockchain development can be tricky, so we have been experimenting...

From: Jacob Evans

February 09, 2018

Front-running, Griefing and the Perils of Virtual Settlement (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of part 1, which provided an introduction to blockchain race conditions, front-running, the 0x protocol specification and presented two ways that 0x protocol may be used to implement a decentralized exchange that eliminates front-running and trade collisions by...

From: Will Warren

February 08, 2018

Development Update #5 — January 2018

The 0x team have been hard at work behind the scenes and we have some exciting news in this January Update.Ledger Support in Portal + TutorialOur 0x Subproviders package provides support for Ledger Nano S in the Web3 Provider Engine stack. This package is now being used by multiple relayers,...

From: Jacob Evans

January 09, 2018

Development Update #4 — December 2017

This post outlines major development updates during the month of December 2017.ABI to TypeScript GeneratorRelease of @0xproject/abi-gen package. Our goal was to make a package that allows anyone to fully customize the templates used to generate TS code from ABI code. We use TypeScript since...

From: Amir Bandeali

January 08, 2018

Canonical WETH Migration

In November we released a blog post describing the canonical WETH token, a shared implementation of an ERC20 compatible Ether token to be used by a variety of Ethereum dApps. Since establishing the initial version of WETH, a handful of teams identified two improvements that could be made to ease...

From: Amir Bandeali

December 22, 2017

Front-running, Griefing and the Perils of Virtual Settlement (Part 1)

There are a variety of technical challenges associated with designing an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that settles trades to the blockchain. In this 4 part series, we will discuss front-running, griefing, and the various ways we can choose to address these issues while focusing on the...

From: Will Warren

December 15, 2017

ABI to TypeScript generator

At 0x we care a lot about type-safety and have therefore wanted our interactions with smart contracts to be statically typed. Since all the type information is already included in our Solidity code, all we need is a way to move those type definitions into TypeScript (the language we use to write...

From: Leonid Logvinov

December 12, 2017

The Role of the 0x Core Team in the 0x Ecosystem

Managing complex relationships with stakeholders while remaining neutral and focused on the core technologyTL;DRAt 0x, we are doing our best to be as helpful, welcoming and inclusive as possible while also remaining unbiased when it comes to supporting the teams building businesses on top of 0x...

From: Will Warren

November 30, 2017

Development Update #3 — Nov 2017

This post outlines major development updates during the month of November 2017.This November, we have been hard at work on several major projects including Order Watcher, 0x Connect, 0x Deployer and transitioning our Typescript codebase to a mono repo architecture. We are excited to update you...

From: Philippe Castonguay

November 29, 2017

Introducing 0x Connect

Last month we announced the standard relayer API. Since the announcement, Radar Relay launched the first public implementation of the standard with other relayers close behind. To recap our announcement, the standard relayer API is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between a...

From: Brandon Millman

November 08, 2017

Canonical WETH

Towards a Community Adopted ERC20 Compliant Ether TokenWe are calling on the Ethereum community to join us in establishing a canonical ERC20-compliant wrapped ether token (WETH) in the interest of standardization across dApps and safer smart contract coding conventions. Our colleagues at Augur,...

From: Will Warren

November 07, 2017

Development Update #2 — Oct 2017

This post outlines major development updates during the month of October 2017.Changes to 0x.jsSubscription methods refactored. Subscription methods involving logs and events have been rewritten to use ethereumjs-blockstream under the hood, properly handling block and log removals, on-chain...

From: Philippe Castonguay

October 27, 2017

Recap: 0x at ETHWaterloo Hackathon

Highlights and takeaways from the 0x trip to WaterlooETHWaterloo teams hacking away at CIGI, who graciously provided the event space.Last weekend, Will Warren, Amir Bandeali, Brandon Millman and I made our way from San Francisco to Waterloo to sponsor the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon,...

From: Alex Xu

October 26, 2017

Introducing the 0x Standard Relayer API

New projects are being built on top of the 0x protocol everyday. As the 0x ecosystem grows and more dApps are built on top of the protocol, there will need to be a simple way to interact with relayers. Today we are pleased to release the first version of the 0x standard relayer API, a...

From: Brandon Millman

September 28, 2017

Announcing 0x API Prize at ETHWaterloo Hackathon

The 0x team is thrilled to sponsor ETHWaterloo, the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, and to announce that we are offering a separate prize for the best 0x-based hackathon projects. ZRX tokens will be awarded to the teams that use 0x protocol (1) in the most innovative way and (2) to build...

From: Will Warren

Development Update #1 - Sept. 2017

This post outlines major development updates during the month of September.Introducing Monthly Development UpdatesDevelopment updates will be released at the end of each month to summarize key highlights of the work completed by the 0x core team. They will cover the 0x.js Javascript library,...

From: Philippe Castonguay

September 26, 2017

The 0x Ecosystem

Since launching 0x protocol on the Ethereum mainnet we have received a flood of questions asking when the first 0x-based decentralized exchange will go live. This post will provide insight into the development activity we are observing today and how we expect the ecosystem to evolve over the...

From: Will Warren

September 12, 2017

Update — 0x Development Roadmap

In July, we published a timeline of our team’s progress that included a high level overview of our plans going forward. Since completing our token sale last month, we have made consistent progress towards our goal of fostering a diverse global ecosystem of relayers. In particular, we have been...

From: Amir Bandeali