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Decentralized Data Exchange, a way for data buyers to get paid data about mobile, email, phone numbers and other ID spaces.

Project Description

The Wolk Foundation introduces the Wolk Protocol, supporting decentralized data exchange among data buyers and data sellers. The Wolk Protocol enables data buyers and sellers to share data tied to IDs.The ETH-backed WOLK token is used as a key input to fully functional Wolk APIs that enable data buyers to obtain data about consumers and enable data suppliers to get compensated for the onboarded data.Team:Sourabh Niyogi: CEO, Foundation President. Sonia Gonzalez: General Manager & Foundation Council Member. Harish Thimmappa: SVP of Revenue. Rodney Witcher: SVP of Product & Business Development. Michael Chung: Product Manager and Protocol Developer. Mayumi Matsumoto: Data Scientist and API + Protocol Designer. Alina Chu: Data Scientist and Quantitative Analyst. Nitin Chauhan: Data Engineer. Bruce Han: Software Engineer. Luvsanbyamba Buyankhuu: Data Engineer and Quantitative Analyst. Scott Salin: Sales & Business Development Manager. Wolk will be holding its ICO on September 18, 2017. The ICO funding target is 50,000 ETH, the funding cap is 500,000 ETH and is expected to end on October 8, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached. If less than the funding target is raised, ETH will be refunded to the sending addresses.Use of Proceeds:20% - Supports liquidity of WOLK directly via purchaseWolk, sellWolk functions directly in the token contract;20% - Supports the API Service Provider Wolk Inc - marketing, business development, operations, etc;40% - Will support a “Wolk Ecosystem Development Fund,” which will support data supplier onboarding and data buyer onboarding by Wolk Inc. and any future service providers to the platform;15% - Reserved by the Wolk Foundation for additional API Service Providers following the Wolk Protocol, or for supporting related token based business models;05% - Supports the Wolk Foundation operationally for 3-10 years;

Founders and Associates

Sourabh Niyogi -CEO

Harish Thimmappa -SVP Revenue

Sonia Gonzalez -GM

Rodney Witcher -VP Business Development

Michael Chung -Product Manager and Protocol Developer

Mayumi Matsumoto -Data Scientist

Alina Chu -Data Scientist & Quantitative

Nitin Chauhan -Data Engineer

Bruce Han -Software Engineer

Luvsanbyamba Buyankhuu -Data Engineer

Scott Salin -Business Development"

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WOLK Latest Updates
August 21, 2018

Deep Blockchains — Layer 2 and Beyond

Layer 2 Solutions are all the rage. Learn how Wolk is using Layer 2 to provide scalable database services.The term, “Layer 2” was one of the key buzzwords in the blockchain community this summer. From state channels to Plasma, talk of how “layer 2” would revolutionize blockchains and...

From: Rodney F. Witcher, II

May 01, 2018

April Update: Wolk Virtual Machine, Plasma Cash, SWARM Orange Summit 2018 & Consensus 2018

April has been a month of hardcore research and development on key architectural components following March’s super-insightful Hackweek with the rest of the Ethereum SWARM team. We had many possible development paths to pursue while the core Ethereum SWARM team wrapped up SWARM POC3. In the...

From: Rodney F. Witcher, II

February 15, 2018

Wolk now listed on HitBTC!

Wolk is happy to report that WLK tokens are now available on HitBTC! As one of the most widely used and longest lasting cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia, HitBTC represents a great place for the buying and selling of WLK.HitBTC lists WLK TokensHaving a solid decentralized virtual currency of...

From: Rodney F. Witcher, II

February 13, 2018

Wolk SWARMDB v0.1 Available!

Wolk is happy to report the availability of the v0.1 “Earth” SWARMDB release on github!Core interfaces supported are Node.js, Go and an HTTP. Each is documented on the Wolk doc hub.Download the Docker instance of the SWARMDB server and find steps for installation, setup and configuration...

From: Rodney Witcher

January 04, 2018

WLK Now Tradeable

A frequent question we encounter is, “What exchanges will WLK be listed on?”. Well, the unique characteristic of our token is that liquidity and ability to purchase are available even outside of exchanges. This is made possible through the WLK Liquidity Exchange.How to Buy and Sell...

From: Rodney Witcher

November 20, 2017

Wolk Token Liquidity

We designed the WLK token to incorporate the concept of a Liquidity Exchange. This exchange supports future growth and scaling of the upcoming SWARM DB ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of data “Buyers” and data “Farmers”, where buyers have data they wish to store and farmers offer disk...

From: Rodney Witcher

November 10, 2017

Devcon3 Recap — Wolk Roadmap

Several of us (Mayumi, Michael, Dave and Sourabh) have returned from a week in Cancun, where we attended Devcon3. While there, we met almost everyone working on SWARM development and we pleased to host a dinner on Saturday at Devcon3 (pics below)Wolk and Ethereum SWARM teams out for dinner in...

From: Rodney Witcher

October 31, 2017

WLK Token Sale Closed!

The WLK token sale is now closed. During this sale, Wolk sold ~11,216,075 WLK tokens for over 7,100 ETH (at $300/ETH, is approximately USD $2.13MM). There are now over 380 WLK token holders now from 38 countries. This WLK token sale enables Wolk to develop decentralized database services for...

From: Rodney Witcher

October 16, 2017

Convert your WOLK into WLK!

Over the last 6 weeks, Wolk received over $11.5 million in financial support from more than 4,000 individuals around the world. We’ve been amazed by how the community responded to our vision, and we’re truly humbled by all the tangible, as well as intangible, support we’ve...

From: Rodney Witcher

September 16, 2017

Welcome Bitcoin Suisse Participants! And, Presale Progress Report!

Wolk is pleased to welcome Bitcoin Suisse participants to the Wolk Token Generation Event! Bitcoin Suisse has led many of the highest quality token sales with world class commitment to compliance and excellence.Starting September 18, WOLK buyers can register with Bitcoin Suisse’s ICO platform....

From: Harish Thimmappa

September 14, 2017

Token Generation Event — FAQ.

You have Questions? We have Answers!!Thank you everyone for participating in the WOLK presale! We have gotten to 25% of our goal in our presale after 3 days and could not have done it without you. The level of participation from those who registered with us is astonishing!Wolk is aiming for a...

From: Harish Thimmappa

September 10, 2017

WOLK Token Presale starts at 4PM PST

The WOLK Token presale starts at 4PM PST today! That’s in little over an hour from the publishing of this blog post. With this in mind, please see below for some important details for participating in the WOLK Token Generation Event.Sale StartThe WOLK Token pre-sale starts at Ethereum Block...

From: Harish Thimmappa

September 09, 2017

Wolk Token Contract Posted - Presale starts September 10!

We are happy to report that the WOLK token has completed its security audit with chainsecurity — the final security audit report is published here. Now that this is complete, we have posted the final WOLK token contract atENS: wolktoken.ethContract...

From: Harish Thimmappa

August 31, 2017

Wolk on http://cryptoknights.io debut podcast

Listen to us go in-depth about our business, how we plan to disrupt the data world, how we are taking on FB and Google. Also, there are more details about our upcoming Token Generation Event here http://cryptoknights.io/episode-1/As always, the most uptodate information about Wolk TGE will be at...

From: Harish Thimmappa

Wolk welcomes Chinese Cryptocurrency Participants!

Wolk Project Notice(Simplified Chinese version below)Chinese cryptocurrency participants are finding it a bit harder to participate in popular cryptocurrency tokens this week. The reason is because Chinese regulators are expected to meet in mid-September and so many popular ICO platforms,...

From: Harish Thimmappa