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WRT is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency based on the X11 algorithm. WRT is used on the Weigrate Auction platform making penny auction safer, faster, and more attractive.Team:Andrew Peciorin: CEO, Founder Sniegena Perminiene: Accounting, Payrolls & Reposts Ivan Alfred Hodgkinson: International Banking, VISA & Mastercard Mike Gammond: Team Coordinator Enrico Madonna: Marketing Officer.  The Weigrate ICO began on the 11th of September and it will last until the 16th of November 12:00 UTC. The ICO token supply represents 48% of the initial 501251850.037 coin supply.  WRT is mineableToken Reserve Split (XX%):Bounty: 3%Team And Advisors: 20%Development: 10%Foundation: 10%Marketing: 5%Future Team: 4%The Weigrate ICO campaign features a bounty and bonus campaignBonus Structure:September 11 - 20: 30%September 21 - 30: 20%October 1 - 10: 10%October 11 - 20: 7.5%October 21 - 31: 5%November 1 - 15: 2.5%

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October 02, 2017


WEIGRATE AUCTIONSEXCHANGING ITEMS FOR CRYPTOCURRENCYThe bare mentioning of ‘cryptocurrency’ gives a lot of people a lot of different ideas. But what is most conversant of these various ideas is that they all point in the direction of investments, which includes the buying and selling of...

From: Weig Rate

September 23, 2017


HOW TO GET REVENUE WITH THE WEIGRATE AUCTIONThe real essence of an auction is to purchase very valuable items at cheap rates, bringing together a large group of people who are overseen by an auctioneer on behalf of vendor, in order to garner for the best bids. Auctioneering on the Weigrate...

From: Weig Rate

September 21, 2017

The Weigrate project has no doubt taken a massive as well as impacting turnaround.

WEIGRATE AUCTION BIDSThe Weigrate project has no doubt taken a massive as well as impacting turnaround. With series of initiatives for the financial economic system and its improvement, the project strives to by all means make international financial communications less cumbersome. And with the...

From: Weig Rate

September 20, 2017


WEIGRATE Auction PlatformTHE WEIGRATE PROJECTDigital currency has no doubt taken over the reins of world financial activities. The transfer of funds across international borders however, has been tasking as bank charges and seaming network protocols make the endeavor tiring, frustrating and...

From: Weig Rate