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Conceptual Model

Building on the well-established business model of “gig-economy” labor markets such as UpWork and Gigster, CoinJob creates a low fee, distributed labor marketplace for computer-based work featuring the Jobi, an Ethereum-based digital token. CoinJob is able to substantially reduce fees in the marketplace and offer automatic third-party arbitration in the event of dissatisfaction of work product.

Project Description

CoinJob is an online platform for freelancing, where employees and employers can connect and work on tasks/projects/jobs. CoinJob will use an Ethereum-based crypto-token, the Jobi, as the primary payment mechanism between task-givers and workers.Team:Max Oltersdorf: Co-founder & President; Ryan Allen: Co-founder & CTOThe Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will commence on July 14th and run for 1 month or until the allocation has been claimed. The total number of tokens sold during the ICO is 60,000,000 with the remaining 40,000,000 of available tokens being retained by the company.The Coinjob ICO stated on July 14th and will run for 1 month or until the maximum allocation of 60M (30%) tokens has been claimed, with the remaining 40,000,000 (20%) of available tokens being retained by the company and the reserved 100M (50%) for mining. The XCJ ICO campaign features a bonuty campaign, bonus period, and the coin will be minable.Bonus Structure:Presale: 1ETH = 1500XCJ Day 1: 1ETH = 1200XCJDay 2 - Day 7: 1ETH = 1100XCJDay 8 - Day 30: 1ETH = 1000XCJ IMPORTANT! From CoinJob's Site:"Jobi (XCJ) ICO has ended! Thank you to all participants.The funding goal was not reached.For refund instructions, see the ICO section below."

Founders and Associates

Max Oltersdorf -President and Founder

Ryan Allen - CTO and Founder

Nick Jones -Business and Strategic Advisor

John Chee -Business and Strategic Advisor

Jake Miller -Technology Strategic Advisor

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XCJ Latest Updates
July 12, 2017

These are great points, especially the dual consideration of an asset as both a security and…

These are great points, especially the dual consideration of an asset as both a security and commodity simultaneously. That is something that we hadn’t previously considered and was not brought up in our conversations with regulators.However, we are under the impression that the overarching...

From: CoinJob Team

U.S. ICOs shouldn’t be scared of the SEC

Navigating U.S. regulations are often top of mind for ICOs, CoinJob includedIt seems like everyone these days is talking about SEC regulation of the Initial Coin Offering market, with many ICOs going as far as to ban U.S. financiers from their offering. Even as my company, CoinJob, sets up to...

From: CoinJob Team

July 06, 2017

Interview with CoinJob Co-founder, Max Oltersdorf

The following is excerpted from and interview between CoinJob President and Co-founder Max Oltersdorf and Jim Reynolds of InvestItIn.The full interview can be read at: https://www.investitin.com/coinjob/Coinjob is planning to build a platform where the relationship between employers and workers...

From: CoinJob Team

June 29, 2017

How CoinJob is going to change the “gig economy”

CoinJob is a distributed marketplace using Jobi, an Ether-based token. Learn more at www.coinjob.netAnyone who engages in the gig economy today knows the following:Talent is not guaranteedFees are highArbitration is time consuming and expensiveEnter CoinJob, the first crypto-token based labor...

From: CoinJob Team