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Worldcore is a digital financial institution that is ready to integrate usual financial products into the blockchain sector of economy. Regardless of working with bank transfers, plastic cards or cryptocurrencies, you can manage everything through a Worldcore account.Combining the best features of a bank, online payment system and card payment gateway, Worldcore offers a wide range of financial services. The product line of Worldcore includes:Payment Account for bank transfers; Worldcore prepaid debit card; Worldcore prepaid virtual card; Mass (batch) payments; PayAnyCard (Card loading with cryptocurrencies); Smart Invoicing; Checkout for merchants (SCI); API for automated payouts; Solutions for crypto community; Affiliate program;Team:Alexey Nasonov: CEO, Founder.Sean Patterson : Marketing and Public Relations Manager.Andrey Zamovsky: Chief Blockchain Architect.The company has also over 20 people on different positions who deal with design, production, development, customer service, compliance, operations and legal direction.Worldcore presale will start on October 2, 2017, and will end on October 13, 2017.Worldcore will be holding its ICO on October 14, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 87% of the total token supply. Each WRC token will be sold for $0.10 at the offering. The ICO is expected to end on November 15, 2017, any unsold tokens will be burned.Token Reserve Split (13%):10% Team;03% Bounties;Worldcore ICO campaign will feature bounties and a bonus schedule, as shown below.Bonus:10% Bonus to participants who have purchased tokenswithin 12 days before the start of ICO (presale);5% Bonus to early-bird buyers who have purchasedtokens on the first day of ICO;

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July 17, 2018

Mastercard may launch a payment system for fast cryptocurrency transactions

According to the patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Mastercard has a concept of a payment system able to connect fiat currency and cryptocurrency accounts to facilitate the transaction process for merchants, business owners and other stakeholders wishing to deal with...

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July 16, 2018

Korea digitizes mortgage and loan documents on a blockchain platform

Korean public authorities further expand exploration of the blockchain technology with another use case adopting it for creating a document storage system. The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF) over...

From: admin

July 13, 2018

Writing a White Paper for an ICO: expert recommendations

Initial Coin Offering may look like no great shakes with a lot of startups raising millions of dollars in a snap. However, a successful outcome of the fundraising campaign depends on many things, including technology development, marketing and White Paper, among other things. Let us look closer...

From: admin

Shenzhen Stock Exchange investigates Leshi’s plans to mine cryptocurrency

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an enquiry to Leshi Internet, a video streaming provider in China, over the statement made by its subsidiary to launch a new blockchain-based service with the rewards paid to the users in cryptocurrency. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an enquiry to Leshi...

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July 12, 2018

About 80% of all ICOs were scams, as reported by a new study

According to another study conducted by Satis Group, about 80% of all Initial Coin Offerings prove to be fraudulent in their nature. The researchers analyzed the state of the cryptocurrency environment, exploring the ‘platform networks’, or blockchains created on the top of existing...

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July 11, 2018

Blockchain adoption may bring $1 billion to the telecom industry

According to the latest study published by Research and Markets, a global market research and consulting firm, implementation of blockchain technology by the telecom sector is expected to bring about $1 billion to the industry within the upcoming five years. According to the latest study...

From: admin

July 10, 2018

New Study shows most ICOs die after 4 months

Hugo Benedetti and Leonard Kostovetsky, a team of specialists at Boston College in Massachusetts, published their observations associated with the viability of ICO projects, saying that most of the ICOs remain live only for a period of four months. Hugo Benedetti and Leonard Kostovetsky, a team...

From: admin

July 09, 2018

Bitcoin trades in yuan drop sharply to just 1% of the global volume

This week Chinese media resource, Asia Times, reported that the People’s Bank of China unveiled some figures showing the decrease in the trades of Bitcoin involving Chinese yuan, and now transactions performed in yuan account just for 1% of the total volume. This week Chinese media resource,...

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July 06, 2018

Electroneum: to what extent is this cryptocurrency mobile-based?

As the use of desktops is dramatically sliding down and enthusiasm about smartphones is ever surging up, it is essential for app developers and digital project owners to have their offering adapted to mobile devices. This is where cryptocurrencies have some deficiencies, because most of them are...

From: admin

SIX Swiss Exchange to launch a distributed ledger stock trading platform

SIX Swiss Exchange, a principal stock exchange of Switzerland, based in Zurich, announced that it steps up efforts to enter the distributed ledger arena through developing a separate blockchain-based platform to allow its participants to tokenize conventional security instruments. SIX Swiss...

From: admin

July 05, 2018

Romanian government drafts regulation of the ICOs and cryptocurrency

Romania may start regulating the activity of the projects holding Initial Coin Offerings and selling tokens, if the ordinance issued by the Romanian Ministry of Finance is approved and passed by the government. The draft ordinance provides for the regulatory framework and definition of the...

From: admin

July 04, 2018

European Banking Authority expressing its concerns over DLT drawbacks

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published its latest report touching upon the advantages and risks coming with the application of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the financial services sector. The bank regulator discussed two use cases of blockchain, including cross-border trade...

From: admin

July 03, 2018

IRS forms a transnational organization with 4 nations to fight crypto tax evasion

In a move to combat tax evasion and money laundering activities through the use of cryptocurrencies, the US Internal Revenue Service and tax enforcement agencies of four other nations formed a taskforce, as reported by the IRS this week. In a move to combat tax evasion and money laundering...

From: admin

July 02, 2018

South Korea starts investigation into data privacy protection by cryptocurrency exchanges

New report from South Korean media outlet Chosun revealed that the two regulators in the country are starting a joint investigation into the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of their handling personal information of the users for the compliance with the national regulations. New...

From: admin

June 29, 2018

Kaspersky forecasts increase in crypto-jacking, reporting ransomware decline

According to the latest report made by Kaspersky Lab, cybercriminals are changing their attack schemes from ransomware to crypto-jacking, as the ransomware attacks are no longer viewed as profitable to them. Now the attackers practice installing crypto-mining malware to unwitting users, because,...

From: admin

June 28, 2018

France takes up the struggle for extraditing BTC-e money landering criminal, Vinnik

France follows the path of the Russian Federation and the United States as it seeks an extradition of Alexander Vinnik, accused of money laundering through infamous BTC-e digital exchange. Last July it was reported that U.S. Department of Justice sought for an indictment against Vinnik, as he...

From: admin

June 27, 2018

Approaches of various US regulators to tokens and cryptocurrency

Given the fact of accountability of various regulators to the US Congress, including the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it is the task of the US lawmakers to push the enforcement of the bills and acts on these bodies and monitor...

From: admin

Malta taps into blockchain regulation passing 3 major bills

Silvio Schembri, a member of Maltese Parliament reported in his tweet that the Parliament passed three bills aimed at regulating the blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies across the nation, thus, making it a ‘Blockchain Island’. According to Schembri, Maltese...

From: admin

June 26, 2018

Chinese central bank keeps on filing patents on a new cryptocurrency concept

Latest reports from China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) unveil that the Digital Currency Research Lab under the control of the People’s Bank of China filed two new patent applications last week, bringing the total number of the applications to 41, as the central...

From: admin

June 25, 2018

Chinese blockchain index rates EOS first and dumps Bitcoin to the 17th place

The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published its latest report containing its assessment of the blockchains, where it placed EOS blockchain to the first position in the ranking list, moving Bitcoin to the 17th...

From: admin

June 22, 2018

ICOs with the highest profits

Initial coin offering has become a popular way to attract extra money to finance future operations of a startup, while enabling investors to get access to the assets of a new company through the holdings of ‘tokens’. Despite skepticism of some head-liners, ICOs go on enjoying the hype, and...

From: admin

U.S. Committee on the Judiciary to hold a session around cryptocurrency impact on democracy

As political campaigns are allowed to accept cryptocurrencies as donations, the U.S. Senate will be holding hearings on evaluating the influence of the digital currencies on the democracy and elections in the United States. As political campaigns are allowed to accept cryptocurrencies as...

From: admin

June 21, 2018

Bithumb promises reduction of losses after $31.5 million hack this week

Bithumb, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, made a statement this week, claiming that it may minimize the damages resulting from the cyber-attack committed earlier with the losses reportedly amounting to $31.5 million. The exchange noted that it may eventually bring the losses to a lower...

From: admin

June 20, 2018

A brief glossary of terms for beginners to familiarize with blockchain

All individuals interested in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies need to have elementary knowledge of the basic terms and fundamental jargon used to denote and describe processes, operating principles and tools resident in blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. This is our selection...

From: admin

Brazil will use blockchain platform for sharing data between financial authorities

Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) made an announcement this week about its plans to introduce by the year end a new data exchange platform based on the blockchain technology. The new platform dubbed Pier will help financial bodies of the country to interact with each other and share information in a...

From: admin

June 19, 2018

Regulators in Cambodia require licensing any activity related to cryptocurrencies

Any commercial activity related to cryptocurrencies requires obtaining a license from the authorities in Cambodia from now on, as the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia and the General-Commissariat of National Police published a joint statement...

From: admin

June 18, 2018

U.S. regulator says public officers should report their cryptocurrency holdings

According to the legal advisory published this Monday by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE), officials working for the executive branch of the US government should report their cryptocurrency holdings as they are considered as investment, rather than holdings of cash in fiat currency....

From: admin

June 15, 2018

Widespread misconceptions and false ideas about blockchain

Blockchain adoption across various industries is taking pace and the hype around the technology is still on the front burner. However, a great number of average consumers and Internet users have wrong ideas of the phenomenon and misunderstand its key operating principles, intended purpose and...

From: admin

Walmart may start a project to enable payments for electricity using cryptocurrencies

Walmart is preparing for the trial of a blockchain platform to allow consumers to pay for the electricity with the cryptocurrency, while reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of consumption and metering. Walmart is preparing for the trial of a blockchain platform to allow consumers to...

From: admin

June 14, 2018

SEC in Thailand may approve ICOs for five startups in June

The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced this week that it plans to approve five campaigns for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in June. The report published by the Bangkok Post reveals that while 50 applications for ICO are still under review, five of these are now close to...

From: admin

June 13, 2018

Key advantages and drawbacks of blockchain

We know what blockchain is – it is a public collection of ledgers recording the data about the actions performed by the participants of the blockchain network. Blockchain is praised for its decentralization and security features, but aren’t they overestimated? In our current post we take a...

From: admin

JD Finance to pilot the issue of asset-backed securities on blockchain

JD Finance, an arm of a Beijing-based ecommerce company JD.com, reportedly starts a pilot test of a blockchain platform for issuing asset-backed securities in partnership with other major financial institutions in the country. JD Finance, an arm of a Beijing-based ecommerce company JD.com,...

From: admin

June 12, 2018

United Nations division considers using blockchain for supply chains

The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business published a white paper for public review seeking to understand if blockchain technology and smart contracts may be used to achieve its key missions and benefit businesses and organizations. The United Nations Centre for...

From: admin

June 11, 2018

Town in Switzerland trials blockchain for voting

Authorities of Zug, a Swiss town located in the canton of Zug, made an announcement last week that they start a pilot voting project that will combine polling functionality and ID verification system on one blockchain platform. Authorities of Zug, a Swiss town located in the canton of Zug, made...

From: admin

June 08, 2018

What courses you may take to master blockchain

In a modern world of exponentially invading cryptography and decentralized network technologies the list of top upscale specialties is added with qualifications and skills in blockchain and distributed ledger. Jered Kenna, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tradehill and Money &...

From: admin

Mastercard patents a technology to verify payment cards using blockchain

Recent filing made by Mastercard with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that the payment solutions company seeks to integrate public blockchains into its existing system for verifying the payment cards during the transactions. Recent filing made by Mastercard with the U.S....

From: admin

June 07, 2018

Central Bank of the Netherlands finds blockchain inefficient for the payment system

Today, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), a central bank of the Netherlands, made a public statement that blockchain technologies are not good for existing financial system of the country in view of a number of drawbacks outweighing the advantages coming with the innovative system. Today, De...

From: admin

June 06, 2018

How can you pay with a cryptocurrency to buy a car?

We make money to spend it for the things we like or need, and, while cryptocurrencies are most generally identified as digital assets, people still treat them as a form of money similar to plastic cards or paper checks. On this account many cryptocurrency holders look for spending their coins...

From: admin

SEC chairman clarifies how the agency will regulate ICOs

During the talk with CNBC this week, Jay Clayton, a chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, noted that startups launching the sales of cryptocurrency tokens should comply with the legislation. During the talk with CNBC this week, Jay Clayton, a chairman of the U.S. Securities...

From: admin

June 05, 2018

Agency of US Department of Commerce calls for blockchain regulatory discussions

In a move to promote adoption and implementation of the blockchain technologies across industries in the United States, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce, made a notice of inquiry seeking discussion and...

From: admin

June 04, 2018

Indonesia approves legalization of cryptocurrency futures trading

Futures Exchange Supervisory Board of Indonesia, which is regulating commodity markets and operates under the administration of the Ministry of Trade, established a ruling to allow trading of cryptocurrencies across the nation, as they are recognized as commodities and may be listed by the...

From: admin

June 01, 2018

Healthcare companies and projects adopting blockchain technology

While some specialists keep to the opinion that blockchain technologies should be taken with a wary attitude and observatory approach, a remarkable number of startups and established companies prefer running the venture and practice pioneer work, trying on innovations and new methods. Below are...

From: admin

Binance to create an investment fund to support blockchain startups

Binance unveiled its plans to establish a $1 billion ‘Social Impact Fund’ that will be focused on pushing forward the growth and development of blockchain and cryptocurrency-oriented startups. Talking at an online meeting, Ella Zhang, responsible for Binance Labs incubator program, noted...

From: admin

May 31, 2018

Huobi crypto exchange starts its operations in Brazil

Huobi, a Singapore-based multi-language digital currency trading platform and exchange originally incorporated in China, is opening its office in Brazil, according to the report made by CoinDesk. First note of the potential move to the Brazilian market appeared in the media this Tuesday, when a...

From: admin

May 30, 2018

Healthcare on the blockchain: expectations and challenges

Use of blockchain technologies in the healthcare area is a natural result of the global process of a large scale blockchain adoption by a wide range of industries, as the technology ensures decentralization, impeccability, immutability and high level of transparency and traceability,...

From: admin

Japanese mobile game developer Gumi launches a cryptocurrency investment fund

Gumi, a developer of mobile games such as Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency investment fund with a $30 million capital that will be focused predominantly on digital currencies and blockchain technologies. Gumi, a developer of mobile...

From: admin

May 29, 2018

Legislative body of South Korea pushes forward an official permit for ICOs

National Assembly of South Korea is reportedly standing up for the lift of the ban imposed by the national government last year on trading tokens and conducting Initial Coin Offering campaigns. National Assembly of South Korea is reportedly standing up for the lift of the ban imposed by the...

From: admin

May 28, 2018

China will establish blockchain standardization committee by the end of 2018

According to the statement made by Li Ying, head of the Information and Software Department at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China, the country will be pushing forward to establish a blockchain standardization committee as early as by the end of the current year. According...

From: admin

May 25, 2018

Use your cryptocurrencies to bet or gamble online

The subject of gambling online using cryptocurrency coins was already touched in our last year post, and in this newer article we would like to discuss more gambling and betting platforms accepting a wider choice of various cryptocurrencies in addition to major coins like Bitcoin and Ether. The...

From: admin

Shenzhen authorities and Tencent launch blockchain platform to fight off tax evasion

Tencent announced the partnership with the tax authority of Shenzhen, a city in Southeastern China, over the launch of a blockchain technology aimed at combating the tax evasion and illegal acquisition of income across the city. Tencent announced the partnership with the tax authority of...

From: admin

May 24, 2018

Deutsche Boerse considers cryptocurrency products offering

Deutsche Boerse, a Frankfurt-based marketplace organizer for the trading of shares and other securities, is in the process of reviewing the possibility to launch trading cryptocurrency instruments. The statement was made at the industry event in London this Wednesday by the group’s head of...

From: admin

May 23, 2018

What Ethereum is all about and how to use Ether

Beginners wishing to deal with cryptocurrencies need more comprehensible explanation in plain English to understand how a specific type of a digital currency works and what it is as a matter of fact. In this post we provide a guide for dummies on what Ethereum blockchain is all about and how its...

From: admin

Cryptocurrency trades may be taxed in India

India may start imposing goods and services tax (GST) on activity associated with trading cryptocurrencies starting as early as July 1, according to the unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg this week. The Indian government may charge as much as 18% on cryptocurrency trades, which contradicts...

From: admin

May 22, 2018

CFTC provides recommendations on trading cryptocurrency derivatives

This week the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) published its notice with recommendations to stock exchanges and clearing houses, which have intentions to start listing cryptocurrency-based derivatives. This week the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) published its...

From: admin

May 21, 2018

ACCC reports over $2 million lost in cryptocurrency scams by Australians in 2017

According to the latest report published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the volume of funds lost as a result of fraudulent activity associated with the cryptocurrency surged dramatically in 2017 with overall losses totaling $2.1 million for Australian customers. According...

From: admin

May 18, 2018

How and where to start your cryptocurrency company?

Starting a cryptocurrency company is a question increasingly gaining more curious sentiments among individuals and professionals looking at the success of the market leaders, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Trading tokens and cryptocurrencies developed and created by other people no longer...

From: admin

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange creates a blockchain-based securities lending platform

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has reportedly entered into a partnership with Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, and The Floor, a global Fintech innovation center, over developing a dedicated blockchain platform for lending security...

From: admin

May 16, 2018

National cryptocurrencies: latest trends and expert reasoning

It took a long time for cryptocurrencies to become a common trend in the financial technology industry since the first introduction of the Bitcoin concept by Satoshi Nakamoto. Current market is a galaxy of constantly lighting new stars, which makes governments across the globe to feel concerned...

From: admin

Streamr to enable Nokia clients to make money on blockchain-based user data streaming

Streamr, a Switzerland-based technology company focused on blockchain data streaming, announced the partnership with Nokia and OSIsoft, a California-based software company, over enabling Nokia clients to make money on the data of their users and purchase stream from Internet of Things devices....

From: admin

May 15, 2018

Coinbase finally launches its planned Coinbase Custody solution

Coinbase made an announcement of the launch of its promised Coinbase Custody service designed to promote the adoption of the cryptocurrencies on an institutional scale. The platform was first unveiled last year and at that time Coinbase noted that the members should pay $100,000 as a set-up fee...

From: admin

May 14, 2018

CME Group announces the launch of Ether price reference index

CME Group, a Chicago-based financial market company operating an options and futures exchange, announced in the official press-release that it will be publishing an Ether reference and a real-time Ether-Dollar index in a joint effort with its partner Crypto Facilities, a London-based...

From: admin

May 11, 2018

How cryptocurrencies ensure privacy and anonymity of transactions

Blockchain-powered digital currencies have been developed with a view to make the process of transacting between the parties easier and more convenient. Besides, a great number of cryptocurrency creators at the inception of their projects set a goal to ensure privacy and anonymity of deals among...

From: admin

May 10, 2018

Sale of KODAKCoin starts on May 21 this year

WENN Digital will be selling Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs) for its KODAKCoin tokens starting May 21 this year. The announcement comes several months past the first report in January, when the token sale was scheduled for January 31. WENN Digital will be selling Simple Agreements...

From: admin

May 09, 2018

Chinese WeChat blocks a blockchain-based app

WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payments platform, discountinued support of a third-party application developed on the basis of a blockchain technology on allegations it is not currently compliant with its guidelines. WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging,...

From: admin

May 08, 2018

Australia further invests over $500 thousand into blockchain technology research

The government in Australia announced its plans to provide AU $700 thousand (about US $521 thousand) to the Digital Transformation Agency for the projects associated with the research into the blockchain applications within the framework of the governmental activity and services. The government...

From: admin

May 07, 2018

Monero added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies in the Circle Invest app

This week Circle, a Boston-based P2P payments technology company, announced the addition of another cryptocurrency, Monero, to the list in its Invest application. The announcement comes just a week after the startup reported the addition of Zcash to its trading platform. This week Circle, a...

From: admin

May 04, 2018

Understanding how smart contracts work

More than 20 years ago Nick Szabo, a computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer, came to understand that the decentralized ledgers have a great potential and may be used for creating smart contracts with self-execution protocol. In the format of blockchain technologies contracts and...

From: admin

May 03, 2018

Goldman Sachs will be trading Bitcoin futures to the benefit of their clients

Report in the New York Times unveiled the decision made by Goldman Sachs to trade Bitcoin futures using their own funds on behalf of their customers. The date for launching the new type of trading has not been established yet, but the board of directors at the banking group approved the new...

From: admin

May 02, 2018

Strategies and recommendations to trade cryptocurrencies

Successful trading in the cryptocurrency markets supposes risk management and understanding the industry specifics. Cryptocurrencies may be a good source of unexpected and fabulous gains, and may be the reason for despair, disappointment and money loss. Before starting to trade, investors need...

From: admin

May 01, 2018

CoinMarketCap website introduces an iOS mobile application

CoinMarketCap, a website providing information about market capitalization and exchange rates of major cryptocurrencies, announced the launch of the first of its kind mobile application timed to the fifth anniversary of the service. CoinMarketCap, a website providing information about market...

From: admin

April 30, 2018

FTC holds a workshop on cryptocurrency scams in June

A workshop on fraudulent schemes and scams practiced by con-artists in the cryptocurrency industry will be held by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this June. The event will attract various stakeholders across diverse spheres, including law enforcement, consumer protection groups and private...

From: admin

April 27, 2018

How Ethereum differs from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are perceived by many unknowing people as cryptocurrencies, which means that the general view of an average unaware individual comes to believing that all cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects are similar. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum have definitive distinctions...

From: admin

April 26, 2018

OmiseGo price surges to the benchmark of a two-months high reaching $20.67

Latest statistics for the listings of cryptocurrency tokens at different exchanges show that OmiseGo token, OMG, has seen a double digit increase on Thursday, thus posing a serious competition to other tokens in the list of top 25 cryptocurrencies by their market value. Latest statistics for the...

From: admin

April 25, 2018

Nasdaq may become a cryptocurrency exchange

Speaking to Squawk Box, morning news and talk program on CNBC, Adena Friedman, a CEO of Nasdaq made a suggestion that the exchange may consider future trading of cryptocurrencies on its platform. At the moment, she believes that the key barrier for entering the cryptocurrency market is...

From: admin

April 24, 2018

SK Telecom adopts blockchain for ID verification and data transmission in Korea

SK Telecom, a South Korean wireless telecommunication operator owned by SK Group, nation’s largest industrial conglomerate, announced the introduction of a new blockchain system to enable identity verification for its customers with higher level of reliability and security. SK Telecom, a South...

From: admin

April 23, 2018

Central Bank of Iran bans Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country

A regulatory guideline, adopted in December 2017 by anti-money laundering agency of Iran, has been published last week saying that financial institutions in the country are prohibited from dealing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets. A regulatory guideline, adopted in December 2017 by...

From: admin

April 20, 2018

South Korean court charges two Bitcoin Ponzi scheme criminals who stole $20 million

Authorities in South Korea sentenced two criminals for allegedly defrauding Bitcoin investors leaving them out of pocket for about $20 million. Reports in the media unveil that Incheon District Court in Seoul charged the two Ponzi scheme con-artists and imposed the fines amounting to $15 million...

From: admin

April 19, 2018

Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square asked SEC for exemptions for crypto tokens

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission held a private meeting in March this year with the prominent cryptocurrency market investors Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, according to the report published by the Wall Street Journal. The panel discussion touched the issues of...

From: admin

April 18, 2018

How much Bitcoin do you pay for coffee?

A couple of years ago, the blockchain society was speculating about future of the crypto money and that someday it will become possible to buy real things in exchange for Bitcoin, coffee, for instance. Today, the reality is a little different. With the growth of the Bitcoin rate, transactions...

From: admin

April 17, 2018

Coinbase and other 12 major cryptocurrency exchanges under a probe of NY attorney general

Eric Schneiderman, New York attorney general, made an inquiry to 13 digital asset exchanges within the framework of the program titled Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative as its office has launched a probe into the policies available in place at the major platforms providing services for...

From: admin

April 16, 2018

Coinbase acquires Bitcoin earning service Earn.com

Coinbase is reportedly about to take over another startup, this time it will be Earn.com, a company providing users an opportunity to earn some Bitcoin units for completing the tasks and responding the emails. According to some speculations, the deal may close at the value of $100 million....

From: admin

April 13, 2018

What analysts predict for Bitcoin?

Fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and volatility of the overall cryptocurrency market are buzz words constantly circulated in the media sources with financial agencies of some governments warning consumers against risks associated with investments in tokens and coins. Negative forecasts,...

From: admin

April 12, 2018

US bank Santander adopts Ripple’s blockchain for its new foreign exchange service

Santander Bank, N. A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spanish Santander Group based in Boston, announced the introduction of its new foreign exchange platform powered by blockchain technology enabling participants to make same-day international money transfers. Santander Bank, N. A., a wholly...

From: admin

April 11, 2018

Bitcoin shopping: retailers and service providers accepting the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is viewed by most outsiders as some exchange instrument used for manipulations, and such sentiments are generously fed by some enthusiasts alleging that cryptocurrencies are good only for making investments. However, in fact, cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking over other niches in...

From: admin

April 10, 2018

Bittrex exchange resumes registration of new customers

Bittrex, a Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it has started accepting registration of new users again after halting the signup last December explaining the move by high demand of the service Bittrex, a Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it has started...

From: admin

April 09, 2018

PayPal opens access for global online shopping to Kenyan customers through M-Pesa

M-Pesa, a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and microfinancing service, has entered into a partnership with PayPal to enable customers in Kenya to make purchases online from merchants around the world. The partners made a statement in the official press-release, saying that the...

From: admin

April 06, 2018

Coinbase forms a venture fund to invest into cryptocurrency startups

Coinbase unveiled its plans to establish its own venture fund to invest into fintech startups at early stages, as it is seeking to contribute to the development of innovative products and services. The fund to be known as Coinbase Ventures will participate in financing of cryptocurrency-focused...

From: admin

April 05, 2018

What cryptocurrency wallets you may use to keep your coins safe?

While in many states across the globe cryptocurrencies are not recognized as actual money, and many governments treat them as commodities or assets, users still need special instruments to hold their coins and protect them against theft. These instruments, unsurprisingly dubbed as ‘wallets’,...

From: admin

April 04, 2018

MonetaGo about to establish a blockchain for fighting fraud

MonetaGo, a New York-based startup founded in 2014, plans to create the first blockchain network in India designed for combating fraud in the trade finance industry. The project will be jointly implemented with three Indian factoring platforms, such as RXIL, A.TReDS and M1xhange, as reported in...

From: admin

April 03, 2018

Breakthrough Ethereum-based projects

Ethereum is a global platform that has grown far beyond its initial use as a smart contract blockchain and a cryptocurrency. Ethereum has developed a special protocol to enable new startups and authors of innovative ideas to create their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies on top of it. It has...

From: admin

April 02, 2018

Central bank in Taiwan wants Bitcoin to be regulated under anti-money laundering laws

The governor of the central bank in Taiwan reported this week to the panel of parliament members, voiced a suggestion to start regulating cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, under existing anti-money laundering rules. The governor of the central bank in Taiwan reported this week to the...

From: admin

March 30, 2018

How to make profit from ICO

Making capital presupposes making money without your direct participation in any physical work, when you have your money work for you. With ever persisting popularity of cryptocurrencies and growing number of startups seeking to boost their operating capitals through Initial Coin Offerings, more...

From: admin

March 29, 2018

Philippino startup Acudeen will start ICO on April 9

Acudeen, a Phillipines-based online platform providing invoice discounting solutions to small and medium enterprises, announced its plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as early as April 9. Acudeen’s move comes in line with its ambitious goal to shift its current financial services...

From: admin

March 28, 2018

Impact of blockchain on cybersecurity

Cyber security is an urgent issue for all modern people living in the era of information, which is transferred over the Internet. Security companies continuously make efforts to develop and upgrade their products aimed at protecting consumer and corporate machines and mobile devices against data...

From: admin

March 27, 2018

Belgian mobile payment platforms Payconiq and Bancontact start a merger process

Banks in Belgium have come to a decision to merge two mobile payment platforms in the country Payconiq and Bancontact to reinforce mobile payments industry in the region. The board of shareholders in the company including Belfius, ING and KBC will be joined by BNP Paribas Fortis and Axa. Banks...

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March 26, 2018

Deutsche Borse unveils future securities lending platform based on blockchain

Deutsche Börse Group, a Frankfurt-based marketplace for trading shares and other types of securities, announced its plans to create a new ecosystem for lending securities. The new structure will be based on high-end blockchain technologies. Deutsche Börse Group, a Frankfurt-based marketplace...

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March 23, 2018

Canadian exchange operator TMX opens cryptocurrency brokerage in Q2

TMX Group, a Canadian financial services company operating an array of exchanges, announced its plans to launch a new subsidiary for providing cryptocurrency brokerage services with the key focus on Bitcoin and Ether. TMX Group, a Canadian financial services company operating an array of...

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March 22, 2018

Biometrics in retrospective: from cave art to front rank authorization solutions

In a constantly changing world of global data communications, low-cost Internet connections, and fast-paced software development, security is becoming more and more of an issue. Hence, it has become more vital to protect the critical infrastructure and provide security for the smooth functioning...

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March 21, 2018

G20 approves monitoring of cryptocurrencies, remaining uncertain about ban

Participants of the G20 discussing their concerns over the cryptocurrency spree gaining momentum, gave a nod to monitoring the industry without providing any specific comments on what should be done next. The policymakers agreed that the new market needs scrutiny and staying on alert with...

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March 20, 2018

What you should know about D-Commerce

E-commerce has been the focal point of technology discussions in the business world for many years, but that is changing. The ubiquitous influence of technology today has caused e-commerce to morph into d-commerce – which refers to more than a transaction, but a way of doing business. So...

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 15:48

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October 30, 2017 14:30

Worldcore ICO review

October 30, 2017 12:37

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Worldcore ICO is LIVE now!
ICO closes on November 15.

October 24, 2017 15:03

Worldcore achievements since ICO announcement.

The crowdsale is now closed

Translations of this video:
- Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Cf8JjKrEk
- Italian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6t2N1Ttspk
- Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfMHwO91dhE
- Chinese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJytal20ECQ&t=22s
- Japanese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzd_DMM2uRM
- Korean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls4Fn0KYS2I&t=7s

WRC tokens are available for trading on HitBTC and OKEx since December 16, 2017

- Check Worldcore Markets https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/worldcore/?utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=cmcwidget&utm_source=bitfeed.ru&utm_content=worldcore#markets

Token holder's portal for participation in voting and marketing activities is available at https://wrc.cab

WRC token website: https://worldcore.com
Worldcore main: https://worldcore.eu

October 24, 2017 15:03

Worldcore achievements since ICO announcement. Join the crowdsale now!

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