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Conceptual Model

Zen is an application and a decentralised network. Zen is a semi-closed decentralized social network, a search engine and a repository of information.

Project Description

OpenZen is is a semi closed decentralised distributed social network, a search engine and a storage of information, where information is being created, updated and consumed directly by the users of the system. The project aims to see content (text, audio, photo, video) is distributed between the participants of the network using a p2p (f2f) model with the technologies of a distributed storage IPFS using the ZNT token as a means of exchange, payments, voting and games.Team:Ilya Druzhinin: Founder & Software engineer (Facebook, Twitter);Alexandr Vinarskiy; Software engineer (Facebook);Dima Himi: UX/UI Expert (Facebook)The ZNT ICO will be held on the 15th of October and will last for a whole month or until the TBA cap is reached. 37% of the total supply (270000000) is reserved for the ICO while the remaining tokens are allocated as so: Number of ZenTokens for PreICO: 20 000 000 ZNTNumber of ZenTokens for ICO: 100 000 000 ZNTNumber of ZenTokens for team: 50 000 000 ZNTNumber of ZenTokens for Zen Fund: 100 000 000 ZNTMore information will be available in the future. 

Founders and Associates

Ilya DruzhininCEO and software engineer

Alexandr Vinarskiy -Software engineer

Dima Himi -UI\UX expert

Ilya Bogdanov -Software engineer

Bogdan Popov -Community manager

Irina Druzhinina -Financial analyst

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August 31, 2017

Pre ICO has successfully finished!

Hello everyone! Pre ICO has successfully finished! We managed to achieve our goals! Not all of them, but it doesn’t really matter now.During this month we have gathered a lot of feedback on the project, conditions of ICO and much more.Here is the most important news!Our team is growing! UI...

From: #openZen

August 21, 2017

A little bit about Decentralized Autonomous Society.

Decentralized Autonomous Society is the revolution happening at the very moment. Revolution is the exact word. If someone does not agree — you can justify it, if you can. As for me, that’s exactly it. But it turns out that this topic is being actively studied now. I’m studying it as...

From: #openZen

August 17, 2017

17/08/2017 — News About the #openZen project

Hello everyone!It’s been two weeks since the beginning of our Pre ICO. At the moment, the results are not very impressive. Without spending money on marketing and advertising our Pre ICO becomes invisible among the many others. But we are not planning to give up. We have been going to this...

From: #openZen

July 17, 2017

The New Milestone of the Internet

On the way to smart and autonomous societyIntroduceMy name is Ilya, I am the developer and founder of the project Zen. I am here to talk about the project which will completely change your view on the Internet.The New Milestone of the InternetZen is the result of my difficult and long-term...

From: #openZen

May 18, 2017 11:36