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CrowdWiz is a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum. They use blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize the investing and capital raising sphere by eliminating the contemporary intermediaries in the market, such as investment brokers, fund managers, underwriters, and big financial institutions. And by doing so - they will place the power and control over the investments in the hands of investors. No middlemen, no extra fees!

Project Description

Crowdwiz is aiming to give investors direct access to investment opportunities in the Crypto world and to enable entrepreneurs to raise capital for financing their projects in an efficient, cost effective, and secure way.CrowdWiz ecosystem is based on the concept of crowd wisdom, which utilizes the collective opinion of a group (the crowd) rather than that of an individual expert.Team:Michael Golod: Co-Founder and CEO. Slavena Savcheva: Co-Founder and BizDev. Martin Parvanov: Trading Product Manager. Stan Kirilov: UI/UX Strategist. Dror Levy: Blockchain Architect. Alexander Lvovich: Software Architect. Orlin Benov: Solidity Developer. Radoslav Hristov: Back-End Developer. Georgi Stamatov: R&D Manager. Sergey Minkov: Senior IT Architect. Alexandra Poier: Community Manager. Benjamin Truman: Online Marketing. Stanislav Staykov: SEO. Plamena Getova: HR. Nadezhda Kasabova: Finance Manager.Crowdwiz will be holding its ICO on November 20, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 65% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 26,000,000 tokens available, for $1 each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 20,000,000 USD and is expected to end on December 4, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.Token Reserve Split:15% Founding Team;10% Reserve;10% Platform Development;65% Token Sale;

Founders and Associates

Michael Golod -Co-Founder and CEO

Slavena Savcheva -Co-Founder and BizDev

Martin Parvanov -Trading Product Manager

Stan Kirilov -UI/UX Strategist

Dror Levy -Blockchain Architect

Alexander Lvovich -Software Architect

Orlin Benov -Solidity Developer

Radoslav Hristov -Back-End Developer

Deanne Kalev -QA Manager

Georgi Stamatov -R&D Manager

Sergey Minkov -Senior IT Architect

Alexandra Poier -Community Manager

Benjamin Truman -Online Marketing

Stanislav Staykov -SEO

Plamena Getova -HR

Nadezhda Kasabova -Finance Manager

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WIZ Latest Updates
December 10, 2018

All Year: The 2018 360 Degree CrowdWiz Overview

What is to come further?Well, simply said, expect the WizExchange Beta in the very beginning of 2019! The wait will be over soon. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting update and be among the first believers to dive into its endless possibilities and examine it!Let’s stay...

From: WIZ

November 19, 2018

Another mission accomplished: CrowdWiz on CoinMarketCap!

Another mission accomplished: CrowdWiz on CoinMarketCap!CrowdwizNov 19, 2018Since the beginning of 2018, the team behind CrowdWiz has been working restlessly to keep its word. Followed by being listed on BTC-Aplha, HitBTC, IDEX.market, and CoinEx Market, CrowdWiz is now part of CoinMarketCap,...

From: WIZ

November 07, 2018

WizFund Beta — End User Guide

Let’s stay in touch!Join our Telegram group to talk to us and ask any questions you might have. You can also follow us on facebook, twitter and linkedin to keep an eye on the latest news. We send weekly emails with essential reads and important info — subscribe here to...

From: WIZ

November 06, 2018

It’s Now Fact: CrowdWiz Bags Two Key Estonian Licenses

It’s Now Fact: CrowdWiz Bags Two Key Estonian LicensesCrowdwizNov 6, 2018Fellow CrowdWiz-ers, are you ready for the big news we all have been eagerly waiting for? Yes, it’s now fact — CrowdWiz just got the two key Estonian crypto...

From: WIZ

October 08, 2018

The WizFunds are just one step away!

The WizFunds are just one step away!CrowdwizOct 8, 2018Recently our team has been strong at work developing and building one of the most desirable features CrowdWiz will offer. The product we are all waiting for — the WizFund and its functionality. It is almost completed...

From: WIZ

September 10, 2018

CrowdWiz at Finance Magnates London Summit 2018

Did you miss me? That’s the question Moriarty said to Sherlock in the famous TV series and that verse gone viral. And we ask all of you exactly the same question but in not so outrageous way like it was in the series. So, if anyone have missed the CrowdWiz team and wants to see us in person...

From: Crowdwiz

August 29, 2018

WizExchange is on the verge of its birth! Check this video and amaze yourself!

In CrowdWiz we took our early adopters very seriously as you know and we are trying our best when it’s up to delivering new updates. One of our top priorities right now is the long-awaited WizExchange Beta! Yes! And we are now super thrilled to announce that it’s almost ready and it will be...

From: Crowdwiz

August 15, 2018

The significance of working together!

There are several explanations what community really is. We know that the word “community” is coming from the French words for “together” and “gift”. No one likes feeling vulnerable and that’s what community does — it makes us durable, everyone wants to feel strong and in...

From: Crowdwiz

August 08, 2018

Bitcointalk.org community, rise and shine!

Hey guys, you know that the community is basically what drives the crypto world? You know that you are of a crucial importance and hence we need you to step up for our project once again in the most significant crypto space out there — Bitcointalk. We all know that being present on that...

From: Crowdwiz

August 01, 2018

Become an active part of CrowdWiz!

Let’s write the cryptocurrency history together!Hey guys, it’s CrowdWiz team again! Yes, we are here working around the clock to make our product better and keep you smiling! But in order to continue do that we need your help… uum well… once again. We are going to ask you to be part of...

From: Crowdwiz

July 23, 2018

Break off your plans — you are missing out!

As many of you may have seen CrowdWiz team been working almost around the clock for the past few months in order to deliver our services as promised. We focused ourselves on the feedback and streamlining the Wiz beta best way possible. You are well aware that we believe in the long term vision...

From: Crowdwiz

July 11, 2018

WizFunds: Useful insights into one of the most exciting CrowdWiz elements!

Dear CrowdWiz-ers!It is time to dig further into one of the most exciting parts of the CrowdWiz ecosystem — WizFunds, or the realm of the decision-making segment of our comprehensive architecture.We would like to show you what our team has been developing so far in order for you to be...

From: Crowdwiz

July 02, 2018

The WIZ token on CoinEx Market!

Since the beginning of the year CrowdWiz team is working around the clock in order to keep its promises! As you already know our token has been listed on several important cryptocurrency exchanges such as HitBTC, IDEX and BTC-Alpha. But that’s not all! As we speak the WIZ token is going to be...

From: Crowdwiz

June 27, 2018

WIZ Token Exchange Listing Announcement: BTC-Alpha

Some weeks ago we have announced the start of the WizExchange (by the end of July) and the Whitelist for the WizBeta! Now we would like to brag about that the WIZ token is now listed on BTC-Alpha Exchange! That makes you one step closer to trading WIZ! However, before you start, read this...

From: Crowdwiz

June 26, 2018

CrowdWiz: visual review of what we have done

When you enter those letters on the keyboard www.crowdwiz.io you think that everything is how it used to be, which is perfectly normal.. But it’s not! Surprise! Now you will land on our newly developed and re-designed website! Read the article below and get familiar with our highlights.As you...

From: Crowdwiz

June 19, 2018

Join the whitelist! WizBeta is coming sooner than you think!

Ladies and Gents, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a take-off! All dedicated company capabilities have been working really hard for months to streamline the Beta version of the CrowdWiz exclusive product which is to enable WIZ token holders to evaluate all the platform’s specialties...

From: Crowdwiz

May 25, 2018

WizExchange is to be launched! It’s time to get familiar with its powerful toolset!

Exciting news for all fellow CrowdWiz-ers! Let’s all sing from the same songbook! Remember when we announced a fortnight ago that the WizFund and the WizExchange are soon to be deployed?Well… It’s time for some excellent news! WizExchange is to be fully completed and ready to be rolled by...

From: Crowdwiz

May 02, 2018

Latest news and what’s ahead for CrowdWiz!

As you already know CrowdWiz is the first of its kind, self-governed investment ecosystem, which aims to reshape today’s financial industry by combining the latest Blockchain technologies and the concept of the wisdom of the crowd!CrowdWiz is now developing a suite of investment products all...

From: Crowdwiz

March 15, 2018

What is WizVote and why your vote counts?

WizVote is the application to handle the voting process on CrowdWiz. As you most probably know very well, voting is a method for a group of people to take a democratic decision or to express an opinion, usually following discussions, debates or election campaigns. In the offline world...

From: Crowdwiz

March 06, 2018

WIZ Token Exchange Listing Announcement: HitBTC & IDEX

We are happy to share some long awaited news. The WIZ token has been listed both on HitBTC and IDEX.market and is available for trading.After completing the token sale and raising the equivalent of 7,234,387 USD, the total token supply is 11,169,313.56 WIZ.HitBTC is one of the biggest exchanges...

From: Crowdwiz

February 14, 2018

The WIZ token on HitBTC!

Dear contributors, the CrowdWiz team has huge news for you!The WIZ token is going to be listed on HitBTC exchange in February — one of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges! This is a huge step forward for our team! We would like to thank you for your support and appreciation. We...

From: Crowdwiz

January 29, 2018

Important news and a bright future ahead!

Hello everybody!The CrowdWiz token sale will end in less than 2 days. It’s been an incredible experience and we want to thank you for being by our side on this amazing journey!This for us it’s not the end, but only the beginning of an even bigger and more exciting journey together.We have a...

From: Crowdwiz

How to claim WIZ Tokens to your ERC-20 compatible wallet

Hello to all the CrowdWiz-ers! :)Here is a short guide on how to claim your WIZ tokens from your CrowdWiz account to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.1. First of all, log into your CrowdWiz account from here.2. On your Dashboard click on the “claim WIZ” tab3. Select the ERC-20 wallet address...

From: Crowdwiz

January 10, 2018

Great news: CrowdWiz is now featured on easyJet inflight magazine!

EasyJet editors have identified that Blockchain technology is something everyone wants to learn about and it’s worth covering. After some research they have shortlisted a few promising Blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused companies to write about. And without any doubt CrowdWiz was selected...

From: Crowdwiz

December 13, 2017

Safety Checklist Before Joining an ICO

The whole guideCrowdWiz wants to supply all buyers with a smooth and safe ICO experience. Here is a checklist to be certain you are sending your coins to the right address while keeping your wallet safe.When you are ready with the ICO pre-registration and have decided to send in a transaction,...

From: Crowdwiz

December 06, 2017

The beating heart of CrowdWiz — our Community

Photo credit: William WhiteAt CrowdWiz we care about our community! We want to know what inspires you and what took you the cryptocurrency world.As you know, we regularly publish interviews with the team members on our Medium page: https://medium.com/@crowdwiz.ioIt’s time to do an interview...

From: Crowdwiz

November 09, 2017

How CrowdWiz Is Giving Investors Full Control Using Smart Contracts

When you buy car insurance, you enter into a contract with an insurer. The basic agreement being that if you happen to get into an accident, your insurer will step in to settle the claim. What happens if they decide not to keep their end of the bargain? Well, depending on your jurisdictions, you...

From: Crowdwiz

November 07, 2017

Interview with Alex, our community manager

IntroductionAlex is friendly, multilingual and adaptable digital specialist, able to work as part of a team or manage and complete set tasks. Her five years of experience and varied international studies have enabled her to learn fast and apply herself to varied work. She fuses a can-do...

From: Crowdwiz

November 01, 2017

How Does A Cryptocurrency Wallet Work and How to Create One

Without cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrencies would just be another idea dead in the water because it’s the only way users like you and I can adopt digital currencies. People need a way to access, store, send, receive and track their digital currency holdings whether it’s Bitcoin,...

From: Crowdwiz

CrowdWiz announces partnership with TaaS.fund

Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) Fund, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to cryptoassets, today announced a strategic partnership with CrowdWiz, the first of its kind, self-governed investment ecosystem, aiming to reshape today’s financial industry by combining the latest blockchain...

From: Crowdwiz

October 26, 2017

How CrowdWiz will reshape the VC world

After a great run of success investing in tech since the 90s, it is time for Venture Capitalist (VCs) to take a back seat. Not only has the cryptocurrency industry deconstructed the role of VCs, but it has also made VCs out of all of us.To appreciate what this means for regular joes like you...

From: Crowdwiz

October 25, 2017

Interview with Martin, our Head of Product Management

IntroductionMartin Parvanov is the Head of Product at Tradologic (CrowdWiz is powered by Krypton Software, part of the Tradologic Group). He joined the company 6 years ago and has played a key role in setting the company vision and direction ever since. With an extensive background in trading...

From: Crowdwiz

October 13, 2017

How To buy WIZ tokens with BTC, LTC and ETH — the essential video guides!

This is an explanatory article that presents step-by-step guide How To buy WIZ tokens! Enjoy!How To buy WIZ tokens with BTChttps://medium.com/media/9fb10f1adb75da96d7c1c189d92eb5eb/hrefHow To buy WIZ tokens with LTChttps://medium.com/media/1cc11d8cba9b53cbec9d8e44052ebbde/hrefHow To buy WIZ...

From: Crowdwiz

October 12, 2017

The Wings team has listed CrowdWiz— WINGS is Blockchain Crowdfunding DAO

Great news! We are listed on WINGS.ai!What is WINGS DAO?WINGS is an Ethereum-based price discovery and social Digital Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Its concept is similar to CrowdWiz — WINGS relies on the wisdom of the crowd to forecast the success of a specific DAO proposal. DAO...

From: Crowdwiz

October 10, 2017

CrowdWiz referral program: How Тo Guide!

As you know already at CrowdWiz we believe in the power of the people! That’s why we present to you our referral program!Each member who creates a CrowdWiz account will receive a unique referral link to share with their friends and family!Once they click on your link, they will be redirected...

From: Crowdwiz

October 04, 2017

Learn what makes the WIZ token a bargain and why you should definitely join the Token Sale!

CrowdWiz ecosystem and WizFund platform will provide Initial Fund Offering (IFO) enabling WIZ token holders to create and participate in new and existing investment funds. WIZ token holders exclusively will be able to create their fund, raise capital for this fund via an IFO , and instantly...

From: Crowdwiz